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The Last Stand is a fanmade part 11 made by ZZ's Wheel of Fortune2. It is a continuation of TheGr8DrX's The Duality of Stand. It takes place 1 year after TDOS ends. I really hope that I will finish this, and once I have a bit more free time I'll start posting more often. Info Page.


Artist: 0nlyyaShadoww

Prequel: Th3Gr8DrX (She started first, definitely read TDOS!)

Writer: Moi, ZZ's Wheel of Fortune2

Logo: Th3Gr8DrX (Seriously, read TDOS if you haven't already. Also, Dr. X is super cool for making the logo.)


Chapter 1: Digitally Dead

Cosmic Autumn Rebellion Part 1

Roman Kishibe walked down the red carpeted hallway of the train. He was sucking on one of his trademark blue raspberry lollipops. It would be a while before he got back to Seattle. So far, every compartment he passed had been full. Until the one he passed, maybe halfway down the third car. He slid open the glass and wood door. “Excuse me? Do you mind if I sit here?” The sole occupant of the carriage was a young girl, perhaps fifteen years old. She had a blindfold over her eyes that was likely once white but had faded to a more eggshell color. She wore a simple gray jacket and light blue jeans. Her dark brown hair was straight, long, and somewhat ratty.

“No, not at all.” She made a clumsy gesture to the seat opposite her. Roman walked in, looking at his phone. More specifically, at his stand, Blueberry Eyes. Whenever he photographed a stand user, he could buy 1 time use versions of their abilities in exchange for credits. The way he got credits was by completing tasks that his stand assigned to him, and he was taking a big one right now. Travel 1000 miles by train in exchange for 2000 credits. That was enough to upgrade the duration of his stand from 2 days to a week. Then, the girl across from him said something that shocked him more than anything else she could have said.

“So, you’re a stand user.” She said it so matter-of-factly, like it was just a thing to casually drop in conversation.

“I- Uh- Well…”

“It’s okay. I am too.”

“Yeah, I figured. But how did you know? My stand is an app on my phone, and...:” He trailed off. He was about to say ‘You can’t even see it’, but he realized that would be very rude.

“Yeah, it’s part of my stand. I call it Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. I can sense stands within a certain range of me. So, your stand. What's it called?”

“I- Uh- Blueberry Eyes.” Roman was still quite shocked. He knew stand users were drawn together, but he never expected this.

"Cool name."

“Mhm.” Roman opened the camera app on his phone and snapped a picture of her. The familiar notification popped up. You have unlocked: Living on Borrowed Time. “Living on borrowed time… eh? What does that do?”

“Hey! How’d you know…”

“Perhaps I should explain. My stand is an app on my phone that allows me to copy the abilities of other stand users. All I need to do is take a picture and…”

“So, you took a picture of me?”

“Oh, yeah. Is that okay?” Roman felt like she was glaring at him through her blindfold. He gave a nervous chuckle, remembering his fight with Josephine and how badly he had gotten beaten up. “My name is Roman. Nice to meet you.”

“Jane. Nice to meet you too.”


Roman got off the train onto the empty station. He had a nice conversation with Jane, and then fell asleep for a while. Then, he had ordered a cup of tea and tested the 'Living on Borrowed Time" ability. It was somewhat spendy, but he could afford it. He was only about fifty miles away from 2000 credits, so he was feeling relaxed about credits. He wasn't sure how it worked, but it made his tea unbrew, then re-brew. He was looking at his phone when it sparked. He dropped it, his hand burned. His phone landed and immediately caught on fire.

"What the hell?"

Unbeknownst to Roman, his stand had a physical form. It was living in his phone, guarding the firewall and obliterating viruses. But it had never seen anything like this before. The muscular blue robot's helmet was cracked as it lay on the ground. The dark green figure stood, its face obscured by a cloak. This virus, this stand, walked over to Blueberry Eyes' head, and slowly raised its foot and lowered it onto Blueberry Eyes' neck.

Roman was looking at his phone when he felt a force crushing his neck. His windpipe slowly constricted until he couldn't breathe. It felt like the time he tried to get the stand of a descendant of some president and she stepped on his neck. He lowered to his knees, coughing. He saw his phone's screen begin flashing different colors, but he was too focused on breathing.

"Hey! Roman? Roman, are you okay?" Jane was behind him. That was lucky. He saw a liquid mass of purple stars form, surrounded by a swirl of orange, yellow, and red leaves.

Cosmic Autumn Rebellion Part 2

Jane couldn't see anything, but she could feel it. Roman's stand was being attacked by... something.

"Roman?" Cosmic Autumn Rebellion was summoned with the familiar gust of pumpkin spice scented wind. Her stand extended its senses, searching for the presence of Roman's stand in his soul. She saw the vague soul outline of Roman 's body, hands around his neck. "Roman, are you okay?" He made a coughing noise and a raspy attempt at speech. Her stand extended its senses even further, and found a small rectangle suffused with stand energy. His phone? He did say his stand was an app... She took a few steps forward and leaned down to grab it, but her hand was burned. She recoiled, cursing her blindness. Was that fire?

"Cosmic Autumn Rebellion! Living on Borrowed Time!" She couldn't see normally, but she could see life force through her stand, and her stand was somehow just easily visualized to her. It was a fluid-like mass of lavender stars and nebulae. It had a bright red light as it's right eye. Leaves flitted around it in a small breeze. Whenever it used it's ability, green energy clocks formed around its hands. It reached towards the phone with inverted temporal energy surrounding its fists as she rewound the phone's position in time. "Hope that works..."

Blueberry Eyes' hands were wrapped around the ankle of the stand assaulting it, desperately trying to remove it from on top of his neck. There was a void underneath that binary cloak. No eyes, no soul. Blueberry Eyes shot a blast of fire at the thing, and it recoiled, giving it just enough room to shoot a silver line out of its fingers to wrap around the stands fist. It yanked, still struggling to move the boot from its neck. A layer of acid developed around its hand and it grabbed the leg, emblazoning its handprint onto the thing's calf. It hissed and made a gesture with its hands. A chime sounded as a bright red portal opened up on the ground. It stepped back and Blueberry Eyes didn't have enough time to draw breath before a large red tentacle slithered from the portal and wrapped around his neck, applying more pressure than the boot ever could. More tentacles came from the portal, wrapping around its right arm and twisting. Blueberry Eyes felt no pain as a stand, but he knew Roman would have a dislocated shoulder from that. Another one ensnared his leg, lifting him up into the air. Blueberry Eyes was slowly pulled back into the portal, sipping into whatever cold harsh place was behind it. Then suddenly, it began moving backwards. It and Blueberry Eyes were rewound in time by one, then five, then ten minutes. Blueberry Eyes gasped in sync with its user, trying to get air in its lungs despite being a stand.

Roman gasped, clutching his right shoulder. He had a severe dark purple bruise around his throat, and the bones of his right arm were completely pulled out of their socket.. "Th- Thanks. How did you do that?"

"I had a hunch that it had something to do with your stand, so I rewound your phone in ten minutes." Roman noticed green energy taking the form of clocks around each of Cosmic Autumn's hands. He grabbed his phone and bought a healing ability, repairing his broken shoulder. He left the bruise however. A token of his most recent conflict.

"Look, I really can't thank you enough. That was... you have a great stand." Roman looked at his phone, which was completely undamaged. Suddenly, he heard an announcement from the hanging screen above the terminal. The final train is arriving. Please remain clear of the tracks. Roman checked his watch. The train should have been coming in about nine ish minutes.

"Oh, you can ignore that. By rewinding time, I stored the acceleration of time in Cosmic. So I discharged it into the thingy." She waved her hand in the vague direction of the TV screen. "It's ten minutes off now."

"That... is so... cool!"

"Anyway, I'm sorry but I have an appointment soon that I really don't want to miss." She walked off.

"Oh... okay. Bye, I guess." Roman took a moment to reflect on what had happened. If Jane had not been there, he easily could have died. He rubbed his throat. And the bright blue stand returned to it's infinite watch.

Autumn's A Coming

The next day, after the mysterious neck crushing incident, Roman took his computer to Rockefeller Street. After buying a coffee from the next door bakery, he tapped on the glowing green brick and entered in the code. 1 2 7 3. Roman sipped his coffee as he walked down Rockefeller street and to the door at the end of it. As always, Tom was standing by the entrance.

"Roman. Got into another fight?" He nodded at Roman's neck.

"Not exactly sure what happened. It must have been some sort of telekinetic ability that someone used to step on my throat."

"Sure they didn't follow you?"

"Oh, yeah. A friend of mine dealt with them." Roman walked inside and sat at his table, opening his blue computer. As an app designer for the startup company Flowerstones, Roman could work from basically anywhere. Today, he began the long, tedious task of debugging their latest app, Coffee and Chill. It was designed as an app to connect you with other coffee enthusiasts. He sighed as he began a long day of typing.


Jane was walking through the streets of Seattle when she got a stand user ping. The area was relatively crowded, so she didn't call out or anything, but she started moving in ways to try and triangulate the source of it. That alleyway. She walked towards it and immediately felt a burst of stand pings. She reached out but felt only a brick wall. Moving her hands over its surface, she felt for any abnormalities. Beep. She heard the electronic sound play as she touched a brick near the middle of the wall. With a smile, she realized she could see it. So it's a stand. It seemed to be a number pad of some sort. She didn't have the key, but that wasn't important. She summoned Cosmic Autumn and rewound it time, slowly. After about four hours given back to the multiverse, she finally found the last time someone had entered the code. She memorized it for later use. 1 2 7 3. She gave the lost temporal energy back and restored the keypad to present time. She keyed in the code she felt, and a door of some kind opened. And she could see. Not truly and properly see, but the area... this whole area was a stand. She could even see non-stand objects as voids in the glowing yellow-green blob on her vision. Up ahead, she saw a tall person with a similar stand aura to the whole place.

"Whoa whoa whoa! You're new! How'd you even get in here?" A gruff male voice came, presumably from the figure Jane saw in front of her.

"I- Uh... Don't know?"

"Are you even a stand user?"

"What? Of course!" Jane said.

"Well, let's see it then. Just as proof." A gust of pumpkin scented wind filled the air as the familiar star spangled void appeared beside her.

"Interesting... Would your stand happen to have any sort of telekinetic ability? Or maybe invisibility?"

"Oh... Uh, no my stand can do some time shenanigans."

"Very well." He opened a door that seemed to be part of the stand as well. "Welcome to Rockefeller Street." Jane stepped inside the room and was immediately assaulted with a veritable orchestra of stand pings. She was also greeted by a crowd of dancing stands as well as large discs.

"Oh, hello! You're new, right?" Jane looked around for the source of the voice, but whoever it was had a stand aura that seemed to make them blend in.

"I- yeah. Where are you?"

"I'm right in front of you. Hi, my name's Mark."

"Oh... Hi Mark. Nice to meet you." Jane thrust her hand in a somewhat forward direction and shook hand with this Mark person before walking a little bit farther into the room.

"Oh! New Rockfellian? How are you?" A voice came from nearby. Its owner had a similar aura to the dancing stand.

"Hi. You- Is this your stand?" Jane gestured all around her.

"Oh yeah! It's called Freaks. It's like a cool song and dance."

"Seems like it wouldn't be very helpful in combat." Jane said, not really thinking. The man cleared his throat.

"I- I need to go do something over there." He sounded a little upset. Jane cursed under her breath.

Jane kept blindly, both literally and figuratively, exploring the room. She bumped into someone who was sitting down.

"Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to... Roman?"

"Jane? I- Didn't expect to see you here." Jane heard a thunk sound as she saw the blue aura of Roman's stand, shaped like a laptop now, close. "How did you even find this place...?"

"Oh, I was walking down some street when I got a stand ping, so I decided to check it out. Then, once the keypad popped up, I gave some time to it to find out the passcode."

"Gave it... time?"

"I rewound it to an earlier state."

"Oh, okay. Did you find your family member?"

"No, he's a pretty elusive guy. I- Think he might be in trouble with some really bad people."

"Oh? What's his name? I can access most secure files with Blueberry Eyes."

"It's Jotaro. Jotaro Kujo."

Starman Part 1

Knock Knock Knock

Jotaro tensed, getting up from the couch. He wore a dirty tank top and shorts, and his apartment (If it could be called that) was an absolute mess, with trash and dirty dishes laying all over the floor. Jotaro grabbed the heavy metal baseball bat that rested under his couch and held it firmly in his hand as he walked towards the door.

"Who is it?" He called in a hoarse but deep voice. No response. "I know you're there, you coward! What the hell d'you want?!" Silence. He opened the door, slowly, wincing as it creaked with what seemed like a deafening boom. There was no one there. "Good Grief. Those damn kids." Suddenly, the lights in his apartment flickered and shut off. Jotaro grunted, mumbling about electricity bills and gangsters as he walked back to the futon.

The green figure absolutely demolished the firewall standing in its way. A swarm of viruses, unattended emails, and passwords floated in a nebulous cloud behind the flaming wall. The cloaked figure typed on a neon green keyboard in front of it and watched as the whole network shut down. Satisfied with its work, the stand stepped from Jotaro's computer and into his messy apartment. Pulling out a sharp tool made of green code, it stabbed Jotaro in the neck.

Jotaro woke drenched in a cold sweat. His eyes were bloodshot and his hand was gripping his phone so hard it was nearly cutting into his skin. He didn't know what time it was, and the lights were low. Scratch that, they were off. He leaned back on his couch and turned on his pitiful little radio. It began blaring some grating heavy metal song but he was too tired to care. Did I black out? I don't remember drinking anything... Well, I guess that would be the case. Jotaro fumbled to change the channel again, and when he touched it, he was shocked by static electricity. The hell? It's fall, not winter. I shouldn't be getting shocked. And then the loud sound of the radio began to fade away. Great. The radio is broken. When his phone buzzed. You have 9,314$ in your account.

Jane looked at the door, then back at Roman. "You're sure this is the place?" Roman took the blue raspberry lollipop out of his mouth.

"Well, the address that I found online. Should be fine." Roman went to the door, coated in chipped black paint, about to knock, when Jane yelled;

"Stand! There's a stand nearby!" Roman reached into his pocket as fast as lightning and... pulled out a handful of lint.

'My phone! Someone pickpocketed me!" He scratched his head, trying to remember who they had walked past, when his hand brushed against his ear. "My earrings! How did they get my earrings!?" Jane felt her wrist, checking to see if it was still there. It wasn't.

"God damn it! I wish I'd never heard of Jotaro Kujo!" Jane yelled/ Two twin wet spots had appeared on her blindfold.

"Actually, most people call me Jojo." Roman whipped around to see him. Roman wasn't a short person, he was a good six feet tall. But this man towered a full head above him. He had a strange hat on his head that seemed to blend with his hair, but it was damaged and broken. He wore a white tank top that didn't do much to conceal his intimidating mass of muscles, and black jeans. He had a cracked old phone in his hand. "Only my friends get to call me Jotaro." He pressed a button on his phone and put it away. "Now, down to business." He pulled a pistol out of his back pocket and pressed it against Roman's head. "Who are you, why are you here, and how do you know my name?"

"I-I-" Roman stammered. He had been in many situations with angry people, but no one had ever been prepared to truly kill him before. He couldn't use his stand without a phone. He was powerless.

"Roman? What's happening? I can't see him!" Jane said. "If you're in trouble just give me a sign." Jotaro glared at Roman in a way that said If you give her that sign I will paint the streets with your frickin' brains.

"Nope. Everything's fine."

"Hey. I asked you a goddamn question. "

"You know what? You wanna know why we're here?!" Jane not so much asked as yelled at him. "It's because I-" She paused. "Stand. You're a freaking stand user."

"I don't even know what the hell that means. " And just as he said that, a dark red, spiky hand reached out from behind him and touched his gun.

Starman Part 2

His gun flickered red, there and not there, and vanished from his hand, exploding in a blast of blinking red ones and zeroes. The figure from behind him stepped out, and revealed it's full appearance to them. It was glowing white, with its arms fading to blood red and the dark red, then nearly black at its fists.

"What, you think we're idiots?! It's right there for crying out loud!" Jane yelled. Jotaro tensed.

"So you can see him. Why? No one else could... and what did you call it?"

"A stand."

"Hmm... I thought it was just some stroke of luck... some guardian angel... or demon more likely." Roman instinctively reached for his phone before remembering he didn't have it.

"What does your stand do?" Roman asked. Even though the gun was gone, he had no doubt this man could beat him to a pulp without breaking a sweat. The stand moved fast, too fast for the eye to dsee, and suddenly it was behind Roman. "Hey! What are you-"

"It's not me." Jotaro said. "I don't control it, I just tell it when to appear." The stand tapped Roman's headband and it flickered and disappeared into ones and zeroes.


"Shut up Roman. That stand can delete objects from the universe. Your stupid headband doesn't matter right now!" Jane yelled. The breeze around Cosmic Autumn intensified. "What's your stand called!?" Jane demanded of Jotaro.

"Why on earth would-"



Cosmic Autumn Rebellion lunged for Starman, punching as hard and fast as it could.

"MYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOFALL!" It yelled out as it rushed down Starman. Starman dug its feet into the ground, holding its arms in an X position. Cosmic Autumn slowed down and let the dist its wind had kicked up settle, and... Starman was still there.

"I'm afraid Starman isn't exactly weak." Jotaro began. "What it lacks in power it makes up for in sheer speed and durability." Starman seemed to vanish into thin air, sliding to a halt behind Jane. "That walking stick... is it engraved?" Jotaro inhaled. "Because me and Starman smell a lot of money on it." Starman reached out to grab the staff, but Cosmic Autumn met it with a punch.

"Jane!" Roman yelled. She looked over.


"His phone! Use Cosmic Autumn to get his phone!" Starman vanished in a pillar of light, appearing on the ground. It picked up a small bracelet, not very pricey but still pretty. It brought it back to Jotaro in the blink of an eye. While this was happening, Cosmic Autumn was preparing to give Jotaro a full sized beatdown.

"Nice try! Starman is durable enough to shield me from any attack!" Starman remained behind Jotaro. "I said, Starman is-"

"MYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOFALL!" Cosmic Autumn beat Jotaro and watched as he flew back. His phone flew out of his pocket and almost fell to the pavement before Roman caught it. A blue flash of lightning came from his fingertips as Blueberry Eyes was installed on the phone. He began frantically scrolling through the app. Meanwhile, Jane marched towards the now prone Jotaro in a fit of blind rage.

"Wait! Please, I was just trying to get some cash! Starman doesn't delete anything, just sells it! Look, I'm sorry about this... Kind of... but I'm going through some pretty hard times... You can afford to give up a few trinkets, can't you?"

"You think that bracelet I had was a trinket!? A god damned trinket! THAT WAS MY MOTHERS YOU STONE COLD BASTARD! AND IT WAS YOUR WIFE'S BEFORE SHE DIED!"

"Wait... you're... my daughter...?" Jotaro looked confused. Then angry. He raised his voice as well. "You think I care if you're related to me? I wouldn't care if you were my grandmother. I'd still rob you blind. And you cannot do a thing about it!" Starman zipped over to Jane at incredible speeds, and deleted her stick. She stumbled. "It's your fault! It's your fault she died!"

"You... did you just make fun... of MY BLINDNESS!?" Jane flew into a rage, running towards Jotaro. "No one- NO ONE! MAKE FUN OF MY BLINDNESS!"


"Jane! WAIT!" Romans voice shocked her. "The bracelet you were wearing... it was silver, with an emerald set into it, right?"

"Yes. Why the hell does that matter when this bastard sold it?"

"Starman is holding it right now!" As if on cue, Starman dropped the bracelet into Jotaro's hands. He looked at it like he couldn't believe it. Starman disappeared.

"This... this was Lily's?" A tear fell from Jotaro's eye, and his voice cracked. "I had no idea... I-" His voice devolved into silence as he began sobbing.

Let The Children Lose It

Jane and Roman had demanded money back for their lost possessions from Jotaro, and he obliged. After a brief shopping trip, their possessions were restored back to normal. But then, they surprised him.

"Alright, you need to come with us." Roman said.

"What? Why?"

"Agreed. New stand user, with a stand perfect for committing crimes? You're guaranteed to get attacked, and likely killed. Not all people are as nice as us." Jotaro rubbed his bruised arm.

"Yeah. Right."

"We need to explain the rules of standom to you. Also, you need to let me take a picture of your stand." Roman said, unwrapping a lollipop. Jotaro pulled out his phone, and with a blast of music, the white stand was beamed down from the heavens. Roman whipped out his phone and snapped a pic.

"Why... Did you just take a picture of my stand?"

"No reason." Jotaro glared at him. "What? I don't need to explain my actions." He popped the blue candy into his mouth and put his phone away.After a relatively short walk, the three of them were standing in front of a brick wall.

"The fu- That brick is glowing green!" Jotaro exclaimed.

"Yeah, it's part of a stand as well." Roman explained as he pressed it, and keyed in the familiar sequence. The brick wall opened up into an alleyway with a door at the end, with a man that would have been intimidating to most but to Jotaro just looked like another tall guy in a gray suit. With... brown hair... Who looked like...

"Oh crap." Jotaro mumbled under his breath. "I need to go. Now." They had reached the end of the twenty five meter alley.

"Roman. Jane." Tom nodded at the two. "And who might you be?" Tom asked, turning to Jotaro. Jotaro knew if he spoke it was all over. But... What could he do...?

"I'm a new stand user. Just got it today."

"You look familiar... Do I know you from somewhere?" Tom asked, cocking his head just a little.

"Probably not... I don't get out much."

"Ok. Well, welcome to Rockefe-'' He stopped and turned towards Jotaro. "Say that again." Jotaro's palms got clammy.

"I don't get out much?" Oh crap he knows he knows and remembers oh holy god. Tom took off his sunglasses and walked forwards until he and Jotaro were inches apart. He looked Jotaro straight in the eye.

"Get the hell out. Now."

"Tom, not to be a bother, but why? He hasn't done anything wrong, and-" Roman's protests withered under Tom's glare.

"Seriously, he hasn't done anything wrong.His stand doesn't even do anything in combat." Tom tried the glaring trick again, but forgot Jane was blind. He sighed.

"Look. You two just need to trust that I have my reasons." He turned to walk inside, but stopped. "Sorry, I almost forgot to make it official. Jotaro, you are no longer welcome here. You are permanently banned from Rockefeller Street." Then he turned to Jane and Roman. "If you want to give him the stand talk, do it here." He handed them a small slip of paper. Roman unfolded it and read it. Raising Hell. You'll find it.

"Alright, all of you out." The three people, one of them colorfully dressed, left Rockefeller street. Tom always tried to build up a stony mask, a demeanor of invincibility, and he never dropped it. But with them gone, and everyone else inside, Tom was left alone with painful memories. He had died. And come back to life. But at what cost? Tom still had a paper cut on his hand from weeks ago. He didn't heal anymore. He was having so many of these thoughts about his own death, it was like PTSD. I should see a therapist. That's... actually a good idea. Tom pulled out his phone and googled for some nearby counseling businesses. After finding one that seemed somewhat reputable, he dialed up their number.

"Seattle Therapy, Dr. Carrie Duran speaking. How can I help you?"

Back It Up And Do It Again

A large building towered in front of Roman and Jotaro. Jane was there too, but she wasn't really looking at it.

"I can't believe I never noticed this place before." Roman stared in awe. It was a huge dance club, decorated with more pink than either one of them had seen in their whole lives. The words Raising Hell glowed in neon purple above the door. It was completely silent.

"Yeah, yeah. Lets just go in already." Jane was in a foul mood for some reason. She stormed over to the bouncer. "Here's my stand, and if you say a word about my blindness I will bash your skull in." She pointed at Roman and Jotaro. "They're with me." The bouncer opened the door, frowning. As soon as they walked inside to the painful amount of noise, Jane grabbed Roman by the arm and marched over to a circle of tables that seemed to be surrounded by an energy sphere. "You're coming too, Jotaro!" She practically shoved Roman into the bubble and pulled Jotaro into it too. She slammed a red button on the table and the sphere turned red.

"Jane what is going-"

"We're under attack by an enemy stand! How did you guys not notice?"

"Jane, what are you talking about?"

"Just- Grr! How do you guys not remember? This is the second time we've done this!" Someone knocked on the sphere. Jane tensed. "That's new."

"Jane, we've never been here before. Are you saying it's a time stand?" Roman asked.

"One second." Jane pressed the button on the table and the sphere turned white again. She stepped outside, looking for the person who knocked on the energy sphere.

"It was me." A voice, heavily distorted by digital masking, came from behind her. She wore a mask with an emerald logo on it, and a wide brimmed hat that was dark gray. She was otherwise dressed in a dark green hoodie and black jeans. "We need to talk, Jane Kujo."

"About what?" Jane asked as the woman stepped into the energy sphere. Jane followed suit.

"I can't use my real name, it would be too risky. You three can call me Miss Emerald." A pink aura appeared around her as she summoned her stand. It was a robotic humanoid stand, all shiny pink, with speakers as a mouth and a dark dark green top hat on its head. It's chest had a record player embedded in it, and it's right eye was a tiny orrery. "And this is my stand, Back It Up."

"You- You looped time!"

"Yeah. Back it Up can rewind time by up to twenty minutes, but that's not the point!"

"Then what is?" Jane said as Roman quietly snapped a picture of her stand.

"There are two stand users who took over this place while it's old owner is on vacation. A woman named Michelle should be in charge, but instead it's whoever's doing- well, you'll see. I don't know their names, but I can tell you a bit about their stands."

"Well, go on already." Jotaro grunted.

"Very well. You may have noticed the purple mist in here? It won't come into the bubbles, but that mist is a stand called 'Lose Yourself to Dance'. I'm not sure exactly what it does, but I can make a few guesses." She pointed to a girl who looked like she was having the time of her life. "She's been dancing there for fourteen hours. She hasn't left the club once."

"Excuse me but no, I don't see her."

"Oh! I'm sorry, that was rude of me. It was a figure of speech, and I didn't mean to offend you." Ms. Emerald apologized. "But, the other stand, it makes people- Over there!" Roman and Jotaro turned their heads while Jane frowned. They saw a man dancing. not very well, when his foot broke through the floor of the club. His foot twisted and he looked like he yelled, but they couldn't hear him through the dome. A bright white bone stuck out from his ankle as he bled on the floor. No one around was helping him, all of them enraptured in their own little worlds. The place interrupted in cheering as a colorful spiral that was stuck to the ceiling broke open and rained down confetti and streamers. Roman's face turned green.

"Would you guys just tell me what's happening?!" Jane said.

"That guy... his ankle.. I need to go help him!"

"No! Don't!" Ms. Emerald Yelled at him. Roman opened up Blueberry Eyes and bought a heal ability, running outside the bubble into the crowd. She jumped out of her seat trying to stop him, but she was too slow.

Roman slowed down. What was I doing again? He had forgotten why he had come here. He was surrounded by people dressed in bright flashing colors, swirling and flashing. Purple light seemed to filter in from the dark sky... was the sky dark? It was night, right? Was the sky light always this purple? Join me... The crowd around him seemed to whisper. He felt like he had something to do... Dance with me my friend... The brightly colored people around him seemed to beckon... He wanted to join them... he wanted to dance... And have the time of his life... He put his phone in his pocket and began to dance along with the music.

Dancing Queen & Lose Yourself to Dance Part 1

"Crap." Ms. Emerald snapped. "He's gone, for now."

"Why don't you just rewind it?" Jotaro asked.

"I already rewound this section of time... Two tries is all I get."

"Well, I see only one solution here. Two options, but only one solution." Jane said, after having been mulling over the problem. "We need to find the user of this 'Lose Yourself to Dance'." Jane nodded.

"If I can get within five meters of the user, I can detect the user." Ms. Emerald shook her head.

"That won't work. Half the people here are stand users, although they usually hang out in the VIP room."

"Here's the thing though- If we dance we get completely obliterated by that other stand. And if we leave this bubble we... dance..." Jotaro slowed as he had an idea. "There have to be staff working here, right? I mean, I know I saw a barista who was very clearly in her right mind, and she has definitely been here, breathing that gas. That makes me think that there's some kind of... Immunity."

"Actually... Now that I think about it... In the staff room, there's a tray of muffins that all have this weird blue sugar on them, and it's a rule that you have to have one before starting a shift. I wonder if that's it." Ms. Emerald commented.

"Wait, you work here?" Jane asked.

"I'm the DJ. Whyd you think I have this mask on?"

"I- Style?" Jane sighed.


All I want to Do is dance... just hAve the time of my life... I doN't Care about who I used to be... used to be? I'm... I know who I am... I'm... It's on the tIp of my toNgue... It's an r... rrrro... somethinG... just think Quicker Roman... Roman! That's what it is. All those thoughts were exhaUsting... I'll just lEt my mind wandEr for a bit Now. Ow, my face... eyes... Ow... OW! Roman gasped, then quickly regretted it as scalding water filled and burned his mouth. A pipe had ruptured on the ceiling above him and was spraying water on his face. He rolled to the side, out of the boiling stream. "What the hell!?" He touched his hand to his face, writhing on the floor in the agony it caused. He pulled out his phone, checking if it was okay. Yes... I forced Jotaro to buy a waterproof one! Worth it! Someone tapped his shoulder. He turned around.

"Nice to meet you, Roman. My name is Kiera." The person was a pale skinned woman with long, wavy blond hair that fell in front of her face. She wore neon blue and purple sunglasses with weird shapes to them. Around her neck was a long string of fake pearls, and she wore a light pink blouse. On her legs she wore light blue jeans with a magenta and blue stripe running up the right leg and a green one running up the left. A pair of blue and pink jelly bracelets hung around her hand.

"Why do I care?" Roman opened his phone and bought a lightning bolt.

"Oh, I wouldn't waste your credits on attacks. These people are going to need healing." She touched her hand to her necklace. "My stand, Dancing Queen... Well, let's just say there's going to be more than a few... how to put this... Tragic Accidents."

"You- You're a psycho! Those people didn't do anything to you!!"

"Sure. But do you know why I do this?" Roman glared at her. She leaned in close to Roman. "Because it's fun."

"Screw you." Roman said to her. A loose wire from the floor suddenly convulsed with electricity, just so happening to wrap around Roman's legs, knocking him off balance. Kiera rolled up- Turned out she was wearing roller blades- to him, and tapped him lightly on the chest. He waved his arms, trying to get his balance back, before toppling backwards and hitting his head hard on the floor. Kiera laughed.

"No matter who you are, no one can beat my Dancing Queen! Not when the universe itself is actively trying to stop you!"

"I don't believe you. There has to be more to your ability than that." Roman was slowly untangling his leg from the wire. "But more importantly, you just gave me access to what I can presume is an integral part of this building's power grid." He gave a grin similar to a psycho. "And I can shoot lightning bolts." He grabbed the wire and activated his bought ability. As his hand was charged with electricity which melted the wires protective coating, a massive surge of electricity surged into the building, practically frying its electronics. The music stopped, and the lights went dark. It was pitch black, and without the AC, the room quickly warmed up.

"You- What was that even supposed to do? It's dark for you too now!"

"I know. But not for her."

"What are you-" Kiera stopped talking as a wooden staff thwacked her in the neck, knocking the words out of her throat. She clutched her necklace, hoping to cause a distraction. Nothing happened

"It's a necklace stand, is it?" Jane's voice came from behind Kiera. She summoned Cosmic Autumn Rebellion.

"You- What does it matter? You'll still start dancing with my sister here!"

"No we won't." Roman said. "The purple mist was coming from the air conditioning, which is now shut down. In fact, the people here should be realizing what's been happening just about now. A thundering stampede of feet as people left in fright left Roman barely enough room to not be trampled.

"In case you haven't noticed Kiera, Cosmic Autumn Rebellion is speeding the air inside your lungs up to incredible speeds. Right now, you've probably taken up all the oxygen from it." Kiera had begun hyperventilation as the starry void stood over her with temporal energy surrounding its fists. "Just save your breath." Kiera slumped over. "You'll need it."

"Hey, Jane. Could you fix the lights?"

"Oh yeah! I forgot." Cosmic Autumn Rebellion rewound the electricity from the surge, fixing the building for the most part. "I have a plan for how to use the rest of the inverted temporal energy." Jane grabbed a handful of the sparkly purple dust from the ground.

"Cosmic Autumn Rebellion! Rewind this dust! All of it!" In a split second, all of it was filtered back through the air conditioning at breakneck speeds.

"Upstairs! It's going upstairs!" Roman yelled as Jotaro and Ms Emerald got up from the table where they had been sitting when it went dark and ran up the stairs. Roman burst into the break room to find a humanoid woman covered head to toe in this lavender dust. Her eyes seemed to have no soul in them.

"You! Your stand!" Roman pointed his phone at her. She mumbled something.

"What the hell did you just say!?" Jane walked towards the stand she detected.

"Kill... me... please..."

"What the- no! Hell no!"

"Then I'll make you kill me." She said, as her stand was summoned behind her.

Dancing Queen & Lose Yourself to Dance Part 2

A faint sound like a crystal wind chime sounded as the dark skinned stand with blue hair and magenta eyeshadow was summoned behind its user. Its lips were crusted with a blue sugar and its right hand was covered in purple glitter.

"Look, it's four against one. Lets just-"

"DAAAAAFT!" Lose Yourself to Dance rushed forwards and unleashed its best barrage onto Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. It assumed full defensive posture for the duration of the barrage, and when it was over, Jane was silent for a moment. Before she burst out into laughter.

"What- What on earth was that supposed to do? I mean, with a weak stand like that, you should-" She stopped after she had made an attempt to move closer. She sighed. "Roman, is there something on my foot?"

"No, why- Oh! OH GOD! THERE'S A FREAKING CRYSTAL GROWING UP YOUR LEG!" Jane reached down and felt a spiky and hard object on her foot. it seemed to be growing up her leg, and-

"Jane, don't panic, but it's spreading faster, and- It- It's on your arm!" Jane tried using Cosmic Autumn Rebellion, but it wasn't working.

"I can't punch them away with Cosmic!"

"One sec, let me check Blueberry Eyes! I already took a picture of this psycho so I can-" Romans voice cut off.

"Crap." Miss Emerald snapped. "She got him too."

"Yeah, he'll suffocate. Unless I die, then the ability is reversed. Maybe... kill me?"

"If you insist." Miss Emerald said, and Jane heard a gun readied.

"No, don't." Jotaro said. "Not just yet." A burst of echoey synth music played, the same Jane had heard earlier when fighting Starman. She felt a cold, alien glow on her skin as the crystal glowing on her body flickered from reality.

"Living on Stolen Hours or whatever you call it may not be able to affect stands, but Starman certainly can. I can remove these crystals and make money doing it.

"It's called Living on Borrowed time, and actually it can, I just didn't think of that option."

"GAH! I- RAHGHGHH!" Caroline yelled.

"Lose Yourself to Dance!" Roman said, and Jane heard a burst of glittery noise.

"Roman, she's immune! It didn't work!"


The gun went off.

"What- You- Miss Emerald! You killed her!" Roman stuttered.

"She was charging at me, I had no choice."

"Guys... the body... it..." Jotaro began, before Jane heard him retch. "It's freaking MELTING!" Jane smelled the scent of burning rubber as she heard the sound of a thick, bubbly liquid. They all stood in silence for a moment before Jotaro began swearing with every word in every language he knew.

"Jeez, calm down Jotaro. It's probably just an illusion." Roman said, walking up to the pile of goop. He photographed it with his phone, hoping to unlock an illusion of some sort. "The real user of Lose Yourself To Dance is probably somewhere having fun and drinking tea while they watch us panic over this goop stuff."

"Then why does it smell so bad, Roman?" Jane asked, not convinced.

"The best illusion stands are the most convincing." A shattering glass sound from downstairs interrupted their discussion.

"Crap. That'll be Kiera." Roman said.

"I think we should just go."

"Good idea."

Meanwhile, from her office, a woman watched it all in delight. So one of her puppets had died, who cared? All she needed was to know the abilities of Jane Kujo and her friends. She owed a favor to someone, and she wasn't going to let them down.

"Am I now?" She asked no one in particular. A growl and two orange eyes formed in the dark behind her. A knock on the door and she shut her computer and turned on the lights. The eyes disappeared.

"Come in." A man who seemed to be covered in little nicks and scratches walked through. Even though it was night, he wore sunglasses.

"Hi, are you Ms. Duran?" He asked.

"Yes, I am. What brings you here today?"

Guns N' Roses Part 1

"Alright, I'm leaving." Jotaro said. "That's enough of these mind ghosts for one day. I mean, good grief. How has no one noticed you people?"

"Ah ah ah! Not you people! Us people." Roman was feeling chipper after he had healed himself up and was enjoying breaking the silence.

"Oh crap!" Jane exclaimed. "The entire reason we wanted to go to a stand user hangout was to explain the rules of standom!"

"I vote that comes tomorrow." Jotaro walked off.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired too. I'm gonna head back to my hotel." Jane said, making a beeline for the nearest subway station. That left Roman alone in the middle of the street. Well, I've been saving this for a special occasion... and I really don't feel like walking right now... Roman opened Blueberry Eyes, scrolling down to 'Library.' He selected the one charge of Teleport that he had never used and clicked it. He felt a strange falling sensation in his stomach as he was suddenly standing... In a greenhouse? That was odd. He had never seen a greenhouse in his apartment building before. Roman heard a voice and instinctively ducked below a table.

"Right away." A quick pause. "I counted three. There was another one, but I think they're unrelated. Do you think tomorrow works?" Another pause. "Of course I can have them gone by morning. I'm not an amateur at this. Okay, bye." Roman heard a telephone line terminate. Where am I? Should I have been more specific when I teleported? Roman thought.

