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Oh, look! I wrote something here for once. All of the other stories are made with AI Dungeon, because it used to be a hobby back when I was writing Part 1 and Part 2. Part 2 is also the only one I ever finished, and it's full of plot holes (The other parts aren't much better). Because this is my (very original) imagination, some characters are pretty much blatant ripoffs. I hope you enjoy this story anyway.

An overview of the (main) protagonist before we start...

Because he literally fucking died in the last part, and it happened very, very unfairly, Jack Scott is now a demon (Watching Helluva Boss literally once was a mistake). He has pink hair, and red cream-colored skin. Just like his father, he is emotionally sensitive and can't really handle stress.

Random warnings (PLEASE READ)

This story contains: weird shit. references to weird shit. people who are into weird shit. (not just the Kira ripoff). me projecting (This means more emotional stuff!). blatant ripoff characters. weeb shit (characters with animal ears). CONSTANT REINCARNATION (Toned down a bit in this part though).

Chapter 1: What Am I?

POV: Jack Scott
Well, isn't this just great? I wake up inside a huge fucking crater probably made by that psycho that wanted to kill my family and then himself.

In fact, I'm almost sure he succeeded. I can't see anyone I recognize. Or anyone at all, really. Maybe they survived and decided to leave without me? No idea, but I'm sure they wouldn't leave me behind.

It takes me just a tiny bit to realize I'm stuck inside a rock, and I can't move my legs. I'm actually familiar with this feeling (You can thank Jeffrey for that). After a bit of flailing my arms around and yelling (I'm a very resourceful guy), someone walks over to me. It's Derek. If you don't know who Derek is, he's kinda like my 4th cousin. Chubby and very annoying, and somehow inherited the red streak everyone in my family has. He grabs my arm, and stares at me. "...What do I do?" He asks.

"Just pull me out." I reply.

"That's what she s- Okay."

He pulls as hard as he can, and the rock I'm stuck in breaks, and I fall to the ground.

"Are you okay?" He asks.

I stare at my hands, and quickly notice they're a cream color. This clearly means that I've been reincarnated as a demon. "Wait... Am I a demon?" I ask, looking up at Derek.

"Yeah, seems like it." He replies, pulling me up.

"How about you?" You ask.

"I think I am." He says, just as the light from the sunset lights up his face, confirming this as true.

I notice a yellow ball, with a red flame emitting from it. It keeps floating up towards the sky, and then bobbing back down, as if it's tied to an invisible string. Slowly, I approach the sphere. I can hear someone's voice coming from it.

I take out the tablet that Giovanni gave me (If you don't know who he is, more on him later, or at least sometime), being glad that I still have the things I had when I was still human.

The high-tech tablet's screen shows a loading bar, which quickly fills to 100%. Text appears on the screen, reading:

Theodore Conway's soul
Age: 61
Stand: False Direction (Requiem evolution nullified by user's death)
Additional notes: I'd stomp on the damn thing, but there's no telling when Jack's gonna get outta that rock.

I walk a bit closer to it, and stomp on it. I try to ignore that it probably let out a scream when I did that. Staring at the ground for a bit, I hear it start to rain. "We should go up there." Derek says. I look up at him, and notice a slope that leads out of the crater. After a full 2 seconds of thought, I decide to walk up the slope with him. It takes around ten minutes to get out of the crater, and at the edge of the crater, there's a wooden gate, connected to wooden walls, which I can barely make out the top of a few guard towers, along with the light of a fire.

Rubbing my eyes, I knock on the gate. It seems pretty thin compared to the walls around it. Because the gate doesn't open, I use my stand's ability to pull it open. Surely the owner of the encampment won't mind. I'm familiar with him, anyway. I walk inside with Derek, closing the gate behind myself. It's almost completely empty, except for a few people by the fire in the center of the camp. "We should stay together." Derek says (I've never noticed how similar he sounds to me). "Good idea." I reply. I slowly walk towards the fire. Once I'm close enough to feel the warmth of the fire, I look at the three people sitting around the fire. One of them is a blue-haired guy with a blue minus symbol on each side of his face. I'm pretty sure it's a minus symbol, and not just two blue marks on his face because the guy next to him has red hair, and a red plus symbol on his cheeks. The third person is an annoyed-looking guy. He has white hair, which has a wide red streak in it. It's not straight nor thin, and it's not even in the middle, so he's definitely not related to me.

I take out the tablet again. "What is that thing?" The blue-haired guy asks. "It's a tablet." The white-haired guy replies, clearly annoyed.

I scan the blue-haired guy. Text appears on the tablet's screen:

Preston Magnes
Age: 17
Stand: Has one? Maybe?
Additional notes: He's... Slow. Makes sense, considering the situation.

Chapter 2: sweet like strawberry syrup

I look at Derek.

"Uhh... I kinda forgot where I sleep in this place." I say. (I definitely should've worded that better.) "Over there... I think." He replies, pointing to a big wooden building nearby.

I slowly walk over to the wooden building, and open the door.

There's a row of bunk beds with white bedsheets in this room. Instantly recognizing this room, I continue inside, closing the door behind myself. I walk over to the end of the room, opening the door. This door opens up to a small room with a window on the wall adjacent to the door, a desk to the right, and a bed to the left.

Flopping onto the bed, I fall asleep almost immediately.

