The Reaper
Japanese Name ザ・リーパー
User Slick Rick
Namesake Death (Tarot Card)

Don't Fear the Reaper (Song by Blue Oyster Cult)

Manga Debut JJAA: PT, Chapter ??? "Dio's World Part 1"
Anime Debut JJAA: PT, Episode ??? "Dio's World"
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range D
Durability A
Precision E
Developmental Potential B
The Reaper (ザ・リーパー "Za Riipaa") is the Stand of Slick Rick in Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Phantom Blood.


The Reaper consists of a skull with a beak and three other spikes on each side, it's eyes are large and pitch black, it has no body, rather just a dark cloak and a pair of small floating scythes that it can control to attack.


Space-Time Cutting: This Stand's main ability is to slice time and space to travel around faster, but anyone can go into the portals that The Reaper creates.