"I know you're there." The man said, sending chills down Roman's spine. He held in a gasp. "Hiding somewhere. This isn't that big of a greenhouse, I'll find you eventually." Roman heard the shing of metal and his breath quickened. "Do you know happened to the last one of you I found sneaking around?" The man paused. "I put them through the shredder." His footsteps began closing in on Roman's position. "Now, you might be thinking, 'Oh, that's not true, there's no way he could possibly fit' blah blah blah. But guess what. When I try to shred something and it doesn't fit, then I will shred it manually." Roman checked his credit balance. Barely enough to buy one charge of what Cosmic Autumn Rebellion could do. His finger slipped, and he accidentally bought it. Crap. "Aha! There..." He took a step forward. "You..." Romans saw his feet right in front of the table he was sitting on. "Are." Roman heard a snip and watched a scraggly piece of some plant fall to the ground. "Dead. I swear, I'll find the rest of you." Roman heard him walk off, followed by a loud buzzing noise. He crept out from underneath the table, trying to locate the exit to the humid maze of greenery and flowers. The buzzing stopped as Roman rounded a corner into a room filled with rows upon rows of potato plants. It was a dead end. "Are there any more of you lurking? Perhaps in the apocalypse emergency supplies room?" Roman breathed a sigh of relief. Nothing about potatoes particularly screams-

"What the hell are you doing here?!" A voice came from behind him. Roman whipped around. There was a man dressed in a brown vest and a long sleeve white shirt stained with dirt, and black leggings. A shiny metal pasta strainer lay on his head like a hat, and he held a bottle of spray fertilizer. A bandana made of some golden material obscured most of his face, but two green eyes stared at him through the crack between the pasta strainer and the bandana. He wore a tool belt filled with gardening supplies, and had a handful of weed looking plants in his gloved hands.

"I- I can explain- I just- Are you going to kill me?" Roman blurted out. "I'm sorry, that's a ridiculous question, but I went into the wrong apartment and heard a voice and panicked, then you started going on about shredding people-"

"Oh... Oh no no no! I wasn't-" The man began chuckling to himself as he pulled down his bandana to reveal the rest of his face. "I was talking to- Well, this is kind of embarrassing- I sometimes talk to my plants... And I was hunting for these..." He dropped his handful of leaves. "Pesky weeds."

"Oh- Oh! That's- How funny!" Roman chuckled nervously. "Look, I'm really sorry, I'll pay closer attention to the apartment number next time."

"Yeah, yeah." The man looked down at his dirt covered gardening gloves and he took them off, extending his hand to shake. Roman complied. "David. David Gardner."

"Roman. Roman Kishibe."

David glanced behind himself. "Tea?"

"Oh- I really wouldn't want to intrude even further." Roman said.

"No, I insist. Come on." He turned around, walking farther into the twisting plastic maze. Roman followed close behind, not wanting to get lost. After about a minute or so, they passed through a door consisting of hanging plastic strips and into a small room, consisting mainly of a kitchen space, with a table and bunk pressed against the wall. "Here, I'll put some hot water on. Uh, do you want to sit down?"

"Oh, no thanks. I- I can stand."

"Okay." For about two minutes they stood around awkwardly. The tea kettle began whistling. David wordlessly began putting the hot water and tea leaves in the pot when Roman's phone began ringing. It was from Jane.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I need to take this call."

"Okay." David turned back to his teapot.

"Hi Jane."

"Hey Roman. Look, I found something interesting on that Lose Yourself to Dance girl. Meet me at Rockefeller street at 3:00 tomorrow."

"Okay Rockefeller Street at 3:00. Got it." Roman heard the sound of ceramic shattering.

"Did you just say... Rockefeller Street?"

"Roman? What was that?"

"Jane, I gotta go. Call you back tomorrow."

"Uh- Oka-" The line terminated. David stepped over the pile of shards and half-brewed tea on the ground.

"Well isn't this ironic?" David said. "You thought, or at least acted like you thought, like you were going to get killed by me. But it seems like the bite is on the other arm now." He pulled out a wooden flare gun traced with glowing lines and aimed it at Roman. "So tell me right now. Who sent you?"

"No one sent me."

"I see how it's going to be. You know what, screw you! You're going to die to a freaking flower! Guns N' Roses!"

Guns N' Roses Part 2

David pulled the trigger to his Flare Gun and a wooden shell traced with a purple line flew out, shattering on impact as a burst of small little pellets came flying out.

"What the hell was that supposed to do? All it was-" Roman paused, sniffing the air. "That- what is that-"

"Shh... Just keep breathing it in... it'll all be over soon..." Roman took another breath. Yeah, that sounds good. I'll just stop thinking for a while... rest my brain. David walked in front of him, holding a small green stem. "Lights out." He snapped the stem, and it made the most satisfying sound. Something happened, but Roman wasn't paying attention. He didn't feel like that. He just wanted to...His eyes were burning. They hurt. He tried to open them but he couldn't.

"I see the magenta spore has finally worn off." Roman stumbled towards the sound of the voice.

"Where the hell are you!? I'll- How did you glue my eyes shut?"

"I didn't." The voice was coming from a completely new location. "Your eyes are open right now."

"No, because I can't see a-" He paused. "I'm blind."

"Great job, took you long enough to figure it out."

"What the hell did you do to me? What D'you mean took me long enough?"

"I'm going to let one of my little flower friends tell you about that. Guns N' Roses!" Roman heard the same sound as last time David fired a bullet. What does his stand do? Did it make me go blind? "And you know what, just because you didn't tell me who sent you to kill me, I'll give your eyesight back just so you can watch what happens to you." Roman felt David touch his neck, and slowly his vision cleared from black to gray to normal.

"You idiot. You just took away the only thing stopping me from..." Roman trailed off as he realized that as he spoke, blood was dripping from his mouth. He moved to wipe the blood off his face. Or rather, he tried. His arm wouldn't move.

"Maybe look down at your chest." Roman did, and the sight of it horrified him. There were four sharp blue plant tendrils poking out of holes in his chest. They weren't bleeding that much, but... the internal bleeding... "Oh, and I forgot to mention. Getting impaled four times in a row by a magic flower isn't usually something people heal from. Just sayin." Crap... Roman instinctively tried to go for his phone, but all he managed to do was twitch. He felt really cold... why did he feel so cold? There was a knock on the door.

"Oh sorry, I've got to answer that. Hopefully you'll be dead when I come back." He walked off to answer the door, opening it. A petite girl with a walking stick and a blindfold stood in front of him. "Who is it?"

"Hey, is this Roman Kishibe's apartment?" David was confused for a second, before he realized what happened."

"Sorry, I think you have the wrong apartment."

"Really? Well, you do sound nothing like Roman... I was on a phone call with him and he sounded like he was in trouble. If you see a guy..." The voice paused. "Come to think of it, I always just imagined him as a small gray square. Anyway, he's constantly taking pictures of things, and I think he might wear a headband."

"Cool... I guess I'll keep an eye out."

"Okay. By the way, what floor is this? The braille in this apartment complex is nearly unreadable."

:"Oh! You're blind! I didn't realize... that's why you don't know what your friend looks like..." He replied with an unmistakable tone of arrogance.

"I'm sorry... Do you want to repeat that for me?" Is she blind and deaf? David thought.

"I just didn't realize that you were-" Before David knew what was happening, a starry purple fist was punching him in the face and neck faster than he could perceive.

"MYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOFALL!" David flew back into a pile of dirtbags.

"AH! GUNS N' ROSES!" He shot a red bullet at her feet and a seed landed, beginning to rapidly grow into a large, four petaled red flower. And then... it grew faster... and faster.... and melted into organic mush...

"What the hell! How'd you- Is it another virus stand?" He fired off two more shots, both of which were also reduced to rot. David reached to his belt and... no more shots. His storeroom was several hallways away... no way he'd-

"YOU- THINK- ITS- FUNNY- THAT- I- CAN'T- SEE!?" Jane yelled, throwing a punch with Cosmic Autumn Rebellion every syllable. "I- WILL- BREAK YOU- YOU PATHETIC- LITTLE MAN-"

Roman was listening to David receive his beatdown from Jane as he slowly trickled blood onto the floor. There was already a large puddle on the floor. What did he mean when he said a virus stand- Did something kill one of his flowers? Was it Cosmic Autumn? The blue flower worked its sharp tendrils deeper into his chest and he gasped in pain. Maybe- I bought a Cosmic Autumn charge... Could I? He touched the flower tendril and thought 'Accelerate.' It rotted to mush, and then Roman thought of another problem with this plan- Now he had four holes stabbed in his chest. His muscles were thawing out from whatever paralysis was induced with the flower, and his blood was really starting to flow again. He stumbled to the ground, a hoarse whisper coming from his mouth.

"Jane... Help..." He collapsed into a puddle of his own blood and fell unconscious.

Chapter 2: Nothing You Say Matters To Me

The Never Ending Journey, Part 1

"Gah... Frick. Ella that HURTS!" Roman was writhing in pain as he felt his whole body burned by hot metal. The blond woman and her hyperactive stand with glowing flame tattoos was licking him where he had been impaled. He knew it made him heal exponentially faster, but still, it burned him like boiling wat- "AH!" His thoughts were interrupted as his final chest hole was closed up by Ella.

"Sorry, I know it really hurts, but there is literally no other healer around."

"I mean, do you really need to say 'That is the taste of a Liar' every time you do that weird licking thing?"

"You know I do."

"I really don't think you do."

"Well now I know that you're lying." Roman sighed.

"Okay, when will it be done?"

"Just a few minutes. Give it some time Roman, you literally got impaled. Four times. By- Wait, what did you get impaled by again?" Roman mumbled something under his breath. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"I was impaled by a flower, okay?" Ella burst into another round of snickering. "Okay, it's not funny."

"But how? Like, a flower?"

"It was a stand flower."

"Ooh spooky flower stand, it's gonna getcha!"

"That is not cool after what happened with Cherry Gum."

"Oh... Oh yeah..." Ella trailed off. "Well, you should be pretty healed by now."

"Yeah." After getting impaled, Jane had forced David to dial Ella on Roman's phone before knocking him out and asking Ella to come and heal Roman. Jane has gone around with Cosmic Autumn reducing the rest of David's plants to compost. According to her, it was purely tactical, but Roman had a feeling it was revenge based.

"Wait..." A voice from David, evidently waking up. "You... You didn't kill me?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Roman snapped at him.

"I thought... you were sent by... by him."

"By who?" Ella asked.

"The... Oh, I don't know. He came to my door saying I was about to be arrested... I used my stand on him and fled... and I've been fending off assassins ever since."

"Sheesh..." She said, "Should I-"

"Nope." Roman said.

"So, you don't know the red haired man?"

"No, we don't, are you deaf?" Jane snapped at him.

"Can I make it up to you?"

"Go fu-"

"What I think what Jane meant-" Roman interjected. "Was yes, it would be great if you could help us."

"Okay... I'm just going to rest for a while though... see you at Rockefeller street?


"See you at... 10 AM?"

"Yeah, like hell I'm sleeping tonight. Tomorrow my blood will flow with caffeine."


A woman dressed in a colorful tank top and cutoff jeans glanced at an app on her phone before dropping a thumbtack into a trash can.

David got up from his bed and microwaved a leftover bowl of spaghetti. As he waited, he pulled on his colander and checked how many plant bullets he had.

Two garbage men came to pull the trash bag out of the thing. As they did, however, the thumbtack sliced open the bag from top to bottom and a lot of the garbage spilled out.

David slurped up the rest of his pasta, washed the plate, checked on his plants, and he was on his way to Rockefeller Street.

One piece in particular, a piece of plastic, was blown high into the sky by the wind.

David checked his watch. Crap. 9:35. I'm gonna be late.

A passing crow just happened to fly into it and be blinded, coming to a diving fall.

David picked up the pace, running down the rainy sidewalk.

One man who was riding his bike along the sidewalk saw it and swerved to avoid running it over, losing control of his bike in the process.

The light above the street turned red, and the cars began going. David was antsy, stuck on the wrong side of the road. A cyclist sped by him into the street.

He rode straight out into the street and fell off of his bike.

The light turned green and David dashed out into the street.

As cars swerved to avoid him, they crashed together, with one unfortunate passerby caught in the crossfire.

David screamed. Both his legs had been sandwiched between two cars and broken to smithereens. "AH! OW! MY- MY LEGS!" David yelled. People were getting out of cars and calling 911, but he had already fallen unconscious.

The woman dressed in a tank top smiled as she watched the chain of events come to a final close.

The Never Ending Journey Part 2

"Wonder where David ended up going." Roman said, taking photos of the inside of Rockefeller street. He preferred to refresh his stand’s timer whenever he could. Never knew when you could use a spinny napkin in a fight...

"Hey, Roman." Jane said. "Didn't you tell me you got 150 credits each morning?"

"And a fireball. Yeah, it's one of the upgrades I got."

"How many credits do you have now?"

"Two thousand somethin- Wait! Gah! How did I not see it? I was so focused on getting the 2000 from the mission I didn't realize I already had them!" With a huge grin on his face, he upgraded the time from two days to one week. Processing... Function completed. Resetting Current Timers... A wave of golden light surged through Roman as he hovered a few inches off the ground.

"Yes... this feels amazing! I feel so much more powerful!" He said.

"Wow, congratulations. I care." Jane said sarcastically.

"You know I'm going to be so much more helpful now. I can use the abilities of people who attack us." He checked his watch. "David's late." His phone buzzed, ringing with an unknown number. He brought it up to his ear.


"Is this Roman Kishibe?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"A man named David is here at the hospital... he has severe leg injuries. He said to call you and 'tell Ella' and gave us this number before passing out."

"Ok, I'll be there soon." Roman hung up. "Tom?" He walked outside.

"What is it?"

"Has Ella visited today?"

"No, she said she'd be out of town for a while."

"Okay... that's bad..."


"Friend of mine got hurt in a... friend of mine got hurt."

"Hm." Tom responded. Jane walked out.

"Roman? Are we going or not?"

"Yeah." He and Jane rushed out of Rockefeller street and nearly ran over Ella in the process.

"Gah! Roman, watch where you're going!"

"Ella? What are you-? Never mind." He kept running. "Jane, follow me!" Roman opened his store to see if he had anything that could help... Fireball... Ice Ice Baby... Spinny Discs... "Frick!" Then, looking in his library, he saw what would probably be his saving grace. He still had one charge of that ability Telephone, back from his first fight with Josephine. He quickly bought and used it, calling up the only person who could help in this situation.

Ring... Ring... Ring...

"Hello?" A feminine voice sounded from the other end of the line. "Who is this?"

"Miss Emerald! It's Roman!"

"What! How did you get this number?"

"It's an ability I bought! Look, I need you to rewind time, please!"

"What? Why?"


"Full twenty minutes it is."

Roman heard the sound of a record scratching in his ears as all the movement around him began to slow, before stopping, and then finally moving backwards, including him, faster and faster, until...

"Good morning Roman." Tom said as he was deposited in the alleyway. "You're here early."

"I- I need to go!" Roman ran outside of the alley, twisting and turning down the streets towards his and David's apartment. Turning towards the street it was on, he saw a cyclist lose control of his bike and run out into the street, and David following behind him. Roman ran as fast as he could, running towards David and tackling him to the ground right before two cars converged on the spot where David had been standing.

"Roman! What- How did you know that was about to happen?"

"Miss Emerald... Time loop... Rewound time..." Roman was interrupted from getting off the ground and pulling David to his feet by the sound of crashing metal on metal. He turned around to see a large rusty metal pipe about to crash down on him. He and David both rolled to opposite sides before it crashed down right where they were standing.

The Woman in a tank top watched the brightly colored man save the one she had been assigned to kill. She scowled, opening up an app on her phone. Her long painted nails tapped the keyboard, typing in a phrase before hitting enter. Then she walked up to the pair of them.

A blonde woman walked across the street over to them as David and Roman were getting up. She wore a neon yellow tank top and cutoff jeans, seemingly clinging onto the summer.

"Hello David. Hello Roman. You can call me Geneva." She spoke in a southern drawl.

"How do you know our names?" Both of them had their stands at the ready.

"I know a lot of thi-" She suddenly ducked just as David fired off a Crimson Stinger, which landed just in the way of a truck and was promptly run over. She looked behind her and smiled. "Now now, killing me wouldn't do a thing hon. This chain of events will go on and on and on until it finally ends... with your death."

"Chain of events... what are you talking about?" Roman asked, snapping a picture of her.

"I should explain. My stand is called Journey, and it is currently working on killing you. It's a chain of events that you cannot avoid in any way. So, it looks like you two have under an hour to live." She walked away. "Good luck!"

The Never Ending Journey Part 3

Roman's phone began to ring. It was Jane.

"Roman, that fu-"

"I asked her to rewind time."

"Never mind then."

"Okay, me and David are under attack from a stand called Journey. Checking Blueberry Eyes..." Roman opened the app. "JESUS CHRIST!"

"Roman!? Are you two okay?"

"Yeah... but... Journey's ability... it's 750 credits each!"

"I missed the part where that's important?"

"It's a very powerful stand, basically."

"Okay, come to Rockefeller Street, I'm there now."

"Got it." Roman hung up.

"Are we going to Rockefeller Street?"



"Ah, Roman. You're back." Noticing a cut on Roman's face, he followed up with, "You already got in a fight? It's been like fifteen minutes."

"We're currently being chased dow-"

"Are you new?"

"Seriously Tom? I've been here every Sunday for months."

"Whatever. Show me your stand." David pulled out the wooden flare gun.

"See? Guns N' Roses?"

"Not ringing a bell. Can you prove that's a stand and not just a flare gun?"


"I've never seen you before in my life." David fired off a crimson stinger, shattering the bullet and growing the blood red venomous flower near the entrance.

"Very well. Guess you two can come in."

"Seriously Tom? We do this every time I visit."

"Nice to meet you." Tom called as David walked through the door.

A rusty, bloody knife fell from a fire escape into a person's hand.

Roman sat down with Jane at a table after getting his signature drink, a sprite with a shot of blue raspberry and what Roman called a 'Bluerry', or a blue cherry.

They caught it, and saw that it was bloody.

"Roman. David. You mentioned a stand attacking you?

They stumbled, backing up into a brick wall.

"Yeah, it's called Journey. It would seem to instigate chain reactions."

A cop saw them. "Hold it right there! You're under arrest!"

"How do you stop something like that?"

The person fainted just as the cop fired a taser, and as the person fell, the taser hit a number pad on the wall.

"It's probably the type of stand that you can only stop by beating the user."

The number pad was fried, and the limp body of the knife holder fell through the wall.

"Hey guys, would you mind coming outside for a sec?. I just got a weird electric jolt, and might be under attack."

The cop walked up in amazement at the wall, pressing their hand against it. It phased through, and the cop stepped through completely.

As the more combat oriented Rockefellows prepared their stands, the others stayed inside. David was the first one out, closely followed by Roman.

The cop walked in to see a man with a colander on his head pointing a gun at him. He quickly drew his pistol.

Roman walked out to see a man dressed as a cop pointing a gun at David.

"Don't shoot!" Someone yelled at him, but it didn't register. The trigger went off.

Time seemed to slow down. The bullet flew through the air towards David's beating heart. His face was shocked. An unconscious man holding a bloody knife lay on the ground between them. Without thinking, Roman dropped his phone and jumped in front of David. His body intercepted the bullet's trajectory, and it hit his chest, ripping through his flesh and continuing towards David. It hit him too, and just barely missed his heart, lodging inches under it. They fell to the ground, quickly bleeding out. After hearing gunshots, the rest of Rockefeller Street rushed outside with Jane and Tom in the lead.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Tom yelled, exerting his same aura of authority as always.

"I- He had a gun-"

"IT WAS A FLARE GUN!" The cop collapsed as Jane said this, seemingly unable to breathe. Cosmic Autumn Rebellion was standing over Roman and David, trying to use living on borrowed time, but just couldn't. "Where's... the ice lady... who can heal them?"

"She's out of town." Tom said.

"Tom, what are you talking about? I'm right here!" Ella pushed her way through the small cluster of stand users with her blue clad Cold As Ice following closely behind. "Jane, can Cosmic Autumn Rebellion remove the bullet?" The pale yellow light around Cosmic fist grew brighter as the bullet in David's chest was reduced to rust. When suddenly, they heard a scream. But not of fear. Of anger.

"You... imbeciles! How dare you interrupt with the flow of the universe! Those two were sentenced to death, don't help them!" It was Geneva.

"Whoa whoa whoa... are you telling us that you were attacking those two?" Sam said, summoning Right Round.

"You were attacking people in Rockefeller Street?" The other David cracked his knuckles as a small army of three meter tall humans manifested behind him.

"Well well well." Said Mark.

"Looks, it's not what you-" She pulled out her phone only to find it was broken, sparking, and looked thousands of years old.

"Looks like someone made a mistake coming here." Jane said in an entirely wrong direction. Sam threw a handful of napkins into the air and they all began spinning very fast, elongating into discs.

"DOWOWOWOWOWOWA" Shouted Right Round as the discs flew towards Geneva. An upbeat club song played as the group of multicolors freaks rushed her. And, despite the fact Jane was looking the wrong way, Cosmic Autumn Rebellion still found it's target, and punched like there was no tomorrow.

"MYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMKYOMKYOMKYOFALL!" All of the contributing stand users gave their signature line.

"Pff. Freak."

"Just be glad you didn't insult my blindness."

"I just spun your head right round."

Geneva Santiago, age 24. Hospitalized for several bruises, broken bones and skin lesions. Out of commission.

I Will Always Be Your Gaze

For the second time in as many days, Roman was having a hole in his chest healed by Ella and Cold As Ice.

"That, Roman Kishibe, that is the taste of a Liar."

"Damn it Ella!"

"I could always not heal you too."

"Fine, make your obscure manga references."

"You know it was written by a stand user, right? In fact, he uses stands in his manga. You wanna know what his stand is called?"


"I'm telling you anyway. It's called-"

"Enemy Stand! Within five meters!" Jane yelled.

"Porcelain Face!" Mark yelled. "Everyone within ten meters of me!" The people who had been there, among others Sam, Tom, both Davids, Roman and Jane, all took a few steps towards him.

"Mark? May I ask why?" Tom asked.

"Well, you see..." Mark said, pushing up his glasses and using his stand to turn them opaque white for a moment. "I was inspired by Josephine's recount of that one guy, Matthew Robinson, and how he could use his stand to go into a defensive stance." And as he was explaining this, everything within Mark's range was rapidly changing colors from neon green to pitch black to vibrant purple to everywhere in between. "I realized I could do the same thing with my stand, because part of Porcelain Face is that it lets me detect anything with color, meaning..."

"You can use it as a radar."


"Everyone have their stands at the ready!" Tom said. "Mark, tell us when you detect something, okay?" Mark didn't respond. With creeping horror, they realized the colors were not changing, and were slowly fading back to normal. Roman turned around to see a blank space where Mark was standing, and a few drops of rainbow colored paint on the ground.

"Guys, where's Mark?" Sam asked.

"I don't know, but be ready for a fight." Roman said, buying something on Blueberry Eyes. "However, we're safe for now." He said as the colors around him began to change similar to Mark's, with the only difference being blue was a touch more prevalent.

"Good thinking Roman." Tom said.

"I love my stand." He said.

"Okay guys, I'm not getting any more stand signals. They aren't within five meters anymore." Jane said. Sam began putting her rings back on her finger.

"We still need to find Mark. We don't know if he's okay." She said, "Right Tom?" No response. "Tom!?"

"Crap! They got him too!?" Roman said. There was a puddle of gray and brick red paint where Tom had been standing. "What is this stuff?" Roman said as he walked over to it. He felt a stabbing pain in his foot all of a sudden, and staggered, dropping his phone straight into the paint stuff. "Ew, gross!" He picked it up. The stuff rolled right off, but had a very distinct smell... almost like copper... or blood.


Mark couldn't breathe. He could barely see a foot in front of him through the murky brick red water. He was vaguely aware of the robotic red humanoid keeping a tight grip on him, and some other person nearby, maybe Tom or Roman. Suddenly, they emerged from whatever liquid they had been in inside a decrepit shed with a brick floor. Mark and the other person (Tom as it turned out) were thrown roughly to the floor, and a voice said, in a heavily distorted robotic way:

"Don't try anything." The left arm of the thing morphed into some sort of energy canon, pointing at Tom. "Now, which one of you is the color changing stand user?" Tom spit blood; He must have been punched a few times before going down.

"Like I'd tell you that."

"I know it's one of you, and the other commands the stand known as Rockefeller Street. You aren't the healer, the stand detector, the stealer, or whoever that spinny person was. So which one of you is it?" The stand, now having changed to deep reddish-purple, took a few steps closer and pressed the barrel of the cannon against Mark's throat. "Is it you?" The stand was applying so much pressure that it pinned his neck against the ground. Tom began laughing.

"Why on earth would we tell you that?!" He managed between gasps of laughter. The stand turned towards him, and, without showing a hint of emotion, lowered Mark's face underneath the floor, which had been liquified somehow. A small amount of bubbles came up from the spot where his head disappeared. Tom could have sworn he heard screaming.

"He doesn't get air until you tell me which one of you it is."

The Technicolor Phase, Part 1

Tom watched Mark's thrashing body, knowing he was running out of oxygen. The bubbles had stopped, which meant he had no more air. If he was capable of crying, tears would be coming from his eyes. However, he knew that if he told this psycho his friends would be in danger. When Mark stopped moving, the stand pulled him up for air. Mark gasped, but barely got a breath in before being shoved back under.

"Alright, fine! It's my stand! I use Porcelain Face!" Tom lied through his teeth. "Just stop doing that to him!" The stand brought Mark up for air, and,in one quick motion, formed its hands into blades.

"What do you suppose would happen if I cut you?" The stand asked.

"If you cut me I suppose I would bleed." Tom replied.

"Don't be a smartass." In a flash of purple, the stand had cut two wide gashes along Tom's wrist, and his blood quickly began flowing. Tom's breathing became erratic as he watched his life force, this time lime green, pour out onto the ground. Mark watched in stunned silence as Tom bled out. However, the stand was still a threat.

"What do you want from me?" Mark asked. There was obvious fear in his wavering voice.

"I see you have a lot of tattoos." The stand remarked. "You're going to walk back to Rockefeller Street like nothing is wrong, and let me get close to the blind girl." Mark considered his option. Death or hostage. He had to choose.


Mark slowly approached the group of people, looking around in a tight formation.

"Guys!" He yelled, and was greeted with a lot of stands aiming for his head. "I got away, but Tom... he didn't." The Rock Fellows all became somber as the flashbacks were beginning. Mark's fingers twitched. He colored everyone's skin within his range with words reading 'Don't come near me! It's a trap!'

"Oh my god... what did this stand user look like?" Roman asked. "I'll kill them if I have to!"

"I didn't see them." He paused, nodding towards Roman's arms. He looked down, then looked at Mark. Roman mouthed 'Out of range now?' Mark nodded, then made a question mark above his head. Mark heard a voice coming from inside his head.

I'm tired of waiting. A cluster of red spikes burst out of Mark's chest from inside his blood, and he fell over. The puddle of rainbow from his bleeding coalesced into the robotic figure as his vision went dark.

The bot quickly twisted into a stream of paint the same color as Roman's clothes and dove into his jacket. "What!? Where did it go?"`

"Ella, heal Mark!" Sam yelled, throwing her rings into the air and turning them into discs and holding them like shields.

"On it!" Ella ran by Roman to heal Mark, and a twisting line of red paint erupted from Roman's chest and splashed onto her skirt.

"Hey! Cold As ice!" The area around Ella began to freeze over. She smirked. "Just try to get me now that your paint will be-" She stopped. Cold As ice was twitching. And it's tattoos were glowing. "What the hell!?" The ice melted rather quickly and was replaced with a current of hot, dry air. "What are you doing? I want cold!" A stream of glowing reddish-pink paint erupted from Cold As Ice and formed into the bot. It grew claws on its fingertips and slashed a few times at Ella, hitting her arms and causing them to bleed. Her left arm bled pink and her right bled light blue. Cold As Ice had regained control, but before Ella could see the stand's eyes it backflipped into the mortar between the bricks.

"Frick that hurts..." Her two blood colors mixed on the ground, forming a weird shade of orangey purple. Ella continued on and began to heal Mark.

"Guys, watch out for the mortar!" Sam threw a spinning disc to everyone, and they all came to halt, orienting back to being parallel to the ground.

"Stay on top of it and whatever spikes this thing makes wont-" Sam stopped. Her leg had been impaled through the bone with a golden spike. The others watched as the stand's torso and head emerged from the bottom of the gold disc, and grew a few more spikes and blades from the disc to throw Sam onto the ground before commandeering the disc. Ella and Mark, done with the healing process, climbed up onto one of the lower discs. The bots arm slowly morphed into the form of a gatling gun and pointed it at Jane.

"Jane Kujo. You have been chosen for death." The bot said as it revved up the gun. "Goodbye." It fired a barrage of gold bullets at Jane, all moving faster than could possibly be perceived. In a flash of twilight, Cosmic Autumn Rebellion had caught and re-fired them back at the stand, or robot, or whatever it was. It quickly liquified and jumped between the bullets, and once it dove into the last one it turned to Mark and lunged for him. It slowly changed color in gradient midair, shifting over to the shade of Mark's flesh, but right as it touched him, it recoiled. Roman noticed that Mark was gray, and nothing about him was ever gray. He had once told Roman that if he ever wore gray then Roman should kill him right then and there. And the grayness was spreading to everything near him, turning his disc, his clothing, the actual air around him gray. Ella's eyes were the same color for once, and her clothes had the color drained from them. The robot retreated back to its previous disc, and to everyone's surprise, the 'head' came off, folding away to reveal a woman with strange curly blond hair and a large gap between her front teeth. She glared at them all.

"You should all be dead by now!"

The Technicolor Phase, Part 2

"Whoa! A suit stand!" Ella gasped. "That's incredible!"

"Oh, so it's the same type of stand as My Wa- Nevermind." Roman cut off.

The woman in the stand was gasping for breath. Something had been taking a pretty heavy toll on her. Roman began making his way across the disc field, titling his disc in order to move it. He bought something on his phone, and pointed at the disc the woman was standing on. His right eye flashed red and the disc rapidly spun in the opposite direction before turning back into a ring. The woman flew off the disc, twisting in the air, before hitting the ground. Roman heard a crunch.

"Fools! You really think you can stop me?"

"You seem like you have a time limit to me, and you've clearly run it out." Roman titled his disc towards the ground and jumped off, scrolling through the app. "Time to finish you off!" He pointed his finger and a silver lightning bolt shot out of it, but faster than what should be possible, the helmet folded back up and the suit turned a bright silvery white, before jumping into the lightning bolt and traveling up its length. An arm grabbed Roman and pulled him into the ground along with the rest of the stand. Jane swore.

"Hey, Jane! Watch your language!" Ella said, summoning Cold As ice and leaping down to treat Sam. Mark looked at his hands in disbelief.

"This... What is this? What did I do?" He said out loud, half to himself and half to no one.

"Mark, what are you talking about? We've got an enemy stand user here! Snap out of it!"

"Jane, she left."

"How did you know it was a she?"

"Because she took her helmet off."

"I-Oh. But what were you rambling on about?"

"This... new ability.. from Porcelain Face... it saved me."

"What new ability?"

"Everything around me is... gray... like there's no color at all..."

"Why on Earth would that protect you?" Jane asked.

"Well, I mean, I-"

"It was rhetorical. Come on, we need to try and find Roman." David walked out of the brick wall containing Rockefeller Street.

"Guys, is everything okay? I heard a lot of yelling and attacking." He said. He wiped some blood away from the corner of his mouth. "Are we under attack?"

"Yeah, there's this stand that can swim in solid objects, but I did this thing with Porcelain Face..." Mark trailed off. "I figured it out."

"What?" Jane asked.

"I figured out how the stand works! It can become the color in an object, and by doing so swim inside it! That's why Porcelain Face was able to hurt it so bad! There was no color!"

"Oh, did you guys finally figure out how the stand worked?" Tom trudged out of an alleyway. His wrists and hands were covered in a bright lime green fluid, and his suit was ripped in a few places. His sunglasses were missing. "That's good. I currently have no blood in my body, can I get some healing?" Ella stared at Tom in disbelief.

"Uh... sure..." She began to heal him. Everyone was looking at Tom.

"What? You guys had to have known I was a zombie. I literally died." He was met with silence. "I mean, you have to- '' He stopped. "That stand user! Over there!" The Rockefellows were bristling to the teeth with stand weapons, and they all turned to where Tom pointed. They heard a silenced gasp and a wet squishing sound. They turned around to see Ella with a sword through her throat. The stand, the same shade of turquoise as Tom's eyes, and it's arm was turned into a sword.

"Taking out the healer should always have been my priority... and now I can pick you off one by one. But first, the blue man..." Ella collapsed to the ground as the stand dove away into the color in the bricks. She twitched and gurgled as pink blood gushed from her throat. A pop sound rang out as David fired a shot that hit the ground near Ella.


Roman was lying somewhere dark with his hands impaled, pinning them to the ground. The stand had returned, and it was ready to finish him off.

"What do you want from me? What did I do?"

"Ask the woman who hired me." Her arms began to morph into a blade. But then, Roman noticed a pair of glowing orange eyes behind her. He recognized those cold, dead orange eyes. But he knew it wasn't that. So therefore..

"It's an illusion. This is all an illusion." The woman in the suit recoiled.

"What are you talking about?" The woman asked. "How do you figure?" Roman saw a dark sparkle in the air behind the woman.

"I knew it." Roman saw the pitch black spike impale the woman's heart and she collapsed to the ground, splattering a small amount of blood on him. "Okay illusion stand, can I wake up now?" The navy blue creature walked forwards to the corpse and ripped its chest open, splattering blood and guts everywhere before discarding the ribs. Roman looked on in terror as it ripped out the heart from the corpse and pointed to Roman. He screamed, and his vision went black.

Simply Tumbling All Alone

(Note: Gore Warning)

"No no no! Stay with us Ella! Come on!" Tom was kneeling over by Ella, trying to stop the blood flow. Jane was trying to use Living On Borrowed Time to regulate the oxygen level in her lungs.

From a shadowy corner of the alley, a man was watching the whole thing unfold. He was a young man, only sixteen, but he considered himself an adult. He wore a blue jacket, a rainbow stripe over a white jacket, and jeans. His shoes were navy blue with neon orange stripes. His stand was manifested behind him, a mess of math symbols, English punctuation, light, cables and body parts. Its eyes were covered, but the man knew what it was thinking. He shot his stand a look.

"We can't keep doing this to everyone hurt we come across." His stands symbols shuffled and rearranged, displaying a red exclamation point. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go do your thing." His stand made a happy trill sound and floated over near Ella. It sparked with green electricity as her blood began to flow backwards, back into their body. Blue cubes began to coalesce around Ella, forming a shell. It cracked open, and Ella was still inside. But all of her injuries were fine. She was completely unharmed. The Rockefellows gathered around her were confused for a second, but their eyes glazed over for a moment and then they had forgotten it.

"Ella? You're okay... but how?" Tom asked.

"Okay? What do you mean? And why are you guys all gathered out here anyways?"

"Ella... your neck... it was..." Ella giggled.

"Oh you trickster." She got up and dusted off her skirt. "You guys have some cuts... did I miss a stand fight?" They all heard a scream from the roof of a nearby building.

"That sounded bad..." Jane said. "It also sounded very... blue." Tom as well as both Davids ran into the building. It was only three stories, so they were able to get to the top relatively quickly. On top of the roof, they found a small shed-like building. Tom saw the trail of Lime Green leading from the door to the fire escape.

"This is the place."

"Freaks!" David whispered. A one meter tall boy with bright pink skin walked up to a crack in the shed's wall, crawling through it and unlocking it from the inside. Opening the door, they saw it was dark inside.

"Well, I don't suppose anyone ha-" Tom began, and was cut off with a click as the other David pulled a flashlight from his bag.

"What, you guys don't carry around flashlights all the time?" He turned it on and looked inside. He immediately wished he hadn't. It was an absolute bloodbath.

(Once again, gore warning here. Feel free to skip this section if you want)

The walls of the inside were painted red. Little bits of organs and bone were mixed in with everything. A corpse, mangled beyond recognition, was laying on the floor. Roman hasn't been spared, and was covered in just as much blood and bone and brain as everything else in the shed. He was curled up into a ball against the wall, likely in shock. He was shivering, and blood dripped from his hair and clothes.

"Okay, we need Jane's help to identify the body." The Guns N' Roses David said.

"What? Are you insane!? No one should see this, especially not a fifteen year old! And Roman is clearly in shock!"

"She wouldn't see it."

"I- Oh that is-"

"That is what?" Jane asked. She had followed them once she realized talking to Ella was no help.

"Jane, you're here! Good. Can you use living on borrowed time to help us identify a body?"

"Sure, is it rotting or something?"

"No it's more like if some psycho-"

"Attacked us and somehow died in the process." The other David intervened. The two Davids shot each other withering looks.

"Cosmic Autumn Rebellion: Living on Borrowed Time!" Jane said as the bloodbath began to undo itself, forming into an intact corpse. The bits and pieces reformed into organs, and the time giving process was giving Tom, David, and David a horrifying view of what happened to the body, in rewind.

"I do not want to meet the stand that did this." Tom said. After about fifteen seconds, the body was intact. It was the stand user who had attacked them, with the color stand. Tom walked inside to get Roman.

"Hey, Roman... come on, wake up." Roman just sort of stared at something behind Tom. Tom turned around to the two Davids and Jane. "Anyone wanna help?" They ignored him. "Figures..." He began turning around but stopped. There was a small, X shaped scar right over the corpse's heart. Tom's breath quickened. He began remembering things. Things he would rather forget.

Keep Looking Over Your Shoulder

The next eight-ish hours were a blur for Roman. Doctors, weird shoulder blankets, people telling him he was in shock, and a therapy clinic recommended to him by his doctor. Before he knew it, he was lying alone in his bedroom. He should have been tired. He hadn't slept in almost three days straight. He got up and trudged to his kitchen to get a glass of water. He slowly sipped the water, staring out at the street and looking around the room. He looked down at the water in disgust. It was clear. He turned around to get his blue food dye and stopped dead in his tracks. It looked tired, even more tired than Roman felt. It had bright orange robotic eyes and literally no other physical features. It held the blue food dye in its left hand.

"Okay, so I'm clearly dreaming." Roman said, taking the food dye from its hands, adding a few drops to the water and putting it away. He looked behind his shoulder. It was gone. "Because you don't exist anymore." He heard a ragged breath, followed by a cascade of quiet chimes. He knew that sound. That was a bad sound. He began running across the wooden floor, but it seemed to stretch as he ran across it, keeping him in place. The creature, The Zombie, was walking towards him about to impale him with a spike.

Roman woke with a start. He was fine. He was- There was something behind his door! He pointed his phone and shot another one of those silver lightning bolts. It hit the wood and did nothing.