I wake up to the sound of a pencil scribbling on paper. Slowly sitting up, I notice that the lamp is on. I definitely didn't have it on before I fell asleep. I look around, and notice a few things that are different. First of all: the chair has been pulled out from the table, there's a paper and a pencil on the table itself, and there's a fluffy pink blanket folded on the chair.

I get out of bed and slowly walk over to the piece of paper on the table. It isn't a notebook paper, it's an official-looking printed paper with a couple more papers stapled to the first one. The first one has drawings on the sides, which is where there isn't any text. One of the drawings is of a furred creature with a sort of white mask that's shaped like a wide upside-down teardrop. I hate these creatures. They look solid, but they can slide through vents like they're made of liquid. Even worse, they latch onto you when you least expect it.

I decide to look at the text on the paper. Above most of the text, it reads:

Do not allow anyone without proper clearance to access this document!
The VF Cure Project is the ERO's attempt at creating a cure to the recent pandemic spreading all over the world. Following several procedures, it is now common knowledge within the organization that this must be done in secret, due to the recently-discovered faults of the Ignis Corporation's CEO, Ivan Ignis III. However, it is also accepted that these cure attempts will be done on convicted criminals (The more severe the crime the hosts have committed, the more severe the experiment will be), due to the unpredictability of these experiments.

The Cure Process
Curing people of the VF Virus requires fusing with a symbiotic organism, most of which are synthetic.

Name Appearance Host Crimes committed by host Symbiotic organism's compact form Additional notes Symbiote accepted host?
Ringtone Basic dark gray T████ L████ Possession of important Ignis Corporation documents None Name censored on host's request Yes
Lifetime Achievement Award White, human-like face, but lacks a nose and mouth opening Ryan Baxter Extortion, bribery A puddle None Yes
Dolciastro Basic, but pink-colored Dorcas Dolcias Armed robbery A fluffy pink blanket None Yes
Lime Basic, but bright green R████ C█████████ Pickpocketing A lemon that appears to be a lime at certain angles Are we doing this on petty thieves now? No
S.C. Basic dark gray L██ B████ Physical assault & theft None It doesn't matter if what he did was wrong, he was just trying to stay alive. I'm going up to the council to ask to leave this project. - Dr. R████████ Yes (symbiote acts as a suit instead of combining with the host)

Below, taking up the rest of the paper is a segment labeled Escaped Symbiotic Organisms.

Name Appearance Intended host Symbiotic organism's compact form Symbiote's means of escape
Butterscotch Similar to melted butter, with an odd face Blaze Ignis A vial of melted butter (Containment) Host and symbiote went missing before experiment could be done
Glow Worm Green kitsune with glowing yellow eyes G█████ B█████ None They just... Walked out. How did it get past security?
Name not decided Very, very odd. It seems to be a █████-like humanoid ███. Calmar Lupin None, however, the organism was contained inside a robotic suit. Unknown, Subject E.S. suspected to be involved.

I stare at the paper for a bit. Staring at the part with "Dolciastro", my eyes slowly pan over to the fluffy blanket on the chair.


Chapter 3: candy gore

POV: Derek Superbus
I don't know how I ended up taking care of a demon 30 minutes after running from a zombie horde over a pack of hot dogs. I don't know what makes me worthy of taking care of anyone, no matter if they're a demon or not. Did I mention that this demon is 18? He's 18 but he acts like he's 7 (Sounds familiar to me). Also, his name is Stardust, even though his dad (The owl demon one; he has two dads) insists on calling him Astrum.

Man, magic is weird, especially when someone is born from someone else's severed hand.

I hear a knock on the door. I walk over to the door, and open it. It's Megan, Owen's older sister. I'm surprised she's even on speaking terms with me, after I tormented her brother so much (I don't wanna talk about it).

"Hey." She says. "You've been missing for like a year."

"A year?" I ask.

"Yeah, you've been gone for a year."

"I'm pretty sure most people reincarnate into demons instantly, don't they?" I reply.

"I haven't any idea why it would take so long for you."

I stare into her eyes for a second.

"Dominic wants to go on vacation for whatever fucking reason." She finally says.

"He's rubbing off on you." I reply, ignoring the look in her eyes and changing the subject. "How can he even afford that?"

She stares at me for a moment, readjusting her hair.

"I have no fucking clue..."

"When do we leave?" I ask.

"Go find Jack, and then maybe we will."

I shrug, and walk over to the building where I last saw Jack. As I do this, I hear tiny, quiet footsteps with my own. Looking behind me, I notice Stardust walking behind me.

"I feel scared without you." He says, looking up at me.

I pause for a few seconds.

"Me too." I blurt out without thinking. "Come on, let's go look for Jack."

I turn around and open the door. The entrance room is completely dark, but the bathroom light is on (How the hell do they get power all the way out here?) and I can hear the shower.

I open the bathroom door because I almost never respect anyone's personal space and lean into the bathroom. Jack fully-clothed, in the shower, and is trying to get some pink goo off himself with the water.

I walk over to him and try to pull the goo off, but it won't budge.

"The hell do you think you're doing?" Jack says.


"I don't think it's working!"

I end up pulling the goo off. It goes flying out the door and splattering on the adjacent wall.

"How the fuck did that thing get to you?" I ask, concerned.

