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Finland has never been liberated!

—Zhou Zhongshan

Zhou "Insomnium" Zhongshan
Japanese Name 周 中山
Romanized Name Jo Jonshan (Finnish/Chinese reading of the Kanji characters, not Japanese)
English Name Zhou Zhongshan
Namesake Insomnium (Finnish metal band)
Alias Insomnium
Stand Avicii
Age 24
Birthday December 9th, 1997
Chinese Zodiac Ox
Date of Death September 23, 2021
Cause of Death Mutual kill against Mao Untamo
Gender Male
Blood Type AB+
Nationality Finland
Race East Asian (Finnish)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Movie The Crow (1994 movie) and many Nazi propaganda movies
Favorite Food Meat, especially boar, deer, reindeer and other wild animals
Favorite Animal Tiger
Favorite Flower Sakura cherry blossom (because in Finland it's associated with the Nazis and as such a symbol of death, despair and misfortune)
Favorite Musician Zhang Sibei (the Finnish composer known in the West as "Jean Sibelius"), Richard Wagner, Insomnium, Nightwish, Ensiferum, Children of Bodom, Shade Empire
Occupation Mercenary
Hobbies Dou Dizhu, playing his Sheng, listening to music, collecting Nazi memorabilia (and a Hisoka figure), tending to a sakura tree
Relatives Zhou Li (father, murderd), Wan Wei (mother, murdered), Zhou Heikki (brother), Wan Siqing (maternal grandfather, deceased)

Zhou Zhongshan (written in Finnish as: 周 中山, pronounced as "Jo Jonshan"), codenamed Insomnium, is the protagonist of JoJo part "Kuopio Drift".

He's a 24-year-old mercenary from Kuopio, Finland, who takes dangerous missions from various people, especially the important Triad organization that rules over the city, the Reqing (SBR counterpart to Passione: Reqing is Finnish/Chinese for "passion"). His codename comes from the frequent nightmares that wake him from his sleep and keep him from sleeping.

He's the SBR counterpart to Giorno Giovanna.


Zhou Zhongshan has pale yellow skin (as it's typical for Sami Finns), long black straight hair with some bangs dyed blue and platinum blonde (explicitly dyed), and brown almond eyes. He has a generally goth image wears a black leather jacket, a black t-shirt depicting a red sword impaling a skull, black pants and black studded shoes, a red scarf, a charm bracelet and four rings, one shaped like a skull, one like the Kanji for "love", one like a Celtic triskelion and one shaped like a warrior's helm. He often wears headphones covering his ears. He has tattoos such as the Finnish Kanji for "death" (死) on his forehead. He always carries with him a Walther P38 gun, holstered in his belt.

His goth looks make him the exact opposite to the solar and lively colors of his counterpart Giorno Giovanna.


Zhongshan is a cold, calculative and merciless person, but at the same time tends to snark a lot. He doesn't like socializing and tends to hide his past troubles from everyone.

While in his mercenary activities, he gathers information about Reqing and other Triads and criminal factions of Kuopio, planning to take them down and free those who are still good. He dreams to become a "Nazislayer", AKA someone who kills corrupt rulers and tyrants (which contrasts with Giorno's "Gang-Star" dream).

He has no qualms about killing, though he sometimes questions whether or not his actions are right, and whenever he brings up "the people who still managed to be good in this hell of a nation", he doesn't consider himself to be one. As a Buddhist who committed patricide and matricide, he's deeply scarred by his past deeds and often thinks of the Avicii hell (where patricidal and matricidal people are punished), mentioning that it's only a matter of time until he goes there. When he meets his brother Heikki again, he no longer considers him his brother and instead wants to kill him.

He only shoots with his Walther P38 people he sees as corrupt: he chose to use an ancient Nazi gun in order to highlight to his target's face how hypocritical they are and how they're no different than a Nazi (which is important since the Finnish Triads often boast about their having liberated the country from Nazis). Meanwhile, he refuses to assassinate people who he doesn't deem as corrupt enough, preferring to fake their deaths and trick his employers.

