Zartmo Flaute
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English Name Zartmo Flaute
Namesake Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Classical composer)
Stand Queen of the Night (RRVL)
Date of Death Around 1945
Zartmo Flaute is one of the main characters in ReRevolution (Part 1) and a player character. His stand is Queen of the Night.


Zartmo is a man with a normal build with green short hair, aways using a 'mysterious' black hat with green spots and dark shades, even at night.


Zartmo rarely talks and is an extremely rational and straight-to-the-point type of person. His solutions tend to not orient towards dramatic tension, but to the most logical conclusion.



He was traveling and got in Big Springs after the town shootout, so he isn't dead neither has a stand.

ReRevolution (1880)

Zartmo finds Danny Boy and Jacob Hernandéz in Big Springs, Texas a day or two after Diogo's Massacre. They agree to join the revolution and go into a locomotive straight to Austin, where Diogo's office is located.

The train eventually because the tracks have been destroyed by Mariya, Nick and Archie on a huge cornfield. Danny Boy being a direct follower of the mayor starts a fight with Mariya, and is eventually defeated. Zartmo then starts following the party without hiding, but still not interacting much.

Zartmo solves some fights even without a stand. He defeats Ferris Berry simply by not sleeping and hitting him with a rock, and when they arrive in Diogo's office, he throws E. Collins out one of the building's windows.

During the final fight against the mayor, he faints because of a strong stand attack and stays this way for most of the fight. Some time after, Diogo shoots him in the back of the head with the 'Bronze Revolver', and he faints again. When he wakes up, he has his stand, but never actually uses it.

After the group dissipates, Zartmo finds oil somewhere in Texas and gets rich, creating the Zartmo Foundation in order to aid his family, investigate stands and other paranormal cases and of course, make some money with oil resources.


  • Zartmo constantly takes stuff out his hat, like some kind of magician. Among the things he took out of it is a flare gun.