"Maybe it climbed in through the window." He says, staring at the neon pink splatter on the wall.

"Maybe." I say, pointing to where Megan is. "Go talk to her."

"Okay, if you say so..." He replies, leaving. When he's outside, I search for something the put the goo creature in (I've wanted one of these for my own). I search the nearby cabinets, opening every drawer. While doing this, I accidentally cut my right pointer finger, cyan blood begins to seep from the cut. The only thing I find that could hold them is some fancy-looking glass jar. I hold the jar up to the splat on the wall to scoop them inside, but they slide in of their own accord. I put the small jar in my pocket, ignoring that they'll probably spill out of it soon, and walk outside, closing the door behind myself and letting the moonlight wash over me.

Megan is talking to someone I don't recognize, and Jack is sitting down next to the wall. The person she's talking to looks like a closeted f- someone trying to hide their identity on the internet while also showing other people how they look.

"Shut the fuck up before I shove that joint in your pocket down your throat." Megan says to them angrily.

"What now?" I interrupt, not wanting this argument to escalate any farther (Usually I'm the one who escalates it, but mostly because I start the argument).

"I guess we wait." Megan replies, shrugging. "We're going by plane, and I don't know how easily Dom can get a plane, no matter how much money he has."

Chapter 4: green greens

POV: Debbie Puella
I'm in a bad situation here. I'm in the middle of nowhere, in a forest. Billy and I knew where Dominic wanted to go on vacation (Somewhere way out east), and we wanted to beat them to it. That was a bad idea, because now Billy is bleeding out (I have him slung over my shoulder) and we have no idea where we are.

I notice orange light coming from further up the hill I'm on. I slowly stumble up the hill, nearly tripping over some rocks as I go. I eventually reach the source of the orange light. It's a fire, right outside of a large house. It's slowly being extinguished due to the rain. There's no one by the fire, meaning I can't ask anyone to be let inside or anything (I know that isn't very smart, either), so I walk around the house, looking for an opening. I notice an open window on the back side of the house. I walk up the stairs to the porch, and climb through the window.

I end up in a room that looks fancy, yet slightly run-down. The floorboards are broken in places, and the ones that aren't broken, creak when I step on them. However, the furniture looks perfectly clean. I lay Billy down on a couch (I think he's stopped bleeding) and proceed into the next room. The next room is a kitchen. There's a man in a wooden chair, in the corner of the room. He has brown hair, which is partly orange on his right side, a slightly upturned nose, and freckles. He seems unfocused, but he's definitely breathing.

"Hello?" I say. "Are you okay?"

He sits up in his chair almost immediately.

"Oh, I'm grand." He says happily.

"Well, he's not grand!" I yell, pointing to Billy from across the room. He seems to be stirring awake now.

The man walks over to him, and wraps a bandage around his wounded arm.

"Thank you..." I say quietly.

Chapter 5: MONDAY

POV: Piro
I just woke up, and it's pretty early. I stare out the window, and notice the bright orange lights in the distance. I see them almost every night. It looks like a fire, but it's so far away that I can't tell, and whenever I do get close enough to see it, the fire is gone. Although, I do notice some wooden building around where the fire would be. I get out of bed, and look for something to pass the time until the morning, as when I wake up early, I can never get back to sleep. I look around the almost completely-white room for something to do.

I quickly take out a book from the bookshelf, before I hear loud knocking on my bedroom door. It's not like the knocking my father usually does. If he were knocking that loud, it would be because the ghost I have caused trouble, but it hasn't done that in a while. No. This is someone else knocking on the door. After a few minutes, while I stay still in front of the bookshelf, tightly clutching a book in my hands, the knocking gets louder, and it sounds more like someone is trying to break down the door. After a bit longer, the door comes crashing down. In the doorway, is the oddest-looking man I've ever seen.

He's wearing a tarnished and torn green jacket, and tattered light green pants. He's also wearing glasses, the lenses of which are cracked in a few places. I notice a camcorder in his hand, which has the same word scrawled on almost every empty space on it, but it's too dark to make out what word it is.

"Lynn?" He says.

I stare at him, noticing the bloody bandages on his hands.

"No, my name is Piro."

He stares back at me, confused.

"Who's Lynn?" I ask.


"She's here?"

I don't even know why I said that. I guess it's just an automatic thing.

"No. No. She's dead." He mutters, avoiding eye contact. "She can't be alive, can she? I saw her die."

"Are you okay?" I ask, but he continues muttering deliriously while switching between staring out the window and at his blood-stained bandaged hands.

"I saw her die..." He whispers to himself.

"What are you even doing here?" I ask, trying to get to the point.

He focuses on looking at me again.

"I'm taking you away."


"We'll get to that soon." He replies. "Just follow me for the moment."

He doesn't seem all that threatening, and I've been stuck inside my room for as long as I can remember, so, somehow, I can't help but trust him as he walks over to the front door and opens it for me. I walk outside and he follows, closing the door. It's dark out, and white flecks of... Something are falling from the sky.

"What is that?" I ask.

"You've never seen snow before?"

"Snow? What's that?"

