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Unlucky Stars is the third project by Th3Gr8DrX to be featured on the JoJo's Bizarre Fanon Wiki, after CASCADA - Brook Happenstance and The Duality of Stand. Taking place in an entirely different universe from the previously mentioned stories (but still featuring elements like the Spin), the plot follows Black Cat, a rock human with a superhero secret identity known as Banksy, trying to take down a criminal organization that might be closer to her than she realizes.

If you want to read it, it's right here! There are currently 24 chapters completed.

In case you're wondering if this is a shameless, shitty derivative of the music video for the song Torn by Ava Max... it is. I may or may not be doing a bit of plagiarism here. It's fine though, because I'm also going to be ripping off a bunch of other stuff too.



  • Black Cat - protagonist
    • Stand: Super Psycho Love
    • Strengths:
      • good range
      • excellent at applying pressure
      • explosions are very strong
      • works well in conjunction with the Spin
    • Weaknesses:
      • rather ineffective defensively
      • explosions have to be used tactfully due to exploded bullets taking a while to regenerate
  • Sunny Day
    • Stand: Cute Shadows
    • Strengths:
      • bypasses a rock human's biggest weakness - the need to hibernate
      • gives the pilot greatly improved durability
      • anyone Sunny Day permits may use the Stand
    • Weaknesses:
      • not overly effective in combat
      • does nothing on someone who is awake
  • Chase
    • Stand: Ferrari
    • Strengths:
      • high speed
      • excellent for travel
      • remote control capabilities let Chase use it to help Black Cat
      • is a motorcycle; can ram into motherfuckers
    • Weaknesses:
      • pretty straightforward
      • Chase is very inexperienced


  • Jason Paige
    • Stand: Revive
    • Strengths:
      • ability is very quick-acting
      • has very high defensive capabilities
    • Weaknesses:
      • underwhelming physically
      • its gas is easy to disperse, meaning Jason needs to constantly pay attention to stay ahead
  • Doug Parrish
    • Stand: Painted Faces
    • Strengths:
      • excellent utility
      • very difficult to counter
    • Weaknesses:
      • doesn't fight
      • ability wears off quickly once Doug leaves
      • Doug has to be able to communicate in order to use his ability
  • Ron Morse
    • Stand: Galactic Love
    • Strengths:
      • excellent range
      • invincible
      • greatly inhibits the target's mind
      • can make someone turn against their allies, even if only accidentally
    • Weaknesses:
      • doesn't fight
      • leads the target right to the user if they can figure out how it works
      • can't harm the target
  • Catherine Happenstance
    • Stand: Mew Mew
    • Strengths:
      • very versatile
      • can literally break the laws of physics
    • Weaknesses:
      • not particularly suitable for combat.
  • Alexander Nijimura
  • [[Light A Candle (Unstable)
    • Stand: Yes
    • Strengths:
      • incredibly strong
      • borderline indestructible
      • fire is dangerous
      • fuckin' huge
    • Weaknesses:
      • not remarkably intelligent
      • the square-cube law
  • Leah Howe
    • Stand: Supermodel's Legs
    • Strengths:
      • really fast
      • swords are dangerous
      • knives are dangerous
      • utterly ruthless and highly trained
    • Weaknesses:
      • a little crazy
      • not overly durable
      • mediocre range
      • very crazy
  • Jacob Kishibe - main antagonist
    • Stand: Ace of Hearts
    • Strengths:
      • very strong
      • fast-acting
      • everyone is fucking terrified of him
    • Weaknesses:
      • the ability seems to quickly tire Jacob out when used at a practical speed


  • Aiden Durer
  • Stand: Light A Candle
    • Strengths:
      • very durable
      • excellent at restraining people
      • good for surprise attacks
    • Weaknesses:
      • not much combat experience
      • the most powerful attack is not easy to use repeatedly
      • the Stand has difficulty moving, making the user hard to defend
  • JQ Jones

The Universe

This story takes place in a world similar to the one seen in Steel Ball Run, JoJolion, and The Duality of Stand, except different in a few key ways, mostly with the fact that things like Stands and rock humans are common knowledge to the public, with the police having ways to deal with Stand-using criminals and people acknowledging that rock humans are walking among them.

Elements such as the Spin and the Locacaca are present as well.

Numerous characters in this story are references to other characters present in other works by Th3Gr8DrX, but they are different characters, the same way characters like Yasuho and Gyro reference characters like Koichi and Baron/Caesar Zeppeli.


Chapter 1 - You Give Me Fireworks

Black Cat is introduced, and it's shown that she has everything she could want - wealth, a loving fiancé, happiness, and more - but she clearly also has a big secret.

Chapter 2 - That's right, this is a superhero story

Black Cat's secret identity, "Banksy" is revealed, as is her Stand, as, with the help of her friends, she takes down a drug dealer named Jason Paige before he could make a deal with a member of an infamous criminal organization.

Chapter 3 - You Take All Of The Light Away

Black Cat, Sunny Day, and Chase celebrate her engagement. The next morning, Black Cat and Jacob enjoy breakfast together, seemingly the perfect couple, but it is quickly revealed that Jacob is up to something nefarious, and he wants something from Jason Paige.

Chapter 4 - You Always Find The Words

Jacob's henchman Doug Parrish pays Jason a visit at the police station where he's being detained, and breaks him out (rather easily) with the help of his Stand, Painted Faces.

