I'm Still Standing
User Andres Hidalgo
Namesake I'm Still Standing ( Elton John) The Death tarot card
Destructive Power C* A-E depends on Stand attack
Speed A
Range E* (A for the range of attack)
Durability E* for button (A when attacked)
Precision A* for reflecting attacks (C when thrown or shot objects).
Developmental Potential C

The younger brother of Gio Hidalgo, a bittersweet sibling to have.


The stand is a artificial non- humanoid Stand that acts like a Automatic Stand that takes a form of a pin button. It shows stars around the button and shows a cute skull on the front of the button with no nose. When the stand/ user is not attacked, the stands barrier has a bunch of arms and legs.


Back & Forth- the stand as a visible/ clear barrier around the user to protect him. To protect itself and the user, it absorbs and reflects the damage its taken. If attacked anywhere, the stands barrier reflects where its been hit. anything like The Hands swipe is a physical attack since its using his hand.

Specific Command/ Actions- If the person hits the users barrier, the attack is reflected, but when the persons throws the chair, the stand has to catch it or stop it with its hands or legs.

Double Damage- Its second ability, as a last resource, does double damage to leave a fatal blow to the enemy.



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