The answer must be too complex to simply explain, so he just replies with "It's what happens when it gets really really cold." I also notice the slight change in his voice. He sounds like someone talking to their 5-year old son. The two of us walk down the snow-covered street. After a bit, he stops in front of a house, walks over to the door, and knocks. I hear the sound of someone walking towards the door, and the door opens. In the doorway is a man who'd look absolutely miserable if he didn't look so confused. He has a head that's sort of a tall, rounded square, eyes with brown irises along with circles under his eyes, dark hair that's almost black, and a rather large nose.

"Not to be rude, but who the fuck are you?" He asks.

"I'm Piro!" I say happily.

The man that lead me here doesn't say his name.

"I'm... My name is Ned." The man at the door says.

"Can we come in?" I ask.

He looks behind himself for a few seconds, before looking back at me.

"Alright, fine."

He opens the door, and the two of us walk inside, Ned closing the door behind us.

"Sit down," He says, sitting down in an armchair, and pointing to the couch. "and tell me what happened."

"I... I don't want to." The man that brought me here says.

"Could you... At least tell me your name?" Ned asks. At this point, I notice what's scrawled onto the camcorder the man is holding. Every single inch of the camcorder has "OUTLAST" scrawled onto it, which glows brightly green, and is getting brighter the tighter the man grips it. The text changes to what seem to be his thoughts, but they don't make any sense. I stare at the changing text for a moment. There's things like "What radio towers?", "Lynn?", "I don't want to believe anymore.", and "Why can't I help?".

"What's your name, anyway?" I ask the man.

"I'm Jake." He says.

"If you don't have anywhere to stay, you can stay here." Ned suggests.

Jake stares at Ned for a moment.

"T-Thank you."

"You can sleep over there." Ned says, pointing to a couch.

Jake says nothing. Instead, he lays down on the couch and falls asleep almost instantly.

"So, how did you get here?" Ned asks me.

"Jake brought me." I reply.

"Where were you before he did?"

"At my house, somewhere down the street." I say, sounding like I haven't been stuck in my room for almost my whole life.

"You should stay here for right now." Ned replies. "I don't think it's safe to be out there right now."

He leads me into a small bedroom with a bed next to the window, and a lamp on a bedside table. I get in bed, and Ned leaves the room.

I can finally sleep.

Chapter 6: Passage

POV: Robert

Falling towards a snowy city, in the middle of the sky. Was this a good idea? Probably not. But I don't really have a choice If we want to find what happened to Jack. Yeah, I said we. My brother Wendell's following behind me, as well as my girlfriend Cherry. I can already see hordes of infected, looking like ants from this view. "I'm scared!" I say, barely audible over the howling winds.

"Robert, You're scared of pretty much everything!" Wendell replies.

"Yeah, but now it's reasonable!"

This is the place I died. If you've ever wondered, The infected are pretty much the entire reason I'm a demon. I was mauled by a horde of infected, but I didn't die immediately. It left me crippled and bleeding, And I died soon after that.

If it wasn't for Jack, I never would've came back here. I've already been a demon for 4 years, so I don't know what state the city's in.

So I've made a huge sacrifice in coming here. But, I can't stand around and do nothing. If Jack is still alive, I'm gonna have to find a way to help him. We finally land on the ground, in a long street, The only infected in the street are sleeping, their backs hunched over.

"What are they do-"

"Wendell, shut up!"

We walk over to a fence, overlooking a gigantic crater.

The scenic view is interrupted by an infected in a hazmat suit.

Cherry slowly pulls out a revolver from a holster, obviously scared.

"Cherry, no, you'll wake them up!" I whisper, somehow convincing her to put it back.

A metal box with a red blinking light shoots out a bolt of electricity towards a nearby generator, causing the sirens above it to start blaring. The area becomes louder as the infected wake up, and start walking down the street.

"Robert, what is that?" Wendell asks.

"No idea." I answer.

Cherry takes out her revolver again and shoots the infected directly in the face, knocking it back, as the other infected slowly shamble towards us. We start running into the building, Wendell smashes open the door, while me and Cherry barricade it. We hear the screams of infected over the deafening sirens.

I run upstairs, Cherry and Wendell following behind. We run into what looks like a hotel's hallway, and run inside one of the rooms. Wendell shoves a bookshelf in front of the door, while I close it and lock it.

"Well, any good ideas?" Wendell asks.

"I have one." I say.

"He asked for good ideas, Robert." Cherry replies.


Chapter 7: Horizon

POV: Jack Scott

I wake up to the sound of a book falling on the floor. I slowly get up out of bed, and notice that Nico is out of his bed, and that the door to the balcony is open. I walk over to the balcony, and as the moon lights up my face, I notice Nico leaning over the balcony's railing.

"Come on, you should go to bed." I say, sounding a lot like my dad.

"Why should I?" Nico asks.

"You could hurt yourself like that."

I grab his hand, and lead him over to his bed. As soon as I let go, he bites my hand, grabs me, and rushes over to the balcony, before jumping off of it. My Stand tries to get him off of me, but he's too strong. "This would be easier if you were the only one falling!" I complain, right before Nico punches me in the face. "Get away from me!" He yells. "You're gonna get yourself killed!" I fall onto the parking lot, making a small crater. I can barely move because of how painful this is. Nico runs off into an alleyway and out of sight.

A few men walk out from the shadows, and slowly approach me.