Chapter 5 - I Wish The Lows Were Higher

Jacob finally meets Jason, and says that once his ability starts working again, he'll be interested in working with him, before arranging for him to be taken care of and hidden from the law. Banksy, on the other hand, shows up at the police station to investigate what had happened. Unfortunately, someone is waiting there for her in secret, and seems to be ready to launch an attack.

Chapter 6 - Your Hand In Mine

Black Cat intends to go after Jason and Doug, but gets sidetracked when she gets attacked by a new, unexpected Stand. She defeats it, but she knows it's going to come back, so she devises a plan to find the user. Unfortunately, with Jacob coming home early, she's forced to make a detour to go home and meet him. Also unfortunately is that the Stand that attacked her seems to be following her, rather than the other way around.

Chapter 7 - Our Hearts Entwined

Galactic Love is proving to be more formidable than at first thought, even without the ability to actually fight, being able to make Black Cat paranoid enough to almost take out her own teammates. However, Sunny Day is able to deduce how the Stand might work, and now the three have a lead.

Chapter 8 - Half An Octopus

Jason has a rather terrifying encounter with Leah's Stand, Supermodel's Legs, while being driven to wherever she may be taking him. Meanwhile, Black Cat, Sunny Day, and Chase are able to track down the user of Galactic Love and successfully stop him.

Chapter 9 - Worrying Is Boring

Jason gets checked into his hotel room with the assistance of Leah, who makes it very clear that he has nothing to worry about.

Chapter 10 - That's My Favourite Part

Black Cat arrives back at home and smooths everything over with Jacob. Black Cat says she'll teach Chase the Spin, but soon after makes an alarming realization.

Chapter 11 - It's Confusing To The Core

Jason wakes up to find that his ability to summon Revive has returned to him, prompting Leah to set up a meeting with Jacob to discuss his plans, before she gets a new assignment of her own. In the meantime, Black Cat is questioning whether Jacob has a secret he isn't telling her.

Chapter 12 - Light A Candle And Let It Burn

Leah and Supermodel's Legs visit a man named Aiden Durer, and soon after, a fight breaks out.

Chapter 13 - A Freshly Fallen Silent Shroud Of Snow

Jason takes the time to explain how his ability works and what he needs in order to accomplish his task. He's taken into a secret lab, where he meets Catherine Happenstance and her Stand, Mew Mew, where he finds a new resource that he thinks will be of great benefit to him.

Chapter 14 - Enough! Enough! Enough!

Aiden wakes up to find himself completely healed, save for something strange that happened to his hands. Meanwhile, Jason and Catherine make each other's acquaintances, and have a bit of a nerd-out with each other.

Chapter 15 - I Saw A Star Fall

Aiden meets Ace of Hearts before being taken to the “waiting room” downstairs. Catherine helps Jason with his experiment, and then the two take a break to play a game.

Chapter 16 - Something Lately Drives Me Crazy

Black Cat questions Jacob about whether or not he is a Stand user. Meanwhile, Jason finishes his new version of Shugaland, and Jacob decides to test it on Aiden to ensure that it's safe.

Chapter 17 - Never Let Hope Disappear

Jason, Leah, Supermodel’s Legs, and Jacob see firsthand the effects of the new type of Shugaland on Aiden, who very quickly meets a rather unpleasant demise. His Stand, however, seems to have survived, prompting Jacob to follow it to see where it goes. Jason proposes that he and Catherine go out for dinner together on a not-date, solely as friends.

Chapter 18 - Dom, Dom, Dom (part 1)

Ace of Hearts examines Light A Candle's actions now that it's out on the town, and it seems to be highly hostile, targeting all living things that it sees. Black Cat gets interrupted by news of this, and sets out as Banksy to take out Light A Candle. She ends up meeting Ace of Hearts on the scene however, and conflict is no doubt brewing.

Chapter 19 - Dom, Dom, Dom (part 2)

Banksy and Ferrari face off against Ace of Hearts and Light A Candle, but everything starts to go very wrong. Fortunately, Banksy is able to escape semi-victoriously in the end, but both her and Chase are rather worse for wear.

Chapter 20 - And I'll Never Know The Reason Why

Banksy visits the World Of Understanding Foundation in order to regrow her leg, and in the process runs into someone she hates, and then someone that she absolutely despises.

Chapter 21 - Chasing S★ars

A flashback is shown, depicting Black Cat and Sunny Day finding a baby that the latter decides to keep. Chase winds up being fine, or, at least, not seriously injured, and the three leave the hospital together. Jacob gives Leah the next day off against her will, and then makes a plan to try and find Chase.

Chapter 22 - You Set The Rain On Fire

Black Cat and Jacob meet up at the end of the day, exhausted from their exploits but happy to be with each other. Then, in a flashback to earlier in the day, Jason and Catherine meet up and prepare for their not-date that isn't a date.

Chapter 23 - It's Not A Date

Jason and Catherine's not-date starts off good but very quickly goes off the rails as they start to discuss their traumatic pasts. At least they know each other better.

Chapter 24 - Låt Det Brinna

Jason and Catherine end up seeing a movie, and then go back to Jason's hotel room to spend the night (and nothing more). While they sleep, something familiar enters the room.