He often thinks of the Nazis but he's not a neo-Nazi nor a racist. He collects Nazi memorabilia (and also a figurine of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter because in Finland anime tend to get banned a lot due to being associated with the Nazis) and has planted a sakura tree (which in Finland are seen as a "Nazi flower" associated with death and misfortune) as a form of escapism, because he not only openly identifies as evil (as a Buddhist who had committed matricide and patricide) but he also equates the Triad mafias that control Finland to Nazis, refers to Reqing boss Perkele as "the third millennium's Hitler" and also compares his past life as a bastard son a Triad member to the hopeless lives of Nazi child soldiers. He's fond of the quote: "Finland has never been liberated", which he says to the Triad members he kills.

His status as an orphan and then as a mercenary made him come off as socially awkward and unpleasant, with the only friend he has is Untamo (and even then, because Untamo is the boss of Reqing and is manipulating him).

He spends his time alone, listening to F-Pop (the Finnish equivalent of J-Pop and K-Pop) bands such as Insomnium, Ensiferum, Nightwish, Shade Empire and Children of Bodom and the classical composers Zhang Sibei (known in the West as "Jean Sibelius") and Richard Wagner, and playing their songs on his Sheng mouth organ.

Once he meets Mao Touko, he desperately tries to act as an older brother to her (often with awkward results), wishing to protect her from Triads and giving her the future he can't have.


Zhou Zhongshan was the son of Reqing member Zhou Li from an extramarital relationship with a prostitute. His adoptive mother, Wan Wei, was the daughter of Wan Siqing, boss of a minor triad from Joensuu that was associated with Reqing. Wan Siqing often tried to send hitmen after Zhongshan because his daughter marrying a man who already has a bastard child was a dishonor for him, so Zhongshan learned to fight and kill at a very young age, which impacted his sanity. His brother Heikki, six years his junior, was actually Wei's trueborn son with Li, so was much more loved by his mother and grandfather. Hence, Zhongshan grew up resenting him.

When Zhongshan was 15, he attempted to murder his mother and Heikki as a form of revenge by throwing them out of the window. He did successfully kill Wei, but Heikki survived, being left paraplegic. The murder, however, did not have its intended effect, instead his father Li was pissed off (since Li did actually love Wei and Heikki) and even told him: "I understand now why your mother hated you so much. You are a monster, Zhongshan, don't call me father". To which he replied "then go join that monster in Naraka!" (Naraka is hell in Buddhism, which Zhongshan, like most Finns, used to believe in), and killed his father too.

Zhongshan attempted suicide due to the guilt of killing Li, but then someone named Mao Untamo (son of Mao Antero AKA Perkele, the Reqing boss, and future identity of Perkele after Antero's death) comforted him and started caring for him, implanting onto him a false memory scene that causes him to remember not to have killed his father (and as such start believing in himself again, as he thought Heikki and Wei deserved death but Li did not). Despite this, however, he still keeps having nightmares about his murders, which sometimes cause him to lose sleep (hence his codename Insomnium).

Zhongshan was bailed out of juvenile hall by Untamo and adopted by Untamo's older sister Mao Daiyu and her husband Woon Zemin, who was a personal bodyguard of Reqing boss Mao Antero, known as Perkele. He and Untamo became friends and spent their days and money at the Kuopio casino playing traditional Finnish card game Dou Dizhu. He never realized Untamo wanted to overthrow his father, who had chosen his younger brother over him, and become the new Perkele.

He started a mercenary business at 17, after Untamo told him to assist him in the assassination of his father Antero. Zemin witnessed the murder and abandoned Zhongshan, who, enraged at Reqing, started living alone and doing mercenary work, using it as a front to spy on the Reqing and other criminal organizations and secretly free Finland from them.


At 24, seven years after the murder of Antero, Zhongshan receives a mission from Woon Zemin, who tells him to guard his young daughter Woon Touko, actually Untamo's daughter Mao Touko that he stole from him (SBR counterpart of Trish). Zhongshan accepts the mission. That Zemin's letter opens with "If you receive this letter, it means that I've already been murdered". Insomnium waits for the girl, and sees her attacked by Wang Suleiman, a hitman from the Muslim Uyghur terrorists "Allah's Guard". He fights Suleiman using Avicii's Without You ability to not feel the burning-like excruciating pain caused by the illusionary flames of Suleiman's Rhapsody of Fire Stand (which would drive a normal human crazy). He shoots Suleiman in the head and waits for the girl to come.