They're all wearing leather armor and black shirts with red stripes. As I get up, I feel the pain from Nico's bite intensify. It feels like I've been stabbed all the way through the hand with sharp teeth. When my torso feels like it's going to burst, I start screaming. My Stand looks like they're being torn to pieces. The men run away, and my whole body grows slightly larger. I feel hair sprouting from everywhere on my body and it feels like needles tearing through my back. Fortunately, it then stops hurting. The hair growing on me feels like slight pinches now, but my back aches. I gingerly pick myself up off the ground, and limp over to a purple light next to a concrete wall. The only thing I truly know about the world at this point, are that there are zombies everywhere, and they seem to hate these lights.

I stare at my hands and my feet, which have changed quite a bit. I'm covered in white fur, and the fur on my hands are red. My hands have 4 fingers each, and I have two claws between each finger. Not knowing else to do, and additionally not knowing if I can climb with everything aching, I jump up, put my hands on top of a wall, and pull myself up, which is surprisingly easy. I continue walking along the top of the wall, warily looking around. I hear some yelling from a nearby tunnel, and then some gunshots. I run over towards the tunnel, and crawl under a car, barely noticing how fast I'm doing it. Around five men are stationed inside the tunnel. Crawling over towards the end of the car, I notice that they're pointing their guns to a concrete wall that has a gaping hole in it, and quite a few infected are limping through. Some of the infected have split jaws, but they don't seem to be as much of a problem to the men, as the purple light burns their skin and they fall over dead.

A few faster infected run through the hole. The men gun them down, but not before noticing a fourth one in a hazmat suit that runs towards them and explodes, leaving a red mist behind. I crawl out from under the car, and when the mist clears, two of the men are dead, and one is wounded. I run over to the wounded man, and crouch down next to him. He has bright red hair that fades into bright blue. "Hey, come on." I say, picking him up with ease and carrying him on my shoulder. "What are you even doing here?" I hear a roaring noise at the end of the tunnel, and the sound of a pileup of cars being thrown aside. "We were trying to keep the infected from getting here..." He says, as a giant infected blasts through.

"Holy shit!" I yell.

It's a huge infected, wearing riot armor that barely fits from how huge it is, and I'm barely half as tall as it. The only man still standing starts firing at it, but he gets knocked over by the infected's fist, colliding with the right side of the tunnel and falling unconscious. I pick up the gun he was carrying. It takes quite a bit of effort because of how big it is (And also because I'm holding it with one hand). I look at it for a few seconds, registering that it's a gatling gun with 3 barrels. The infected charges towards me and nearly hits me, but I just barely dodge out of the way.

I turn around to face the infected. Throwing the man over my shoulder out of the way, I aim the gun at the infected, and pull the trigger. No bullets come out. My stand appears, turns towards the tunnel, and points their arm out. A few bullets fly into their open palm. I point to the infected, dropping the gatling gun, and my Stand launches the bullets at their head. The bullets hit their helmet, breaking it and revealing a glowing yellow pustule. They charge towards me, and once again, I barely dodge it.
"Get some more bullets!" I tell my Stand. I hear a growl. Slowly turning around, I realize that the huge infected is right in front of me now. They elbow me and I collide with the wall nearby. I get up, now noticing that it hurts to breathe.

"That's quite enough." I hear a voice say. "I was told to incapacitate and capture him, not to kill him."

A man wearing a button-up red shirt walks up to me. A cloth mask covers the lower part of his face. "Who are you?" I try to say, but nothing comes out.

"You're done here." He says, looking up towards the infected.

He raises up his right arm, and makes a fist. The pustule on the hulking infected's head bursts, killing them. They fall over on the road with a loud thud. The ground starts cracking below its body. The man shoves his hand into my chest, and tears something out, splattering blood onto his pants. I try to get up, but he pushes me back down, and I'm too weak to move. He holds whatever it is out in front of himself, and it turns into an ivory sword. He holds me against the wall, and hands me the sword. He takes his hand off my arm and walks away. I raise the ivory sword up above him, and try to slice him in half. In less than a second, he's turned around and gripped the sword with his hand. His arm has turned pale brown with a leathery texture, and there's glowing yellow pustules that look like eyes all over it.

"You'll have to do better than that."

He lets go and I try to slice of his head, but he grabs the sword again. I do this several times before the sword ends up stuck in the ground, which starts cracking. The ground breaks open, and I fall, landing on the top of a moving subway train. The man falls too, and he ends up in front of me.

"Tell me who you are!" I demand.

"My name is Edward." He says. "Not that it matters, but you won't have enough time to figure out anything else about who I am."

"So... Nothing about you, huh?" I say, sneering at him. "Why are you here? That's not something about who you are, is it?"

"Well... Theodore was killed before I could get my payment." He replies to me, grinning. "I'm working with someone else to get my money's worth."

"Goddamn it. So I have to deal with Theodore's flunkies even after he's dead!?" I yell.

"In the event that you survive, you will." He says. "But you won't. He's made sure of that."

"He? Do you mean Theodore?" I ask.

He says nothing. Not noticing that he's now ready to fight rather than talk, I try to hit him with the sword again, but he jumps backwards. I then notice a metal hand keeping me on top of the subway train, and another keeping Edward on. They both have a purple glow. I swing the sword away from him, and then back towards him. I cut off a few of his fingers, but they regenerate somehow. That seems to be part of his Stand's ability. He jumps back and throws a sharp dagger at me. It sinks into my torso and goes out the other side.
I try to hit the metal hand holding him in place. When the sword hits, a few fingers are knocked off the metal hand, which is now just barely holding on. Noticing that destroying the hand holding me in place will be an effective way of killing me, he punches the hand holding me in place with his Stand.

