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This page details all of the works of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fan projects that occur in the same universe as, or occur as a spinoff or AU of, Th3Gr8DrX's The Duality of Stand. Contributors so far are ZZ's Wheel Of Fortune2, 0nlyyaShadoww, and of course, Th3Gr8DrX.

Bolded works have at least one chapter completed. The rest are simply plans for upcoming projects.

Works by Th3Gr8DrX

Works by ZZ's Wheel Of Fortune2

  • Planned To Be Full Length Parts:
  • Planned To Be Mini-Parts
  • Planned To Be Short Stories
    • Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
    • Queen Of The Water
    • Electric Scars
    • Feast Or Famine
    • Two Perfect Circles Entwined
    • Eyes Closed Under Pressure (Collab with Th3Gr8DrX)
  • Planned To Be Scrapped/Recylced

Works By 0nlyyaShadoww


  • Yet to be added, will be made when there are more things done. For now, just know that The Duality of Stand and CASCADA - Brook Happenstance happen simultaneously, and The Last Stand happens after them.