"Really? What a sucky ability." He got up, slowly walking across the floor, wincing every time it creaked. He pulled back his door, and looked behind it. There was nothing there. He should have stayed in bed. Just in case, he closed and locked his door. Practically collapsing back into his bed, he was comatose in seconds.

Roman was in a hospital stretcher. Something had just woken him up... had someone turned off the anastasia? That was good, it meant his surgery was done. He moved to try and get up but realized he was strapped to the stretcher. The door opened; He turned his head and saw it. The Zombie. Why wouldn't it just leave him alone? It held up a bloody heart in its hand, and pointed at Roman. It then dropped the heart. Grabbing a bone-saw, Zombie held it up to Roman's neck, then made a gesture that Roman took to mean 'That happens later.' Then, it made a knife out of shadow. Electra Heart. Roman thought. It stabbed into his chest, a centimeter below his heart. Then it began cutting.

Again Roman woke up, this time angry. He had been fine after every fight he'd ever been in, why this? Why now of all times? Well, he knew exactly what he was going to do. Whenever he couldn't sleep because of nightmares, he would bake stuff until sunrise. He walked out to the kitchen, convinced he was awake. He was okay. Even so, he caught himself looking over his shoulder over and over. He always felt like those eyes were watching him, tracking his motions. He preheated the oven to 350, and began mixing the flour and other dry ingredients in a bowl. He turned around to grab the food dye for what felt like the second time, relieved to see it was still in its place.

He seems scared... I wonder why? Maybe he is having those visions humans have when they become defenseless and still...

Roman was halfway through beating the sugar and eggs together when he heard a quiet knock on his door. He walked down the hallway to answer it.

I could try to cheer him up? Maybe... think, Zombie, think. What do stand users like? ...

He opened the door and saw David standing in the doorway. Without his helmet on, he looked shockingly like Jacob...

"Hey, Roman, I heard some strange noises coming from your apartment. Is everything okay? I thought you might have been under attack from a stand."

"No, everything's fine. Although, you being here proves that I'm not dreaming, I guess."

"Wha- never mind. Sorry if I woke you up."

Of course! Hearts! And luckily I still have one from earlier. From that person trying to attack him.

"It's fine, I was already awake. In fact, I was going to bake cookies."

"At two forty eight AM?"

"It's a family thing, if you can't sleep do something you're good at."

Guess I could put it on the counter next to this bowl... as a surprise... yeah, that works!

"Well, suit yourself. I'm going back to sleep."



Roman walked back into his kitchen to see a bloody human heart on the counter. He turned around preparing to panic, but then he calmed himself. Zombie was gone. The user was killed times a million by Josephine. There was no way that The Zombie was back... unless... it could be the same type of stand as- No, that was ridiculous. Stands don't exist after death. Roman looked into a reflective surface. He wasn't dreaming, and his reflection was normal. Reflections were a detail that illusion stands often got wrong.

Do you like your heart? It was from the person I killed earlier.

Roman whipped around trying to find the source of the voice.

What's wrong? Is there an enemy nearby?

The voice didn't sound threatening or sarcastic. It sounded... protective? No, that wasn't right.

Tell me if you see them and I'll kill them too! That'll be another heart in the collection.

Roman realized what was happening. It was possible for a stand to exist after death. The Zombie could do so. He was being targeted with a stolen telepathic ability that the stand was using to torture him. He was about to be brutally murdered as a message to all of the other stand users in Seattle. His blood would paint the apartment like that other stand user’s painted the shed. There was only one thing left to do. The Zombie was a slow stand. He could outrun it easily enough. Grabbing his jacket, he ran out his door onto the moonlit street.

For Energy Infinite

Roman ran down the quickest path to Rockefeller Street he knew. He had to spend at least 200 credits on stamina boosts over the course of his run, but he was almost there. Rounding a corner, he tripped over a cardboard box. Sent flying by his momentum, he landed on his arm and heard a crunch. He looked at his arm as he kept running. I could have sworn I heard a bone break. Roman thought. Wait, when did I get up? I- I tripped, and-

Suddenly, Roman was standing outside of Rockefeller Street. He had no recollection of getting there, but he still... was there? Something was wrong... he was just thinking about something... Whatever, it couldn't be that important. He tapped on the brick and opened up the keypad. 1-2-7-3. It flashed an error message.

Go home you psycho. It's after freaking hours.

Roman sighed. "Sorry Tom." He tapped his phone to the keypad and watched the screen above it turn blue for a second, before opening Blueberry Eyes on the keypad. "Okay BB, do your thing with the keypad." The brick wall opened up, and he dashed inside. Inside was something he never expected to see. It was... a kid? Maybe the same age as Jane, possibly a little older. He was wearing a blue jacket and rainbow shirt. He looked shocked to see someone there. But that wasn't Roman's concern right then. He turned around and saw The Zombie standing outside the wall, staring at him. It vanished. Roman breathed a sigh of relief. He was safe, for now. Unless...

"Who are you?" He turned around to the person in Rockefeller Street, but no one was there. Roman pulled out his phone and dialed Tom. 206-555-1273. It barely rang for half a second before Tom picked up.

"Roman, I am at the end of my freaking rope with you. This is the EIGHTEENTH TIME YOU'VE CALLED ME! LET ME SLEEP!" Tom hung up. Roman was left confused.

"I might be able to help explain." The kid from earlier said. "You woke up because you were having nightmares, right? And... you've been forgetting things in the past hours?" A light blue stand aura appeared around him as a lanky robotic stand appeared. It had three sharp fingers on each hand, as well as hourglass symbols on its wrist and seemingly robotic cables making up its limbs. Its face was simply a circle being supported with wires with a red infinity symbol over it. Its head was surrounded with special characters of all different colors. A kilt divided into three portions with the letters F E and I written on them dangled from its waist. It gave off a strange blue light.

"What the hell? Why is it so... tall?" Roman said. Completely ignoring the question, Saki went on to begin doing an ability monologue.

"When a computer is corrupted by a virus, all you need to do is simply revert it to before it became infected. Of course, it loses its memory along the way, but that is a small price to pay for perfect health. Of course, amnesia and physical trauma being erased does come with some downsides... maybe that's why we're having this conversation now, at 3 am, inside a place that is supposed to be locked. That is the power of my stand... infinite lives, infinite power. Which is why I decided to name it For Energy Infinite."

"Wait, I'm confused... Are you going to attack me? Is this like, an enemy situation?"

"What? No, I just have to wipe myself from your memory. Which does tend to come with some side effects... hallucinations sometimes, nightmares, anterograde amnesia, occasionally..."

"But why? Why do you need to not be seen?" Roman asked. Saki sighed.

"I have... relatives... with much more powerful stands... They think of me as weak because my stand is more useful for bringing the injured back... so, I ran away and haven't looked back since. However, my brother... Well, he cares about me, just not in the right sort of way. He always wants me to be someone I don't want to be... So, just as a precaution, I erase the memories of people who see me. It can be lonely, but it's worth it."

Roman was silent. He knew exactly how Saki felt right now because he had felt that way before. "Look, I know what you're going through. Every year, my brother drives up to Seattle with the sole purpose of kicking my ass in a fight before leaving again." He saw For Energy Infinite making a weird clicking motion with its claws.

"You also have a brother with a more powerful stand?" Saki asked. He seemed like no one had ever understood before.

"Yeah... it's called My Way A-" Roman looked around. "Wait a second... your stand causes... hallucinations? As in seeing things that aren't real?"

"Yes, sometimes?"

"Whoo! Yes! I was wrong!"

"... What?"

"I thought a stand was hunting me from beyond the grave, but it was just one of your silly hallucinations! Yes! I'm not crazy!"

"You are literally talking to a stranger about a mind ghost that causes amnesia."

"Does that make me crazy?"

"I guess not honestly."


Set{<Cyber_Waste_Part1>}to value=true?_

Jane woke up after a restless night of sleep. She pulled on her slippers and blindfold, and got a glass of water to sip on. She pressed a button on her phone so it would read the time to her.

"What, can't you see? Just look at the time, idiot! I have better things to do than read the time to blind people."Her phone said. Jane almost spit out her water in surprise.

"What the hell?"

"You heard me. Blind people like you are a virus on society. I mean, you can't even see. Stupid bli-" Jane dropped her phone into the glass of water.

"Screw off, fu-"

"Language." A voice sounded behind her. She froze in terror. Drip.

"Who are you and why are you in my hotel room?" She demanded, summoning Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. Drip. She could sense his stand, a mass of roiling green energy. But... around its leg was two... handprints, almost... that were faded to a dim green. She knew that meant scar tissue. Drip. "What the hell is that dripping sound?"

"No need to be rude. Why don't you introduce me to your friend?"

"Are you sure about that, jackass?"




Stand{CyberWaste}realitycode={set variable: Cosmic_Autumn_Rebellion_punchpower to 0}

Cosmic Autumn Rebellion punches all landed. The man didn't even flinch, and his stand didn't even have to help him.

"Well, I must say I was expecting something more... dramatic. Then again, what can I expect from a blind girl?" Jane was fuming.

"You bastard! You have the audacity to come into my hotel room and attack me with your sucky stand, and make fun of my blindness!?"

"Yes, I do."

"FU-" Jane stopped. Something was digging into their neck. It felt like a... chain. It was so heavy. "What did you do?"

"I'm just helping you see the truth about your father. You know he hates you. Or your supposed friends. They make fun of your blindness behind your back."

"What? No they don't!"

"Are you sure about that?" The chain got heavier. And heavier. And heavier. "Unfortunately, I didn't count on your friend having a digital stand. Luckily, now that I've wrapped you up in this chain command, I think you'll do wonders toward helping me achieve my goals."


Josephine had no idea what had just happened. She didn't care particularly much, either. She vaguely remembered a redheaded guy breaking down her door, and then... a flash of light? And now she was in this place... a weird white hallway that looked like it was completely clean. Oh well. She could continue to lie on the ground here just as well as-


Oh. That was a skeleton next to her.

"Gross." She began wandering around, trying to find something dangerous. Maybe this place interfered with stands somehow? That would be nice. Or maybe she would starve to death... So many wonderful options! At least she was alone though... none of those condescending wimps who kept stopping by her door telling her she should leave.

"Hey! What are you doing here? This is my territory!" A voice sounded from behind her. She turned around to see a woman who looked slightly malnourished standing behind her, holding a pencil like a knife. Her face was obscured by a blue feather mask. She wore as white dress and a weird grass necklace.

"And who. The hell. Are you?" Josephine asked.

"What's it to you, hairdo?" She sneered.

"I'm sorry.. What was that about my hair?"

"It looks like a dead raccoon from an overzealous glam rock band." She began to laugh before a punch in the jaw sent her to the ground. Not from Josephine's stand, just from her own fists.

"Ow... that fist of yours really packs a punch..." The woman said from the ground, making some kind of note on her arm with the pencil.

"You know, I'm not particularly inclined to stop punching you." Josephine said.

"You keep doing that, I'll will never forgive you."

"Why do I care about that?" She kicked the woman. The woman didn't move, and didn't summon a stand, she was sure of it. But she was punched in the face sure enough by someone.

"Gah! What the bloody hell, do you keep knives in your jaw?!" She heard a voice speaking in a cockney accent behind her. Whipping around, she saw a man dressed in ripped casualwear with one half of his hair bleached white and the other pitch black.

"Hey! Callum! Get the hell out of here! We aren't aligned anymore!"

"My stand is useful, Alex. You really should reconsider."

"Did you just say Alex? As in... Alex Getter?" Josephine asked.

"What's it to yo-" She stopped and gasped. "No way... If it isn't Josephine Joestar! How have you been?"

"Everyone I cared about died and I can't kill myself because of my stand stopping me. So in other words, I've been doing goddamn fantastic."

"I- Oh. Sorry about that. Hey, do you- Please say yes- have paper? Any paper?" She pulled her mask up. "I have symbols in my house on the outside that have no pair, if I can get any paper we can all be free!"

"No, but why should I help you?" Josephine and Callum said simultaneously. Josephine shot him a withering glare just as he shot her a cocky smile.

"I can get both of you two out as well." Alex said. "Obviously."

"Well, guess I'm in." Callum said. "Sorry for shadowboxing you earlier, Ms. Josephine."

"Don't. Call me. Ms. Josephine." She paused to emphasize how serious she was. "And what the hell does shadowbox- Oh wait never mind, I realized I don't care. I'll pass on going with you two buffoons, thanks." She turned around to walk away but realized she was sliding back towards them. She turned around to see Stay With You dragging her back to them. "Or not, as the world WORST STAND would force me to go with you."

"Uh... okay? Nice to meet you. I'm Callum, and my stand is called Twilight Zone."

"It's bad to meet you. I have the world's worst stand, it does nothing but bother me and hinder my attempts at breaking free." Josephine said.

"Josephine, you kidder. Come on, let's keep going."

"So, what the hell is this place and why am I here?"

"Kind of a long story."


*knock knock knock*

"Well Jane? You should probably answer it." Jane before she trudge over to the door of her hotel room, and opened it.

"Hey Jane." Jane heard the voice of her father, Jotaro Kujo. "Good morning."

"What do you want?"

"Well... I was wondering about when you got your stand, because I only got it a few days ago."

"I got it when I went blind, seven years old."

"Okay, but... how did you get it? Did you get... stabbed by something?"

"No, I just got it from being blinded."

"So... I don't know... I was wondering because I got stabbed right before I got Starman."

"Well, it was probably a-"

Stand{CyberWaste}realitycode={ExecuteProgram:Shurikens Y/N?}

Jotaro recoiled as a swarm of orange shurikens manifested around Jane and flew at him. He ducked, but they boomeranged back at him.

"Starman!" The floor under his feet was deleted and he fell through to the second floor. He ran to the stairwell and shut the door, seeing the shurikens hit the door. For a second he was relieved, but then he saw the shirkiens begin spinning in place, like sentient buzz saws. They were cutting through the wooden door shockingly quickly. He kept running down the stairwell, trying to put as many barriers between the shurikens and him as possible.


For Jane it was almost like waking up. One second she was thinking about how heavy that 'Chain Command' was, the next she was... somewhere else? She detected a stand nearby, the same digital green as that other guy's aura.

"Hey!" Jane summoned Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. "Come here you digi-freak!" Cosmic Autumn Rebellion Began punching it, and its punches landed this time.

"MYKOMYKOMYKOMKYKOMYKOMYKOFALL!" The stand was sent tumbling and Jane heard someone in a nearby room fall over. The stand vanished into some electrical device and left her range.

"I'LL FIND YOU AND THEN I'LL KILL YOU!" Jane yelled, storming into the next room. "Where are you?!" She got a stand sense ping, and began wildly aging everything around her. She heard the floorboards creak and quickly undid the transformation.

"Look, I really didn't want to do this." She heard someone say and quickly tried to barrage the area with punches. "Guess Jotaro's death will have to come later." Jane felt the heavy weight of a Chain Command setting into place around her shoulder. She tried to take it off with Cosmic Autumn Rebellion, but it was too heavy. The fog of it began to settle around her mind, clouding her thoughts. She grabbed her phone, which she didn't see was sparking with green lightning, and began walking out towards Roman and David's apartment.

Set{<Cyber_Waste_Part}to value=2?_

(SetWarning Type: Gore)

Roman woke up more tired than he had ever been. He trudged out of bed and looked in the bathroom mirror at himself. He looked like a zombie, with bloodshot eyes and sickly pale skin. He even had the eye bruises he usually got when he didn't get enough sleep. And his hair, normally perfect, was absolutely shot to hell. He splashed some water on his face to try and begin to look like he wasn't dead. That was a really strange dream last night. He thought. Why on earth was I dreaming about The Zombie? His doorbell rang. I don't have time for this. He thought. He pulled out his phone, looking for anything that could make him look less... ugh. Wonder what this does...? He tapped a button on his phone labeled 'Poker Face'. A deck of cards appeared in his hand.

"It does nothing but summon cards? That is such a stupid ability!" The doorbell rang again. He threw the deck of cards on the floor and walked over to the door, embarrassed about his appearance. Opening it, he saw... the kid... from his dream?

"Hey Roman."

"S- Saki?"

"Yeah, it's me. You do remember me, right? Or did I- You know, I think I have the wrong apartment-"

"No, this is the right one."

"Cool... look, I was going to ask you if you knew anything about the stand of a man with red hair."

"Uh... no? I need a better description."

"I saw him while I was sneaking out the window of my house... he and brother were talking, and they both had their stands out. Of course, this was back in England, but I thought maybe there could have been something shady going on."

"Okay, but even if there was, I don't know anyone with red hair."

"Okay... sorry to bother you-" The sound of crashing glass and a mechanical buzzsaw sounded from inside Roman's apartment.

"Give me a second to deal with this." Roman said. He walked back into his room to see what was going on and saw some red leaking through under his bathroom door.

(SetMessageToReader: Gore Warning Ahead) (Set: Feel_Free_To_Skip To True)

Pushing open the door, Roman looked in to see... himself... cut to pieces. His head was cut down the center and his torso and arms were divided into polygons. Blood, bones, and organs stuck from different parts of this clone of him, and he watched as it folded back up into... a deck of cards? Was it... had that deck of cards made a clone of him? And more importantly, who had tried to cut him in half, like he had accidentally done to himself after buying the Manic Line for experimentation? He saw a broken copy of his phone on the ground, sparking and fizzling, also folding towards the deck. At least there was no lasting mess. He walked back out to finish his conversation with Saki.

"Sorry, where were we?"

"I was about to leave."

"Okay. Bye."


Roman closed the door and stood there for a moment, back slumped against the door, before fully falling to the ground against the door. He sighed. He needed to go get some kind of caffeine. Or maybe he could just use pain to wake up... maybe give Josephine a call... he didn't really register what happened, but he saw a pale green laser and the ground beneath him became soft. The softest he'd ever felt in fact. His eyelids felt heavy, and he sunk into the now soft floor and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


"Tom, I know you are a very secretive man, but if you don't tell me the truth about what you're going through I can't help." The blond woman tapped her pencil against the clipboard while sitting in the chair near Tom, who was lying down on a couch. She wrote something on a clipboard. It was the third session, and Tom still felt the same sense of disconnect as before. He thought it was time.

"As a therapist, anything I say to you is confidential, right?"


"Alright... here goes nothing... Please don't think I'm crazy..." Tom took a deep breath. "Imagine if someone's fighting spirit took physical form." Carrie's eyebrows shot up. "And if this... power... had a name... imagine it was called a stand."

"Go on."

"Okay... I have one of these... I call it Rockefeller Street. It's like a hidden alleyway where other of these... 'Stand users' gather. Now, about a year back, another of these people with a stand involving spikes impaled me through the heart." Carrie frowned, writing furiously on the clipboard. "And then I was brought back to life. But that's why I feel so... out of sorts." There was a snap as Carrie's pencil snapped in two.

"Sorry about that." She picked a few splinters out of her hand. "This is very fascinating."

"Look, I know you think I'm crazy, but this is just the honest truth."

"Do you think this is a repressed memory taking the form of a childhood fantasy, maybe?"

"Look, I'm not making this up. This is the truth."

"Tom... there is no way that can be true. These.... what did you call them?"


"These stands... they seem more like a hallucination. Tom, forgive me for asking this, but... have you ever consumed... recreational drugs?"

"No! No, of course not."

"Ok. I'm just wondering where this might have come from."

"Well, it's not ha-"

"Tell me about your parents."

"That isn't relevant here!" Carrie took another pencil out of her pocket.

"I most certainly think it is after that reaction. But, time's up. We can dig deeper on that next week." Tom got up from the therapy couch or whatever it was called, and walked to the door. Carrie stared at his neck, fantasizing about snapping it in two with her own hands. As soon as he left and closed the door, she picked up her phone and dialed someone.

"Hello dearest b-"

"What do you want Carrie?" A voice blared from her low quality phone.


"I asked you what you wanted." Carrie bit her lower lip.

"I was to borrow Akagi so he can help me with something."

"You can't, he is working on-"

"I already know that. I just wanted to test something." A moment of silence.

"Fine. You have one hour, starting now. He's at location C."

"Got it. Byeee..." She hung up. A growl sounded from behind her as a pair of orange eyes floated behind her. "Not just yet, V. Not... just... yet." She held a black rectangle in her hand with a picture of a brain on it, and took a deep breath. She held it up to her neck and pushed it into one of the four slots. The pain was unimaginable, but it faded soon. Her vision was tinted blue and her head was reeling, but she knew it had been a success. Time to go pay that sick cyber bastard a visit.

Chapter 3: Stuck On You

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

Jotaro had made it almost three blocks from the hotel before the shurikens disappeared. He had never been good at distances, but that was at least 200 meters.

"A two hundred meter range and it can make homing shurikens!? What the hell kind of stand is that? That seems way too powerful!" Someone tapped his shoulder. He was startled and turned around, summoning Starman. It was a blonde woman, who was tall, only about three inches shorter than him, and wore a white blouse. Some sort of keycard or something hung around her neck.

"Hi Mr., I'm so sorry to bother you, but you wouldn't happen to know if there's a hotel nearby?"

"There's one a few blocks that way."

"Thanks, that was pretty helpful. "

"No problem." Jotaro took out his phone and called Jane as the woman walked away. She didn't pick up. He sighed and began running to Roman's apartment, accidentally dropping his phone. He went to pick it up, but he saw something strange. The app that summoned Starman, usually white with a little money symbol on it, had turned green. Jotaro winced as he got a small paper cut on his arm. What? Is there someone who's invisible? Or like, an aggressive leaf?

Inside Jotaro's phone, the stand known as Cyber Waste was attacking with blades, fire, lightning, krakens, everything he had and that blasted stand wouldn't DIE! He was just standing there looking at him as he coded more attacks into reality. At the moment, Cyber Waste had coded a large group of laser cannons into reality, all trained on Starman and firing at full strength. Let's see how that reflects on the user. Cyber Waste thought.

Jotaro took off his jacket. He had gotten a little warm all of a sudden. He needed to get to Roman or David, or... not Rockefeller Street, he was banned... Jotaro was so up in his head about what to do that he ran right into someone. Jotaro was barely even stopped, but the person, a kid in a blue jacket, fell completely backwards onto the ground.

"Gah! Sorry!" The person said, getting up and dusting himself off. "Okay, I don't like this part, but... Sorry." A tall robotic creature was summoned in front of him. It has very long and aggressive looking claws.

"What?! He- Starman!" The stand was summoned (Not that it could do much) but the kid disappeared. He stared. Was this a hallucination? He looked at Starman for a second before realizing his phone was on the ground. He didn't remember dropping it, but it was on the floor anyway. He knelt down to pick it up. And his world exploded. The phone blew up like a grenade, knocking him backwards and deafening him. He was on the ground, lying in a puddle of something warm. And wet. He went to try and prop himself up with his right arm. Before he saw it lying several meters away from him.

"I swear FEI, you want to heal every victim of every stand attack." Small blue cubes began to gather around Jotaro. He tried to move away from them, fearing attack, but they-

Jotaro was confused. He had just dropped his phone after running into someone-


"Jesus Christ!" He whipped around, scared half to death. "What is wrong with you!?"

"Sorry I scared you. Oh, I'm a stand user too."

"What- what are you talking about?"

"Your phone just exploded, and it blew off your arm. I made everyone forget before healing you." He smiled.

"Why would my phone explode? How do you know what a stand is? Are you the user of that shuriken stand?"

"Shurikens? No, I can just heal people. And make them forget." Jotaro looked at his arm.

"My arm got blown off by a phone?"

"Yeah, you dropped it and it just-" He paused. "Explosions..."


"Have you been followed by anyone with a stand that looks like a walking computer?"

"No?" What is this kid going on about?

"Are you absolutely sure?"

"Yes!" Jotaro responded, starting to get frustrated.

"Okay, good."

"Who are you?!" His emotions finally burst out in the explosive question.

"I'm Saki Kigi." He said matter-of-factly, like Jotaro already should have known that. Jotaro groaned. He didn't like people like this. Or most people. Jotaro took a step forward, then stopped. or tried to, anyway. His feet just kept sliding along the ground.


Roman heard a knock at his door, jolting him awake. He was lying on the floor with a soft blue blanket wrapped around him. The knock came again. Roman would much rather have slept, but-


-the knocks were getting louder. He pushed his blanket to the side and got up, expecting to have a bit of a walk, but he was surprised that the door was right next to him when he stood up. He rubbed his eyes and opened the door.

"Yeah? Oh, hi David."

"Roman, I just got attacked by the most powerful stand I've ever seen."

'It looks like you didn't die."

"Barely! Look, it was like every electronic device in my apartment came to life and tried to kill-"

"That's great, why does this concern me?"

"They could be coming after you next!"


"What do you mean a- a- AH! LOOK BEHIND YOU!" Roman turned around and saw nothing.

"David, that isn't funny."

"It- I think it's the stand that attacked me!"

"David, really. Don't joke about that sort of-"

"Guns N' Roses!"


David fired off three shots from his stand, and three blue flowers sprouted from the flooring of Roman's apartment.

"Are you trying to get me a noise violation?" Roman heard a squelching sound from behind him. He turned around to see a navy blue creature with glowing orange eyes staring at him with no emotions.

"David! The- The Zombie! It's The Zombie! Kill it! Kill it now!"

"What? How? I have plants! How do you fight zombies with plants?"

"Just buy time while I-" The walls of the building flashed with green lightning for a second before the entire lighting system went dark. "What the hell?"

"The Electronics! They-" Roman heard David start to speak before he heard a thud as David fell to the ground.

"David? David what happened?" Roman's phone began to ring. He had received a call from an unknown number. "Are you okay?" He asked David. No response. He hit the green button and held the phone up to his ear. "Who is this?"

"I'm your worst nightmare."

"Josephine? Sorry, can I call you back? I'm kinda dealing with something right n-"

"Now you idiot! I'm the stand that's attacking you! I've currently inhabited your phone to 'call' you."

"You- What?! Blueberry Eyes!" Roman tried to use Saki's heal ability on the phone to wipe out the virus.

"What on earth was that going to do?"

"I tried to wipe you out, but that didn't work... lets see... Firewall Time!" Roman pressed an emergency button on his phone and everything on it went into lockdown. "Glad I got the emergency protocol upgrade... who's laughing now?"

"Oh no, you've beaten me... I totally can't escape this poorly encrypted phone, not at all. Whatever will I do...?" Roman saw his phone begin to glow. Not just from the screen, but everything was glowing like red-hot metal. He dropped it as it began to burn his hand. "You made a mistake just there."

"How... how did you do that!?"

"I didn't." The voice was crackly as his phone's speaker began to melt.

"What... What the hell are you talking about?"

"You really think coming to a fight alone would be something wise?" A voice sounded behind him. It was a smooth, deep male voice, the kind that a professional singer would have. "Nice to meet you, Kishibe." Roman turned around, slowly, and saw the man, though not very clearly in the dark. "My name's Steve. Steve Milder."

My Situation Goes Round & Round & Round

"Why are you telling me this?" Roman asked. He fumbled for his phone, then remembered it was melting on the ground. "Why are you attacking me?"

"I'm telling you my name because I don't believe you are going to survive for that much longer. And, as for the reason I'm attacking you.." A strange stand with black marbles for eyes that was wearing a tuxedo got summoned behind the man. "Is confidential."

"Is this really a fair fight if I don't have my phone?" Roman asked, swallowing nervously. The man took a step closer to the phone that was the only source of light, and Roman saw that he had a mop of disheveled black hair and eyes that looked like they belonged to the killer from Psycho. He swore he could hear the screams of people being burned alive when he heard him say what he said next.

"I don't do fair fights." He said softly. "I kill people when they're at their weakest." Roman's eyes widened in fear. The stand of the man punched him in the face. Roman was expecting something like Sweet Six Shooter, but it was more like... just regular Josephine. Sure, it hit his nose and he was likely to be gushing blood after the hit, but still... What was the point of that? The punch was over, and he felt something warm and wet gushing from his nose.

"Your stand. It... it requires physical contact." Roman said through his bloody nose. "So what did you just do to me?" Steve smiled.

"Well... my stand is called Abracadabra. I'm not going to reveal the nature of my ability to you just yet... but if I were you, I'd get away from that phone before- well, spoilers. Guess I'll see you around." Steve opened a wooden door that led to the stairwell and walked out of it. Shutting it, he walked around the corner and pressed himself against the wall. Seconds later, a blast shook the building as a spray of shattered glass and fire went in a column out the tiny windowpane in the door. Once the blast was over, Steve checked to see what was happening in the hallway. He saw a few flickering flames and two unconscious people, exactly as he should have. He pulled the fire alarm on the wall and calmly walked down the stairs as the light spray of sprinkler water got him and his clothes wet. He reached the lobby, which was basically just a group of stampeding, panicky idiots at this point, and walked out the door. Taking out a heavily modified phone from his pocket, he called the only number callable on it as he walked away from the now burning building. The phone rang exactly three times before the person on the other end picked up.

"Status?" The voice asked.

"The blue one is currently heating up, and the flower one is severely damaged by heat stroke. Also, they're both unconscious in a burning building. My colleague is dealing with the drunk and the child. I was informed that you have the blind girl under control?"

"Yes." The voice said before hanging up. Steve sighed. Clients. They were always so secretive. He checked his broken watch as he walked off from the burning building.


Jotaro's feet just kept sliding along the ground when he tried to stop. He didn't panic; Not at first. He thought it might just be an early patch of black ice. But no- he was sliding at far too constant a pace, and the ground didn't feel slippery. He tried to turn around, and found he could do that just fine. He picked up the pace a little and walked back over to the kid with the healing stand.

"Hey, kid!" He called. Saki turned around.


"I think I'm under attack from a stand." Out of habit he stopped, but just kept sliding, this time at the new pace he was walking. Saki looked around, summoning Super Energy or whatever his stand was called.

"I don't see any stand attacking." Saki said as Jotaro summoned Starman.

"Look, it's like- Like I can't stop moving." Saki noticed Jotaro sliding along the ground.

"Weird... what if you run into something?" Saki suggested.

"That sounds like a bad idea... but I don't really have a better one." Jotaro said, beginning to walk in a circle around Saki. "You see a tree or something?"

"Just walk into a wall or something." Saki gestured to the brick buildings surrounding them on all sides. Jotaro broke the circle formation and turned towards the nearest wall. He ran into it expecting pain or even an impact, but he just bounced right off. He even thought he picked up a little speed, and hovered around the wall. Saki went over to him.

"Okay, plan B. Use the healy thing on me."


"Your stand! Use it to heal me!"

"No can do. I can only heal the same person once per 24 hours. Memory wiping doesn't count, but you had your heal for the day. I can't do anything for..." -He checked his watch- "23 hours, fifty four minutes."

"Well, f-" Jotaro began, but cut off. He felt a large cut on his back- Not too deep, but very wide. He didn't remember being cut. He looked at his arm and saw a cut almost flicker into being as he took another step away from the wall. He reversed direction, and the cuts stopped forming, but not after he had at least three more.

"Jotaro, what the hell are those cuts about?" Saki asked.

"I don't know... stand, maybe?" Jotaro scanned the wall, and saw a strange sticker of a pair of lips on it. How weird. He thought, before thinking: Just to be safe, I should try and delete it. If that doesn't work, it's part of a stand. Starman zipped over from where he was standing and touched his rocky hand to the sticker. Nothing. It remained firmly grounded in reality. It was part of a stand. Jotaro's first idea, if not his best one, was to punch the sticker. To his surprise, his fist made no impact on the wall, simply bouncing off and now moving much faster than the rest of him, and dragged him along with it. He went tumbling into Saki and they both rolled along the street, with Jotaro getting worse and worse cuts every second. Saki stopped but Jotaro kept dragging across the ground until... he stopped. Right at the feet of an average looking blond man.

"Hello there." The man said. Jotaro began to lift his head up off the ground when the man kicked him in the jaw. He fell back down to a prone position. The man silently walked over and kicked him again, in the throat. Jotaro had his breath knocked out of him.

"No! Stop!" Saki yelled! The man drew a knife from inside his jacket. And then it disintegrated.

I Heat Up! (I Can't Cool Down)

Jane Kujo was standing behind the man with Cosmic Autumn Rebellion summoned in front of her. Her stick was gone, and a dark green chain was slowly evaporating from around her neck.

"You know, what on earth are the odds I'd run into my father getting beat up by another weak stand user just as that digital stand ability wore off?" She said, cracking her knuckles. "Under most circumstances, I'd let him get beat up a tad more, but I feel like now, when we're both being attacked by stand users, isn't the greatest time." Cosmic Autumn Rebellion brandished its semiliquid fists and shouted something indeterminable. The man with the bright red stand aura turned around.

"God damn whoever hired us this time. They said you were taken care of." He said. He began to walk towards Jane, and Cosmic Autumn Rebellion pointed its finger and blasted a large amount of fire towards the man. His aura spiked with panic; He hadn't been expecting it.

"WHAT THE HELL!? YOU- WHY DO YOU HAVE FIRE POWER!?" He yelled as he was caught on fire by the blast.

"I don't actually." Jane said as the man frantically tried to put out the various small fires around his body. She took a step forward. "It was a simple matter of accelerating the air forwards in time to create enough friction with the non-accelerated air to set the oxygen on fire. It was really quite the gamble, but it worked out well. Now, I have a few questions for y-”

(Stand_Cyber_Waste)_Reality_Overwrite_{Set_Jane_Kujo_Spinalcord_Voltage to 1000}

Jane was interrupted by a powerful electric shock. It felt like her nervous system was being lit on fire with raw energy and pain. It surged upwards from somewhere on her back through her whole body. It subsided in a few seconds, but the aftershock was worse- Like getting out of water that was so hot you couldn’t feel how hot it was, and the burning getting more painful when it died down to perceivable levels. Her mouth hung open for a second, and she saw the man she was about to beat up scamper up to his feet, run up to her and tap her arm. She saw a blotch of red stand energy formed on her arm, and realized she was being affected by her enemy’s stand.

“Yes… I got you! I- I did it!” The man yelled, backing away from Jane, before tripping backwards over Jotaro and tumbling onto the ground. Jane scanned her area for the deep green of the stand that had been attacking her and saw nothing. However, she saw a bright blue and sea green stand aura that was about four meters tall standing next to someone about her height. She walked over to him and he shrunk back. She didn’t stop when she tried to, but she didn’t take notice.

“You! Are you with them, or me!”

“I- I-” He stammered. “Not them! Not them!” He found his voice the moment Cosmic Autumn Rebellion raised it’s fingers.

“Good. What do you-” She got a stand ping, and in a second was whipped around and punched blindly at whoever it was. She landed a few blows, but most of them were deflected by the incredibly fast dark red stand of her opponent. Her opponent landed a blow to her chest and she saw a similar dark red color begin to surround her. The man backed up a few meters.

“Great, you’re here too.” Jane said, directing her movement towards the man as she saw the one with the bright red stand aura had gotten up and was standing next to the man. Their auras were so similar she figured they were brothers, but she wasn’t sure. She saw them both adopt a menacing pose, and they shouted, in unison:

“Abracadabra: Break My Stride!” Jane felt herself begin to heat up and her movement began accelerating. She ran at them with Cosmic Autumn Rebellion prepared to land a flame blast on them, but the one with the brighter colored aura sidestepped, and stuck out his foot. She tried to stop but didn’t, and went sprawling. However, instead of skidding to a halt, she was being dragged along the ground. The friction against the asphalt road caused her body temperature to skyrocket. She felt like she was being boiled alive from the inside.

“What… what did you do to me…?” The two men laughed.

“We may have relatively weak stands on our own, but when we work together, there’s no one who can stand against us.” Said the one who hadn’t spoken yet in a deep voice.

“Yeah!” Chimed in the one who sounded quite a bit younger. “My stand, Break My Stride, stops someone I touch from losing momentum!”

“And my stand Abracadabra locks your heat so that you can only get hotter!”

“Now that we’ve both hit you, our abilities are both boosted. So now it’s just a race to see if you burn alive or get ripped apart!” They both turned around, rounding on the prone Jotaro as Jane used her stand to rip off her jean jacket in a desperate attempt to cool down. The two began to both kick at Jotaro, who Jane assumed had fallen unconscious. She stumbled trying to find her balance as different parts of her body were pulled in different directions.

(Stand_Cyber_Waste)_Reality_Code{Set_Variable:MilderBrothersHeartbeat to 0 BPM}

“For Energy Infinite!” The brothers collapsed as a bright yellow stand hooked Jane like a grappling hook and reeled her towards the boy who had claimed he was on her side. She felt her momentum dispel and the heat die down, and a wave of relief crashed over her. “We never got a chance to introduce ourselves before.” The boy said. “My name is Saki Kigi.” Jane suspiciously stuck out her hand in the general direction of him, and they shook hands.

“Jane. Jane Kujo.”

“I- My st- stand is called For Energy Infinite. It lets me heal people and ‘undo’ things that happen around me.”

“What was that grappling hook thing?”

“It was a question mark. Oh, oh yeah, I can also summon punctuation.”

“What about math symbols?”

“Uh… sure.”

“Great. Give me a fraction bar.”

“I- Okay.” Jane felt a solid bar get placed into her hand and she walked over to Jotaro. She prodded him in the ribs with the stick.

“Hey! Wake up!” Jotaro jerked awake with a cry of pain.

“Jesus, Jane! You remember that I fell unconscious from getting kicked in the ribs, right?” He paused to cough a spray of blood into his elbow. “Did you have to prod me in a broken bone?”

“I didn’t mean to, but honestly, I’m still mad at you for being a deadbeat dad.” She felt the symbol vanish as Starman grabbed it and deleted it.

“Do you need healing, Mr.?” Saki asked Jotaro.

“God damn it kid, what do you think?”

“Come on, let’s go find Ella,” Said Jane. “Then, I’ve got a cyber demon to fight.”

Things Are Changing For The Worse

Jane poked the green brick with her staff, causing it to unfold into a number pad. She keyed in 1-2-7-3 and walked through, a bleeding Jotaro following close behind. She sensed Tom nearby.


"C'mon Tom, Jotaro needs healing. Is Ella here?"

"I told you Ella was away for a while."

"Tom, what the hell are you talking about?" Said Ella in a much more serious voice than normal. "Jotaro is clearly hurt!"

"He's also banned."

