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Violent N' Funky is the close-range stand of Nick Starbuck on Part 1: ReRevolution.

Violent N' Funky
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Japanese Name バイオレント・アンド・ファンキー
English Name Violent N' Funky
User Nick Starbuck
Namesake Violent N' Funky (Infectious Grooves song)
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range E
Durability B
Precision B
Developmental Potential C


VnF is a humanoid-type stand with a red body with some kind of armour, vaguely mechanic eyes. It has the letter "C" on one hand and the number "12" on the other.


Carbon transmutation: Violent & Funky has the ability of transforming any object on its range into another object composed mainly of carbon, like wood to oil, cloth in to cyanide, and coffe into hallucinogenic gas.


  • Like The Ink Spots, Violent & Funky also had some degree of personality before becoming a part of its user with the capacity of talking. After that, it only could follow the user's commands.