I put the sword into my left hand and punch him in the face with my right, making his nose bleed. He punches the hand holding me again, and it breaks in half, splattering some purple liquid all over my legs. I stumble and swing the sword. The hand holding Edward slices into bits, right before I notice a bright light from up ahead. I then notice that the subway train is trying to stop, as there's some rubble blocking the rails.
Right when I realize the train's not going to stop in time, I jab the sword into the back of Edward's head, killing him. I black out. When I wake up, it's early in the morning, and the front subway train car is on its side. I get up and slowly limp to the end of the tunnel. The crash has cleared up most of the rubble, and has somehow not made more. I stumble and look down at my legs. They're not covered in fur (My whole body is mostly back to normal, it seems), but they look... Bent. Sort of just bent backwards. I'm too stressed out to really process it.

I continue walking, until I'm past the train car, which is when I hear footsteps behind me. I quickly turn around and the ivory sword appears in my hand, but when I realize it's the man with colorful hair from earlier. He looks exactly the same, though I hadn't really noticed how he really looked. He's wearing turquoise scrubs, and has a metal right arm and a symmetrical hand with spiked fingers. He walks over to me and picks me up, before putting me over his right shoulder. Really, the only difference from the last time I saw him was that he now has bandages around his waist.

"I know a place that's safe around here." He says.

"A place can be safe around here?" I say, exasperated.

"If you put a place deep enough underground, it can." He replies. "It's a bunker, of course it's safe."

"I feel like my dad would object to the idea of a bunker being safe."

"Well, the one we're going to is probably a lot safer."

"I'm still not convinced."

"I'm not in the mood to argue the whole way..." He says, walking into the forest with me.

"We probably will." I reply.

Chapter 8: shattered

POV: Derek Superbus
I wake up to the alarm on my phone... tablet... thing. It's the same thing Jack has. I pick it up and look at the time. It's 5 in the afternoon. I forgot I set an alarm so late. I know 5 isn't that late, but it's not close to 7 in the morning. I slide off the bed, and wake up Owen, my ex, and the person who hates me the most. His parents wanted him to go somewhere on vacation (Despite the state of the world), but he wanted to stay him. His parents got their way. Since my device won't shut up about some kind of "distress signal" coming from a couple of miles away, me and Owen (reluctantly) are going to go check it out today. I walk over to Owen's bed and shake him awake.

"WAKE UUUUP!" I yell.

"Alright, alright!" Owen says, quickly getting out of bed.

I walk out of the bedroom, and into the living room. Henry, a young, dark-skinned man with bee-like features, is laying down on the couch. He sits up and looks at me when me and Owen walk into the room. "What took you so long to get up?" He asks.
"Long plane trip." I reply. "Henry, we're gonna go somewhere, because this tablet won't stop reminding me that some place exists." I hold up the tablet, which is vibrating as the notification flashes on-screen again.
"Whatever. Just going to get something to eat out here is dangerous," Henry says. "So I don't give a shit what you do as long as you don't get yourselves killed."

"There's a pretty high chance of that happening, though." I say.

"I'll care if one of you actually gets killed, not if you go somewhere unsafe." He replies.

"It's decided then." I say. "Come on Owen, we're going."

Owen, who is staring at the floor, looks up at me, and follows me out the door. I walk through the clearing with Owen, and into the forest. I turn on the tablet, and look at the map on it. It's a map of the surrounding ten miles. Most of the immediate area is labeled with a slightly transparent bright red and black circle, which has text over it that reads "CLASS 5 DANGER ZONE", and an almost barely noticeable smaller label which reads "ORDER BASE SIGMA". This seems to be where the distress signal is coming from. As me and Owen walk further into the forest, I tap on the danger zone label. A list of dangers appears, reading: "Area 'ORDER BASE SIGMA' has been classified as dangerous, due to infestation of such things as:

  • VF Virus infected (horde variation)
  • Mutants
  • Hostile humans

Why aren't Stands listed? I think to myself. Me and Owen travel deeper into the forest, until we reach a river. I check the map on the device again. We're getting closer. "Why would a distress signal be coming from there?" Owen asks. "The Order's been gone for years."

"That's what we're gonna be finding out." I reply. We continue walking, until the ground starts raising a bit higher, which is when I notice a pair of black metal doors, built into a short cliff face. The doors appear to have been wedged open from the outside. Me and Owen walk inside.

It's dark inside, a single dim light just barely illuminating the middle of the entrance hall. The two of us continue further, as I get out a flashlight and turn it on. I hear a loud clanging noise, and I flinch. Something humanoid, furry and white crawls across the wall and dashes into a large ventilation shaft.

"Derek, if we get out of this alive, I just want you to know that you're an asshole."

"You can tell me that later." I reply. "We're probably not even close to anything that dangerous."