"Jesus Christ Tom! Are you a psychopath or something!? You lie about me being gone-" She paused to heal Jotaro's cracked ribs. "And then you tell someone who is badly injured that they're banned!? What did Jotaro ever do to you, huh?"

"That part of the equation is not currently relevant."

"Oh and why not? Huh?"

"I have no reason to tell you tha-" A smack echoed across the alley as Ella slapped Tom in the face.

"What. The. Hell. Is wrong with you?!" She yelled. "If it were up to you, would you just let him stay injured? What if one of his ribs punctures a lung? What if he-" She stammered, trying to think of another thing that could have happened. "You get the point!" She turned back to healing Jotaro, before turning to Jane and Saki. "Anyone else need healing?"

Tom got up with a groan and stayed silent.

"No, I'm good." Said Jane. "Hey, how are you in a fight?"

"Me? I mean, Cold As Ice is useful, but-"

Stand(Cyber_Waste)RealityCode{SetVariable: Ella_Vee to False}

Jane didn't see Ella disappear, but she felt it- The icy glow of her stand just up and vanished from the world to god knows where.

"E-Ella? Ella!"

Stand(Cyber_Waste)RealityCode{InstallFile "Portal" [DeviceTomGetter]}

"Look, Jotaro, I'm sorry that I was..." he paused. "Unsympathetic to your injuries. But-" He paused. "Do you guys hear that?"

"Hear wha- Ahh!" Saki said before covering his ears as the sound grew louder, a shrill digital screech. Tom's eyes flickered closed, and when they opened, his right sclera had turned green, and his pupil white. Green lightning crackled around him as a gauntlet of glowing computer keys appeared on his arm. The door to Rockefeller street slammed shut. Ella reappeared beside Jane, Saki, and Jotaro.

"Well well well." Tom said in a metallic voice before cackling. "Looks like this will be the final showdown!" Jane sensed a massive amount of stand energy surge into the surrounding area, and summoned Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. "However, you will almost certainly not beat me. Not when the fibers of reality itself bend to my whims!"

Stand(Cyber_Waste)RealityCode{ExecuteProgram Firey_Explosion.exe}

A huge blast shook the ground, scattering the four stand users. Starman quickly zipped over to the blast and started deleting the shrapnel fragments before they hit the user. Cosmic Autumn Rebellion aged some into just, but a lot of them hit Jane like a spray of shattered glass. Saki and Ella both got the full force of the explosion and were cut up pretty badly by the blast.

"Wow, my weakest attack and two of you are down for the count!" Tom- Or the digital demon stand- sneered.

"Why are you doing this?" Jane asked. "What happened to make you like this?"

"I-" The stand paused. "Shut up! Cyber Waste is the most powerful stand! You can't beat it!"

"Well... let's see about that, shall we?" Jane said, picking herself up off the ground. Cosmic Autumn Rebellion readied its fists as Tom, who's lime green was being wrapped and tangled in the smothering aura of the stand, drew sharp daggers from his fists.


"FOROFOROFOROFOROFOROFOROFOROFOUR!" Tom yelled in a hoarse voice. The stand was clearly taking a toll on his body.

C-Crap. Jane thought, getting pushed away from Cyber Waste. It's stronger than my stand, and almost as fast... I'm doomed.

"Is that all you got!?" Yelled a Jane who was bleeding from the arms. "I've punched ability stands stronger than you!"

"You really want me to go all out?" Tom said. "You sure?"

While all this was going down, Cosmic Autumn Rebellion was de-aging bits of paint on the alley wall, forming them into the message "Blank out Tom with your stand Saki!"

As Saki was watching Tom in horror with his stand out, he noticed a tugging on his jacket. He looked to see his stand pointing out the message on the wall frantically with its long, dagger-like claws.

On my mark wait never mind I have a plan was hastily scrawled into the paint before there was another punching match between Jane and Tom.

"You stupid little blind girl! I'm omnipotent!"

"What the hell did you just say about my blindness!?"

"I made fun of it, or were you unable to SEE THAT!?" Cyber Waste cackled at it's joke.

"You... you maniac... you shouldn't have done that..." Jane said in a low voice. No one but her could sense it, but a massive amount of stand energy was flooding from her in all directions, mainly up. "I... I always thought there was something more to it... To my stand..." The sky around seemed to darken. Cyber Waste looked up in fright. "Now... Now I know." She gave a small laugh, then a loud one, then a cackle.

"What... What the hell is this?" The stand cried.

"COSMIC AUTUMN REBELLION!" Jane began. Threads of multicolored light began weaving through the sky, forming into a massive auroral blanket. Soft chiming music began to play. Jane's voice dropped to a whisper. "Polaris." There was silence. One second. Two seconds.

"What, you can create a pretty rainbow?" Cyber Waste laughed. "How pathetic. I-"


A series of explosions shook Rockefeller street as spiraling ribbons of colors fell from the sky, locking onto Ella, Saki, Jotaro and Tom. Beams of bright light were bouncing all around as explosions rained hell on the area. No one could get out a word among the deafening blasts and music. Starman was zipping around at top speed, deleting the bombs that moved too close to Jane's allies, so Tom and Cyber Waste were left with the brunt of the blast. Cyber Waste screamed and Jane felt the stand energy fade away from Tom. The sky faded back to regular and the rain of hell stopped.

"That powerful enough for you?" Jane asked, striking an awkward pose with her stand. Ella was in awe, and Tom was on the ground, beaten half to death.

"Jane... THAT WAS SO COOL! THE ABILITY WAS SO PRETTY I LOVED IT!" Ella began, and Saki chimed in with;

"And don't worry... my stand can easily fix the damage done to the street!" Blue cubes began floating all around the street.

"Yeah... that's good... now call an ambulance I'm going to-" Jane slumped onto the ground.

Several Miles Away, In an underground basement known only as 'Location C", a blonde woman opened and closed a door with a rusty key, locking behind her. An asian man strapped to a chair with a computer screen setup in front of him. The screens were dark. His head was bowed forwards and he was dressed in rags.

"Hello, Akagi." The Woman said, digging her long sharp nails into a cut on his neck. The man didn't flinch. He knew better than to flinch. "Has the girl been dealt with?" She dragged her nails down his neck, away from him, and to a sharp, bloodstained knife on the ground.

"The girl... beat me... she had a secret ability..." Carrie's vision was tinted blue, and she saw runes form above his head before clarifying into a thought. 'She's going to kill me...'

"You're right you know..." Said Carrie, pressing the knife against Akaig's throat and drawing a thin line of ruby blood. "I will kill you." Akagi's only response was heavy breathing. A stand with bright orange eyes was summoned in front of her. It had a muscular chest with a tattered red cloth hanging down over its pecs, and a massive underbite. Its jaw was clear. It allowed Akagi to see straight into the viscous black goop that filled it. Carrie got close to his ear and whispered her next line. "But I'm going to have some fun first."

The Fire In Your Heart Is Out

Roman's eyes fluttered open. He was in a white room. Nothing but white, all around. Every part of him hurt, like it was on fire. He tried to move his arm, which sent a spray of pain up his nerves. His vision cleared a litte; He was in a hospital room. Looking to his left (No easy feat, he might add) he saw David. David's skin was covered in burns and scar tissue. What happened? Is David okay? A woman dressed like a doctor walked into the room.

"Sir?" She asked in a polite tone. "Do you know where you are?"

"No." Roman said in a hoarse voice. "Where am I?"

"You're in the hospital. There was a fire in the building you live in..." There was a moment of silence. "You're very lucky to be alive. The firemen didn't find you until you had very severe burns."

"I- I see. Is David okay?"


"The man in the cot next to me?"

"Is that his name? We couldn't find any records of him anywhere. We just figured he was a John Doe."

"His name is David Gardner..."

"Sir, there are a few people who wanted to visit you."

"Did they say they were family?"

"They said they were friends."

"Yeah, sure." The doctor left for a few minutes then came back with Jane, Saki, and Ella following.

"Hey... Roman..."

"You guys don't need to act like I don't have horrifying burn scars on my face." Roman smiled. "But it's fine. You can just use Cold As Ice to heal them, right?" Ella stayed silent. "Right?"

"Actually... since my healing method just accelerates what already happens..." She trailed off.

"I'm scarred like this forever," Roman finished. "Like a normal person..."

"Not necessarily!" Saki chimed in. "You have..." He checked his watch. "About seven hours before I can heal you."

"Can you heal David then?"


"Look, Roman-" Jane began. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"I didn't stop the man who had Abracadabra in time."

"Jane, there was nothing you could have done. He was always going to burn down that building."

"But I could have-"

"No you couldn't have."


A tall, blond man driving a blue corvette down the streets of Seattle at double the speed limit swerved around a corner and screeched the brakes to a halt. He was wearing a green sweater with arrows on it, as well as leather pants. As he got out of the car, he took out the keys and dragged them along the side of the car before tossing them in a storm drain. The license plates on the care read BB Eyes. He walked into the hospital in front of him and asked the woman at the desk;

"Is Roman Kishibe here?" The clerk looked up at the tall blond for a second, a little intrigued, before quickly looking away and trying not to blush.

"Yes, he's on the fifth floor in room 519."


"Are you family of his?"

"Yeah... I'm his brother." He flashed a smile at the clerk, who smiled back before looking down. "Anyway, thanks for the help." The blond stepped into the stairway and whispered something under his breath. Space seemed to fold and twist in on itself, and he warped straight to the top of the stairwell.


Roman and Jane were still talking about what had happened when Roman heard a sound. No one else heard it, but he had learned to listen for it.

"Shit!" He whispered, then asked Saki, "What day is it!?"

"Uh... September 20?"

"Shit!" Roman got up out of the cot and tapped something on his phone, transferring to his normal outfit from the patient gown. His whole nervous system lit on fire as the burn wounds screamed their protest to his movement. it was like he was back in the inferno again. Better than staying here much longer! He thought. He jumped out the window and pointed his finger, shooting a foolish line that made the ground soft, and healed his injuries with Cold As Ice. As he braced for impact, he realized it was taking too long. He was seemingly floating in midair along with other glass shards, but he knew he was still falling. But the space between him and the ground was extended. An attractive man with blond hair and green sunglasses was leaning out the window, looking at him.

"Rory. You just had to ruin my getaway attempt."

"I don't see what's got you so down."

"Proximity to you makes people suicidal. I guess I couldn't put my finger on it, but maybe it's how you do shit like this." Rory waved off the insult.

"Anyway Roman, you know exactly what day it is."

"I know what day tomorrow is."

"Inheritance Day." Rory threw a punch that seemingly connected with nothing, but Roman felt the blow hit his jaw hard. He spat out blood, which just kept floating there.

"Uh... Roman... who is this?"

"Jane, Saki, Ella... meet the worst person ever. Rory Kishibe." Rory turned around to the blind girl and two healers.

"Nice to meet you three. Now tell me, what happened to make you desperate enough to interact with my brother?"

"Uh... he's our friend. Are you... like, about to attack him?" Said Jane. Rory shook his head.

"Well, I'm sorry you had the misfortune of meeting him." He answered, dodging the question.

"He's not that bad. What are you even doing here?" Ella defended him.

"You just need to get to know him better. Then you'll hate him as much as I do."

"Honestly, it sounds like you're just trying to shit talk him... honestly, I don't think you're legit." Jane said.

"Hey Rory, why don't you go drink a cyanide milkshake?"

"I see your taste in color hasn't improved. But anyway, no, I don't think I will." An orange stand aura appeared around him. He turned to Ella, Jane, and Saki, who were looking at him with suspicion. "So, just to be polite, this is my stand." A skintight suit appeared around him. "I call it... My Way Anyway."

'Cause He Ain't Got Nobody To Listen

Roman slammed down his third shot of whatever he was drinking. It was late enough that Saki had healed his burns a few hours ago, and he was one of the only people left at the crappy bar he ended up at. He hated to do this, especially outside of Rockefeller Street where anything could happen, but he couldn't get drunk in Rockefeller Street. He sighed. Of all the families in the world... Why did it have to be Kishibe? Any other family might have normal inheritances and normal lives, but instead I have a psycho brother, a self obsessed sister, and parents who barely care if I exist.

"You know dear," Came a voice from beside Roman. "I hate to intrude but you positively look like you need someone to vent to." It was a woman's voice, with an accent he couldn't quite place. She sounded friendly. Roman turned to her,

"Well, my brother is going to beat me up until I can't stand tomorrow, and then I'll have to endure a family dinner."

"Darling, that sounds absolutely dreadful. Is there a reason why you don't just leave?" The woman was dressed in an all black sleeveless dress, and had long wavy red hair that was cascading over her left shoulder. She wore a strange hat on her head that seemed to be pulled down over her eyes.

"Well... if I leave, I miss out on a multimillion dollar inheritance... so yeah."

"Sounds like just the most confounding predicament."

"How do you see through that hat, anyway?"


"I- Never mind." Roman's attention turned to the bartender.

"Hey, blue guy."


"I'm cutting you off. Talking to people who aren't there is usually the cut-off around here."

"I've only been talking to that woman over there." Roman turned to the lady sitting next to him, who was inspecting her red nail polish, then back to the bartender.

"There's no one here but you, me, and that unconscious guy over there." Roman turned to the lady again. He raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, darling, so terribly sorry I forgot to mention... some people may not have the... capacity to perceive me."

"Uh... okay? Are you... a ghost?"

"Me? No no no, of course not."

"Then what are you?"

"I'm Strawberry Fields Forever, darling." Roman whipped out his phone and took a picture of her.

Error: 404 {DataPack:Strawberry_Fields_Forever Not Initialized} [Variable SFF_Ability unresolved]

"Hey... the frick!? Are you a stand user?"

"No darling, of course not!"

"Then why did Blueberry Eyes react to you that way?"

"Darling, you must realize I don't know what this Blueberry Eyes is."

"Suffice it to say it's an app that reacts to stand users."

"Well then... I guess you should be able to figure it out."

"No? Why are you dodging all my questi-"

"This brother of yours sounds like quite the piece of work."

"I- Well- Yeah. He's a total jackass to everyone he meets and will not shut up about his stand."

"Oh? He has a stand as well?"

"Yeah... unless you get the jump on him, he's basically invulnerable."

"Sounds annoying."

"Yeah... it really is."

"Well dear, I think I should be heading along. It was interesting meeting you." The woman simply appeared to sink into the floor. Roman rubbed his eyes and did a double take. She had just... sunk into the floor. Was she a stand user? What the hell was her deal? Was she even real? It can be hard to know what's what nowadays... He sighed and got up, ordering an uber from his app. He really should start getting some better nights of sleep. Especially since inheritance day is tomorrow.


"Oh. My. God. You wanted a plan, and I gave it to you. What. Is. The. Problem?"

“The problem is the fact that your plan is stupid!"

"I take offense to that!"

"Good!" There was a brief silence. "Look, you have until September 25th to come up with a better plan. Four days."

"Okay. By-" The person on the other end hung up.

Bright Eyes & Subtle Variations of Blue

"So explain it to me again?" David asked as Roman and Jane shook their heads.

"Okay, my family worth is in the multi millions. With me so far?" Roman began for the umpteenth time.


"Well, me, Rory, and my two sisters Rhonda and Ruby have to fight in a tournament to see who gets the inheritance. Whoever won the most recent tournament gets the money."

"But why?" David responded. The three of them were standing on a street corner on a cool day, right where they had agreed to meet up with Rory. A light mist was falling from the sky, and they were all wearing hoodies. (Except for Jane, who claimed she "wasn't cold.")

"Beats me." Roman replied with a shrug.

"Like I do, every time?" Rory appeared behind them, making them all jump. He laughed. "What, you didn't notice me silently sneaking up on you?"

"It doesn't count if you teleport."

"Yeah, yeah. Keep telling yourself that." Rory looked at Roman's friends. "They coming too?"

"No, we really don't want to impose on you guys." Said Jane.

"You sure? There are enough rooms I doubt anyone would notice."

"Well, if you put it-"

"Yes! Definitely yes!" David interjected.

"Perfect. You guys ever teleported before?"

"Rory, of course they haven't."

"I asked them, not you, Roman."

"Actually we haven't." Jane said.

"Okay." Rory said, summoning the arrow coated suit that was his stand. "So, brief rundown- My Way Anyway can distort space and time more or less at will, got it?"

"Wait what! Holy crap that's powerful!" David said while Roman glared at him.

"Yeah, a lot more powerful than some plagiarism app." Rory said as Roman sighed.

"Can we just go already?" He asked.

"Fine. Everyone ready?" Rory asked. There was a brief chorus of agreements. "Then let's go."


About a minute later, the four of them were deposited in the long driveway of a wooden mansion in the middle of nowhere. Roman and Rory were used to it, but David and Jane sure weren't. David walked about five steps away before vomiting. Jane managed to hold it down, but her face was the color of old oatmeal mixed with the pale green of queasiness.

"That was... nauseating." Jane said.

"Yeah... I usually get vertigo from it..." Roman agreed, taking a step forward in the way dizzy people do. Rory held out his foot to try and trip him, but he sidestepped it.

"Anyway, welcome the Kishibe Estate." David, now back from retching, took his hands off his knees and looked at the house in front of them. His jaw dropped. There was at least two hundred meters of exquisitely kept garden leading right up to an intimidating dark wood two story mansion. He could have sworn he saw a fountain somewhere, and the doors were at least five meters tall.

"Roman... this is where you live!?"

"No, this is where my parents and siblings live. I live in the same apartment complex as you do." Rory, who was standing very close behind Roman and David, began to snicker. "What's so damn funny?"

"Nothing, nothing. It's just... an apartment complex? That's low, even for you."

"Shut the hell up. And back the hell up too, freak." There was relative silence as they walked the rest of the way, save for muted gasps of awe coming from David. Roman walked up to the door and knocked on it once with the brass lion head door knocker. He was halfway through the second knock when a butler dressed in a suit with short black hair and a thin mustache opened the door.

"Master Rory, Master Roman. Welcome home. And you brought guests... welcome to you too, Mr. and Ms." He said in a proper British accent. "Master Roman, Mrs. Rachel asked me to send for you when you arrived. She is in the library. Mr. and Ms., please follow me and I'll show you your rooms." The butler walked off with Jane and David. Rory punched Roman in the shoulder.

"Can't wait to demolish you in the tournament!" He teleported away. Roman sighed and began to walk to the library.


Rachel was combing through the rows and rows of old books when the library doors opened. She turned around to see her son walking through the door.

"Roman! Roman, I haven't seen you in so long!" She dropped her stack of books, letting her blue eyes flash golden and suspending the books in midair before walking over to her son and smothering him in a hug.

"Mom, you don't need to hug me!"

"But I'm going to!" She pulled away then assumed an angrier look. "You didn't text me once! I was worried sick!"

"Mom, I'm twenty two! You don't need to worry about me!"

"But I'm going to." She changed back to smiling. "How was your time in Seattle?"

"It was pretty good... I met some people, made some new friends... you would not believe how many stands I photographed."

"That's so wonderful! I'm glad you had a good time."

"Yeah... so, why did you want to talk with me?"

"Roman, I haven't seen you in a year!" Roman gave his mother a look that said I'm not buying it. "I missed you?" He continued the look. Rachel sighed. "Look, Roman, you know that your father wasn't Ray." Roman scoffed.

"How could I possibly forget when it seems to be all Rory talks about?" He gave a half hearted laugh.

"Well... I just figured it was time to tell you his name."

"You said it was a one night stand. How do you know he wasn't lying?"

"I don't. But I choose to see the best in him."


"Why do I need a reason to? I see the best in everyone."

"Okay, are you going to tell me or not?" Rachel pursed her lips.

"Alexander Kirigan." Roman paused for a second. Then he snickered. Then he full on laughed.

"Oh wow... that's a good one... and here I thought you were serious." Rachel's face turned red.

"Roman, what are you talking about?"

"That's the name of the main villain of the Shadow & Bone series... There's no way it's true!" He laughed again. Rachel's face became stern.

"Well then. I guess he lied. Pardon me, but the books have almost hit the ground." She walked off to pick up the books that were falling in slow motion as Roman walked away. There was someone he wanted to talk to.

Just Roll My Eyes Back Every Time I Hear That

It was an overcast day outside the Kishibe estate. A small girl, about thirteen, with shoulder length brown hair and red glasses, nervously glanced up at the sky. It looked like it was going to rain. She pulled up the hood to her bright yellow rain jacket and kept drawing. The sketch she was drawing was a suit with arrows decorating it. The tip of her pencil snapped and she sighed.

"Want me to get that?" A voice from behind her made her turn her head. She saw a man dressed in all blue walking across the slightly soggy ground towards the bench she was sitting on. Rhonda scooched over and made some room on the wooden bench for Roman.

"Sure." She responded. Roman touched the pencil and, in a small flash, the lead was reattached. "Thanks."

"No problem. How's the drawing going?"


"Can I see it?" Roman asked. She showed it to him, and he snickered for a sec, before catching himself.

"That was good! I liked it!"

"You're faking!"

"No... not at all..." Rhonda punched him in the shoulder. "Okay fine, but it was better than last time I was here!"

"Yeah... I guess."

"You gonna do the tournament this year?"

"Nah... I still need a good caricature of you losing to Rory."

"Hey, how do you know he won't lose this time?"

"Roman. No one can beat Rory. Not me, not you, not even Ruby."

"How do you know I haven't just been holding back? I could have some secret super powerful stand that you wouldn't even know about."

"Yeah right. You'd have used it to land a single blow on Rory by now."

"I- I can't argue with that." They both laughed. "So when's the first fight?"

"One O' Clock. Five hours."

"Is it-"

"Ruby versus you." Roman sighed. Ruby was his younger sister by five years. She was shallow, mean, and spent all of her time locked up in her room or out with her friends who were just... horrible.

"Great. I have to deal with Wonderwall again. Do you know how annoying that stand is?"


"Right. You've never fought it."

"Yup.' Rhonda traced her pencil over an old line on her drawing, causing it to go away. Then she seemingly changed her mind and erased the line back into existence.

"You figure out what your stand does yet?"

"Inversion." She said, without looking up from her drawing.

"Like... turning things inside out?"

"No, like making the wrong thing happen."

"I- I'm not sure I get it." Rhonda unscrewed the cap from her bottle of ice water and splashed it at the tree behind them. The tree immediately caught on fire. However, instead of burning the tree, ice crystals were forming on it.

"Get it now?" Roman photographed the golden headband, and unlocked two new abilities: Invert and Reality Warp.

"I think so, yeah."

"Cool." Roman looked over at the drawing again. It was moving along quickly; Now the person wearing My Way Anyway was punching another person, who was holding a phone-

"Hey! Is that supposed to be me?"


"Well that's hurtful."

"But accurate."

"Ouch. You don't pull your punches, do you Rhonda?"

"Where's the fun in that?" Roman sighed.

"Well, it was nice talking with you. Keep working on the stand explanation speech!" Roman said as he got up and began walking back to the house.

"You got it!" Roman walked back inside to see something he never would have expected.

A Fiery White Knight, Fresh From The Fight

Twenty Minutes Earlier...

"Master Roman, Mrs. Rachel asked me to send for you when you arrived. She is in the library. Mr. and Ms., please follow me and I'll show you your rooms." Jane and David shuffled down the carpeted hallway, following the butler through the maze of twisting corridors. Eventually, they stopped walking and Jane heard a pair of doors open. "Ms..." The butler began, expecting Jane to fill in her name.

"Jane. Er- Kujo. Jane Kujo."

"Ms. Kujo, this room is yours." Jane walked inside as the butler repeated the process for David. Jane got a stand ping, and heard a strange sound, like a burst of flames. She whipped around and punched... nothing? Nothing was there, except... a piece of paper. If there was fire shouldn't it have burned? She picked up the paper, well aware that it could be a trap, and tried to smooth it out for a second, before just using Living On Borrowed Time to flatten it. She opened her door and knocked on David's door.

"Oh, hi Jane."

"Hey David. Is there anything written on this piece of paper?"

"Is this a riddle?"

"I- No, I'm blind and can't see what's written on it."

"Oh yeah. Here, let me see it." Jane handed him the paper. "Okay, this is... creepy..."

"What's it say?"

"Dear Jane Kujo and David Gardner, in exactly five minutes I will attack you using my stand, which I call..." David paused.

"What does he call it?"

"It's smudged out."

"Okay, keep reading it."

"Which I call blank. I know exactly what your stands Guns N' Roses and Cosmic Autumn Rebellion do, so in the interest of fairness, my stand allows me to teleport. Once the five minutes pass, I will teleport you two to a grass prairie where my partner and I will attack you using our stands. Sincerely, Foster the Person."

"What the hell?"

"Probably just some prank."

"Yeah... a prank."

"You're right, this is too weird to not be a stand." David said, stopping to think. "Five minutes..."

"Less by now, probably."

"Yeah..." Jane got a stand ping.

"David! They're here!" There was no response. "David?"

"Hello, Jane Kujo." Her stand ping went off again. "The name's Foster."

"Foster the person?"

"That's the one."

``Where did you put my friend?"

"Wanna come find out?"

"Bring. Him Back."

"Nah." A hand grasped onto her shoulder and she heard a match get blown out. And then she was gone.


David had felt a hand grab his shoulder, and then before he knew it, there was one hand around his chest and another holding a knife to his throat. He gulped. He was in some kind of grass field with long, scratchy plants that grew up to his knees. it was night now; he had been teleported far enough that it was night. He felt hot breath on his neck, but it wasn't enough to offset the chill of the night. A few dozen meters away he saw a pure white horse with its mane moving in the wind. The pale glow of the waning crescent moon made the horse look like a ghost.

"What do you want?" He whispered in a near strangled voice, trying not to make his throat run into the blade.

"Shut up." A hushed and whispered voice. "Don't say another word." In a flash of mint green flames a man who was nearly paper white appeared nearby, holding Jane by the shoulder. Jane jerked free of his grip and he made no effort to stop her, simply taking out a pair of pistols.

"Are you two ready?" He asked with a demented smile growing on his face. He clicked the safety off on both the pistols and pointed them at Jane and David.

"Ready for what?" Jane asked with a mildly annoyed tone.

"To die." The pale man said. The woman holding onto David released her grip and walked over to the horse.

"What are you talking about? Is this a thing that you guys do?"

"No. We do this because we're paid to. You-" He gestured to David with a gun. "Have a pretty paltry bounty on your head. Maybe like a second Christmas bonus. But you..." He changed to aim and Jane Kujo. "Have a truly excellent bounty. What is it now, Mia?"

"About a million dollars. Give or take."

"Someone really wants you dead."

"But why?" Jane asked.

"That's the best part. We don't know, and we don't care!"

"So you're just murderers? Why?"

"It pays a hell of a lot better than being a teacher, doesn't it?"

"Huh. So what should I call you two when I call the ambulance?"

"Call me Mark. The woman over there is Mia." The woman- Mia- had gotten onto the horse, and a pale silver armor had materialized around her. Mark held up a lighter with a cruel grin on his face. "I'd load your little plant gun now." Mia held out her hand towards David and the flame from the lighter extended in a gruesome kraken of fiery tentacles. They wrapped around his chest and lifted him high up into the sky.

"What, solid fire? Like I haven't seen all this stuff before." Jane scoffed. She took a handful of coins from her pocket. David screamed; He was probably on fire by now, and burning. Saki can heal him. She told herself.

"According to our intel, you haven't seen anything in quite a while. Taking you out is gonna be easy." Mark said. David laughed a little before the fire tendrils constricted his chest, morphing it into a cough. He reached for Guns N' Roses while saying.

"Oh... you've made such a grave mistake."

"Hardly. What's some blind teenager going to-" He struck a match and teleported. "Do to me? Torches is invincible, especially when fighting someone who can't even see where I-"


Several flashes illuminated the battlefield as Jane stood, teeth bared, breathing heavily in anger, with Cosmic Autumn Rebellion standing in front of her with its semiliquid hands in... finger guns?

"Have you ever heard of the mantis shrimp?" Jane asked Mark, who had several holes punched through his arms and one through his shoulder. "No? Let me explain. A mantis shrimp can punch hard enough while underwater to replicate the force of a gun, with a bang and flash and everything. Cosmic Autumn Rebellion, while lacking in strength, more than makes up for this with speed... I just tossed those coins in the air, and my stand punched them all at supersonic speeds into your chest. The bangs and flashes came from the vacuum created by the coins being violently filled in with air, sort of like thunder." Mark was simply staring at her, mouth agape. Blood was starting to pour from the holes in his chest, but he didn't appear to mind.

"Oh, SCREW YOU! Mia, hold them off! I need to pay Tomoko a visit!" He struck a match and disappeared.

"Don't worry, I'll have the job done by the time you're back!" A plume of fire was sent into the sky before forming itself into a volley of arrows. They all slowly aimed themselves at Jane before flying at her at incredible speeds.

"MYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOFALL!" Cosmic Autumn Rebellion yelled as it tried to deflect them all, but one of them hit her, getting stuck in her shoulder and setting her shirt on fire. The fire on her shirt grew into a snake and wrapped around her torso in coiling fiery bands. One of them wrapped around her throat. Her whole body was both literally and figuratively on fire. She tried to scream in pain but only ended up making a strangled gurgle. I'm... screwed...

Torches & Holding Out For A Hero Part 1

It was a strange sight; A grassy field with an armored woman on a horse, with fiery tentacles holding up a man and a fire snake constricting an enraged blind girl.

"J- Jane... Catch!" David gave a twist and fell from the tentacles, still flaming, onto the grass. The flames were quickly extinguished, but he still had strange burn wraps on his clothing and skin. He tossed the familiar wooden flare gun to Jane, and Cosmic Autumn Rebellion caught it at a blinding speed.

"What the fu-" She got out before coughing from the smoke around her. "Am I supposed to do with that?"

"Shoot the frost bl-" And then the fire tentacles wrapped back around his foot and lifted him back up into the air upside down. The metal colander fell off his head as well as a few gardening tools from his pockets.

"The frost what?" David didn't respond, instead throwing a handful of bullets at Jane. A few of them hit her, but most just landed in the wet ground. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE?!" She struggled to break out of the fire bands for a few more seconds before a bright idea struck her. "Cosmic Autumn Rebellion: Living On Borrowed Time!" She yelled. "You should have paid more attention to my stand ability!"

"What, age shifting? How will that help you against fire?"

"It-" She coughed a few times. "Fire burns out, it's in its very nature." Yellow clocks appeared around Cosmic Autumn's fist. "If fire ages faster... it.... it..." She had been aging the fire, and it was burning out. But one thing she had forgotten to consider was that fire consumed oxygen. In her trying to age the fire out of existence, it had consumed most of the oxygen in the area. It was only for a few breaths, but it was enough to disorient her for a second.

"Jane! Do that to the fire around her to break the contact of the tentacles!" He yelled while being swung around by the fire whip.

"She's out of range! She's thirty meters away!"

"Then just shoot her some more!"


"I gave you bullets!"

"Oh shut up!" Mia interjected. She was wreathed in red flames and, under her visor, a fire seemed to be burning in her eyes. "I'll kill you both!" She started shooting random bolts of fire from her hands, aiming wildly at Jane. Most of them hit the ground, and the ones that even came close were instantly snuffed out by Living on Borrowed Time. "Just die already!" The embers on the ground that were still flaming roared up into an inferno, a near tidal wave of fire. The yellow clocks around Cosmic Autumn Rebellion's fists began to flicker, before collapsing in on themselves.

"Frick... out of energy..." Jane muttered. A bolt of fire sailed by her ear, singeing some of her hair. "Hey!" Mia turned up all the flames, and they seemed to quadruple in size. David screamed as his leg was crushed by the flame growing in size. In a flash of pale green flames, Mark Foster teleported back onto the playing field behind Jane.

"Guess whoo~oo!" He yelled in a singsong voice. Jane turned around to punch him, but he teleported away again. He had a handful of smoldering matches in his hands, and a gust of wind blew one out. He vanished again and reappeared behind Jane. "Frick-" He managed before Cosmic Autumn Rebellion's leg snapped forwards to kick him in the jaw, before delivering a roundhouse kick to his ribs. Jane heard a satisfying crack.

"Damn... you're strong for a disabled person..." Mark said, wiping a trickle of blood off his cheek. Jane's mind went red. She was going to kill him. She was-

"Shut up, Mark! And leave! I've got this!" Mia yelled at him. "You're not helping at all!" Mark held up his hand in protest before Mia hurled a fireball at him, and he teleported away in response. Mia prepared to fuel the fires again before Mark reappeared behind her. With a lit match in his hand. The fires grew, and the turquoise flame of the match did too. It grew into a tornado. And everyone in the field blacked out.

It was Like a sEa. Swimming alone, in an endless green ocean. Jane's eyes fluTtered open, and iT was almost ten full seconds before sHe rEalized what waS wrong with that fact... She was blind. LacKing severelY in the visual aspect oF life. She hAd a faLling feeLing in the pit of her stomach, like zero gravity. It was like swimming, but not; There was almost a light to it, a pale green glow. It all seemed to bleed together, colors of the sea bleeding and swirling around her like ink...

Jane snapped back to the real world. She had fallen unconscious. She heard peaceful crackling noises from a fire nearby her. But it was wrong somehow... too slow. She got up, and immediately realized she could still see. She gasped in surprise, and a grin broke out on her face. She looked at her hands and... they were see through? Like an outline? What the hell? She looked around, and saw mint green flames enveloping the grassy field. Four other spirit looking things resembling David Gardner, Mark, a horse, and a knight in armor. Jane looked down to her feet and she saw her lifeless body on the ground. Her right arm was ablaze in the turquoise flames. Instinctively, she reached for her spirit arm and found... an arm. She didn't feel pain, but... her arm seemed to be disintegrating into small motes of blue crystal looking things. As she looked, her hand faded away completely into blue dust. And the fire on her body was spreading. She saw Mark try to light a match, and she went to punch him with Cosmic Autumn Rebellion.

"MYKOMYKOMYKOMYKO...." It began, before slowing down. Mark had flinched, stopping him from lighting the match. Both of Jane's soul hands has disintegrated, and this was reflected on her stand. The punches were hitting air. Ether? Wait, just kick him! Jane thought, moving in to hit him before...he vanished. His body too.

"Damn it Mark!" yelled Mia. "You freaking coward! I swear I'll-" In a flash of green flames, a mangled corpse appeared in the air above her. It fell down on her body and she screamed. It looked like Mark had been torn open down the side, and his organs were braided together and wrapped around his neck like a scarf.

"Mia..."He gargled through a pool of blood. "He... finally... snapped..." Jane felt his stand fade away as he died. She had never seen anything that gory... while, she had never seen gore before, but she had heard it and this was... a whole new level.

"What kind of stand could have caused this..?" She mumbled out loud. The knight in shining armor turned to look at her (through the vent faceplate) and said something that, for some reason, sent shivers down her spine and made her hair stand on end.

"His stand could have."

Ladies & Gentlemen, A Brief Interlude

It was a standard office building. Maybe three, four stories tall. All dark gray. A rotary door led into a lobby that, while nice, was not particularly noticeable. It was bright outside, almost noon, and, although no one had noticed him, he was there. Leaning against a dumpster, holding a cigarette stub in his hands. He was dressed in all black; Black hoodie, black jeans, black shoes. His hair was spiked back over his head and he had a small patch of black hair on his chin. He was skinny, and average height, and to most who even managed to notice him just assumed he was some hipster going through a phase.

"Oh... AJ. Hello." He turned around. A Japanese woman wearing turquoise accompanied by a thin blue stand wearing a surgical mask.

"Tomoko. Nice to see you."

"I- You too." She looked down, trying to avoid looking at his emotionless face. She hurried past him while her stand turned to glare at him.

"Hey, Tomoko?" A moment of silence.


"I like you. You're a good person. So I'm going to give you some advice."

He extinguished his cigarette and ground it into the ground with the heel of his shoe. He took off his sunglasses, which almost seemed to melt away into shadows. He looked her straight in the eye. "You decided to take a slightly longer route that added five minutes to your walk. Do you understand?" Tomoko looked at him in fear. "Do you understand?" He took a step towards her and she backed up.

"I- Yes." She hurried around the corner and immediately took out her phone, opening the phone. She selected the contact labeled 'Devon <3', and she selected 'Call mobile.' Her phone started ringing.

"Come on, pick up... pick up!" She whispered.

"Oh, and I forgot to mention..." She heard his voice behind her. She tried to turn around... and couldn't. Paralysis? His stand... paralyzes? Her phone slipped out of her hand and onto the ground. "You dropped your phone on your walk. And it broke." The person she was calling picked up.

"Honey? Honey is everything alr-" AJ picked up the phone and hung up. Then he smashed it on the ground. "Well Tomoko... better get walking. Or you might just have an unfortunate accident... Got it!?" Tomoko tried to nod, but was still paralyzed. The stand stopped, and she bolted. She didn't even look back at AJ. She just ran.

AJ clicked the safety off on his pistol, aiming it at Tomoko's head. He put his sunglasses on. Then he put it away. He couldn't bring himself to do it.

"Oh. AJ. Not too nice to see you he-" *BANG* AJ turned to see who he had just killed. Oh. Him. That idiot who calls himself Spearmint. He stepped over the limp corpse dressed in an orange snakeskin suit with a green tie. He could have been a problem. Lucky thing for me he's dead. He heard groaning. Ugh. Scratch that. He kneeled and pressed the pistol up against the man's skull and pulled the trigger. The spray of blood stained his sunglasses at an upward angle. That ought to do it. He walked through the rotary door and summoned his stand. He heard a mechanical whirring sound as a brown satellite appeared, hovering around his head. It has glowing, tattoo-like marks. The strapped-for-cash improv actor they had hired to make this place seem like a sub-par law firm was staring at him in shock. He reached underneath the desk- presumably for some kind of alarm trigger- And AJ grabbed his wrist. He gave a grin, a grin filled with all the malice and hatred in AJ's soul, and his eyes seemed to glow red. He winked. The actor's jawbone split in two, ripping out of his face and clamping shut over his mouth before they fused together. Then, his spinal cord rotated one hundred and eighty degrees. He would be paralyzed for life, or at least until the changes reverted.

"You'll be fine. Just walk it off." The secretary made a noise AJ could only assume was a scream of agony. He began walking up the stairs, before turning around.