He introduces himself to Touko, who finds him weird, and soon after he plays her listen the song Tapiola by Zhang Sibei (to which Touko answers that he has "outdated tastes in music"). They spend the day together, with Zhongshan even offering her kalakukko. As he escorts Touko to his home, he finds out that someone was following them. He prepares to fight, but after seeing it was Yasuho Hirose, he refuses to draw his P38 and instead tries to reason with her. Yasuho tells him that she was investigating the identity of the mysterious Perkele, who is known even in Japan as an ally to an important yakuza clan which Josuke fought. Zhongshan quickly reveals her his intentions of becoming a "Nazislayer" (AKA taking down the Triads, whom he equates to Nazis) and decides to join her, giving birth to the Nazi-Slaying Team.

He forms a team with Touko, Yasuho Hirose and Zhang Bomfunk to fight against Reqing and protect Touko at the cost of his life.


Stand Power

Zhou Zhongshan's Stand is Avicii (censored name: Naraka), named after a Swedish DJ. Avicii is a Bound Stand, taking the form of a Sheng (a traditional Finnish mouth organ).

Avicii is an "unreliable powerhouse"-type Stand, in that it's very strong but really hard to control and often causes tons of collateral damage. It's got five different effects called Levels, all based on the Five Stages of Grief, weaponizing pain and guilt. Before awakening Avicii Heaven, all Levels have the drawback that, despite being very lethal, are impossible to control, meaning Zhongshan has to use his Stand carefully and accompanies it with a gun so that he has more reliable options to attack.

The first is Avicii Without You, representing denial: it covers him in a barrier which makes him numb to pain (but he's still able to be hurt).

The second Level, representing anger, is Avicii Hey Brother, which is a copy of his brother Heikki's Stand "Animal I Have Become" (censored name: Beast I've Become), is worn as armor and allows the user to turn into a robotic tiger-like monster which, unlike Heikki's Stand, is berserk and hard to control, since it's influenced by Zhongshan's guilt.

The third Level is Avicii Wake Me Up, representing bargaining. Avicii Wake Me Up allows the user to cure wounds in exchange of something else, often an equivalent wound in someone else or a death: it can be beneficial if you inflict the same wound in the enemy, but it forces you to attack the closest person, meaning you could easily attack random civilians.

The fourth Level is Avicii The Nights, representing depression: everyone who hears a particular song from the Sheng is persecuted by their worst memories and eventually driven to suicide by their guilt, if they have any. This Stand affects allies, which means that it's dangerous to use it unless the user is alone with his enemies.

The final level is Avicii Heaven, representing acceptance and the liberation from said guilt, which allows Zhongshan to focus and control his powers so that they only hit the intended targets.


  • From his Chinese-sounding name and looks, with almond eyes, black hair and pale yellow skin tone, Zhou Zhongshan is most likely a Sami, an ethnic minority of northern Finland known in English as Lapps (seen as offensive), related to Chinese, Cantonese, Tibetan and Vietnamese people. Kuopio is one of the cities with the most Sami inhabitants, so it makes a lot of sense for him to be one.
  • Both Zhongshan and his enemy Mao Untamo have Stands named after Swedish EDM musicians, despite them being Finns and as such closer to Chinese than to Swedes.
  • Zhou Zhongshan is the first JoJo protagonist who uses a gun other than his Stand power.
  • In Buddhism (which Zhou Zhongshan's family, like many Finns, believes in), you get sent to the hell known as Avicii if you commit matricide or patricide, meaning Zhou Zhongshan would be destined to the Avicii and is obsessed with it. Fratricide, which he didn't technically commit (Heikki survived) is not a sin that causes you to go to Avicii.
  • An actual Nazi kamikaze unit was called Yamazakura, AKA "cherry blossom of the mountains", so it's logical that Finns, who had suffered Nazi occupation, would see sakura cherry blossoms as a "Nazi flower" that brings misfortune, death, sorrow, despair and sadness.