It's now that I remember that the goo creature I put into a jar is now in my pocket, as it shakes around, trying (and failing) to stealthily escape. The next room is some sort of waiting room. There are chairs against the wall, some put there, and some that seem to have been thrown there. This room is also actually lit, and there's a front desk in the far right corner with a laptop on it. I walk over to the computer, while Owen tries to force open the door on the left-hand side of the room. I discover that the laptop is broken, because a metal rod has been shoved into the screen. I close the laptop and pick it up, hoping Giovanni can make some use of it. I walk over to Owen.

"I don't think I'm strong enough to open this door-" Owen begins to say, but before he's finished, I force open the door with my right arm. The door slams open, and whatever was holding the door shatters. The two of us walk into the next room. On the floor is the remains of a rotten wooden chair that was up against the door. This room is a hallway with a single door at the end. A sign above the door that simply reads "Bedrooms". We walk down the hallway and into the next room. The door is unlocked. Me and Owen continue into the Bedrooms hallway. This room has several doors on each side, all with labels above them indicating who the room belongs to. There's full names on some labels, like "Sirocco Notus", and some with titles before a last name, like "Dr. Hastings". The last door to the left has a label that reads something like "Dr. Ko" or something, but I can't make out most of it, due to the dim lights and the fact that the label is pretty scratched up. There's a nail crudely shoved into the door below it, with a string tied to a keycard hanging on it. I grab the keycard and stare at it, turning it around in my hand. It's covered in bloody fingerprints. "What do you think this unlocks?" I ask Owen. "Probably the door it was nailed to." He replies. "That's common sense, Derek."

I ignore him and insert the keycard inside the wide slot next to the door. It doesn't work. I try again, and it still doesn't work. "I think we should find another way in there." Owen says. My Stand appears and slices the door into bits with its claws. "Or... You could do that."

The two of us walk inside, and a robotic female voice says "Welcome, Dr. Ian Kovas. Today's date is October 3, 2040. You have not entered your office in 554 days."

I look around the room. It's dark, only lit by candles and the light from a computer on the desk. Some 1960s song is playing faintly nearby. I sit down at the computer, and look at the screen. It's a bunch of text documents with names indicating the dates they were written. The first is labeled "December 27, 2037". I begin reading it.

December 27, 2037

The ERO broke into the bunker, saying they're starting some 'experiments' to cure the virus. The world's practically already dead. Why do they even care? Do they care? Everyone here is getting infected, and the ERO didn't do anything about it. Speaking of the infection, it seems different this time. They're not turning pale like the others did. But they're losing hair and blisters keep popping up on them. I seem to be immune. Either that, or I haven't gotten infected yet.

There's several more of them after that. I move the mouse cursor over to the next one and click on it.

January 1, 2038

Today was horrible. Desperate for some info, I tried finding out what the ERO were doing. I broke into one of the rooms we use for tests. Some of the guards spotted me, and... I don't remember much after that. All I know is that my chest hurts and that I was probably stabbed. But I do remember what I saw inside that room. They were in the middle of taking something out of someone's body. Not like surgery or anything, but like... They were removing his soul... I think. I don't know whether to be impressed or scared.

Slightly anxious of what the final one is going to be like, I click on the next one.

February 24, 2038

It's been a while since the last time I've put anything here. I'm pretty sure I don't have much of a reason to actually put anything here, except for how nearly everyone's been acting around me lately. They keep staying away from me and commenting on my "blank stare". My hair's a bit messier than it usually is, and that's the only thing different when I look in the mirror. They're obviously going stir crazy.

June 5, 2038

Nothing much has happened. Nothing interesting enough to report except for what happened today. Sirocco approached me and told me about something that could "change my life", if I simply joined him and followed him somewhere. I don't trust him. I never have. I refused the offer, and he threatened and insulted me, calling me an "empty, heartless maniac". On the topic of insults, my "friends" told me to go see the bunker's doctor and see if I was okay. I'm fine.
They're not my friends anymore.

Confused, concerned and intrigued, I click on the next one.

June 12, 2038

More people are getting infected. I still don't show any sign of infection whatsoever. Some have fully turned, though they were shot dead. I don't know what to do.

I continue onto the next one. "Why are there so many?" I mutter to myself. I look over my shoulder to see Owen looking at the screen. "Come on, we need to keep going." Owen says. "We don't need to waste time here."

"Hey," I say, lightly pushing him away. "Lemme see what's on here first."

Owen stares at me for a moment, before trying not to look at me while searching around the room as I turn back to the computer.

July 19, 2038

Sirocco approached me again today. Muttering all his bullshit about a better life. I'll join him when I go fucking insane, which will probably happen eventually. Hopefully someone shoots me before then. My head hurts like hell. Anyway, I tried sneaking into one of the test rooms again. Some woman got her soul pulled out of her body and shoved into a blanket. The whole scene keeps replaying in my mind. Why doesn't this fucking place have a therapist???

"I found something you could... Maybe insert in that tablet thing you have?" Owen says.

"Sure, gimme a moment." I reply, continuing onto the next one.

November 27, 2038

Running out of supplies. Surprisingly. Arthur went out to search for more, but he hasn't come back. He's been gone for a week now. His brother Percy is depressed now. Our numbers are around... 27 now. There were over a hundred last month. Nothing else to put here for now.