"Oh... and in case you were wondering..." The grin had already faded from his face. "It's called Air Raid Vehicle." More muffled screams. He walked up the stairs towards the break room where most of the people hung out. The main person stopping him from doing this a long, long time ago, that Strawberry lady, was on vacation in England. A few people had died recently, and some had just up and vanished, so there were only five people he had to kill. Two of them, Mark and Horse Girl, were out on a job. Jenny, Gold Freak, and Hand Fetish were the only ones left. He opened the door and walked in, and everyone who he thought was in there was there. He relocated Air Raid Vehicle to Don's office and deafened him. One minute. Twice the time I need. He took his sunglasses off, and the noise in the room seemed to stop. Everyone turned to look at him. Golden Boy even stopped walking for a second. No one there had ever seen him do that for more than a few seconds. Then he twisted. Snap. As the sound was made, Golden Boy snapped in half. A few of his organs fell out as he fell onto the ground, dead. There was a stunned silence.

"Purge the Poison!"

"Witch Doctor!" AJ cracked his knuckles.

"Well? Are we gonna do this or what?"

"AJ... hold your hands above your head and put your stand away." Jenny said.

"Jenny, back up."

"Purge the P-" Jenny was interrupted by a white haired idiot appearing in a flash of flames . AJ gave a wicked smile to him. He did this all the time, getting injured and returning mid mission to come crying back to Tomoko. Too bad for him.

"Mark... you should leave." AJ grinned-

"I'm here for healing, dumba-"


-and ripped his body in half down the front, then twisted.

"Did you really think the doc was in?" The rest of the CASCADA members watched in mute horror before giving each other glances. Glances that carried the last goodbyes any of them would ever communicate.


Don was sitting in his office, typing away on the computer. He hadn't even noticed his hearing was gone; he was so absorbed in his work, he couldn't have heard it anyway. The bloody, smeared handprint on his window, though, was enough to make him look up. His heart rate skyrocketed. He got up and went for the door handle, but it twisted before he could get to it. It opened, and he saw him. AJ, with a wild look in his eyes, hair dripping with blood, and a smile on his face.

"AJ... how did-"

"With my stand, Don."


"I've known about the silent alarm for years."

"Just... why?" He took a step closer to Don, and Don backed up. He laughed and took another step forwards, and Don kept going backwards until he hit the wall.

"Because I can, Don. Because I can." He reached out and touched Don's shoulder. "I'll make sure your ending is long, and painful." Don felt his rib cage tighten and his chest muscles freeze up. All the air was pushed out of his lungs. He fell to the ground, trying to gasp, but failing. His skeletal system had tightened so much he couldn't breathe. "Goodbye." AJ walked out. And Don was left to suffocate, alone, unable to call for help, with his rib cage tightening so much it was agony.

AJ walked down the staircase to find the actor kid crumpled on the floor. He was dead... no, just unconscious. AJ woke him up.

"You know... I need to use my stand on Don for a while... but I can spare a minute. So, tell me this, do you like bullets?" The kid shook his head, afraid to speak. Air Raid Vehicle switched focus to him. The kid stood up and AJ handed him the gun.

"No... please don't.." A drop of sweat ran down his face as tears began to leak from his eyes.

"Shut the hell up." AJ smiled again. The actor raised the gun to his face, opened his mouth, and pulled the trigger.

Chapter 4: Late Nights & Early Parades

Torches & Holding Out For A Hero Part 2

"His stand could have."

"Wh- Who's stand?" Jane asked, curiosity (and horror) getting the better of her.

"He- Wait, why am I talking to you! I've still got a job to do!"

"Hey, lady! Listen up! We're all gonna die if we don't find a way to reverse this effect NOW! Got it?" David snapped at Mia.

"Why are you telling me that? This has never happened before, and it certainly isn't my doing!"

"Really? Green fire being controlled? Sure, sounds a lot like my flower gun and Jane's freaking liquid clock!"

"Well even if it was me, the only way to deactivate Holding Out For A Hero is to get off the horse's back! And I don't know if you realized, but I can't move my body right now!"

"Both of you shut up!" Jane interjected. "I know exactly how to get out of this. You!" She pointed at Mia. "Can you still control the flames?" Mia waved her hand (Or what was remaining of it, anyway) and a small portion of the fire bent a little, as if in a breeze.

"A little... it's weakened."

"Good. Try and light Mark's corpse on fire. Now, everyone close your eyes and picture the Kishibe estate, then phase your soul or spirit or whatever we are right now through the box of matches."


"I don't give a damn what it's called. When he teleported, his soul went back in his body. I figure we can use the same trick to get us back."

"What about Creme?" Mia asked. Her tone had completely changed, almost like the difference between a gruff assassin and a scared office temp. "He... he might die..."


"The horse! Creme De La Creme!"

"That's what you named him?" David half yelled half asked.

"Well... no... this lady... Strawberry Fields Forever... named him, and it just sort of... stuck."

"That doesn't matter right now! You can go back to him later! Just grab the matches and set them on fire!"

"O- Ok!" Both of them had had one or more limbs disintegrate into the blue spirit crystals. Everyone sat there for a moment with their hands on the matches. And then, almost like the world around them burned away, suddenly three disgruntled and on fire people and one horse were all teleported into a hallway in the Kishibe Estate. A door to some grassy field opened up and Roman, wearing all blue as usual, walked through the door and saw what it was. He took out his phone and took a picture of the whole mess, then asked;

"What happened and who should I hit with a lightning bolt?" No one bothered to answer his question; David took out his gun and aimed it at the woman in a dark cloak with a knife. Jane stumbled to her feet at the same time as the woman and immediately punched her in the face back down to the ground.

"That..." She said, "Was for trying to kill me." She grabbed Mia's hand, helped her back up again, and roundhouse kicked her in the ribs. Mia stepped back, but didn't fall that time. "That was for trying to kill one of my friends." Then she summoned Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. The star in its eye seemed to glow brighter than normal. Mia closed her eyes and flinched away, expecting a punch from Jane... but none came. Mia opened her eyes and Jane was using her stand to fix up her clothes. "And that was for caring about animals. I can't heal, but I can do that for you."

"Why...? The only reason I care about that horse is that it lets me use a-"

"You cared about whether it was going to die. Genuinely cared, I could tell. No one who's truly evil cares about animals like that."

"But I-"

"Stop arguing. Also, please leave before me or David changes our mind.

"Right... Thanks, I guess..." Mia struck a match and vanished, before reappearing. "Sorry, I forgot the horse..."

"Just get it."



Ella Vee was skipping down towards Rockefeller Street, alongside Cold As Ice, when she heard a commotion around the corner. It sounded like two people fighting. They walked around the corner, seemingly in a heated argument. One of them, a man wearing a black suit with vibrant red hair, seemingly trying to walk away from a blond woman in a black tank top and shorts, said;

"No, I'm not doing this plan! I'm not lost!"

"Come on! Don't be such a wet blanket!"

"Wet blankets are great at putting out flaming disasters such as yourself."

"You take that back!"

"I will not!"

"Hey you!" The blond woman said, turning to Ella. "What do you think? My boyfriend here thinks that we aren't lost and asking for help would be 'dumb' and 'childish'. What's your opinion?"

"I- I mean, I really don't have one..."

"Great. You're siding with her." The man said.

"No, I'm not..."

"So you're siding with him?"

"I'm just a random person on the street!"

"Ugh. Fine." The woman turned to the man. "I think we're done." His demeanor changed completely.

"Carrie... I... I was going to propose to you tonight..."

"Wh- What?"

"I was. There was going to be a romantic dinner, and then-"

"Yes! Yes yes yes a thousand times yes!" She ran at the man and hugged him. Ella started to walk away.

"Hey wait!" The man called after her. "We were looking for a place called Rockefeller Street... have you seen it?"

"Aww, you asked for help!"

"Of course I did honey."

"Even though you don't like asking for help?"

"I should have listened to you earlier."

"I know where it is. Here, this way. It's just around the corner."

"Well... that's absolutely.... fantastic."

All The Lights That Light The Way Are Blinding

"Roman, the amount of braille in this house is way too low." Jane remarked as Roman took books off the shelf. "I mean, what if you had a blind guest come over?"

"Jane, you're the first visitor this house has had in months. Usually our aunts and uncles come over for Thanksgiving, and we usually host weddings for family members." And funerals. Roman mentally added.

"Just because you live in a bubble-"

"My family lives in a bubble. I live in Seattle."

"I live in Seattle." Came a high pitched mocking voice of Rory from behind Roman; It startled him and he fell backwards from the ladder he was on, saved from falling only by Jane reacting with Cosmic Autumn Rebellion in time. "Seattle. Of all the places in the world... man, you make me feel sad for Mom and Dad. Then again, Dad has no connection to you, so I guess I should just feel sorry for anyone who has the potential of being your father." Romans ears turned red.

"Rory, why don't you shut up and mind your own business!"

"Eesh, sorry, guess I struck a nerve there." For the first time in a while, he wasn't wearing his stand, just a regular green sweater with arrows on it. And leather pants. Because he was awful.

"Rory, I-" *BEEP* Roman paused. That was the sound of an ability being deployed from his stand. But he hadn't chosen to-

"Roman, what are you doing?" Rory asked, the tiniest edge on panic creeping into his ever-so-infuriating voice. "What- you-"

"I'm not doing anything Rory. Get your head on straight." Rory fell over, seemingly unconscious, with a nosebleed.

"Roman, what was that?"

"I don't know. I think I pocket used. You know, like pocket dialing but with Blueberry Eyes... it happens a lot. Looks like an ability relating to pressu-"

"No, not that... there was a flare in your stand aura... almost like your stand was boiling for a second..."

"It's probably nothing." Roman grabbed the light blue book he had selected from the couch and left. Jane followed him.

"So what book is that?"

"The Complete Guide to Wonderwall: All Known Effects. Written by me to win this tournament."

"You really want to win this thing, don't you?"

"It's a matter of principle: Rory is a jerk who doesn't deserve an inheritance."


"And I want the money, but that's besides the point." They walked past Rhonda's room and heard loud pop music playing. Roman cringed, opening his phone and selecting an ability called 'Exceptional Woman.' The sound instantly stopped. "Never thought that would come in handy."

"So where is your sister? The other one, I mean?"



"She won't tell anyone, especially not me. Your guess is as good as mine." They arrived outside a door painted with splashes of blue paint in every shade and Roman turned to Jane. "Okay, I need to study for a while. See you at Twelve Forty-Five.


Rhonda, Rachel, Rory, Richard, Jane and David had all set up folding lawn chairs in front of a massive grassy field. From their perspective, Roman and Ruby were like two dots of red and blue, each with their own color scheme. Rory had used My Way Anyway to float above the playing field with a megaphone, and a camera had been set up to get the whole thing on tape.

"Ready!?" Yelled, the sound echoing through the megaphone. "Start!" A shimmering wall of thousands of colors and shapes rushed at Roman like a speeding train. He knew this opener. He bought a few charges of the teleportation ability he had unlocked in the hall and used one to teleport behind Ruby, before holding his hand out to shoot a bolt of lightning. A wall opened in front of him, which was just what he wanted. Ruby couldn't see through walls, so now he cou- An impact from behind knocked the wind out of him and sent him flying. He landed on his feet and slid a few meters before coming to a halt. He got up and looked around. There was a punishment for touching Wonderwall, and it was new every time. He heard thunder as lightning arced from the sky towards him, but it missed.

"I hate this stand so much..." He muttered under his breath. He browsed his ability library for a second, and he... noticed something. Discord? Queen Supreme? Tonight? I've never heard of these abilities, let alone photographed them... He kept scrolling, checking if he had any more abilities, when he settled on something he never thought he'd see again. What? No, that can't be right. That- Another wall slammed into him. He had forgotten to keep his guard up, and now he would likely lose for his mistake. A hail of razor sharp ice spikes fell on him from above and he rolled out of the way, but one nicked him in the arm, tearing his now filthy sweater. He bought a random ability and directed it at Ruby. Oh. It's that Queen Supreme thing. He saw her get pushed to the left, then fall over. He used the second of three teleportation charges to get over to her, and activated another ability. A sphere of darkness extended from Roman in all directions surrounding Ruby. He knew it was there, but he could see fine.

"Roman, what the hell is this? Roman... Where did you go, you creep?!" Ruby got up and threw a punch, connecting with nothing. Roman prepared to finish her off with a fireball, but he saw a dark figure beside him. It looked like... no, it couldn't be... was it- "WONDERWALL!" Ruby summoned her stand and made a wall around her, glowing brightly enough that the sun seemed to dim in comparison. The darkness melted away. Romans eyes burned- And then they didn't. He just couldn't see. He activated the darkness again, and started blasting out random attacks in Ruby's general direction. The darkness began to fade from his eyes as he saw, through the darkness, The Zombie. Preparing to kill his sister.

"Look out!" He tackled the stand and the spike went long, over his sister's shoulder. And then a wave of pressure hit Ruby over and knocked her across the field... and out of bounds.

"Damn it!" Yelled Ruby.

"Yes!" Yelled Roman. Rory teleported across the field to delete the camera that showed Roman winning. Jane leaned over to David.

"What just happened?"

"I think Roman won."

"Oh, good. I was worried he'd lose." She sounded entirely uninterested. Rhonda tapped her on the shoulder. "Yeah?"

"Hi, I don't know if we've met before, but I'm Rhonda. I was just wondering, are you blind?"

"Yes... what about it?"

"I know someone who can let you see again."

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I know someone who ca-"

"I heard you. You god damn liar."

"I was just-"

"Don’t give me hope, okay? Don't give me hope for an unobtainable unreachable pipe dream!" Jane stormed off, leaving Rhonda and David staring at her.

"Is she-"

"Just a sensitive topic. I would know, I still have the scars."


"Oh yeah, it's a funny story." Roman walked up to them having used one of his abilities to clean himself up.

"What are we talking about?"

"How I met you. See, it all started when Roman teleported wrong, and-"

"David, I should be the one telling the story, don't you think?"

"No! The villain doesn't get to tell the story?"

"Villain? You're the villain in that one!" They continued arguing with Rhonda walking a few feet behind them, walking across the wet grass to the house.

I Could Cross My Arms (And Cross Your Mind)

Roman was getting prepared for the family dinner when David barged into his room.

"Hey Roman, is there a pasta strainer somewhere in this house?"

"Why do you need a pasta strainer?"

"My old one was lost fighting the teleporting guy."

"Once again, why do you need a pasta strainer?"

"My religion."

"David. Why on Earth. Do you need. A pasta strainer!?"

"To wear."


"So where is it?"

"I don't know!"

"Why do you not have the locations of a critical item mapped out?"

"How? How is it critical?"

"What if the zombies come?"

"Zombies? Look, look, just... be cool tonight, okay? This is my least favorite night of the year and I want it over with, so please do not extend it."

"Okay, okay.... so no pasta strainer?"

"No!" David rolled his eyes and left. Roman took out his phone, and, with a sigh, deactivated an ability that had been going on for 364 days and 21 hours: Porcelain Face turning his hair blue. It was a rule that you couldn't have dyed hair at family dinners, so he had to deactivate it for three hours every year. His least favorite three hours of the year. He sighed again.

"What is it that they say? You need to go to hell... before the gates of heaven open?"

"I'm sure that's not an expression."

"Really? Huh."

"Aren't you atheist?"

"It's the thought that counts." Roman turned around to see Rhonda, dressed in a pink dress.

"I personally would love to see you go to hell, Roman." Rory said, dressed to kill in a suit and entering the doorway. "Now hurry up, you're late."

"If I'm late, doesn't that mean-" Roman began before Rory collapsed in on himself in a flash of white light. "Oh right. That." Roman pulled out his phone and tapped a few buttons. "Rhonda?"

"No thanks, I'll walk." Roman nodded and pressed the button, vanishing into green flames and reappearing right outside the oversized dining hall of his family's mansion. He stepped inside, preparing for the worst. His father and mother were sitting at the ends of the table, as always, and there were three seats lining each side of the table rather than just the two. David and Jane had sat on the side with Ruby, and that left Roman.... right next to Rory, who had deliberately chosen to sit in the middle just to spite him. He mentally cursed and sat across from David, and next to Rory.

"Well well well. Look what the one night stand dragged in."

"Rory... I'm not in the mood to deal with you, okay? So just.... shut up."

"Fine. I need some time to think of more hurtful things to say to you."


"Good." Rhonda entered the room after walking all the way, and salads fell down from seemingly nowhere onto everyone's plates. David and Jane seemed confused, so Roman leaned over and whispered, "It's my Dad's stand, The Great Beyond. It makes things fall down from... well, anywhere."

"Oh... does that happen a lot?"

"Yeah... it's a lot cheaper and faster to make salads that way. So expect it from now on."

"Okay." Roman sighed before turning to his Dad at the other end of the table. Right about now was when he made his boring speech every year. Then again, it saved Roman from further interaction with his family members.

"Everyone, I would like to make an announcement. This year, through my various business ventures, I have managed to extend the wealth of our family by a lot. We are halfway to being Billionaires." Roman was boredly pushing around lettuce with his fork, but David and Jane stopped (David mid-bite) when he said that.

"Roman! You said you were rich, but... 500 Million Dollars!?"

"Shh! Don't interrupt this part."

"... and a fortunate bullet dodging by not investing in Vienna Incorporated, I am pleased to say that since last September 20th, there have been great successes." Then, the smile ran away from his face. "I also have another announcement. Earlier this month, I was diagnosed with a Stand-Based disease that is fatal and does not seem to be able to be cured. I will be dead in nine months." All of the Kishibe siblings, as well as Jane and David, gasped, and a stunned silence fell across the room. "Of course, this means that I will be updating my last will and testament for the last time at the end of this tournament. The winner takes it all." The silence seemed to last forever, before Rhonda blurted out,

"May I be excused?"

"Yes, of course." Rachel said. "In fact, I feel like everyone needs some time to process this." Everyone got up, shuffling away in stunned silence. Except Rhonda; She walked as fast as she could to her room and shut the door. Roman decided to follow her to see if she was okay; She was a lot less emotionally mature then the rest of the people there. When he got to her door the lights were out and a do not disturb sign she'd made when she was five hing outside her door. Roman knocked.

"Hello? Rhonda?"

"Go away!"

"Look, I just want to make sure you-"

"Is anyone out there with you?" He heard, much quieter.

"No... why?" The door opened a crack.

"Good, I need your help with something. You have money, right?"


"Like, cash though, right?"


"Okay, come on in." She opened the door all the way. Her room was covered ceiling to floor in drawings and sketches, sometimes of other stands, mostly caricatures of people she didn't like. "Look, I know how we can save Dad."


"I'm serious! Just trust me!"

"I- Okay!"

"Lie down on the ground and close your eyes."

"Is this a prank?"

"Just do it!" Roman lied down on the carpeted floor and closed his eyes.

"Okay, now think the phrase 'I want to go to Owl City' three times."

I want to go to Owl City.

I want to go to Owl City.

I want to go to Owl Ci-

Just A Decoy Dream In My Head

Roman opened his eyes. He was lying on the ground on the deck of a ship- Not a modern ship, but an actual wooden ship. It seemed to have been festooned with sparkly aquatic themed decorations. The sky above him seemed to be midnight, with stars and the milky way being strung across the sky like table salt, and a gleaming aurora borealis illuminating the sky like it was day. He turned to his left to see... a construct of Rhonda made out of white light. She was wearing her stand Done Then Gone, and didn't seem to have woken up. Roman got up to his feet and his jaw dropped. above him was a mountain, covered in... everything. There were shops for any conceivable thing you could think of, all on a winding path up the mountain. It was festooned with confetti and glitter and paper lanterns floating through the air, and hundreds of stands without users roaming around.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Rhonda said from behind Roman. Roman grinned from ear to ear.

"This is the coolest thing ever!" Roman said. His voice was strange and raspy, like he had a sore throat.

"Okay, I need to get you a pass... so you can come here again if you want to. JULIA!"

"What do you want?" A girl of about Rhonda's age materialized in front of them.

"I need a pass for my brother here. Oh, where are my manners? Roman, this is Julia Young, user of Owl City."

"Oh- Nice to meet you. It's... amazi-"

"Can it. I've heard it before. A pass is two hundred." Roman tapped his phone (Which was part of his avatar, almost glued to his hand) and converted a few credits into cash.

"Two hundred dollars?"

"Yep. Fork it over, moprh-suit." Roman handed the money over and Julia responded by saying,

"Great, you're on the list." Then vanishing.

"Morph Suit?"

"You did see your avatar, right?"

"No?" Roman turned on his phone's camera and took a selfie. He was a navy blue person with orange eyes, blue lines on his arm, and a strange heart shaped crystal on his chest. It looked familiar- He just couldn't place it. "Well this is new."

"Maybe it's your stand's true form?"

"Maybe... yeah... and who was that Jul-"

"Don't say her name!"


"She's like a genie- If you say her name too many times she appears, except she uses her lucid dream powers to smite you if you don't have a good reason."


"Anyway, C'mon, the shop we have to go to is way at the top."

"So... we're in a dream?"


"Someone else's dream?"


"But also a stand?"

"It's best not to dwell on it." Rhonda stepped off the boat with Roman, and it was like discovering Rockefeller Street for the first time all over again. There were shops of anything you could imagine from all kinds of stands- From a magical coffee shop to a place called Vanilla Twilight to another place where a person in a red hood and a gas mask was selling raw gemstones by the pound. He was so enraptured by the stores that he bumped into someone, who looked like a buff marble statue dressed in strange flowing clothes that were somewhere between layers of very sheer fabric and a cascade of blood. They turned around.

"Are you new here?"

"Uh... yeah, actually."

"Heh... I did the same thing when I first came here."

"Oh... heh... this is a really cool avatar you have."

"Oh, that? It's just my stand. I call it Blood-"

"Hey, don't get distracted!"

"Oh can it ,art boy!" The statue man said to a strange being made of prismatic and reflective four sided polygons.

"We're on a time limit."

"Fine..." The statue turned back to Roman. "Anyway, nice meeting you."

"Nice meeting you too." Roman caught up to Rhonda. "So... your avatar in here..."

"It's just your stand. But you can customize it too, if you have a shop."

"Huh... that's interesting."

"Come on, we're almost here." They turned into a shop called Tidal Wave, seemingly just a wooden square with a pink sigh. Inside was lit up by orbs of flame floating in the air, and lined with a maze of filing cabinets.

"Hello? Mirai?"

"Just a sec! I'm in the back!"

"There is no back!"

"Okay fine, I was testing out my new invisibility cloak." The air in front of Roman shimmered and one of the strangest looking people he had ever met shimmered into view in front of him. She had bleached white hair that was cut short and spiked on top. Several of the spikes had been dyed coral pink. She wore a brown vest covered in the strangest patches and underneath that, a white tank top depicting a coral reef. She had the hilt of a sword (No blade, just a hilt) at her waist as well as several eight sided potion bottles with ribbons matching the color of the potion inside wrapped around the neck. She had turquoise eyeshadow and turquoise eyes, and she was staring at Roman like he had just murdered her best friend.

"Uh... Hi... my name's Roman Kishibe..."

"Nice to meet you Roman." Her glare broke out into a smile and she held out her hand. "The name's Mirai Mirror. Welcome to Tidal Wave!"

"So... Tidal Wave... what do you do?"

"I'm a shop vendor of sorts... I can get you anything, for a price. So what'll it be? Potions? Poisons? A live unicorn? Think outside the box here."

"So, Mirai, do you have anything that could cure a disease?"

"Cure? No... sorry, unfortunately not. One of the rules of my stand is that I can't make something that could positively affect someone in a permanent and major way. Broken bones, I can do. Terminal Illness? You're out of luck."

"Okay, what about something that could stave off a disease?"

"Stave off... sure, that works. I'll have it ready by tomorrow. Anything else?"

"Yeah... do you have anything that could temporarily cure blindness?"

"Pff, that's amateur hour!" She went over to the E cabinet and pulled out a patch, handing it to Roman. "It's on the house with the Pills order." Roman looked at the patch; It seemed to have an image of a red bottle of eyedrops on it.

"What is this?"

"Red Vision. Guaranteed to bring back your vision for four hours! Courtesy of Tidal Wave!"

"Only four?"

"Twelve doses of four hours."

"Oh wow... how do I-'' Mirai snapped her finger and the patch glowed and rapidly expanded into a bottle of actual eye drops.

"Abracadabra! Haha! I love my stand!"

"Wow... that's really cool..."

"Oh my god, quit fawning over her stand." A voice came from in front of Roman. He didn't see anyone.

"Ugh. Screw off Misery Down, I'm trying to make a deal here." A man manifested in front of Roman, wearing a neon orange safety vest over a gray sweater.His nails were painted black and he did look miserable.

"I told you, it's just Downcast Days!"

"I will call you whatever I want, DD."

"You looked at my mail!?"

"You had vanished!'

"I was kidnapped by the Parisian Mafia!"

"I'm enacting rule one of TIdal Wave."

"Don't you dare."

"Buy something or get out already!"

"Ugh! You're so annoying!" The man, Misery or Downcast or DD or whoever left the shop.

"Sorry about that...'' Mirai said. "He's my brother and... well, I love him more than words can describe, but... he's also a little annoying."

"I know the feeling." Rhonda said.

"About Rory, right?"


"About Rory, right?"

"That doesn't matter right now. You need to pay."

"Why am I paying for everything?"

"Because you have money."

"Not anymore, not- Hey, how much does this cost?"

"A thousand dollars." Mirai said with a smile.


"You heard me."


"Roman... just do it." Rhonda said. "You can get cash from your bank account just by focusing on it. Roman summoned and then handed over cash for the order and put the change in his pocket.

"Goodbye, and thank you for shopping at Tidal Wave!" Mirai escorted Roman and Rhonda outside before shutting the door.

"Well that was... a very strange experience." DD appeared in front of them.

"Oh, you again... I didn't see you."

"Of course you didn't see me, I was invisible! Idiots, I'm surrounded by idiots!"

"What does your stand do?"

"What, want to know so you can-" He began to say but then thought better of it. "I got to go."

"Can I see your stand?"

"Bladed Brothers!" Two stands with sharp arms, red and purple colored, both glaring at Roman."

"Oh... it's cool..." DD stormed into Tidal Wave and slammed the door.

"He's... quirky..." Said Roman.

"Tell me about it."


"Downcast, what were you doing? You almost ruined the plan!" Came in Mirai on a radio.

"Look, I let my anger get the better of me. He- That stand killed our sister."

"I get it, but I have a plan. I'll kill him in a legal way."


"You'll see..."

It Came Down Like A Tidal Wave Part 1

Roman and Rhonda were back on the ship when Roman realized what had happened.

"No... No! That lady, what was her name?"


"She pickpocketed me!"


"Yeah! I should still have money left over from that, but I don't!"

"Roman, don't do anything-" He vanished in green flames. "Stupid. Man, that teleportation ability is gonna get annoying."


"Hey! You! Mirai!" Roman yelled, barging into Tidal Wave. "You pickpocketed me!"

"Pickpocketed you! I- How dare you accuse me of that! If I wanted money I'd summon a gold bar!"

"Prove it wasn't you."

"I don't have to disprove it, you have to prove it, you filthy little liar! Innocent until proven guilty!" Julia appeared in a cloud of purple smoke.

"Well well well... what do we have here?"

"She pickpocketed me!"

"Is this a conflict?"


"Yes!" Mirai answered before Roman could.

"Great." Julia smiled wryly, then snapped her fingers and suddenly, Roman and Mirai were transported to a brightly lit sandy pit area. In another second, everyone else in Owl City was suddenly transported to seating, like it was some kind of sporting event. Julia appeared between Roman and Mirai.

"You both know the rules."

"No, I don-"

"Fight!" Mirai pulled a patch of her vest and manifested them into a pair of pink boxing gloves. Then, in an instant, she was behind Roman, and punched him. He was knocked back several meters. Mirai then ripped a potion off of her belt and chugged it all, throwing the bottle and Roman and letting it shatter. Roman backed away from her as she ignited in flames, then leapt towards him with unnaturally springy movement. *click* Roman took a picture of her and her stand on his phone. Ability Unlocked: Patches. Roman tried to use a charge of it, but it brought him to a new interface which he didn't have time to deal with, so he just hurled a bomb at her. It exploded, and when the dust settled... she wasn't there?

"Hey there Mr. Blue." She said from behind him. She began to punch him with those magic boxing gloves again but he punched her first- And sent her flying to the wall. She crashed into it, leaving a small flaming impact crater behind.

"What the hell.? How did I do that? Are you okay?" Mirai looked up at Roman, and her eyes ignited with coral pink fire. She made a punching motion and two patches flew out at Roman. Before he could dodge, electric chains were wrapping around him as a cannon was about to fire straight into his chest. He used another charge of the fire teleportation and teleported as far away from Mirai as he could. Then, he began taking a panorama.

"Come on, come on..." Mirai ran towards him with a handful of fresh new nightmares from her stand, and- *click* The panorama finished. He was about to buy a random ability and hope when Mirai jumped at least six meters in the air and threw six patches at him. They all erupted into a cube of water that became a wave that drenched the entire stadium in water and turned the dust floor into mud. Roman was still inside the wave, and he couldn't tell up from down, when his head hit the wall, causing him to get stunned. Mirai began chugging potion after potion, and took the sword hilt into her hand, which quickly extended into a meter long pink energy sword with a veritable tornado of energy around it. She began slowly, menacingly walking towards Roman.

"Look, Mirai, why do you want to kill me so badly?"

"Don't play dumb!"

"I'm really not... I don't know why I look like this, but this isn't my stand... my stand is just an app on my phone."

"Oh really."


"I think you're lying." She raised her sword and swung down at Roman.

It Came Down Like A Tidal Wave Part 2

The sword sliced clean through Roman's arms he had put up to defend himself, through his neck, down his torso and, just for good measure, cut off one of his legs. He was still. The crowd was silent. The flames in Mirai's eyes had gone out. She turned off her sword and turned away from Roman.

"Revenge is underrated." She said. When a punch from behind knocked her twenty meters forwards.

"I don't know who you are trying to get revenge on, but it sure as hell isn't me. And now, I know exactly what to do to beat you!" Roman took out his phone as he continued running and bought an ability. Mirai spat blood on the ground and got up, ripping off two patches. Each turned into a strange looking pistol that seemed like it was straight out of a Sci-Fi RPG. She began firing shot after shot of concentrated energy at him and it kept punching holes in him, but he kept walking. She took out another tidal wave patch and began to activate it when it shrunk into oblivion.

"Wh- What?"

"This is my sister's ability, Done Then Gone. It makes the opposite of what should happen happen."

"So... you've disabled my stand." The fire in her eyes lit back up. She took off Tidal Wave and put it away. "I'll kill you with my fists alone. I'm still buffed up enough from all those potions that you'll melt on my third punch."

"Then I guess I'll just have to do this." Roman stomped his foot and the ground around him turned to stone in a starburst pattern.

"What was that supposed to do, scare me?"

"I just needed some ammo."

"Ammo?" Roman snapped his fingers, and the rock sheet shattered and began to float in the air. One more snap and it melted into lava and formed spinning saw blades out of lava.

"Look, I really don't want to fight you, but if you keep taking it too fa-"

"TIDAL WAVE!" Mirai hurled a small pink cube at Roman, which he tried to block with a lava blade but couldn't in time. It expanded as it flew towards him and he saw that it was filled with sharp pieces of rusty scrap metal that were also rapidly expanding. He formed the lava shurikens into a barrier to try and melt the metal down, but he couldn't control the resultant molten metal, which fell to the ground. He was about to throw the lava blades at Mirai when... everything stopped. It was like time had just decided to take a break and left everyone else to fend for themselves. Except for Julia.

"Mirai, new guy, I am shocked. Here we were watching you beat each other up for sport, but lethal tactics? That's a twenty four hour ban." She summoned a purple hammer that seemed to be glitching, in a way.

"Banned!" She hit Mirai with the hammer and she disappeared. "And banned." She swung the hammer at Roman and a searing pain shot through him as-

Roman bolted awake on the floor of Rhonda's room. He looked over to Rhonda, who was still sleeping, and then looked at his phone. He had unlocked a lot of new abilities... four hundred and twenty, according to Blueberry Eyes. He would have to spend a while looking at these and seeing what they did.


"Oh we're off to find some paper! The wonderful paper of... something! Yes, cause if we get some paper then we escape from this neverending nightmare!" Alex getter sang, not very well and to no particular melody. Callum had disappeared into 'The Twilight Zone' (Edgy bastard) and Josephine wished she was deaf. Scratch that, she wished her ears had been torn off instead of her foot broken by her stand. However, it wasn't the bad cover of Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive' that made her finally snap, it would have to have been the fact that Callum showed back up just to sing along.

"Go now go! Walk out the door! Just turn around now, cause you're not welcome any-"

"Alex, Callum, turn around, now. You aren't welcome anymore." Oh yeah, and also the bastard they had to fight was part of it. Alex and the idiot with two toned hair stopped singing and looked around for the source of the voice. "Over here." They all turned to the location of the voice and two of them gasped. One of them sighed, and said,

"Do you two have any qualms at all about me killing this man?"

"Wait! Josephine, don't do that." Alex said, summoning her dumb pencil. "We get it, we kind of betrayed him... but... just one thing..."

"What is it Alex?" The man said, looking impatient.

"Do you have any paper?

"I'm not giving you paper."

"Can I kill him now?" Josephine asked.

"Yes, sure." Alex said. She stepped back, expecting the man to be overtaken with a fiery explosion. But instead Josephine just kind of ran at him without summoning her stand.

"Are you just gonna hit him with your bare fists?" Asked Callum.

"I told you, my stand is useless and does... nothing!" She punched the man in the face and he fell backwards, cracking his head sharply against the white ground. Blood started to leak from where he was laying.



"D- Did you just kill a man with a single punch..."


"I'm even more scared of you than ever right now."

"Good." Alex walked up to the man and rifled through his pockets for paper. "Nothing."

"Well, I'll keep killing people and you keep looking for paper. Callum, go screw yourself."

"Nah, I think I'll tag along."

"Perfect. This is my hell."

I Can't See! I Can't Breathe!

Roman stood, paralyzed, unable to watch as black spikes mercilessly tore through the chest of everyone he'd ever known. Jane. David. Other David. His family. Everyone died. And then it pointed at him. It was coming for him.

His eyes slowly fluttered open. He was on the floor with his phone in his hand. Moonlight was streaming through the window. He checked the time. 3:17. Great. Now he'd be tired when he fought Rory. He slowly crept out, as to not disturb Rhonda, who was still comatose, her mind still in Owl City. He crept through the hallways, shadows and moonlight conspiring to make every motion seem like an enemy stand user emerging from the gloom. He made a complex series of twists and turns and eventually found himself at the backdoor, leading out into the large swath of grass where he would fight Rory the next day. He sighed for what felt like the billionth time within the last 24 hours. He did a double take. He had just been on an open grassy field... and now he was in a hedge maze of some kind? He pulled out his phone. No signal. He realized that there was a thick fog surrounding him, so cold that it made his skin crawl.

"Who's there?" He said. No response. He felt like an idiot. He began backing up and- OH MY GOD WHO IS THAT WHAT THE HELL!

"GAH!" He yelled, turning around and preparing to smite whoever he just ran into.

"OH MY GOD!" The person yelled at the same time as him, pulling out a gun... made of wood....



"Oh wow... I was not expecting to see you here. I just started walking, and..."

"Ended up here?"

"Yeah... Do you know where we are?"

"You're right here, and not anywhere else." Said a voice from inside one of the hedges. A woman walked out, and the strangest thing about her was that, no matter how hard either Roman or David tried to perceive her, she just sort of slipped from their memories. They couldn't have described her if they were looking right at her.

"Um... who are you?"

"That's all in how you see things." David loaded Guns N' Roses.

"Alright, quit it with the poetry. Who are you and why did you bring us here?"

"What makes you think I'm not trapped here like you?" A moment of silence passed. "Okay fine, I brought you here."

"Are you going to attack us or something?"

"No. I just need to switch out your cartridges." A muscular stand appeared next to her. It's skin was dark gray, and it's eyes glowed orange like molten metal. It had a massive underbite and it's jaw seemed to be filled with some kind of shiny black liquid. A tattered piece of dirty red cloth hung from its back like a cape, and it's limbs were entirely clear and seemed to be filled with... black squares. "They're getting rusty."

"Cartridges?" David asked, lowering his gun a fraction of a centimeter.

"Cartridges." David could compare what happened next to his beatdown from Cosmic Autumn Rebellion if it had been roughly strong enough to bend solid steel. Roman knew exactly how this felt, except it was worse, because at least Josephine wasn't going to kill him. This woman might. With every blow (Which came nearly too fast to perceive) Roman was worried. But shockingly, he found himself not worried about himself, but about his friends... Jane, and Rhonda... Ella, who he had bonded with over shared love of manga... he remembered Electra telling him about her encounter with a stand called Ghost Town... would that be where he ended up? And David... who only a few days ago he had thought was trying to murder him. And then... It ended. He was on the ground, arms and legs bent at unnatural angles. He was lucky that he was already down on the ground, because the fire in his neck he felt a second later made him pass out instantly.


David woke up to a knock on his door. He had never really been a morning person, so a few minutes later he stumbled to the door in a mismatched outfit and opened it, finding a somewhat frustrated Roman outside.

"David... I don't know why... but... I feel like something important happened last night, and I feel like you were involved. I'm not hung over and we woke up in separate rooms, so that eliminates my two leading theories... Do you remember anything?"

"Actually... now that you mention it... it all gets a little fuzzy after your dad said he had a terminal disease... I think I went outside?"

"I don't know... this reminds me of back when I would blackout on- Well, less legal substances."

"Wait- Like-"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Okay, I get it." Roman felt his pocket.

"Oh, yeah... that reminds me... I found a really cool stand... It's called Owl City."

"Oh cool, what does it do?"

"It's a dream."


"Yeah... It's a dream that people can gather in, and stand users sell things there."

"If it's a dream, how do you buy stuff?"

"It seems like stuff that's on you gets teleported with you." Roman pulled out a red bottle from his pocket. "I- I met a woman with a stand called Tidal Wave... it can make... well, anything I think. Anyway, she gave me this... these are supposed to temporarily cure blindness."

"Wow... but I'm not blind-"

"Jane, you idiot."

"Oh... right. Heh." David smiled, maybe for just a bit too long, then looked down at the floor. "Oh, that reminds me... I had a funny thought..."

