Uptown Funk
Speed A
Range A
Durability A
Precision A


Uptown Funk is a humanoid stand. Its whole body is grey, it has dark grey scelera and brown irises.

Its has a powered mode in which the grey color is replaced by Golden yellow.


It has no personality to speak of, rather being an extension of its user. Its battle cry is YAAAAA!


Uptown Funk come off with Good physical abilities. However, it has an edgy ability.

Power Mimicry

Uptown Funk's main and signature ability is that it can copy other being/objects' powers, skills, attributes, properties, weaponry, types etc... including, of course stand abilities. Then it can do so, at the same potency at its suppressed form and can even increase it, if the original ability possessor can. It can even replicate requiem stands' abilities(like Return to 0 for instance)

The only limitation of this ability is that it will inherit the ability weakness of the others (for instance, Gold Experience's inability to create lifeforms when the temperature is 0° or less).

Currently, abilities copied by Uptown Funk are from:

  • Gold Experience:Life Giver, Life Shot, Life Sensor, Organ and Flesh creation
    • Requiem: Return to 0
  • Sticky Fingers: Zipper Creation
  • The Hand : Elimination
  • Sethan: Shadow Reflection, Age Reversal
  • Whitesnake:"Melt your Heart" & Illusion, Disc Creation
  • Kind Crimson:Time Erasure, Super Strength/Speed
    • Epitaph:Precognition
  • Killer Queen:Bomb Transmutation
    • Bites the Dust:Temporal Loop
    • Sheer Heart Attack
    • (with Stray Cat):Air Bomb Transmutation
  • The World:Time Stop, Super Strength/Speed/Durability/Precision/Reflexes
    • Over Heaven:Reality Overwrite
  • Pet Shop:Avian physiology(Winged flight, beak protusion)
    • Horus:Cryokinesis
  • Magician's Red:Pyrokinesis
  • Crazy Diamond: Super Strength/Speed/Precision, Restoration
  • Silver Chariot:Speed/Strengh/Precision, Armor On/Off, Épée(Sword Shooting)
    • Requiem:Grand Scale Soul Manipulation, Stand Manipulation, Regeneration, Complete Life Alteration, Shadow Weakness
  • Kiss:Duplicating Stickers
  • Soft & Wet:Bubble Generation, Plunder(Absorption), First Bomb

And many others...

It can even combine them in amazing fashion, for instance it can combine Magician Red + Silver Chariot(Requiem)= Cross Fire Soul Sword, Horus + Killer Queen = Ice Bomb Transmutation and so on.


His powers and design is heavily based on DCAU Amazo.

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