March 28, 2039

12 people are still alive, including just a few of the ERO members that broke in. Percy went out to get supplies, and just like his brother, he hasn't come back. Wherever he is now has got to be better than this shithole. I don't know. Nothing seems real anymore. Sirocco might just be a hallucination for all I know. No one notices him or the static that's watching over him. Or maybe they've just stopped caring. I certainly have.

Anxious, I click onto the final one.

March 29, 2039

What an idiot I was. Sirocco's a genius. I feel... Comfortable with myself for the first time. I stabbed him and he shot me in the face. What a stupid decision. I've left behind that body. All I had to do to save myself from all this pain was join him. I joined him, and gave up my past. My new body... I love it. It keeps melting. Reforming. It's soft, yet it feels like it's made of liquid. It doesn't hurt. I'm not human anymore, but I don't mind. No one's here anymore. The ERO left. The others became infected and were shot down. Some of them left or just starved. I'm alone now, and there's nothing to distract me. I made a promise to someone I knew. I will fulfill their wish.

"The hell's wrong with this guy?" I think to myself.

I get out of the chair.

"I found something!" Owen says. He takes a small flat object out of a bedside table's cabinet. He walks over to me and I find out that it's some sort of small white box small enough to fit inside my device. "PROJECT" is written on it in marker. I take my device out of my pocket and open the slot on the side of it. I plug the white box into it, and something pops up on the screen.

A tab was opened, eerie red text shining on the screen over a black background. It reads "Device 'PROJECT' wishes to be downloaded". A green check mark button and a red X button appear. I press the check mark button and it starts downloading something. Once it's done downloading, the battery begins rapidly draining until the device is completely dead.

"God DAMN it!" I yell.

"Quiet!" Owen says quickly, which is when I notice the sound of something banging against metal. A vent cover above the bedside table falls onto the floor. "You know, these vents are pretty big."

A white furry hand grabs Owen and pulls him into the vent. I jump onto the bedside table and climb into the surprisingly spacious vent. I follow the white-furred creature to the left and further into the vent. I follow it as it turns right. The vent tilts downwards and the creature slides down the vent while carrying Owen. I try to process what I saw on the computer as I follow the damn thing. I slide down, before realizing that the vent exits into a huge pit. I manage to grab onto a pipe that somehow spans the length of the pit. I notice the creature also using the pipe to get across the pit. I notice that the creature is wearing a lab coat, and is also holding onto Owen with its cat-like foot. I climb up onto the top of the pipe and start running. The creature does the same, but not before going back to dragging Owen along with one hand.

I follow the creature across to the other side.

"Go on, give up your past and accept your destiny!" The creature says, running off of the pipe and into a cave. I run into the cave, which is when I get an idea. I take the jar out of my pocket while running further into the cave and pour the pink goo creature onto myself. It wraps around me like a suit.
I notice the white-furred creature running off into a tunnel. I follow them, and find that it leads to another part of the facility. My device vibrates in my pocket. I take it out and it turns on. I turn on the scanner and pan it around the room. It finds two signs of life: Owen and the creature. Owen is slumped against the wall, unconscious, and the creature is in a vent.
I run towards Owen, and pick him up. The lights turn on, and the entrance to the room is shut off by the closing of a large blast door. I walk into a nearby room, and look around. This room has a console and a window that looks into the other room. I lightly put down Owen and walk over to the console. There's several buttons and a screen that seems to display the status of something in the other room. I look out the window in the room, and notice several of the goo creatures, each contained in their own pod. I look back at the console and look for something that will open the door. I look at the buttons. They're labeled from left to right "Release Single Experiment", "Close All Containment Pods", "Return Single Experiment", and "Open Blast Door". I press the last button, and a message appears on one of the console's many screens, reading:

Opening the blast door will release all subjects. This function is only intended for an evacuation of the bunker and all its contents. If you are using this function simply to open the blast door, you will be detained. If the blast door is stuck, please wait for the bunker's mechanic to fix the problem! If none of these are the case, press the button again to confirm.

"Come on!" I yell, slamming my fist down on the button. I hear the blast door begin to open. I look around the room some more. I quickly take notice of a futuristic-looking pistol and grab it off of its place on the wall. Then I pick up Owen. Honestly, is it just me, or have I gotten stronger because I'm a demon? Walking back into the room with the pods, I watch the pods open and creatures leave the room through various exits. I notice that none of them just walk directly out through the blast door.
I'm pretty sure they were formerly human. Maybe being turned into something different changed them somehow.

I slowly walk out of the room, and walk back over to the pit with the pipes. The pipes have fallen down into the pit below, so I should try and find another way out of here. I walk back down, and further into the cave. At the end of the cave, there's another part of the bunker. This part seems to have been left unfinished, as there's metal beams and other construction equipment strewn all across the room. I really wish I knew the way out of here. I continue into the unfinished area. It's completely dark. I point the pistol in front of myself, and a flashlight attached to it turns on. I look around for an exit.
"It feels nice to have a body again." A feminine voice says in my head.
"Quit it, myself." I say to myself, tapping myself hard on the head. I walk further into the room, before noticing a door with a window that has a purple glow coming from it. I look into the window. I only see the purple glow. I put the pistol in my pocket and open the door. The glow immediately stops. I stay quiet, waiting for the source of the glow or whatever caused the glow to come into view. I wait, but nothing comes into view.
I look around the room, and notice that it's a staircase leading up. I almost immediately decide to go up the stairs.