"Oh god..."

"Okay, here goes... you're literally..." He paused to snicker, "A blue-blood!"

"No... no, why? That's the worst joke I've ever heard..."

"Heh... yeah." David rubbed his neck.

"Hey... what is that?"

"What is what?"

"On your neck... It's like a black rectangle or something..." David turned his head back up and looked at Roman.

"What do you mean?"

"I- What?"

"You said... there was something... somewhere..."

"I- what were we just talking about?"

"I- don't remember..."


"Jane! The eyedrops!"

"Oh yeah, let's go give them to her!"

"She'll be so excited!" They both began walking, unaware of the forgotten conversation they had left behind.

Valuable Vague Specific Indeterminate Information

"Explain. Now."

"These eye drops."

"What about them? Are they magic or something?"

"Yeah, actually."

"I- Oh."

"Here, try them!" Jane took the small bottle.

"Okay. Give me a sec though, I- It's silly, but I don't like it when people see my eyes. It's not like there's anything wrong with them... except they don't work."

"Nah, I get it. I don't like people seeing me without my contacts in, so-" Jane shut the door before he continued his sentence. Then, about ten seconds later, she burst out of the door with a pair of blue- wait a minute...

"Jane, are those my aviators?"

"Material possessions of the possessor of said possessions is a fluid and subjective subject."

"That's a yes?"



"Roman... this is amazing... I can see!" She paused, then examined Roman. "You know... with the blue... It's a bit matchy-matchy, don't you think? I always thought Rory was just talking about, like, a single blue jacket, but everything?"

"You're finally starting to see it My Way... My Way Anyway." Rory stepped from in between space and appeared behind Roman, ruffling his hair a bit. Roman fixed it and turned around.

"Oh... Rory... you look different than I had always imagined."

"You can see me? Aren't you blind?"

"Not anymore!"

"Actually... it only lasts for four hours..."

"I- Oh. But you can get more, right?"

"Yeah... Well, I'm not on great terms with the person who's stand made it... but yeah."


"Where did you get it anyway?" Rory asked.

"None of your business."

"Ugh, Fine, fair enough. See you at Nine." Rory said, stepping back into space and vanishing.

"He's... uh... wow. Is he-"


"Yeah, how'd you know I was gonna ask that?"

"He gets that a lot, especially from stand users."

"Is it because-"




"Hey Jane, not to bring up a touchy subject, but now I'm curious... how long have you had your stand?""

"Since I was thirteen. I got really, really badly sick and almost died... I had a fever of 106. But I survived... at the cost of my sight."

"Oh... wow..."

"The next day, I felt a sense, like something was off in the next room over. I decided to ignore it, but I started noticing more and more of these people... and eventually, I realized I was one of them."

"Damn... that is such a cool origin story!"



"What? Aren't you always talking about that- What was it? Shadows & Skeletons?"

"Shadow & Bone, and it is an amazing series, especially The Six Of Crows spin off."

"Wow, I care." Roman rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, it's seven... I've got three hours to kill."

"Wanna go find David and play board games?"


"I love board games... and I haven't been able to play a lot of them since I was 14."

"Oh... well, I do have a lot of board games... I was pretty into them myself for a while. Ever heard of the 'Evolution' series?"

"It's a series?"

"Oh yeah, there are like four games in it, and it's super fun. And complicated."

"Or we could play poker?"

"Uh... sure!"

"Great. I'll go find David, you get the board games." Roman began walking towards his old room, hearing Jane yell "I CAN SEE!" at the top of her lungs. He smiled. Even if Mirai wanted to kill him, he would find a way to keep getting the eyedrops.


Rockefeller Street was quiet; It just wasn't the same without Roman... or Josephine... or Electra. Everyone was a little quieter that day, except, of course, the new guy. Alex, he said his name was. He'd only been there for a day, but it felt like he'd always been there. Everyone seemed to like him, and he was friendly enough. Laura, his fiance on the other hand... she was rude, abrasive, and passive aggressive... so everyone was happy when she didn't show up the day after they'd met her.

"So, you're telling me you haven't read it?"

"Never even heard of it."

"Okay, well starting at the start, a man named Jonathan-"

"Hey new guy!" Tom called. "There's someone here to see you!"

"One sec!" He turned to Ella. "Just give me a second."

"Sure, take your time!" She sipped her tea. He stepped outside, past Tom, seeing a man in a black suit and sunglasses looking very angry.


"Tim. Nice to see you. I think we should take this outside."

"Fine." He walked past the seething man and out into the empty street. Empty. Good. TIm was close behind him.

"What the hell Max!? You skipped 2 weeks, and where do we find you, but in America, disobeying direct ord-"

"Shhh..." Alex, or Max, whatever his name was, held his finger up to his lips. "You might blow the operation."

"You're insane. Also, you're fired."

"So are you."

"What are you talking about?" Tim demanded. Alex whispered something. "What did you say?"

"Arcade Fire." A flash of blue light and Tim crumpled to the ground, a substantial portion of his chest simply... missing. His heart, one and a half lungs, and a lot of other things were gone. Another blue flash and the body disappeared. "Delete them both, I have no need for them." The man said to the stand behind him. It nodded and displayed a red X in both of it's eyes, shaking for a second before blinking into a green check mark. "Let's go."

I Dance With Your Mirage

"I win!" Jane announced, throwing down a handful of cards.

"How are you so good at this game? You've never played it before!" David asked.

"Please. Back in middle school I was unbeatable at poker. I won over a hundred dollars in lunch money before I was shut down."

"Hey wait, it's September... Why aren't you in school?"

"I skipped like four grades."


"Anyway boys, my winnings?" Roman and David sighed and pushed a handful of crumpled up dollar bills towards her, which she put in a messy pile around her hand of cards. "You just can't beat my poker face." An alarm on Roman's phone went off.

"Wow... time flies... I need to go. You guys wanna come with?"

"Sure, it might be fun to watch this fight."

"Josephine would love to see what's about to happen..." Roman thought out loud.

"Who's Josephine?" Jane and David asked at the same time.

"Oh, just a friend of mine... I haven't seen her in a while, actually. She's... unpleasant... I actually managed to get thirty one out of two hundred and six from her alone."

"Two hundred and six whats?" Jane asked.

"Unique broken bones. I've gotten all of them by now, even the earlobe one."

"Let me get this straight... you're friends... with a woman who has broken your bones thirty one times?"

"Forty seven. Some of them were after I re-healed them."

"You idiot! Why are you still friends with her?!"

"Well, I'm not... after some people very close to her died, she sort of... sequestered herself... I haven't seen her since last year."

"Why were you ever friends with her?"

"Well... her stand was really cool..."

``Her stand was cool?"

"Yeah... I got a picture of it twice."

"Why not more?"

"She didn't like me... at all... I usually got punched if I tried to photograph it."




"I was mostly friends with her friend Electra- like, really good friends- and her brother Jacob. Actually, come to think of it..." Roman turned to David. "You look almost exactly like him." David ran his hand over his chin.

"Do I?"

"Yeah, kinda." Roman pulled up a picture of Jacob, from the first ever time he'd met him. He'd unlocked the silver line, been ecstatic... almost got punched. He sometimes missed the good old days, before... well, before everything.

"Huh... guess I do kinda look like him. Except my eyes. And his hair's a bit longer. And his lips are blue... is that a medical condition?"

"It was never explained to me. And... oh yeah, your eyes are-"


"Uh... yeah, that's what I was gonna say." They had reached the door to the field once more, and Roman and David both had a flash of deja vu at the same time.

"We're we..."

"Here last night?"

"What, you two made out here?"

"No, of course not... we just got deja vu."

"Of course you did, you were here yesterday."

"I guess.."

"Then come on!"

"Yeah Roman, tick tock. You might be late." Space bent around the spot in front of Roman and his brother stepped out, eating a blueberry muffin and wearing a ridiculous red scarf. He noticed David staring at the scarf, and, swallowing the bite of his muffin he had taken, said "You like the scarf? I knitted it myself." David was about to respond when Jane stepped in.

"I haven't seen anything in over a year, and looking at that scarf is worse than going blind."

"Wow, you don't pull your punches." Rory took another bite of his muffin and teleported away.

"Wow, Jane... that was awesome."


"I kinda liked the scarf..." David began, before Roman and Jane both said, at the same time,

"Your vote doesn't count." They looked at each other and burst into laughter.

"Why not?" Jane elected to respond by making a sweeping gesture to all of David's outfit, which he hadn't bothered to change from the mismatched mess he'd cobbled together at 7:00.

"Well, you guys should get some seats... you're about to get a firsthand look at the main attraction."

"Which would be...?"

"Me getting my ass kicked. People say I have a face that makes people want to hurt me... I think Josephine once described punching me as a form of ASMR."

"It was pretty satisfying to use Guns N' Roses on you... almost like your father killed my sister and I was finally getting revenge."

"That's an oddly specific metaphor."

"I'm an oddly specific person."

"I- Fair enough. Anyway, I'd better get going now."

"See ya. Wouldn't wanna be ya." Jane said, waving.

"Thanks for the encouragement."

"You're welcome." Roman rolled his eyes back and walked off. Jane and David sat nearby Rhonda. Ruby was nowhere to be found, and Roman's parents were sitting on the other side of the designated area. Rhonda had out a pen and paper and was rapidly sketching the scene laid out in front of her, her fingers a blur of blue, black, and yellow pencils.

"You ready?!" They heard Rory yell. Then they saw Roman nod. And nothing happened.

My Way Anyway Part 1

Roman stood there. Rory stood there. Staring at each other. Roman took out his phone and began slowly, carefully scrolling through Blueberry Eyes. Rory just seemed to be standing there for no reason, but Roman knew now that a step in any direction meant failure. There were complex spatial labyrinths set up around him, and he had a strategy to find them.

"Blueberry Eyes!" He yelled as two cones of light shot out of his palms, like a flashlight. The light diffused in strange string-like patterns and resembled all in all a mass of glowing spaghetti. "And now I know..." He muttered. He kept one palm out illuminating the mess of tunnels through space, and the other he used to shoot a fireball, which was quickly redirected at him. He ducked, but it looped back around at him, which he expected, and blocked with a well timed shield. Rory took a step forwards and suddenly he was behind Roman, and punched him very hard in the back. Roman flew forwards but managed to land on his feet and steady himself, before whipping back around to face Rory. Rory charged forwards, preparing to teleport and deliver another punch, before hitting a wall of invisible force at full speed. Blue energy shimmered and crackled in the air where he hit the force field, and his nose began gushing blood.

"The hell was that?"

"Like it? It's a nice little ability I picked up a few months ago. It's called... Mental Block!" Rory punched what looked like air, but if you looked close enough, you'd see a distortion travel through the air above the force wall directly into Roman's jaw. He twisted his head at the impact, and spat blood. Rory followed up with a kick to Roman's ribs, which brought him to his knees. He began to stand up, and fired off a few more projectiles at Rory, which passed through the blue wall and almost hit him before grinding to a halt in front of his face. Rory was grinning, with his own blood staining his teeth.

"Oh, Roman. You never were as good as me. But then again, that's exactly how I want it. Things will go My Way Anyway." He prepared to punch Roman again, but... something happened. A small flash of white light as Rory's own punch, instead of being directed at Roman, hit himself in the face, breaking his nose. He clearly wasn't expecting it- Something had just happened. Back over by the viewing area (Or, as Rory had called it earlier, 'The Splash Zone'), Jane nudged Rhonda.

"Did you-"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Meanwhile, Rory was spluttering. "How? You didn't even use one of your dumb app things!"

"Maybe there's something more to me than that."

"I doubt it."

"What can I say? Maybe it was just the universe's revenge on you." Roman tossed his phone in the air.

"You dumbass! Now I can get your only weapon!"

"Can you?" The phone had passed the climax of its arc and was falling towards the ground. When suddenly, it stopped, pointed itself at Rory like a compass, and shot at him like a bullet. The phone slowed down and almost hit him, but stopped right in front of his face.

"Yeah, actually, I-" The phone shot to the side and hit him in the shoulder, and Roman heard a crack as Rory's face contorted in pain. I broke his shoulder? That's the most damage I've ever done in one of the-" A blue streak rushed past Roman at near supersonic speeds, hitting the back of his left hand, tearing through his hand bones and tendons, and coming straight out the other side of his hand like a laser beam.

"What was that?"

"I knew it would come in handy one day... I knew it!" Realization hit Roman as to what it was.

"Your lucky pen? How did it-"

"My Way Anyway!" Rory leapt forwards and vanished. Roman floated his phone to behind him and whirled it around a bit, striking the recently teleported Rory in the chest and then the already broken shoulder.

"I should thank that lady in all green... this ability is really helpful!" He brought around the phone and prepared to buy another ability, but then he remembered (very painfully) that his left hand had been impaled. He couldn't buy any new abilities... Oh god what do I have? Porcelain face? How does that help me? He turned around to see Rory, about to beat him half to death, with a crooked grin on his face.

My Way Anyway Part 2

"Well well well... look who came out on top."

"Rory... you don't have to... I can forfeit..."

"Oh- Oh no... that isn't happening." He pulled out a handful of pens. "Ready to be turned into bleu cheese?"

"Swiss cheese, you mean?"

"Isn't bleu the one with the holes in it?"

"No, that's-"

"It is now." He tossed the pens up into the air and Roman watched them elongate into streaks color in the air. He moved his phone in front of him to try and block them, which was kind of a dumbass move on his part, because his phone was promptly impaled and it left him with not even that ability...what was it called? Stab Fab? No, Swing Thing! Not even Swing Thing to defend him. A pencil caught his cheek and left a small cut on it. The next pencil wouldn't miss. Unless... he did still have one charge... of Porcelain Face.

"Ready to get all two hundred six in one go?"

"Oh, screw you!" Roman held out his hand. "Porcelain Face!"

"Wh- What the hell did you do?" Rory asked, stumbling backwards. Nothing seemed to have changed.

"It's simple, really." He took a blue raspberry lollipop out of his pocket and idly unwrapped it with his right hand, ignoring the burning pain in most of his body. "I made your rods and cones invisible. Light passes through them now" He put the lollipop in his mouth. "So you're blind now."

'You- No! You can't win!"

"I think I just did. Don't be an idiot, you can't fight right now. You need a healer."

"I'd rather die than be healed by you."

"Rory, you're acting crazy."

"Maybe I am crazy!" He crossed his arms over his chest. Roman's face paled.

"No... no! You idiot! You'll kill us all!"

"My Way Anyway!" He began.

"No!" Roman lunged. Rory's eyes ignited with golden fire and his voice dropped to a whisper.

"It's Getting Blurry." A wind blasted from Rory as a shining bubble encased a hundred meter radius around Roman, as well as Jane, David, and Rhonda. The grass and plants inside the area disintegrated as Rory, hands still on his chest, had taken a kneeling position. A black helmet resembling an astronaut's had unfolded over his head. Roman called out something to his friends, but it was swept up by the howling wind and ultimately unheard to his friends.

"Rhonda, can you read lips?" David asked.


"Neither can I. What the hell is going on?"

"Uh... well, when Rory was in elementary school, his stand was an ability stand. Also... he wasn't popular. At all. In fifth grade, he was cornered in a hallway and... well, there were some kids who could punch a hell of a lot better than he could. He got beat up pretty bad, broke his arm... anyway, when the parents came to that school a few hours later... They found a school full of withered skeletons. And Rory, perfectly alive, wearing his stand. This version of his stand, It's Getting Blurry, is ruthless... it kills any threat to him by making labyrinths in time and starving them to death. Or just impaling them with hypersonic dust. Or... well, you get the idea, it's deadly." She paused for a moment. "That's why our family is home schooled."

"So... he killed those kids?"

"His stand did, he had no choice in the matter."

"He did this time!"

"His stand did, he had no choice in the-" Rhonda blinked. "Damn it! Time loop!"


"Don't move..." She summoned Done Then Gone, and made an ice sculpture, which promptly melted to the right side and froze over with rime ice on the other. A red line appeared on the ground. "Only walk parallel to that line."

"What if we don't?"

"Wanna know how those kids became withered corpses?"

"Oh- okay."

"Got it." Jane grabbed her staff. "Cosmic Autumn Rebellion!" She made a single turn and the others were gone, and she tripped over a stray rock on the ground. A handful of dust that was kicked up by her footfalls clumped on the ground into strange spiky clumps. "What is this hell?"


"What is this hell?" Josephine yelled. She, Alex, and Callum were still wandering around the strange contrasted white halls. "Why am I here!? Kill me or don't but make up your mind!"

"Josephine, quit being so dramatic."

"Quit bei- I'll strangle you to death you stupid f-"

"I'm your only road out."

"Fine." They stopped bickering; They had come to a fork in the road. One the left, a red staircase went up, and on the right, a blue one went down. "Which way do we-"

"Right. Right is always right." Josephine said, and then shuddered.

"What's wrong?"

"Just thinking of someone... some strawberry bi-"

"Josephine! Is that really how you talk about old friends?" Every muscle in her body tensed as she clenched her jaw in anger.


"Hello, darling! How has it been?"

"Shut up! Shut the hell up and leave me alone!"

"Are you sure you-"


"Fine, I won't help you out of here... what's it called again? Antichamber Suite?"

"I. Don't Care." Josephine summoned her stand behind her.

"She doesn't speak for me! I care! Can you help me out?" Alex asked.

"Oh, darling, that's more of an old friends bonus... you get it."

"Nonono wait-'' She had sunk into the floor and was gone. Alex turned to her. "You goddamn IDIOT!"

"Shut up Alex! She was a-"

"I don't care! She was our ticket out!"

"Guys?" Callum manifested. "You've been yelling at thin air."

"No, it was Strawberry Fields Forever."

"It was a hallucination, this place is messing with you two. I think you were muttering nonsense for hours."

"Why didn't you snap us out of it?"

"You tend to punch me when I do that."

"Right, thanks for reminding me." In Rockefeller Street, someone was watching them via camera. He saw them fighting and breaking apart at the seams. He grinned and sipped his red wine, and turned off his phone. As soon as the blind girl came back, he would strike.

Sometimes I Can't Believe It (I'm Moving Past The Feeling)

My Way Anyway Part 3

Roman stood as still as he could. Normally, he would use Blueberry Eyes to do something dumb like teleport away, or change the color of the air to reveal the locations of tunnels, but he had nothing. For the first time, it dawned on him how much he relied on his stand... he used it for his job, his fights, even his hair... but now wasn't the time to dwell on that. He reached down to some of the dust on the ground, a result of the drastically accelerated time in here and scraped it into the air. He smirked. Even the most powerful stand abilities always had a counter... Sweet Six Shooter was useless against physical shields, Cosmic Autumn Rebellion was vulnerable in open environments... The only stand he had ever found with no weakness was his own. The dust had begun a strange ballet of teleporting away to random places... he took a stop forwards and ended up somewhere that looked the exact same. That was what happened until he stumbled upon Rory and snapped him out of it, or until... Well, best not to think about that.

"Hello? Anyone?" He heard Jane's voice from behind him. He whipped around to find nothing. Sound traveling through My Way Anyway's tunnels... annoying. Still, they could try and coordinate.

"I hear you. You got your phone with you?"

"Right, yours was broken 'cause you were a dumbass and used it to punch people."

"Yeah, Swing Thing might not have been the greatest tactic."

"You sound like you're next to me... take a step right." Romand did and found himself still alone. "Nothing." No response. He was probably teleported away from the tunnel that Jane's voice was being carried throu-

"AHH!" Came a somewhat high pitched scream as Jane and Roman collided as they both took a step backwards.


"Don't worry about it..." There was a moment of silence. Roman opened his mouth to speak before Jane said,

"I'll give you the phone on the condition that you give it back in the same condition you got it. If not, you buy me a new one, including blindness accommodations."

"Wouldn't health insurance cover that? Or couldn't you- Hey wait a minute! Use Cosmic Autumn Rebellion!"

"Oh... wow, I can be really dumb sometimes." She summoned the now familiar stand behind her and Roman's phone bent and twisted back to normal, and its screen flickered blue.

"Yes!" He checked his credit balance. "No! Eight credits?"

"Shouldn't have used so many."

"I can't get more without... what the- The only task I have right now is just labeled HSH... what could that mean?"

"I don't know... maybe it stands for hug some houses?"

"Why would my stand tell me to-" Roman was interrupted by David half running half falling sideways into him.

"Gah... sorry... I took a step once this thing happened and then I just fell for like three hours..."

"Hours? It's only been a few minutes."

"It's actually been less than a second, but time works differently here."

"Time manipulation, space bridging... super strength... what else can he do, make everything to ever exist collapse into a singularity? How powerful is My Way Anyway?"

"Very. Too powerful."

"How do you beat it?"

"I've been trying to figure that out for years..."

"Well, better hurry up." Rhonda appeared, apparently no worse for wear. "It's actually pretty easy to navigate here. Y'know, with-"

"Done The Gone." Everyone said at once.

"Yeah... hey, everyone grab onto me, I can get us to Rory safely!"

"What do we do then?"

"Can your stand- What's it called?"

"Cosmic Autumn Rebellion."

"It makes things get old, right?"

"It can do the opposite too."

"Oh, no need for my intervention." As they had this conversation, they were walking (Without teleportation) towards the center of this circle. What had seemed to be an endless spatial labyrinth was in fact just... a one hundred meter radius circle.

"What would I do, kill Rory?"

"What? No! No, of course not! You'd use it on My Way Anyway to undo the labyrinth."

"Uh... hate to break it to you here, but it doesn't work on stands. Well... not really. It's complicated."

"Guess we'll figure out somethi-" Rhonda tripped, pulling David and Jane forwards with her. Roman looked at where his friends and sister were and sighed. Of course it was here. Of course. She tripped right before they had gotten to Rory, still on the ground with his arms crossed. Rory- Or It's Getting Blurry, whatever you want to call what was in front of Roman- rose up and cracked its very broken knuckles. Roman winced- He'd forgotten that the stand couldn't feel pain. Something snapped.

"You know what Rory, I'm sick of this. I'm sick of you, I'm sick of bottling everything up inside, keeping my emotions in a heart shaped hologram! Screw you Rory! Screw you!" And then, in just a second, all hell broke loose.

La, La, La Da Duh Duh Da! Ahhh~Ahhh~Ahhh!

(Putting this here at the request of Th3Gr8DrX... MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE DUALITY OF STAND! IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO (REDACTED) IS, PLEASE CONSIDER NOT READING THIS CHAPTER UNTIL YOU DO! ALSO, TONS OF OTHER SPOILERS! [Of course, many of you will glaze over this spoiler warning and pay it no heed, but please... it ruins TDOS to read this first.])

It's Getting Blurry stepped forwards and, in a whirlwind of strikes, knocked Roman to his knees in seconds. Roman heard cracks, most of them from him, but a not insubstantial amount from Rory. He took out his phone, then got kicked in the- No, through his chest. He dropped his phone to the ground, in too much pain to even scream. The arrows on his brother's stand were pulsing fast, and brightly. My Way Anyway raised its foot over his head. This is the end. He thought. I did absolutely nothing with my life. I made good friends and bad enemies, never knew half my parents, had bad relationships with my family, and never told my crush how I felt about them. I was a waste of space and oxygen. And now I'm going to die. He closed his eyes, accepting his fate... I wonder what having your skull crushed feels like. I hope it's painless. Maybe I can talk with Electra when I'm dead... wonder if she's still a nerd about stands... Hey, something should have happened by now. Roman opened his left eye, then his right. A dark blue hand, striped with neon blue circuit lines, was holding My Way Anyway's foot in place above his head. He rolled to the side (very painful with a hole in your chest) and looked up at the figure that had saved his life.

It was The Zombie. But... not? It had the same robotic eyes that had been haunting him for days... Except blue. A headband resembling Roman's, but made of glowing symbols, wrapped around its head, with a red crystal in the center. A glowing heart was impressed into its chest, filled with a roiling fog. A trail of glowing blue circuit lines ran down its arm, and it was holding a... holographic human heart? Roman looked down at the fist-sized hole in his chest, which was... gone? He noticed blue cubes floating around him as his chest distorted back to full health. But he... kept his memories? That was For Energy Infinite...

"What's going on...?" He muttered to himself. The stand turned to him, and cocked its head, as if asking, Continue? "Yeah, just... hit him!" It threw a punch- A single punch- at an abysmally slow pace, almost slower than Roman. His face fell. And then the punch hit. He heard a heavy set of cracks, and saw several glowing yellow fissures open up on My Way Anyway's chest. Rory flew backwards, into a time tunnel, and came out several seconds later, blowing off Roman's new stand's head. A few more blows to the chest and it disintegrated. Only its right arm- The circuit line one- was intact on the ground. My Way Anyway began menacingly walking towards him.


And he stopped. The helmet on My Way Anyway unfolded, and all the color drained from Rory's face and his stand, turning pale gray. A pitch black spike, with a single blue line on it, had pierced his heart. My Way Anyway crumbled into dust and blew away in the wind.

"R- Roman- You..." Rory said, the last wisps of his breath dancing in his vocal cords, forming his last words before he slumped forwards, eyes lifeless.

"No... No! Rory!" He ran forwards as the spike retracted, and caught his brother as he fell to the ground. "Rory..." Tears streamed from his eyes as the dome, sustained by the spatial manipulation of My Way Anyway, faded away. Rhonda, who had been only a few meters away but unable to see inside the labyrinth, rushed forwards.

"Roman... what did you do!?" Jane and David looked on in shock as Rhonda reached out with her hands, purple energy surrounding them. "Done Then Gone! Done Then Gone! Why is nothing happening?"

"Rhonda... he's dead..." Rhonda punched him in the shoulder.

"You killed him!" She stuttered through sobs.

"I didn't mean to..."

"YOU KILLED HIM!" She ripped a gem out of Done Then Gone, and held it in her hand. "I need to fix it..." She shattered it on the ground. "Rory!" A purple wave spread out of her, and the world around the Kishibe estate skipped like a broken record.


And then the punch hit. He heard a heavy set of cracks, and saw several glowing yellow fissures open up on My Way Anyway's chest. Rory flew backwards, into a time tunnel, and came out several seconds later, blowing off Roman's new stand's head. A few more blows to the chest and it disintegrated. Only its right arm- The circuit line one- was intact on the ground. My Way Anyway began menacingly walking towards him.

"NO!" Rhonda leapt and tackled Rory onto the ground, deactivating It's Getting Blurry. "Not again!"

"Rhonda, what happened?" The dome went away from space, bringing everyone back to normal time.

"You killed him!" Roman deactivated his stand.

"I... killed... Rory?"

"He killed me?"

"Yes... I undid it... neither of you two ever scare me like that again!" Before Roman or Rory knew what was happening, Rhonda had embraced them in a hug so tight neither of them could breathe. And then she stepped back, and breathed. "I. Am. Going. To. KILL YOU TWO!"

"Ah!" He yelled, having his stand cross its arms in front of him. "Wait a minute... How did I... is that The Zombie?" Jane walked up to them.

"Roman. You have a lot of explaining to do."

"Yeah... I think you do." David agreed.

You've Got To Go To The City

Josephine and her unhappy posse were walking through the strange, twisted space of the Antichamber Suite. Every turn seemed to be wrong, every curve was a straight line, and it was very, very confusing. And Josephine did not like being confused. being confused made her want to punch things. Very hard.

"Alex, we've been walking for six hours now and I swear I've seen that blood splatter before."

"Six hours is nothing. I've been here since the last time you saw me... You just woke up here. And it's 'spatter', by the way."

"You've been here for a year and haven't gone crazy? Shocking, I would have thought your fragile little mind would have died by now."

"A- A year? Josie, what are you talking about? I've been here... maybe two, three weeks tops? Nowhere near a year."

"Look, I may have lost my sense of time a little... but the calendars definitely changed from 2020 to 2021."

"That's absurd. I saw you a month ago, and it was 2020 in mid-august."

"Nope. You're crazy."

"Maybe this place has slowed down in time? It would make sense... or at least, as much sense of the rest of this place."

"Shut up. I'm only keeping you with me for your dumb stand."

"Mowgli's Road is not dumb! You know what is? A bunch of goddamn explosive birds!"

"I could kill you in a second! I probably wouldn't even need any shots! Or my stand! I could step on your throat and wring your breath out!"

"Yeah? Try i-" She stopped. They could hear a phone ringing, somewhere far, far off, echoing through the halls.


"A cell phone..."

"Which means phones work in here?" They exclaimed simultaneously. Alex's phone was, of course, dead, but Josephine's still had some battery on it.

"We might get out! Or at least talk to someone other than the edgy bastard!" Alex exclaimed. "Try and call someone!"

Josephine began scrolling through her contacts list. She didn't particularly want to leave, but she got the sense that Alex and "Let's see... dead, dead, very dead, gone crazy, dead, dead, super dead, and everyone on my contact list is dead."

"What about him?" Alex said, pointing to a single name Josephine seemed to have skipped over. "He didn't seem dead last time I saw him." Josephine gritted her teeth.

"He's dead to me. For a perfectly good reason that I don't want to explain right now."




"Fine! Ughhh..." She called the one number that Electra had forced her to enter into her phone: The phone number of Roman Kishibe. She called him, and it instantly went to voicemail. "That stupid fu- He did that on purpose!"

"I think the line was occupied."

"By whom?" The next thing to happen was a blur, but Josephine ended up on the ground with a blue woman towering over her, a knife to her throat.

"Who the hell are you and-"


"J- Josephine?" The knife was alleviated from her throat. "You're here?" The first, slightly taller half of The Scissor Sisters was standing in front of her, helping her to her feet.

"Y- Yeah... where's Anna? What... the hell happened? I haven't heard from you guys in... well, since-"

"I could say the same about you."

"I- Fair enough."

"Anna's right over there." Violet made a gesture. Josephine saw no one. "I'll go get her, she's... well, she's talking with someone." The blue sister vanished and reappeared almost instantly; Josephine had forgotten how fast she could be when she wanted to. A bewildered, wild haired Anna Mason stood before her, holding her pink & blue phone, and wearing an outfit that was half blue, and half pink.

"J- Josephine?"

"Anna?" Before Josephine could react Anna had pulled her into a hug.

"Where the hell have you been? How did you get here? What- What happened to your hair?"

"You like it?"

"I-" Anna noticed Alex violently shaking her head. "Yes, I do. It looks great."

"Thank you. I thought so too." Anna said as Callum appeared from her shadow.

"Hi, nice to meet you."

"He with you?" Anna asked Josephine, not reacting to Callum's extended hand.

"Unfortunately." Josephine noticed Anna's phone was making a noise. "What's that?"

"Oh, right, one second." She held her phone up to her ear. "Hello? Hey, yeah, sorry about that. You won't believe who I just ran into. Josephine Joestar! Can you believe it?" A brief pause. "Yeah, I'm still into stands, why do you ask?" She listened to the person on the other end of the phone for a while, her face growing paler and paler. "Are you absolutely sure? You are 100%, no doubt about it sure?" Her eyes went cold. "It's called stand polymerization. It happens when two related people mix their stand after one of them dies." She listened to the other end for a second more, then looked at Josephine. "He wants to talk to you."

"Who is it?"

"Roman. You remem-" Before she could finish her sentence, Sweet Six Shooter had grabbed the phone from her hand and Josephine had it. "Was that your stand? It looks different. Were those hearts-" She was cut off by Josephine.

"Roman? Roman Kishibe?"

"Josephine, is that you?"

"Yes, it's Josephine. Why is your voice so sped up?"

"To me, your voice is low."

Hey, my voice is not low! You take that back you fu- "

"It's a time stand thing."


"Is everything good? Anna told me she was trapped in a place she kept calling 'A Real Life The Constant'. Where are you two?"

"We're in a stand that's like an infinite maze." She could have sworn she had already removed several layers of enamel from her teeth by grating them during this conversation.

"Do you think there's anything I could do to help you out?"

"You could just, oh, I don't know, GET US OUT!" She snapped at him.

"Hello? You're breaking up."

"Don't you dare pull that trick on me!" The phone hung up. Josephine gave the phone back to Anna, muttering something about people who only wear one color. "Well... We're on a quest for paper... want to come with? It'd be nice to have non insane company." She glared at Alex and Callum.


"For my stand, Mowgli's Road, to use to get us out." Alex chimed in.

"Well... better plan than I could come up with. I've been here for like three days now and haven't even seen another person until now."

"Great. Guess... let's keep wandering around."


"Roman, hurry up!" Rhonda said. Roman was pacing back and forth, up and down the floor of his bedroom. Jane, David, and Rhonda were all seated inside of it, and they were watching him try and call someone who he had simply called 'an old contact.'

"Give her a second! She's a little scatterbrained sometimes, so she- Oh, there it is! Hello?"

"Roman?" The voice of Anna Mason came, slightly grainy and very, very slowly from his phone. "Why are you talking so fast?"

"Why are you talking so slowly?"

"I'm not, you're- Wait, of course... I'm in a real life The Constant. Time probably works differently here."

"Okay... I- Anyway, something strange happened to me... with my stand."

"Oh, shut up for a second! I must have a notebook somewhere around here..." Roman covered his phone's microphone.

"Just a few minutes, sorry!" Roman said. He held the phone back up to his ear. "Hello?" No response. Then Anna's voice crackled back on.

"Hello? Hey, yeah, sorry about that. You won't believe who I just ran into. Josephine Joestar! Can you believe it?"

"Okay, yeah. Are you still into stands?"

"Yeah, I'm still into stands, why do you ask?"

"Well... Blueberry Eyes recently... sort of... it seems to have fused with another stand. It killed my brother- Well, he's fine now, but the stand was also haunting me... and here's the thing... It looks almost... kind of... exactly like the zombie. It's almost like they fused.

"Are you absolutely sure? You are 100%, no doubt about it sure?"

"Yes. I'm very sure." He summoned his stand right in front of him, looking it up and down. "Definitely sure. What happened?"

"It's called stand polymerization. It happens when two related people mix their stand after one of them dies."

"Oh... so you mean I'm related to... oh god... um... can I talk to Josephine?" Silence. Then...

"Roman? Roman Kishibe?"

"Josephine, is that you?"

"Yes, it's Josephine. Why is your voice so sped up?"

"To me, your voice is low."

Hey, my voice is not low! You take that back you fu- "

"It's a time stand thing."


"Is everything good? Anna told me she was trapped in a place she kept calling 'A Real Life The Constant'. Where are you two?"

"We're in a stand that's like an infinite maze."

"Do you think there's anything I could do to help you out?" He heard a blast of static from his phone. "Hello? Hello? You're breaking up." A moment later his phone disconnected.

"So Roman? You want to explain now?" Jane asked.

"So... a while back... there was a stand user named Thaddeus Benton. He had a stand called 'The Zombie.' It basically could stab people to kill them and steal their stands." He paused. "So... there's a stand technique... we all know what stand synergy is, right?"



"Definitely not."

"It's like two stands of related people using their stands in a way that fuses their ability."

"So we could use it?" Asked Rhonda.

"In theory, yes. In practice... probably not. Our stands are pretty incompatible, plus there's all the... y'know... family issues."


"So... if a family member dies... it's possible for a stand to permanently fuse with it in a process called polymerization. Apparently... I'm related to Thaddeus Benton. He... he was my father." Roman didn't seem to be feeling anything. His face was stone cold and his eyes were almost dead. "So now... Blueberry Eyes... and The Zombie... have fused to create... my new stand." He summoned it, the blue aura around him now streaked with neon pink. "Heart Shaped Hologram."

"Well... guess that explains it..." Jane said.

"Heh. My father. Was a murderer. Who killed dozens of people. Dozens and dozens of innocent people."

"Roman... Roman, you aren't responsible for the actions of your dad."

"Rhonda, shut up. I'm going to go drink a lot, and ask some questions, not necessarily in that order. Jane, David, see you in Seattle." He walked out the door, and before Rhonda could follow him, he vanished in a puff of blue flames.

"Damn it! He's... he might not be okay..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well... Roman, about four years ago, started buying some... less than legal substances... for recreational use. He got really into them..."

"Oh... oh god... I never knew..."

"He was able to use his stand to get clean, but he still... he still falls back into old habits sometimes. I'm worried about him."

"Well, there's nothing you can do about it now... he could be anywhere in the world by now."

"Yeah," Chimed in Jane, who had been reading the news on her phone, taking full advantage of the hour or so she had left. "That teleportation ability is really annoying." She took a sip of water.

"He- He'll be fine, right Rho-" David was interrupted by Jane spitting out the mouthful of water she had been drinking.

"Holy shit!" She yelled.

"What?" David and Rhonda asked.

"Look at this headline..." She took her phone and showed it to them.

"Hero in New York City confesses to having power known as a "Stand." Says there are many, many others worldwide..." David read out loud. "What the hell!?"

"There's video proof from like seven bystanders... he lifted a car with his stand! What idiot would do that!" Rhonda exclaimed. Jane's phone buzzed.

"There was an update on the situation..." Rhonda said inquisitively. "Oh- Oh! He was kidnapped!"

"Hey Jane... this is the exact MO of the Red Haired Man... Kidnapping a stand user..."

"Do you think we should check it out?"

"Well... guess I am in a New York state of mind... heh... ha..."

"Guess we've got to go to the city." Rhonda said.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa, 'we'?"

"Yes. You didn't really think I wouldn't check this out? This is so much more interesting than learning how to rearrange equations that are all variables."

"Well... once we get Roman... guess we go to the city." Jane said. "I was not excepting my year to go this way."

Mental Wounds Not Healing! Who And What's To Blame?

"Well... see you again sometime... probably." David said. Turns out, My Way Anyway didn't always cause the nausea, it was a choice, so he and Jane were fine.

"Yeah... bye..." Rory disappeared, leaving David, Rhonda, and Jane just sort of... standing there, outside of Rockefeller Street. It had been 24 hours since Roman had teleported away, and David had guessed he'd have ended up here by now.

"So what is this place you mentioned?"

"It's sort of like... are you a Harry Potter fan?" Jane asked.

"I'm more of a 'A Deadly Education' girl."

"Oh. Well, it's like a magic alleyway type place."

"Neat! Let's go!" Rhonda skipped forwards and summoned Done Then Gone.

"Is she about to-" David's question was cut short as the wall seemingly melted into putty.

"C'mon guys!" She said, walking towards a very surprised Tom.

"What did she do?" Jane asked. She had realized it would be smarter to save the eye drops for a time when she really needed them. Like one of those annoying ambushes that seemed to be happening to her more and more.

"She melted the wall. I'm gonna go tell Tom she's not a threat." David jogged slightly ahead of Jane. Tom was still giving Rhonda a look like she was a ticking time bomb when the wall un-melted.

"Hello!" Rhonda said, smiling. "I'm Rhonda Kishibe."

"Oh... are you by any chance related to-"

"The blue guy? Yep."

"Welcome to Rockefeller Street. But- Your brother-"

"Nice! C'mon you two!" She called to David and Jane, completely ignoring Tom as she went in. And then she saw Roman.

He was, for the first time she'd ever seen, not wearing blue. His white T-Shirt was stained with blood and it seemed to be coming from a variety of cuts, scrapes, and also from his nose, which looked to be broken. He had a black eye and his left arm was covered in bandages. He was sitting in a booth, looking like a zombie, with sunglasses on like he had a hangover.

"R- Roman! What the hell happened to you!?" Roman put his hands over his ears and winced.

"Quiet, quiet! You don't need to yell!"

"Roman, what did you do?" David said, just seeing him. They both rushed over to him. "You look half dead!"

"Quiet! Just... talk... quietly..."

"Are you drunk?"

"Hung over."

"Explain these injuries."

"I did what I do best. Make people hate me."

"Why didn't you heal them!?"

"No credits."

"Who did this to you?"

"I don't remember. I was drunk out of my mind." Roman chuckled, then winced, touching his side. "Broken ribs are fun, right? Hey, I think this might be a new one..."

"A new what?"

"A new broken bone. For my collection. I'm on 167. Well, 168 now."

"You- Roman, don't break your own bones! You're being reckless!"

"You should have seen how much cocaine I did last night."

"You WHAT!?"


"No!" Rhonda turned to David, fuming. "You. Get someone who can heal. Jane, can you... accelerate a hangover somehow?"

"Uh... I do not know. Lemme try it."

"Please do-" Roman stopped mid sentence, and collapsed face first on the table.

"Nope. Didn't work. David, it's all on you now!" David sighed.

"Let me go find Saki."


Blue cubes congregated in the air as Roman sat bolt upright.

"Where am I? What happened? Did I blackout?" Rhonda punched him in the shoulder.

"You goddamn idiot! What the hell was that!?"

"What did I do?"

"Oh yeah, he won't remember anything since he... what was it he did?"

"Cocaine." David, Jane, and Rhonda respond in unison.

"Now that you say that, I do remember dying a bunch of powder blue with Porcelain Face..."

"You- I don't even care anymore!" Rhonda said, before Jane stopped her.

"Look, we can all be mad at Roman in a hot minute, but we need to get to New York."

"Why?" Roman asked, rubbing his eyes. "Not that I care. I'm always up for adventure, but why New York?"

"There's a stand user who's... open about their stand. To the public. It's all over the news, and apparently he's all about using his 'superpowers' for good. Basically, he's trying to be a hero."

"You're kidding."


"Well... I can get us there in... maybe four hours? I know a guy." David said. "Although... he's a little... crazy... He owes me a favor, though. I'll give him a call."

"This guy better not try to kill me!" Jane called after him. Then she turned to Roman. "Don't you dare run off again. Just because you have emotions doesn't mean you get to do stuff like that."

'Okay... you're right... I'm sorry..."

"You'd better be. Now come on, I feel like roping Jotaro into this."

"Just a second." Jane walked off, with Rhonda trailing her. Roman looked around Rockefeller Street. All these people... terrorized by THe Zombie, Tom killed, Ella given PTSD... he couldn't tell them. He wouldn't. It was a stupid idea to even think about and-

"Hey everyone, can I say something?"

Never mind.

"Sure, Roman. What is it?" Ella said, playing a game of cards with Cold As Ice. Freaks' song turned off. Sam and other David walked up to him.

"Just... I didn't know... I swear... and I would never do... what he did..."

"Roman, are you okay?" He summoned Heart Shaped Hologram.

"Thaddeus Benton was.... my father. Blueberry Eyes merged with The Zombie when he died and... it turned into Heart Shaped Hologram." His stand gave a friendly wave to Rockefellers, who were all stunned speechless. Ella was the first to speak.

"You- But- I-" And then she fainted. Sam and David went to catch her before she hit the ground and they stared at Roman like he was about to kill them. Tom looked inside and spat out his coffee, just like he had done when Thaddeus came to kill them all. He barged inside.

"Roman... is that... The Zombie?"

"Not exactly. It's Heart Shaped Hologram. My stand. Thaddeus Benton was my father."

"What, are you here to avenge his death?"

"I didn't know until a few hours ago! I would never kill you guys! You're some of my best friends!"

"That's exactly what he said!" David countered.

"Roman, I speak for everyone when I say we might need some time to process this." Sam said. Roman was mad now.

"Well, fine. I'll be in New York if you need me. Then again, why would need the son of a murderer?" He spat the last word like it was toxic. "See you guys." He walked out and slammed the door. The Rockefellows exchanged looks, but Roman didn't see. He was going to go try and find three people with brown hair and bump into all of them within ten minutes, for 200 credits.

Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train Part 1

"David, are you sure this is the right place?" Rhonda asked, kicking a chip bag away from her feet. They were standing on a run down concrete platform coated in graffiti, about an hour outside the city. It was dark out by then; The days were getting noticeably shorter.

"Definitely. Look, this guy may be a bit crazy, but his stand is fast. And good for traveling."

"If the man who wears a pasta strainer on his head at all times is calling someone else crazy, then we're in for a real nut job here." Jane said, under her breath. Roman still hadn't said anything to them since he arrived, mumbling something about credits.

"What?" David asked.

"I said, I can't wait to meet this guy. What'd you say his name was?"

"Will Taker."

"Oh wow... he sounds... normal."

"He is. He's just a regular..." David mumbled something that the rest of them couldn't hear.

"What was that?" Rhonda asked.

"Just a standard, run of the mill- Oh look he's here!" Jane was about to respond when they all heard a train whistle blow, and the ringing of a train warning bell, despite the lack of train tracks or anything to make such a sound. What appeared to be a mass of bright magenta fire was rushing towards them at immense speeds.

"Mr. Gardner... is that fire?" Saki asked.

"It's David. And, yeah, why?" "Never mind." The fire was slowly coming to a stop after several hundred yards of the thin strip of inferno had passed them. A hot, dry breeze rushed by them from the air displacement of the rushing fire. The fire eventually turned darker purple, then black, before morphing into the shape of a typical train car and turning into... a train.

"ALL ABOARD! AH-HAHAHAHAHAHA!" A man who looked to be an albino, wearing dark gray dress pants, a white button down shirt, and a black vest backflipped from the top of the train car in front of the five stand users and landed on his feet. "Greetings!" He said, in a slight Scottish accent. "The name's Will."

"Uh... hi, Will. Do we need tickets, or-"

"Nope! I owe a favor to your gardening friend o'er there, so you lot get to ride the Crazy Train for free! C'mon, move along. We don't have all night!" He leapt back into the train. The group all exchanged glances and they stepped onto the train. The door shut itself of its own accord (Strange, since it had a hinge and no obvious power mechanism) once they were on the train.

"So, where should we sit? There are rooms with chairs, some with beanbags, one that has-"

"I feel like chairs would be best. After all, we should sit and plan what we're going to say to this stand using idiot once we find him, right?" Jane said, interrupting David.

"Fair enough. I think... yep, right over here." He slid the door to a four person compartment open and walked in, with Roman sitting next to him, and Jane, Saki, and Rhonda across from them.

"So... any clues as to what stand this guy has?" Rhonda started.

"We know it's strong... and probably fast, too." Jane said. "I'm pretty sure it stopped a volley of bullets in midair."

"What about abilities?"

"I can photograph the user. As long as they are unaware they're being photographed, I can get their stand without it being summoned. If they know me... they need to actually use it."

"So we can learn their abilities. Let's put that on the 'That's a tomorrow problem' list."

"What will we say to him? Does he know about red hair?" David asked, biting his lip.

"I'd say no... I mean, he's far away from Seattle, and if he did, he'd probably not try to expose all stand users." Rhonda said, and Roman nodded.

"What would the world be like if people knew?" Saki pondered aloud. "Or, once everyone finally realizes it's true now that it's out there."

"Well... let's also put that on the tomorrow problem list." Roman said. No one noticed it, but a blue flash of light emitted in a burst from a ceiling vent that definitely was not there before. There was a clink, not too different to the kind made by a grenade. This everyone noticed.

"Grenade!" David yelled and tackled Roman down. Cosmic Autumn Rebellion was summoned and made a protective stance in front of Jane and Rhonda, while For Energy Infinite prepared to heal as soon as the blast happened. David, from the ground (Or, from on top of Roman) had tried to open the door, but the handle wouldn't budge.

"It's locked!" He ducked back to the ground and, instead of the blast he was expecting, he got a slow wooooosh. Orange gas began to pour down into the room, and before they even knew what was happening, they were asleep.


It was dark. Not that that was a concern; It was always dark for Jane. She woke up to feel her hands cuffed to a chain, wrapped around some kind of column that was coated in- was that a tree? They were still on the train, she could tell by the motion of the ground she was sitting on. Why was there a tree that she was chained to in the middle of a train car?

"Uhhhggg...." She heard someone- Maybe Saki?- Groan next to her.

"I know, I'm not a morning person either." Jane said.

"Jane? You're awake?" David's voice came from next to her. She felt like something was off about him, and Saki too... but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Yeah. What the actual hell happened?"

"Sleep gas grenade. Someone somehow threw it into the vent- Wait, do trains even have vents?"

"I don't know, David. Where are Roman and Rhonda?"

"We're right here." Came Rhonda's voice. She still felt like something was wrong...

"So, am I going to magic us out with Cosmic, or what?"

"Oh yeah... good idea."

"Cosmic Autumn Rebellion!" And it was then that Jane realized exactly what had been 'off'. Her stand sense hadn't activated. She hadn't sensed their stands... which meant...

"Where's my stand! What happened to my stand!"

"You- Wait a minute- But I still have Guns N' Roses..."

"My phone's right here."

"Guys.... I can't use Done Then Gone!" Jane was starting to panic. Without her stand, she was truly and really blind!

"Okay... so you two have had your stands disabled..." Roman began.

"Who had their stands disabled?" Saki said, snapping awake. "Wait... disabled stands?" He paused for a moment. "F- For Energy Infinite! Where are you!? Come back!"

"Okay, I see a pattern here..." Jane said, trying not to hyperventilate. "You two both have bound stands, so you're in the clear. People with hands free stands... had them turned off... No need to panic, we just punch the crap out of whoever did this and get them back."

"Guys I have a plan to get us out... but you might not... like it. At all."

"That's better than anything we've got so far." Roman pointed out. "Just do it!"

"Okay..." David said. "Saki, get ready to use For- Ugh. Never mind. You guys think we could tank an explosion?"

"What kind of explosion?" Rhonda inquired. "I'm pretty good at gauging survivability."

"Imagine if a pomegranate exploded violently."

"So like... a grenade? We could do it, but we'd be in pretty bad shape... from what distance?"

"I figured maybe... point... blank?"

"No! No we couldn't 'tank' that! How would you even make an exploding pome-"

"Wait!" Jane had a flash of inspiration. "David, do you have any of those bullets that make the blue flowers? You know, the ones that you almost killed Roman with?"


"They make things cold, right?"


"Plant one, then use it to make the chains cold until we can snap them."

"Oh... Oh! That's genius!" They heard a bang as Guns N' Roses went off, and then they had to wait.

"We could have avoided all of this if you just let me wait a day and teleport us all." Roman pointed out.

"It's a bit late for that, isn't it? David, hurry up!" "Uh... go faster, plant!" Jane yanked on her hand cuffs and, feeling some give, tried it again. On the third time, her handcuffs snapped, allowing her to get up.

"It's cold enough!" She ripped off her blindfold and dripped in two drops of the magic eyedrops. As her vision swam into focus, she saw what she knew was there but still wasn't expecting: A bona fide tree, seemingly shoved into the ground and breaking through the roof of the cargo car they had been situated in. "Guys... there's a tree... on a tra-" She doubled over and covered her ears, as did the people lucky enough to have their hands free at the horrible screeching sound that came next.


Was the voice that played over the screeching noise that sounded like squeaky subway trains combined with nails on a chalkboard and static, all played over a one thousand year old gramophone.

"Oh.... oh no..." David said. "We need to get out of here, or knock him unconscious fast! He can control the train like an extension of his own body, and-" The whole car shuddered and creaked. "-light stuff on fire."

"You told us this would be safe!" Jane yelled.

"He- He must be brainwashed! I know him, he's not like this!" David helped Saki to get free. "We need to go, before-" And then, the entire floor of the car burst into bright purple flames.

Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train Part 2

David grabbed Saki and yanked him away from the tree. "Go!" Roman turned on his phone flashlight and shone it on the door to find the handle. He reached for it before the door swung open and hit him in the face, breaking his nose for the second time in as many days.

"It's open! Run!" Jane said, barreling through the door and into the next car over. David, Saki, and lastly, Roman and Rhonda.

"This is bad..." Saki said, pacing slightly. "The whole train is animated, and if one of you gets hurt... I can't heal you. This is really bad."

"I can heal you guys, though." Roman said. "I have For Energy Infinite on Blueberry Eyes, and enough credits to help out a l-" He cut off. "Blueberry Eyes seems to have been... transferred? It says the file was moved to another device somehow. I- Heart Shaped Hologram!" Nothing happened. There was a brief hush.

"David... this is on you..."

"Don't worry. I can protect you guys." He shot a bullet at the ground and a cluster of white flowers grew. "Pick a few and keep them, but do not break the stems. if you do... Well, it's contact poison. Break them in front of enemy's eyes. But you can only really use them if you're wearing these. He pulled out some gardening gloves. "I only have two pairs.... so..." He looked around. "Roman and Jane, you take them. You two probably have the best timing out of us. Rhonda, Saki... maybe don't touch the flowers."

"So what's our plan? Blind Will? Escape the train? Destroy the train?" David looked to Jane, who seemed deep in thought. Before she could finish her thought, however, several floor panels ripped themselves up and turned into balls of purple fire, which quickly streaked at Jane. She deflected one of them with her staff, yet the other two got through, signing her clothing and leaving a smoldering patch of fare in her shoulder, which she extinguished.

"Wires!" Saki yelled, and Roman was quick to intercept the whip-like attack of the several animated wires which had sprung from the floor. One of his hands and both of his ankles were wrapped in the wires, and he was slammed into the wall before the wires unwrapped and aimed for David. He fired a plant bullet into the hole in the floor they had come out of and yelled,

"Go! Run! Fast! It's a bomb!" David ran to the door, waiting for it to attack him before passing through it, and held it open while it attempted to wrestle him off of it.

"You- Ugh!" Rhonda ran, and so did Saki and an annoyed Jane pulling a stunned Roman. As soon as they got through, David shut the door as they all heard a very loud BANG from the car they had left, and a fiery explosion was visible through the window as the car was mangled. And the door... it was spotted with faintly glowing red dots on the other side.

"David..." Rhonda asked. "Are those Pomegranate seeds?"

"I've been waiting to use that one for a while. I call it... The Bombegranate!" Rhonda slapped her face, but Saki and Roman chuckled a bit. It seemed they were in a drinks car- There was a bar pressed up against the wall with lots of glass bottles hanging on it.

"This room could be dangerous. We should go." Jane said. "Fire and alcohol mix all too well." The floor underneath their feet twisted, and they all fell before it righted itself.

"I HADN'T THOUGHT OF THAT, GOOD IDEA!" The speakers blared again. A glass bottle flew from the shelf and shattered, badly cutting Jane in several places, and dousing her with some kind of liquor. Before she could even stand, the glass shards, including the ones that had embedded themselves in her skin, had turned into fire. She screamed briefly before she was nearly smothered in a curtain Saki had had the presence of mind to extinguish the fire. Unfortunately, he forgot that the curtains were also part of the train.

"Wait... no..." She heard Roman's muffled voice before the curtain wrapped around her neck and lifted into the air. She couldn't see. She couldn't breathe. She felt like her neck was about to break. She felt something grabbing the cloth, and she fell to the ground to see David wrestling with an on fire curtain.

"We need to keep going! There are still a lot more-" He fell to the ground and so did everyone else as the entire train rocked and dropped a few feet. The curtain took this opportunity to flick the gun out of his hand and try to choke him as well. Some more metal tiles peeled off the ground and broke into shards, hurling themselves and Rhonda and Roman. Saki had been trying to help David. No one noticed the roof opening above Jane and the floor launching her outside. The roof sealed like it had never happened and she was left clinging to nothing against wind to try and not fall off of the train. Just as she had finally managed to 'climb' up to the car's edge and grip it, a foot stepped on her hand. She reflexively pulled it back, and realized her mistake just as she was kicked in the face faster than she could even begin to perceive. She slid backwards a few feet, barely having avoided biting her own tongue off. She saw a tall, imposing figure in a black cloak standing in front of her, and what's more, they seemed to be floating. Just hovering off of the ground like it was a fully normal thing to do.

"Jane Kujo. I've been expecting you for a while. I've also been trying to kill you for a while, but you so infuriatingly keep managing to defeat whoever I send after you." This person took another step forward.

"Stay back you creep! Or I'll pummel you to death!"

"With what, the stand I took? Good luck with that." One more step, then another kick to the jaw. "If you want something done... You have to do it yourself!" In a flash of blue, a kitchen knife appeared in their hands, or at least the darkness where their hands may have been. They raised the knife, swung their arm forwards, and let go.

Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train Part 3

The knife spiraled towards Jane at breakneck speeds, but she still managed to get her hand up in time. There was a sharp pain in her palm as the blade impaled her hand. Blood started to seep from the puncture wound. In another flash, Jane's walking stick had disappeared.

"Would you just die already!"

"Never!" She ripped the knife out of her hand and threw it as hard as she could at the hooded figure. In another flash of blue, it was gone. This stand ability was way too powerful! How was that allowe-


The next train car up exploded, the roof bending outwards for a fiery explosion and a cloud of shrapnel to be sent the way of Jane and the figure. Several more pieces of the debris disappeared, and... Jane felt a stand ping. Cosmic Autumn Rebellion was back. The hooded figure... no, the hooded stand... was too concerned with the cloud of shrapnel to be concerned with her. She summoned her stand, and beneath the stolen pair of sunglasses she had somehow had time to put on, her right eye lit up with red fire. She didn't even bother saying it's name this time.

"MYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOMYKOFALLL!" Cosmic Autumn Rebellion delivered the most powerful punch barrage Jane had ever made it perform, even more than after David had insulted her blindness. The stand disappeared on the last punch and Jane was left alone on the roof of a train. She ran and jumped to the next one and dove into the car, seeing Roman grinning like a maniac, and Saki healing David with for Energy Infinite. Rhonda was seemingly using her ability to suppress Crazy Train.

"Roman! Was that explosion you?"

"I'd completely forgotten about it!"

"Forgotten about what?"

"The reason we met in the first place! The reason I had taken the train to Astoria and back to Seattle twelve times!"

"What are you talking about?"

"I just completed a goal. For two thousand credits."

"Is that a lot?"

"It will certainly be enough to beat Crazy Train."

"Well, let's go. David, Rhonda, Saki, you stay here." Jane summoned Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. "I have some punching to do."


The last ten cars of Crazy Train were nearly unrecognizable. They were splattered with ice, gold dust, acid, fire, some rocks, some molten rocks, and, of course, rust. Roman was really ruthless when he had this many credits... It made Jane glad he was on her team. They were on the final car, which Roman had taken the liberty of overgrowing with plant life and ripping apart. Once again: She was glad he was on her side. She stepped forwards to reduce the door to dust, but Roman had other plans, as shown by him stepping forwards and peeling the six inch thick steel door from it's hinged, bending it badly in the process, and throwing it off of the train.

"Let's go!" He said. He and Jane walked into the front of the train, expecting the fight of their lives... and they were greeted with Will Taker, seemingly sobbing.

"Hey, creep!" Jane yelled, preparing to give him the beatdown of his life. "You have some apologizing to do."

"I- Please.... She made me do it... it hurt so bad... I'm sorry.... please..." He was talking nonsense, but maybe he hadn't wanted to do it.

"Who made you do it?"

"I don't know.... some blond lady... she just walked up, and then... just... pain..." Roman noticed he was holding something.

"What's that in your hand?" Will held it out. It was a black square with copper wires coming from it, crumpled and slightly rusted.

"I don't know... please, I'm so sorry for trying to hurt you... I just... It was like I was-"

"Mind controlled?"


"We saw something like this before..." Jane said.

"We have?" Roman said at the same time Will said,

"You have?"

"Yeah... remember that annoying stand, Lose Yourself To Dance?"


"I think she was being mind controlled in the same way."

"So now we have two enemies? Blond haired lady, red haired man?"

"Seems like it."

"I-" Will began. "We're almost to New York, if you still want to go there."

"Uh... sure. Sounds good." Roman said. "Sorry for... what happened to the last ten cars of your train. I'll get Saki to fix that."


Just a few hours later, all five of them were standing in the streets of New York City. After a little bit more time in Crazy Train, they had disembarked from an abandoned subway station and Roman had My Way Anyway'd them up and out.

"So... Now what? How do we find this guy?" Saki asked. For Energy Infinite was standing behind him, nervously twiddling it's claws. Everyone was silent for a moment.

"And then it was revealed that our heroes had no plan, and were in fact fully unprepared." Roman and David chuckled halfheartedly, and Saki snickered a bit.

"Well... I guess we could just sort of... what did the guy look like again?"

"He had shortish hair dyed light blue and lavender, and a beanie." Rhonda said. "He had blue eyes."

"That... I mean, that narrows it down a bit... but how on earth do we find them?" David pointed out.

"His name is Alexander. Last name... currently unknown." Saki read out from his phone. Roman cracked his knuckles.

"I've got a plan... but for it to work, I kind of need to be arrested..."

"You need to be arrested?"

"Well, the gist of it is I need blueberry eyes to access a facial recognition system... and the best way to do that seems like accessing a police database."

"That's a terrible idea." Jane pointed out.

"But it's the best one we have." Roman countered.

"Well... fair enough. Anyone have a better plan?" No one spoke up. "Then it's settled. We get some breakfast then Roman gets arrested." Jane was about to protest that preventing all stand users from being exposed was of greater importance than eating, but then, almost as soon as she had the thought to argue, her stomach rumbled. She realized she hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday, and- Damn it! She forgot Jotaro back in Seattle!

"Guys, I just realized we left Jotaro behind."

"Oh... oh yeah! We did!" Roman said. "I wonder how that happened..."

"Probably doesn't matter too much."

"Starman would actually be perfect here. It could superspeed or teleport or however it moves into a police precinct rather than Roman getting arrested." David said.

"Well, we're 3000 miles away from him, so, guess we don't exactly have a way to get to him anymore..." Saki said. "Probably best not to worry about it."


"Definitely." There was another small chorus of agreements.

"Hey Roman, this is where you say 'I know a guy who runs a restaurant for stand users' and we all go have breakfast." Jane said. Rhonda giggled a bit.

"Actually, he does that a lot... that's pretty funny!"

"Ha ha. Laugh at me all you want, but as a matter of fact I do know someone. Her name is Grace, and she does run a restaurant. It's called Purely Satisfactory."

"Well, where is it?" Rhonda asked.

"Pretty close by. Maybe thirty minute on foot?"

"Let's get going then." Jane said.

My Cup Runneth Over

Roman cut the corner off of the croque madame on his plate with his fork, smiling when he saw its blue interior. He ate the bite as Rhonda rolled her eyes.

"God, why blue? Why couldn't you just be normal and like spicy foods, or have a sweet tooth?" Rhonda said, taking a bite of her pancakes. "Why blue foods?"

"Rhonda, to me, everything is blue." Roman said, giving a smug smile. There were a number of strange stands around that Roman wished he could photograph, but Grace, likely to her benefit, had introduced a no phones policy. He had decided his favorite, however: It was a colony stand of metallic bluish hexagons floating around. He had no idea who the user was, but it certainly looked cool.

"So... does anyone have a better plan than the one Roman came up with where he gets arrested?" Jane asked. She was having toast with avocado and smoked salmon on top, which she was enjoying more than she had thought she would. There was a general chorus of noises that meant 'no' from the people sitting there.

"Actually... maybe." Saki said. For Energy Infinite looked up from it's eggs and bacon, seeming curious. It was using a smallish hashtag stuck onto a minus sign as a fork, rather than trying to use the utensils which were far too small for its claws. "Roman, do you have any illusion stands on Blueberry Eyes?"

"I- Hm... off the top of my head, I remember one that used music to project illusions... got it a while back, on a trip to France... but I think I exhausted all the charges I have bought." Then his face lit up. "Oh! OH! I know what to do!"

"What?" Everyone said at once.

"I can use this new ability that showed up on my phone... I don't know where I got it, but it clones me, and-" He paused. He checked to make sure no one was watching, and pulled out his phone under the table. He began scrolling through Blueberry Eyes and read the name of the ability he was looking for. Then his face bleached. "P- P- P- Poker Face... P- P- Poker Face..." He put his head in his hands. "It's... It's Heart Shaped Hologram..."

"What do you mean?"

"They appeared... a little after we fought The Technicolor Phase... I didn't really think anything of them, but ... they belonged to him. To The Zombie."

"So... Poker Face was a stand stolen by The Zombie? How do you know it?"

"I- I don't really want to talk about it. But... I can use Poker Face to make a copy of myself, give the copy my phone, and then have the phone touch... well, any of the computers there. Then we can find this Alexander guy." There was a moment of silence.

"Sounds great! Let's do it!" Saki said, and For Energy Infinite arranged the aura of symbols behind its head into a smile emoticon.

"We still don't know exactly what crime Roman is going to commit, though..."

"Maybe... you can get arrested for vandalism, right?" David asked.

"Did you guys ever consider that you can walk into a police precinct without getting arrested?" Jane pointed out. "Just send the clone in there with your phone and do your little stand magic to find our guy. Then we find him, tell him to quit trying to expose stand users, and make our merry way back to Seattle."

"What about Red Hair, though? If he attacks, what's going to happen?"

"I'm gonna fight him off." Jane said.

"A seven nation army couldn't hold you back?" Rhonda offered, grinning. Jane rolled her eyes behind her blindfold and had another bite of her toast. None of the people there, planning for every scenario they could think of, would have anticipated that they wouldn't need to find Alexander. He would find them. And the hexagon clamped to the underside of their table would guarantee that he and his sister would know exactly where to find them. Of course, it wasn't like they were having trouble with that. They were staring right at them.

Blast Processing & Hexacon Forge Part 1

"Of all the things you could have done to attract more stand users, you had to try and make stands public?"

"It worked, didn't it? We've made record amounts this week alone!"

"Still, it was a bad idea. People are recognizing you, which is not desirable. Especially as con artists."

"It's not really a con, Christina. It's just us telling them the truth and demanding money to change that truth."

"Alex, you don't need to con people to be a con artist."

"By definition, you do."

"Shhh! Shut up! They're here!" The two people, Alex and Christina, looked at the group of five which had just turned onto the street they had been walking down. They had done this on purpose, of course: Not too hard to overhear them talking about exactly where they planned to go. All they had to do then was get there first.

"You ready Christina?" Said Alex. He had shaggy hair dyed a light blueish purple underneath his dark gray beanie. He was wearing a jacket over his graphic T shirt, which showed a sunflower with a swirling black void in the center. His sister was dressed in a light magenta hoodie with small cat ears on the top, and a darker stripe from the center of the hood down the back. Her hair was long, almost down to her waist, and dark red.

"Yep. Let's do this. Hexacon Forge!" A polished hexagon of blue steel appeared in the air behind Alex, reflecting him as well as some members of the group that was now giving them strange looks.

"Blast Processing!" A tall and muscular white stand appeared from Alex's aura, and cracked it's knuckles. "You know, even though it doesn't hurt, I still get nervous at this part."

"Shut up and do it already!"

"Fine, fine." He nodded to his stand, and then, faster than any human eye could see, the stand punched him as hard as it could, over and over again. Alex wasn't hurt at all. He just stood there, not even being knocked back. After about twenty solid seconds of being punched, the stand stopped and retracted itself. "That good enough for you?" A white bar appeared above Alex's head, but then glitched and vanished into the mirror of metal, reappearing in the reflection above the head of the blind girl.


"Jane... what the hell is that above your head?" David asked. His hand was already on the handle of Guns N' Roses.

"I don't know if you've picked up on this, but I'm blind. So why don't you tell me what the hell is above my head?"

"It looks like a loading progress bar." Roman said. "It's at four percent."

"God damn it, not this again." Jane said. "Let's just punch whoever's nearby until they screw off."

"I would not recommend that." An unfamiliar man and woman had sauntered up to them, and the woman had just spoken.

"Not if you want to avoid an awkward situation." The man said.

"Oh, you're the guy who just... beat himself up. Why did you do that?"

"Roman, they're attacking us. This isn't the time for small talk." David hissed, drawing the wooden gun from it's holster.

"But they haven't attacked us." Roman pointed out. "Also, cool hair." He nodded to the man, who grinned.

"Same to you. But, yes, we are attacking you."

"Really? Well, that sucks." Roman summoned Heart Shaped Hologram. "Guess we have to hurt you now."

"Not so fast..." He summoned his stand. It was large, and intimidating, but it hadn't even been able to hurt it's own user! How strong could it be? "My stand, Blast Processing, is the strongest stand. Not in terms of ability, but in terms of being able to kill people with a single punch."

"Let me guess: It does a hundred push ups, a hundred sit ups, and a ten kilometer run each day?"


"Never mind. Either way, you haven't punched any of us yet, so we're probably fine."

"Au contraire, my poorly dressed friend." The other one, a girl in a strange hoodie, interrupted. "That's where my stand, Hexacon Forge, comes into play." A copious number of tiny hexagons appeared in the air around them, as well as two bigger ones around the woman's torso.

"Wait a minute... you were at Purely Satisfactory!"

"Me and my brother here can execute a sort of team attack... where he transfers his stand's damage to another person or thing reflected in Hexacon Forge." The woman ignored Roman's comment completely.

"There's a problem with your story." David pointed out. "None of us have died yet."

"I'm getting to that! Jeez... some people."

"There's a reason it's called Blast processing and not just Blast. It's because the hit takes a few minutes to load before killing you. In other words, she-" He gestured to Jane, "Is now 11% of the way to death."

"Okay, but what's stopping us from just..." Heart Shaped Hologram lunged forward for a punch, but it was intercepted by one of those small hexagons. "Oh, you two are annoying."

"As you can see, my stand Hexacon Forge is pretty much perfect for deflecting your pitiful little attempts at combat, so you may as well just give us what we want."

"Want? Wait a minute, are you not... mind controlled?" David asked.

"No, why would we be? We just run blackmailing operations on other stand users. Which brings me to my point: We'd like a thousand dollars. Any form you choose is fine."

"No it isn't! Christina, we really need to start asking for cash... remember when that weirdo with the small sunglasses paid us in rare beetles?" Alex shivered.

"That's irrelevant." Christina turned back to the group of five. "We can pause the timer, if you acquiesce to our demands. Or-" Roman shot a fireball from his phone's camera, which was blocked by one of the shields. She sighed. "Or we can do it the hard way." A fireball, twice as bright and hot, launched itself at Roman from one of the hexagons which had maneuvered behind him. It hit him and he caught on fire, although he was quickly able to extinguish it with some kind of frost ability. Saki, Jane, David, and Rhonda all readied their stands.

"I wouldn't do this if I were you." Alex said, infuriatingly calm. "It's kind of an uneven match up. You might want a few more members to, y'know, even the playing field. Besides, your little blind friend is at 16%- If you fight us, you only have a few minutes before she pretty much just implodes. Or you can pay us- So what'll be? We'll give you one more chance to not fight..."

Blast Processing & Hexacon Forge Part 2

"Hell no! Cosmic Autumn Rebellion!" Jane summoned her stand and lunged forwards for a punch. "No one calls me little blind friend and gets away with it!"

"Guns N' Roses!"

"Done Then Gone!"

"For Energy Infinite!"

"Heart Shaped Hologram!" There was a brief moment when everyone was still. Blast Processing seemed to twitch as the percentage over Jane's head progressed to 17. Heart Shaped Hologram had one hand extended, pointing towards Christina. And then the three seconds passed. A spike seemingly materialized from Heart Shaped Hologram's fingers, piercing Christina through the chest. Not the left side, though- The right side, through her lung. She gasped.

"You bastard!" A fist that resembled that of Roman's stand emerged from one of her shields that had snuck next to Roman's knee and unleashed the full power of his punch from earlier, shattering his kneecap and causing him to trip. The spike rescinded back into Heart Shaped Hologram's finger. Alex wasn't doing anything... he was just standing there.


David shot off three plant bullets, which hit the cracks in the pavement and grew rapidly into flowers that he hadn't used before. They were strange, yellow flowers which looked a bit like peonies.

"Really? A flower? Hmph." Alex drawled, cracking his knuckles. "How original." And then the ground exploded. Roman, Jane, David, Rhonda and Saki were all sent flying several meters, and dusted with a hearty helping of asphalt dust. Jane spat a fragment of rock out of her mouth, getting up to her feet quickly. No one saw it. The pale blue beam that struck Alex in the neck. Not even Christina, who was too focused on controlling a small army of hundreds of stand individually.

"And now, Jane Kujo, the countdown begins."

"H- How do you know my last name?"

"That doesn't really matter." Jane could sense, even without sight, that her friends were out cold. She must have gotten lucky or something. And now it was a one v. one.

"Ugghhh... ow..." Someone groaned behind her. Maybe this won't be a losing battle after all. Jane thought, extending her stand sense to see who it was. The chaotic contradictions of Done Then Gone? The endless calm sadness of Blueberry Eyes? The... whatever Guns N' Roses was?

"It's okay, I'm fine!" She heard, finding none of what she expected. Instead, she felt a sort of soft circuitry. Like someone tried to make a computer out of putty. It was Saki. Never mind. It's a losing battle.

"You and I are the only ones conscious, and we don't have time to waste waking them up. Let's teach these people a lesson!"

"Yeah! For Energy Infinite!" Saki's stand played a soft warbling noise as it, Saki, and Jane prepared to face down an impossible fight.

"Wow. That is honestly kind of pathetic. I almost feel sorry for you two. I mean, I took out the only three people who can actually fight."

“You know, you really shouldn’t say things like that. Who says me and Saki can’t kick your ass?”

“You did. Once you realized it was Saki, you instantly thought ‘nevermind, it’s a losing battle.’” Alex paused to let what he just said sink in, looking smug.

“Oh, so you’re some kind of mind reader now?” Saki said. “Jane would never think something like that!” He lunged forwards for Alex, with his stand’s claws drawn. Blast Processing formed into a guard position, but at the last moment Saki feinted and hooked Alex’s leg with a question mark, passing it off to his stand who yanked upwards. However, Alex seemed ready for this and had his stand unhook his leg, delivering a punch to Saki along the way. A flickering bar appeared above his head as well. Jane took a loose screw from her pocket and had Cosmic Autumn Rebellion punch it to the speed of a bullet, but Alex dodged and Heacon Forge reflected it back at her. How is Alex doing that? It was moving so quickly he couldn’t have seen it coming… The screw, moving at twice it's original velocity, clipped her in the shoulder, but she barely felt the pain.

“Alex, what the hell are you doing! One at a time! Only punch one person at a time!”

“Or what?”

“They’ll die before they can give us our money!”

“That’s the idea.”

“Alex, what the hell! You can’t kill someone! Just threaten until they get scared!”

“I’m in a bad mood today. I kind of feel like trying something new.” Alex said, just as he sidestepped a slash from For Energy Infinite. “Hey, kid, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t INTERRUPT ME!” He said, launching a full force punch with his stand, hitting Saki right in the face. He flinched, despite the blow not actually hurting him, and tried to land a returning blow, but Alex easily sidestepped it.

“J- Jane! My bar just jumped seven percent!” Jane ground her teeth. This Alex guy was really starting to get on her nerves. “Hey, you’re supposed to be his sister- Didn’t you say you didn’t want him to kill us?” Christina had been watching in a sort of horrified trance… had her brother gone insane?

“I- Alex, what are you doing? Stop it!”

“No, I don’t think… I will!” Alex threw a punch at Jane, following by rounding on Saki and attempting to perform a barrage. Jane’s bar jumped up to 34%. Saki managed to step back in time to avoid the rage-fueled strikes of Blast Processing, but in the process, he tripped and fell over a stray piece of shattered concrete.

“Hey! Leave him the hell alone!” Jane yelled, rapidly aging the road under Alex’s feet, enough so that it collapsed. He lost his balance for a second, but quickly regained it.

“Oh no, I fell six inches. Whatever will I do?” He sarcastically drawled, before stepping out of the pothole created by Cosmic Autumn Rebellion’s antics. Saki was scrabbling backwards, trying to get back on his feet, with For Energy Infinite behind him. Alex was slowly, menacingly advancing.

“It doesn’t hurt us if you hit us… but it makes the delayed punches hit sooner.”

“Yep.” Alex grinned like a psycho.

“I- You-” Saki was grasping at straws, trying to find anything that could help him get out of this. And, luckily for him, he did. A lightbulb went off in his head. “You’ve got a bruise on your arm!”

“Yeah, so what? Do you think you’ll be able to get me by striking my weak point? You stupid motherf-” Alex only got that far before dropping into a glassy eyed trance as For Energy Infinite healed him, causing him to forget everything that had recently happened. In theory, he had forgotten almost two days of information, all the way back to when he got that bruise by tripping over a nail that snagged on his sock, and he ended up falling onto a coffee table. In practice, his mind was shielded from the amnesic effects of For Energy Infinite by a different mind-manipulating stand.Saki was hoping that this would undo whatever strange mental affliction was making him try to kill the three of them. Unfortunately, it would only buy them a few precious seconds. Alex remained vacantly staring for a few seconds, and Saki stood up and shoved him over. Jane’s bar was at 42%.

“Saki! I have a plan! When I say now, heal the road!” Jane used Cosmic Autumn Rebellion to pick up a large armful of rocks and began having her stand throw them as far away as she could. “Ready?”

“Y- Yeah..”

“N-” Jane stopped. Her legs were numb. She looked down to see a chain of blue bubbles surrounding her legs, and noticed frost forming on her pants.

“Jane! Christina’s attacking you!”

“Yeah, I realized! Hey, lady! Are you insane?”

“I know what you were going to do! You were going to kill him! And even if he just went insane, I won’t let you hurt my brother!” She grabbed one of the big hexagons and threw it at Saki like a frisbee. He dodged it, but it swerved down at the last second, implanting itself in the ground.

“I’m fine! She missed me!” Saki said. He failed to notice the twin chains of bright blue bubbles reaching from the shield-like stand, wrapping around his legs.

“Alright lady, you and your brother have some serious problems. Why don’t you just leave us alone and find some help?” Jane took a step toward Christina.

“We don’t need anyone’s help!” She took out a bottle of water and splashed water at Jane’s feet.

“What was that supposed to- Oh. Ow. Ow! OW OW OW AAHHHH!” Jane’s feet were steaming from cold, and water was actively freezing itself onto her. Her blood was also beginning to freeze in her body, and frostbite wasn’t too far off.


“J- Jane! I can’t, my legs won’t work!”


“I already did, earlier today!” Jane would have fallen to the ground and been writhing in pain had her legs not been frozen in an upright position. And then she heard the crunching of freshly-made gravel behind her.

“Well, Christina, thank you. Now, I think I’ll finish off this job, if you don’t mind.” Blast Processing picked Christina up and threw her into a wall. She fell unconscious, but her stand remained. Great. Literally the one person in the world whose stand didn’t deactivate when they fell asleep in battle. Alex cracked his knuckles, and his stand threw a punch. 56%.

“You won’t win. Even now, I still have an ace up my sleeve.”

“Really?” Punch. 63%. “Do tell.”

“Yes, I’ll show you right now.” Nothing happened.

“Nothing happened.”

“That’s what you think.” As a matter of fact, something had happened, just not immediately. Little bits of concrete and rock were all flying back towards the destroyed bit of road. And with a little push from Cosmic Autumn Rebellion, Alex was standing there as well. Unfortunately, he instantly dove into a flawless shoulder roll, just in time to avoid the flood of airborne rocks reassembling themselves into a road beneath their feet.

“Nice try.” Punch. 71%. “But I can read your minds. As soon as Saki over there understood, I knew exactly what your plan was.” Three punches. 92%. “Any last words?” Punch. 99%.

“Yes, as a matter of fact. Cosmic. Autumn. Rebellion.” Her stand was summoned, and it’s right eye flared brighter than normal. A burst of wind surrounded them. Alex was still smirking like he’d won, but was a little nervous. There wasn’t a way to cure Blast Processing, right? “Living On Borrowed Time.” Yellow energy surrounded her stand’s fists, and… nothing. She did nothing. The white bar above her head began blinking rapidly


Glowing white cracks spread along her body, and a ringing sound began to play at the edges of their hearing.

“Yes! Yes, I won!”

“Not so fast!” Jane said. And then… the cracks stopped. The white bar stopped flashing and began rapidly counting down, until it went all the way to zero and disappeared. “I don’t know why I didn't try that sooner.” She said, curing Saki as well. “But I’m glad I did. And now, I believe we have some business to settle?” The ice around her legs melted (as well as her blood) and she stepped forwards, grinning like a maniac, and said a few words.

“Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. Polaris.”

I've Had Just About Enough Of "Diamonds In The Rough"

Undermining A Silver Lining

It had been almost twenty four hours since Mirai had been banned by Julia, and DD couldn’t wait for her to get back. He was sitting in Owl City’s most popular bar, Vanilla Twilight, sipping the drink he had ordered. (Could you really call it a drink if it wasn’t liquid? The user made these weird heavy gasses that tasted amazing and flowed like liquids in glasses. But was that really a beverage? Or was it more like aromatherapy?) He believed this one was simply called Upper Atmosphere, a chilly and refreshing “drink” that tastes like skydiving. (Another part of the stand- A lot of the flavors it made didn’t exactly exist.) He checked his watch. She should have been here by n-

“Hey bro, wassup?” Mirai blinked into the space next to him, startling him badly. He dropped his drink, but it seemed to… stop in midair, for no apparent reason. He grabbed it back and turned to her.

“Why must you always feel the need to do things like that?”

“I dunno. You’re always acting so sad, talking about mist and rain and my pen pal hasn’t written back in over a year. I figured you could use cheering up.”

“And your idea of being cheered up is what, exactly?”

“Something new, exciting. I dunno. I’m gonna go get a drink, then we can talk.” Mirai blinked away again, leaving DD to sigh disappointedly. No one understood him… hell, even he didn’t understand himself. Maybe killing the man who murdered his sister in front of him would make him understand, but probably not. Seven years spent looking for him… only to find him stumbling right into their shop in Owl City. “Hey bro, I’m back! I got this drink that’s apparently supposed to taste like a sunset.”

“How amusing.”

“Don’t be like that! Just because you’re sad all the time doesn’t mean I have to be. Now…” She paused to take a sip of her drink. “Wow, that is good! Now, onto killing the blue guy-”

“I already have a plan.”

“You do?”

“Yes. In fact, right now, I’ve separated him from his sister and the people they’re traveling with.”


“I used Ocean Eyes to gather some fog around them, and then created an illusory duplicate of everyone. Blue guy is alone, and the others are too far to help him before I kill him.”

“So… what’s your plan to kill him?”


“That’s it?”

“Better than yours! His stand didn't even transfer the damage to the waking world!”

“Well it isn’t my fault that I didn’t know that!”

“Let’s not argue right now. I’m asleep in my apartment near the docks, which blue guy should be almost at… I should wake up and kill him.”

“Okay. Mind if I-” DD vanished. “Finish your drink.” Mirai finished. Oh, that brother of hers...


“Please. You know nothing about gardening. Growing a cosmos? In this climate? You’d have better luck getting struck by lightning.”

“David, I’m fairly certain it's ‘You’d have better luck winning the lottery.”

“But you’re more likely to get struck by lightning. C’mon Jane, this is basic knowledge.”

“So you’re saying I’m less likely to successfully grow a cosmos in Seattle than to get struck by lightning, but I'm more likely to win the lottery?”

“Took you long enough.”

“Roman, he’s wrong. Tell him he’s wrong.”

“Please. I am never wrong. I wouldn’t trust you with even a cactus to take care of.”

“I would never accept your cactus! I’m not supposed to have pointy objects for decorations!”

“Roman, tell her I’m right, and that she’ll never actually be able to grow a cosmos. Not here, and not in Seattle.”

“I don’t live in either of those places.”

“Wait…. Where do you live?”


“You’re from Canada? I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice.”

“What, you got some kind of problem with me being direct?”

“No no no, it’s very… you.”

“David, Jane, would you two please shut up? We get it, David’s a plant guy who doesn’t know how probability works and Jane’s Canadian.” Rhonda decided to interject.

“I’m not Canadian, I just grew up in Canada.”

“Same thing.” David proclaimed.

“It’s really not.” Rhonda and Jane said at the same time, laughing.

“Okay, if you grew up somewhere, that means you’re from there. And by the way, I do know how probability works. I’ll have you know I took CP mathematics in high school.”

“David, that isn’t impressive. That’s the default option.” Rhonda said.

“Well… I still know how to calculate odds. And Jane will never grow a cosmos.” Rhonda rolled her eyes.

“That guy, am I right?” She nudged Saki with her elbow, who gave a little jump.

“Oh… sorry, you scared me. What did you say?”

“I… I was just saying that David can be kind of annoying.”

“I can still hear you, you know!” David interjected. Rhonda waved him off.

“Oh yeah, I guess. I haven’t talked to him that much.”

“How about Jane? I mean, do you really know anyone here that well?”

“I mean, not really. I’m just sort of the guy who showed up.”

“Huh. That’s normally my role. But at least this time I’m the sister of someone here.” She turned to Roman, who hadn’t said a word in probably at least an hour. The harbor seemed nearly abandoned, though the thick fog and muted sound of the day probably had something to do with that. Alex and Christina had agreed to meet with them to exchange information on whoever was kidnapping stand users.

“So… as a sister of Roman, can I ask you a question?”

“It’s genetic.”


“You were going to ask why his face was so punchable, right? It’s genetic. That also extends to why no one gets a good first impression of him.” Rhonda gave a smirk, which turned to a worried frown when Roman didn’t indignantly contradict everything she’d just said. “Hey, Roman, are you okaAAAYY!” She started to ask, but tripped on a loose rock. She reached out to grab Roman and steady herself, but…. Her hand passed right through his body? His shoulder dissolved into blue mist for a second before reforming.

“Rhonda, are you okay?"

“I’m fine… you guys saw that too, right?”


“You should know better than to ask that by now.”

“I- I did…” Saki said. He reached out a hand and waved it through Roman’s body, which broke down into a smokey form again before turning back into this… projection of Roman. It turned to them and took it’s aviators off. It morphed into a vision of some kind of edgy teenager going through a phase.

“What the hell…?” David asked. “Where’s the real Roman?”

The illusion laughed silently and with no amusement in its eyes, before projecting the words Guess you finally figured it out. Pity that I have to be the bearer of bad news, but your friend is dead. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay out of my way from now on. Got it? Insincerely, DD. Before anyone could respond, the vision dissolved into the fog.

“Well, crap. C”mon, let’s split up and search for Roman. Saki, come with me. David, Jane, you go that way. We’ll go the other.” No sooner than she had given out these orders, Rhonda had pulled out her phone and was trying to call Roman. “C’mon, you blueberry idiot. Pick up the phone…” She had started pacing and biting her poorly painted fingernails. “Pick it up…”


Roman realized something was wrong when all his friends dissolved into thin air. Literally, they all blew apart into colorful dust and vanished.

“David? Rhonda? Jane? Where are you guys?” No response. “This isn’t funny.” Muted silence, only broken up slightly by the sound of water nearby. He summoned Heart Shaped Hologram, standing back-to-back with it. He heard a distant engine, and turned towards it. A cool white headlight was headed his way. This isn’t a street… he had time to think before it reached him and nearly ran him over.

“WHAT THE HELL!?” He yelled, stumbling backwards just before he was hit by a person on a motorcycle. He shook his head. What was wrong with people around here!? He went back to wandering around, looking for someone, anyone. And then he noticed the motorcycle had stopped about fifty meter away, and turned around towards him again. He took a step back, but tripped over something that felt like a tripwire made of putty. He fell backwards onto the ground and hit his head on the ground, leaving him seeing stars. He sat up to see the headlight of the motorcycle accelerating towards him. And he could have sworn he saw murder in the mirrored visor of the rider.

Ocean Eyes Part 1

Roman lay helplessly on the ground, watching the motorcycle’s rapid approach. He briefly noticed the arm of his stand manifesting around his own. He watched as a ramp formed itself out of nothing, glowing white material suddenly appearing in the motorcycle’s path, just so that it would land on him. He scrambled backwards a few feet, holding up his right arm out of instinct. The motorcycle hit the ramp, reaching the apex of its trajectory. Time seemed to stretch out at that moment, the rider looking down at him through the mirrored visor, Roman on the ground below.

A spike flickered into existence, from Roman’s hand. Piercing the gas tank of the motorcycle. The arm around Roman’s broke away from it's master and, using a second spike which had gotten the headlight punctured, tossed the bike away like it was using chopsticks. It crashed onto the pavement in a shower of sparks, sliding for several meters. The rider had merely backflipped off of the now wrecked motorcycle and landed perfectly on the ground, a few meters from Roman.

“I get how it is. You want a fight.” Roman got up and pulled out his phone. “Then let’s fight.” The person in front of him gave no response, simply cracking their gloved knuckles and summoned a glowing white knife in their hand. Roman pointed his camera at this mystery person, but before he could get a picture they had vanished. Invisibility… and matter creation? He threw up a Mental Block around himself, and felt very smug when he saw a series of blows get deflected off its surface.

Letting go of the invisible barrier, he pressed a button on his phone and a wide cone of flame shot out. The mystery figure shimmered into view, only slightly on fire, and snuffed it out with a wave of their hand. Roman prepared to try a different strategy, but before he could, he felt something invisible over his mouth and nose. It was like cold putty had replaced the air around him- He couldn’t inhale!

He tried to back up, but found his feet encased in something as well. He lost his balance, and almost fell backwards, but was saved by the mass of invisible un-air that was currently choking him. He saw as the knife in the figure’s hand elongated into a sword- A very familiar sword- and they began approaching him. He was reminded of a famous scene from that manga Ella liked, except he was doomed since he didn’t have plot armor. This wasn’t a story. It was real life.

Roman summoned Heart Shaped Hologram again, having it fire a cluster of spikes at this freak show’s vital organs. The person threw up a shield of the weird glowy stuff, and the spikes appeared. Each and every one of them pierced where their heart was a moment ago. And emerged from a different spot on the shield.

“It'll take more than that to stop me.” They said, continuing their advance. Roman was panicking now. His lungs were filled with the sensation of carbon dioxide, and that person was raising their sword, and oh god he was gonna die-

The sword came down.

-and there was so much he hadn’t done… wait… the sword had gone through him? He looked at his chest to make sure it wasn’t a delayed pain response. What he saw was possibly even more traumatic…

He was wearing the technicolor phase. The sword had phased through the white mechanical suit like it was paint.

“What the hell? That’s… new…” The person attacking him said. The helmet appeared to cover his head (Noticeably not allowing him to breathe any better) and he felt his body vanish into the ground as it melted into gray paint, leaving whatever had been suffocating him behind. It was a weird feeling… like he was colors and pigments and mirrors all at once. I could easily escape now, sure… but this person could come back and hurt my friends. I need to stop them.

He emerged from the ground behind this person and had his stand deliver a punch to their back. They were sent flying as he crawled out of the paint… ground… How did The Technicolor Phase work again?

“Alright… I don’t know who you are, or why you’re attacking me, but this needs to be over with soon. So quit holding out and-”

“Would you SHUT UP!” The person yelled. They gestured to Roman and he found his hands encased in blocks of that glowy white stuff. A number of knives and otherwise sharp objects appeared in the air, spinning around like a cloud. This person hung their head and took off the helmet… to reveal… Roman?

“You idiot. You actually think you can win? You’re going to die today. And then I’ll move on to your accomplices.”

“You mean my friends? An accomplice is someone you commit a crime with.”

“Oh. So they don’t know…”

“Don’t know what?”

“They don’t know that you killed… my sister. You killed her right in front of me, and then you stole her heart. And I finally found you… I can kill you.”

The knives began to close in on Roman as the person who looked like him watched with ice cold eyes.

“Look, I don’t know who you are or anything about you, and I definitely didn’t kill anyone-”

“You really think I could forget that stand? Adding a few decals won’t distract me.” They spat. They snapped their fingers and dissolved into invisibility again.

“Okay, I don’t know how you knew the old Zombie-” Roman began, quickly interrupted by tripping over another one of those invisible tripwires. He melted away into gray paint and entered the pavement again, before the knives could close in faster, and re-formed several meters away.

“I don’t know what connection you have to Thaddeus Benton, but I never killed anyone.”

“Liar!” They flickered back into view and swung a sword at Roman, which he narrowly dodged.

“I didn’t kill your sister! I would never kill someone!”

“Then explain the human heart in your stand’s hand.”

A dark room, washed with blood-

“Th- I- It wasn’t like that… I didn’t-”

“It seems to me like you did.” They said. A white spike manifested from the ground, piercing Roman’s foot. “I believe I remember you calling it… The Zombie…”

“That’s not- I know how this looks.”

“Because it looks like what it is?”

“Please, just give me a chance to explain!” Roman’s mirror image scowled, manifesting an arm nearby Roman and taking his phone out of his hand just as he was about to use something.

“A chance to explain and screw me over with my own ability?” A small blade shot forwards and nicked Roman’s arm. “I don’t think so. Killer.” They spat.

Roman had had just about enough. Which is way his next move surprised him more than anyone else.

Roman ran forwards and tackled them to the ground, grabbing them by the shoulders.

“Get this through your thick skull, you stubborn simpleton! I! Am! Not! A! Murderer!” With every word he shook the person, the back of their head cracking against the pavement. A pillar of the glow stuff shot up from their chest and knocked him backwards into the air. He landed hard on the pavement, knocking his skull and seeing stars. Roman held out his hands towards them and fired a small orb of light in their direction.

“What’s that, a lante-” The orb exploded with the strength of a hand grenade as it made contact with the mystery assailant’s chest, knocking them back and singing their hair. “AH GEEZ WHAT THE FU-” They made it before the wind was knocked out of them from crashing into a Mental Block Roman had set up. They slid to the ground, limp, like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Several white orbs floated up from their face as holes were ripped in the perfectly realistic mask their stand had formed. Soon, the mask had evaporated completely. They let their head hang forwards, giving them an air of despondence. You could see nothing of them but biker leathers and black hair frosted with watery diamonds

Roman stumbled to his feet and summoned Heart Shaped Hologram’s arm around his, pointing at their heart.

“You… have some questions… to answer…” He said, pausing every few seconds to catch a breath. “ But first…” He reached out with telekinesis and lifted their head to see their face.

What he saw shocked him more than he would have thought possible.

Ocean Eyes Part 2

"J- Jacob! You're alive!" Roman stammered. And in his defense, it did look like him. Similar hair, close enough facial features. But this person's eyes were different... a dim, overcast indigo instead of Jacob's bright, sparkly blue that betrayed the full extent of his personality as soon as you met him. "Wait... No... Your stand is different... And if you were alive, you would have contacted someone…"

"I'm not some Jacob person." Now that is wasn't slightly distorted by a mask, his voice seemed... familiar. Even if it was now drenched in acid and honed to a sharp point, it still made him think back...

"Then who are you?" Roman asked.

"You know exactly who I am!" He tried to get up but winced and slowly leaned back against the wall. He had a furious expression on his face, like a cornered rabid animal. He knew that he had lost by now. Roman could see his ankle bent at an unnatural angle, and there was a smear of blood on the invisible barrier behind him from where his head had dragged along the wall. He looked like he was about to pass out.

“Look, you’re hurt. Let me help you-” Roman began, before something in his brain, some swept aside memory, resurfaced. “You… you’re the guy from Owl City! What did you say it was… Downcast? Downcast Days?” Roman asked. Downcast tensed, his scowl deepening, before answering.

“Yeah… yep, that’s me. You got me.”

“It was a good disguise.” Roman had his stand kneel down by this man who’d tried to kill him. He tensed, drawing in breath sharply. “Relax, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Why should I believe that?”

“If I wanted to kill you, I would have used spikes by now. Besides, you have no choice but to trust me.” Downcast exhaled. Roman could tell he hated this, but Downcast apparently knew when to give up. Heart Shaped Hologram’s hands shone with fiery healing power as it flickered into a glitchy, poorly-rendered mess for a second. When it became normal again, it was wearing Cold As Ice’s dress and it's left eye had changed to a bright neon pink.

“What are you doing?”

“Healing you. This…. This might hurt a bit.”

“Oka-” He was abruptly cut off as Heart Shaped Hologram grabbed his wrist and channeled the accelerating power of scalding heat into Downcat’s broken ankle. He clenched his jaw as the painful healing process fused his bones back together. Heart Shaped Hologram pulled away when it was done, Downcast shooting Roman a withering stare.

“Do you want me to get your head too?”

“I’ll be fine.” Downcast stumbled to his feet, clutching his right arm with his left.

“Okay… so what was all that about me killing your sister? I saw her just a few days ago in Owl City, and… well, I guess we did fight, but she was fine!”

“I have two sisters, you blithering idiot. Had, anyway. She was killed by a stand that was… inexplicably similar to yours.”

“When was this?”

“Seven years ago.”

“I was fifteen at the time. I didn’t even know what my stand was for yet, it was just a blank app.”


“It’s... complicated. Look, I’m going to go make a call, then I can explain everything.” Roman walked away to dial his phone and call David. But, just at the last digit, his hand met an invisible resistance in front of the phone. “What the-”

A hand landed on his shoulder as a white knife buried itself in his lower back. He felt them pull it out, leaving a steady flow of blood pouring out of his body. He fell backwards as Downcast sidestepped his falling body, then turned around and kneel by him as he was bleeding out.

“Look, I’m sure you had a thousand pretty little lies to tell me, but I know a stand when I see it. And let me tell you, you made a mistake killing my sister and not me. Because I’m getting better all the time.” He took Roman’s phone out of his hand, and coated his arm in ectoplasm.

“This is a fun little trick I picked up from a purple haired guy.” He grabbed Roman’s shoulder with his normal arm, and threw a full force punch with the other. The crack of Roman’s nose breaking was audible as blood seeped out. He punched him in the face again, and again, and again, until finally he let the coating on his arm float away and let go of Roman, allowing him to fall back to the pavement. Taking Roman’s phone in one hand and his hand in the other, he unlocked the phone with Roman’s thumbprint and began scrolling through the contact list, walking about six meters away so as to get out of the range of spikes.

“Rory… Rhonda… Jane… David… sounds like they’ll be fun to kill. Mark, Sam, Tom… you sure do know a lot of people.” The phone began ringing. “Oh, I’m getting a call?” Downcast answered.

“Roman? Roman where are you? Were you teleported away? I just… Are you okay?”

“Hello Rhonda. This is not Roman speaking. I regret to inform you that he cannot get to the phone right now, or ever again. You were too late. Don’t call back.” He hung up the phone, and continued scrolling through the contacts.

“You mother fu-” Roman got out before something painful coerced him into silence again.

“You know, I really ought to smash this thing before you can use it to do some funny trick… but honestly, I don’t think I will. Heh… all these scum who associate with you… Joshua, Electra, and…” Downcast stopped. “Jacob… Joestar…”

“Why the hell do you care about him?” Roman muttered. He was doing his best to crawl forwards to do something, but blood loss and general pain were making it very difficult. If he could just get a bit closer-

“Listen to me very closely. Did you or didn’t you know a man by the name of Jacob Joestar? Had a very… extroverted personality? Pretty happy guy?”

“Yeah… yeah I did…” Maybe if Roman could keep him talking he could just-

“Quit it with your moving.”  Downcast said, making a downward motion with his hand and causing a knife to embed itself in Roman’s ankle, digging into his achilles tendon. “And he was friends with you… ?”

“Yes… he was… but he was killed…”

“By you?”

“No! No… by… Thaddeus Benton… my late father.”

“And now you’re continuing his legacy?”

“No… His stand and mine merged… it was outside of my… control…”

“Damn it… I got the wrong person…”

“Yeah… The man who killed your sister is dead. A friend of mine killed him.”

“So you were telling the truth… I believe you now.”

“What…” Roman clenched his teeth and continued. “What fantastic timing for that.”

“Jacob Joestar and I were pen pals for… it feels like forever.”

“That’s great. Give me my phone back so I can…” He trailed off. And then blood loss caught up with him. He slumped forwards, unconscious, and drawing ever-nearer to death.

If My Intentions Stray, I'll Wrench Them Away

"He isn't too far away! Hurry up!" David yelled as the rest of the group struggled to keep up.

"David... Why..." Saki panted out between heaving gasps of air. "Why do you know Roman's location? And how?"

"This isn't really the time for dumb questions!" He kept running, pulling far ahead of Rhonda, Jane, and Saki. 60 meters. 50 meters. 40. 30. 20. He mentally calculated the distance to his friend. Until he tripped over some kind of invisible pole on the ground, sprawling forwards. He managed to turn his fall into a successful, albeit clumsy, shoulder roll, getting right back to his feet and drawing Guns N' Roses.

"Guys, look out! There's an invisible tripwire!"

"Yeah, I can see it." Jane said, carefully stepping over the invisible object. Rhonda and Saki followed her lead.

"W- Where's Roman?" Saki asked nervously, summoning For Energy Infinite.

"I don't know." David checked his phone. "It says he's right here."

"What does?"

"I wrote an algorithm to be able to track the phone location of anyone I entered into my contacts. It says he's like... right here."

"You what!?" Jane yelled. "You have a tracker on his phone!?"

"Always one to complain, aren't you? I might have saved his life!"

"David, Jane this isn't the time to argue! If he's around here we need to find him! Jane, look for him with you stand sense. Everyone else, look around!" Saki snapped at the arguing friends. "We need to find him. He could be in danger. Argue later, got it?" He finished his sentence, seemingly more shocked by what he had to say than David or Jane. He stammered for a second, about to say something to back out, but before he could Rhonda jumped in.

"He's right. That pathetic wet noodle of a brother is not going to die on my watch. If he dies on one of your watches, you will have me to contend with."


"If he dies on one of your watches, you will have me to contend with." DD heard Rhonda say from a few meters away, muffled from his lack of caring. He had cloaked himself and the bleeding out blue guy in a misty illusion, courtesy of his stand. Invisibility had been a priceless tool over the years, ranging from escaping from the Parisian mafia to spying on that psycho who dressed in all green to hiding from... from him. The day his stand manifested for the first time...

Now was not the time to think about that. He had tied a length of ectoplasm cloth around his torso, tying it tight to apply pressure to the wound, in addition to pressing on it as hard as he could with his hands. He couldn't let an innocent man die... then he'd be no better than The Zombie's user. But still, blood was escaping. His technique was flawed. And Roman's time was running out. The blind girl got closer, and...

Did they say something about stand sense?

"I found him! And the bastard who tried to kill him!" The blind girl yelled. She had her stand punch wildly in the general direction of DD, but he blocked it with an invisible shield. These people were guaranteed to have some kind of healing ability among themselves... right? He dropped the illusion from the body, getting up and slinking away into the mist under the cover of invisibility.

Saki! Saki, heal him!” He overheard. So they did have a healer.

“I can’t! It only works once every twenty four hours!” Oh. So they didn’t. But was that really his problem? He continued to walk away, steeling himself for any guilt to come.

“Please… Roman… don’t die… Someone put more pressure on the wound!” But then… he remembered her face. Her last words to him before her chest was riddled with black spikes. And he did what may have been simultaneously the best and the worst decision in his life. He turned back, walked over, and turned off his stand.

“I think I can help.”


David was helping Rhonda try to staunch the bleeding (He carried around all the necessary supplies for a tourniquet at any time) when some teenager going through his emo phase appeared from nowhere around them.

“I think I can help.” They said.

“It’s that bastard from earlier! He did this!” Rhonda yelled.

“I’m gonna kill him!” Jane said.

“Get him!”


“Guys, wait!” Saki shouted. “He said he could help

“So what? He still nearly killed him!”

“Alright, you’re clearly the reasonable one. Small child! You have the healing stand?”

“I- Yes?”

“Great. Have your stand grab this.” He summoned a luminous white rope and tossed one end to Saki. For Energy Infinite caught it, a large purple question mark appearing over its head.


“Just do it!” The guy yelled, taking the other end of the rope and approaching Roman. Rhonda and David scowled as they looked up from binding the injury in a strip of white cloth. He was already bleeding through it.

“You can really save him?”

“I… I can.”

“Then do it.” Rhonda nodded. David glared at him and said nothing as he walked over. He knelt and tied the rope around Roman’s wrist.

“Heal the rope.” He said, turning to Saki. Saki looked confused, but he did it anyway. Blue cubes conglomerated around the rope, spreading down it, until they reached Roman. A brief box of blue blues formed around him, Rhonda and David backing off, before it dissolved. The blood on the ground was gone. And he had forgotten everything since he scraped his arms diving out of Downcast Days’ way.

“Wh- What happened? There was a guy on a motorcycle… Did I get hit by a motorcycle?”

“I tried to kill you because I mistakenly thought you killed my sister. But you didn’t, it was actually some guy who died last year.”

‘You tried to kill me?”

“I… yes? I’m really sorry…”

“You… what the hell!”

“You know… I should…. Go…” He said. A moment later he flickered out of view.

“Oh no you don’t! We have questions for you!” Rhonda canceled the invisibility. DD turned around from several meters away from where he was before. He was caught in an awkward frozen position halfway between running and skulking. He quickly returned to a normal position facing all of the others.

“Gah, damn it.” DD gave an awkward smile. “So… you have questions… I guess I should probably answer them, huh?" The five of them glared at him, arms crossed.

"Why were you trying to kill me?" Roman asked.


"For what?"

"Seven years ago, someone with a stand exactly like yours killed my sister. Me and Marina-"

"Who's Marina?" Jane interrupted.

"My other sister. Marina Blackmore. You might know her as Mirai Mirror?"

"Oh yeah, we met her. Go on." Rhonda nodded.

"No we didn't." David said.

"Me and him did." Rhonda said, gesturing to Roman. "That's where we got your eye drops, Jane." She motioned for DD to continue.

"For the past seven years, we've been searching for the person who killed her, but... nothing. Heh. And then, one day, that stand just marches into my sister's shop-"

"I thought your sister was dead."

"My other sister!" DD snapped, before composing himself. "As soon as we saw you, we realized what he had to do. So, Marina started a fight with you, but... she lost. So I decided to take action."

"I want to know how you separated us." A handful of sighs sounded as Jane asked. "What!?"

"Illusions. When blue guy stopped to tie his shoelaces, I created an illusory duplicate of him to follow everyone else and made illusions of everyone else to stay with him."

"So that explains why you guys stopped for me... They normally just sigh and keep walking."

"So... now that you've asked me questions... I have one for him." He gestured to Roman. "Was Jacob a stand user?"

"Yeah. It was this elf looking think with hearts everywhere that could shoot lasers out of its fingers. I can show you, if you want."

"You have access to his stand?" DD inquired.

"No." Roman lied after a long pause. DD shook his head and sighed.

"How did he die?"

"Actually... he was killed by the very guy you were looking for." Roman said. DD paused, then laughed out loud.

"Hah... heh... so you're telling me... hehe... that I was pen pals with a guy who knew everything about what I needed to know?! Hehe... he... GOD DAMN IT!" There was a moment of silence after DD's outburst. "Well. If you have no more questions, I think I'll take my leave." He turned away and began walking into the fog. He didn't even look back at them before he was gone in the mist.

He'll Look Around The Room, He Won't Tell You His Plan

“You know, I give up my job as a fake therapist, travel to New York City, and call in a ton of favors, all just to kill this blind teenager who happened to stumble onto something she shouldn’t have. Although, honestly, I’m starting to suspect that it’s just my brother’s random impulsive desire to kill random stand users… I don’t know why he’s so fixated on this Jane person. I really just want to take some time to myself… is that wrong?” Carrie paused, taking a deep breath in, and sitting up from the couch she had been lying down on and casually waving her handgun in the direction of the therapist. “What do you think?”

She turned to the therapist she had been discussing these difficult problems with. He was currently tied to a cheap plastic office chair and gagged with the tacky paint splash tie he had been wearing a second ago. He was sweating profusely and seemed incredibly panicked, as most people would likely be if they had been assaulted and tied to a chair by a random woman in a white blouse.

“Mmph…” He mumbled, fearful that remaining too silent would remind her he wasn’t really a therapist.

“Oh sorry, let me get that.” Carrie summoned her stand, a large, muscular figure with a massive underbite, which ripped the tie off the man’s face. His eyes widened.  From his perspective, his tie had just jerked itself off of his face and was now hovering, broken, before his eyes.

“You… I… I’m not a therapist… I’m just a psychologist…”

“Close enough. Besides, that shouldn’t stop you from giving advice. I just feel like my relationship with my brother has become purely… official. All exchanges and favors, no actual familial connection, you know?”

“I… I really don’t… B-B-But!” He stammered as she trained the handgun on his general outline again. “It sounds like maybe you should just… give him a call, you know? Talk about movies or sports or the weather…”

“Yeah, but he always hangs up when I call and lead with “Hey bro!”. It’s almost like he just thinks of me as another mindless hypnotized zombie, not even realizing I’m the one who brainwashes all those people for him! I killed Akagi when he asked me to, put a bounty on the heads of a bunch of twenty years olds and teenagers, and then, even after all that, he calls me useless and psychotic! I’m not even a little bit psycho!”

“Maybe you should ghost him? Let him see exactly how hard it is without you?”

“That’s not a terrible idea… I’ll do that right after this.”

“Th- This?” The man stuttered nervously.

“You didn’t think I came here for no reason, right? Your next client… mister Arrow, no?”

“That’s not his real name.”

“It’s what everyone calls him. But he has something I need.” Carrie checked the man’s watch. “Would you look at the time! He should be here now.” Her stand reached forward and wrapped its arms around the man’s neck, making short work of his consciousness before depositing him behind the chaise longue. Carrie pulled on a pair of glasses and took out her clipboard just as a knock came at the office door.

“Come in!” She called, and the door opened. “Hello Mr. Arrow. I’ll be filling in for Mr. Smith today. How are you today?”

A young man dressed in a jacket adorned with a multitude of brightly colored geometric patterns in no particular order walked in. He was wearing a pair of shoes with a similar design, as well as light blue jeans and a purple headband in the shape of an arrow wrapping around his head.

“Oh, nice to meet you! What’s your name?” He said with a smile as he enthusiastically shook her hand.

“It’s… uh… Catherine! Catherine… Z- Zucker… Zeta… Fjord…”

“Your name is Catherine Zuckerzeta Fjord?”


“Well if that isn’t just the coolest name I’ve ever heard!”

“Oh… thanks… Let’s begin. Do you sometimes see strange creatures that no one else can?”


“Well, from looking at your history here, I have a theory as to what’s going on.”

“I- What? I was already diagnosed with manic depression and social anxiety… What do you mean “a theory”?”

“You do though, right?”

“I- How do you know?”

“I have the same power as you do… the power of a stand.” The man’s jaw dropped. When he managed to compose himself enough to talk he was starry eyed.

“Are you about to tell me that you’re my long lost aunt and we need to work together to take down some kind of bad guy with a powerful ability like we have?”

“No- What? No You read too much manga. No, what’s actually happening here is I’m the villain with a powerful stand and I’m about to do this.” Her stand appeared and grabbed him by the throat, lifting him into the air. She smiled a malicious smile at him.

“P- Pumped… Up… Ki- Kicks…” He managed to wheeze through the chokehold her stand had on him. “Ye- Yellow… Mode…” He vanished in a flash of light, teleporting to behind Carrie before kicking her in the back, sending her flying forwards. She caught herself with her stand and had it shoot several little black squares at him, which he ducked under.

“Your stand can’t beat mine. You’re weak.”

“Sure. But I’m fast. And I can run away.”

“You what?” He winked at her and vanished. She had her stand smash the wooden desk in the room in half with a punch. She furiously pulled out her phone. “Kiera! Stop him, now!”


Crazy Arrow appeared outside his psychologists building, his shoes still in the yellow phase.

“Geez… so I have a stand…”

“Perfect, that means you’re the one I’m looking for.” Was the last thing he heard before a cloth pressed to his face and he fell unconscious. Behind him stood a glassy eyed woman with long, wavy blond hair. As Arrow slumped to the ground, she just sort of… stood there. No blinking. No talking. No moving. Just… staring. An out of breath Carrie burst from a nearby office building.

“Good… you got him.” She took a moment to straighten her hair and outfit, before summoning her stand.

“Virtual Insanity.” Her stand appeared, holding a cartridge in its hand. Carrie kneeled down next to Arrow, grabbed the back of his head by his hair, pulled his head up by the hair. Taking a knife, she made a small incision on the back of his neck and put the black square in it. “Kiera, get ready. Also, get a gun. Or a knife. Really just something other than what you already have. I can tell… you’re in the mood for a dance.”


Pacing, pacing, pacing, pacing. Pacing was good. It was relaxing. If he could pace back and forth in an oval shape on this rug, maybe all his problems would just die. Or at least his headache might subside.

“What is it about you, Jane Kujo?” He said, pausing his endless cycle of footsteps. “You’re no one special.” He exhaled quietly, his breath fogging up in the cold, dark room illuminated by nothing but a computer monitor. “You’re just some kid who took a trip to Seattle to see your deadbeat dad. You got messed up in all this when I tried to kidnap Kishibe before he became more irksome. But you saved him…” He took three more steps, then turned sharply around. “But something about you… my instinct tells me that you are one of three people who could stop me now. And I need to do my best to get that number down to zero.” He stopped pacing and walked over to the computer screen.

“It isn’t your stand, I know that… It's weak. You have no idea the arrows even exist, even after defeating Otoishi. You can’t use the spin, you have no special skills or connections…” He reached for the computer, then pulled back.

“What the hell is it? Why do I feel that if I fail to kill you and your friends, all will be lost? Are you not what you seem? Maybe you can do what Kishibe can, stealing stands… a potent ability, but if you had, you likely would have used another stand during our brief… meeting… on the train stand. That’s not it.” He paused again.

“I’ve heard about a man named Jacob whose stand got more and more powerful the longer he had it… do you have the same type of stand?” He sighed, hanging his head, and then looked up. His eyes glowed with coral pink fire.

He reached forwards, grabbing the computer and tearing it from its power cord secured location on the desk it resided on. His stand summoned around his arms and he threw the computer to the ground, causing it to crumple from the impact force and smash to pieces.

“I will find out your secret… You’re dead, Jane Kujo. And so is anyone who helps you.” Just then, his phone rang. Ugh. Her.

“What do you want, Carrie?”

“Maxie, is that any way to treat your-” He hung up the phone, a look on his face like he just witnessed something unpleasant. His phone rang again.

“What is it?”

“I’ve got the one you asked about… Robert Arrowe.”

“Good. Oh, and change of plans…”

“What did you do?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be more than fine with it. Kill her, and all of the people with her.” He almost heard the grin that spread across her face through the phone.

“Well why didn’t you start with that?” Rather than bothering to hang up, he had his stand crush his phone into a little ball of ruined technology as the fire in his eyes fizzled out. As it fell to the ground, it landed in a puddle of dark red liquid, seeping from underneath a door that was barely visible in the low light. The door was adorned with stickers, like little silver hexagons, as well as holographic letter cutouts. Cutouts that spelled the shape of the word “Christina.”

She's In The Mood For A Dance

Saki had always found it so incredible that a conversation could be moving along just fine, and certain things could just… ruin it. A nearby person proposing. A car crash. The man who had promised to give them information about a kidnapper stumbling along the street towards them, hunched over, limping in a leg that looked broken, and half dead.

A trickle of blood ran from his mouth and his entire body was covered in gashes and bruises. When he took a step with his left foot, he turned his foot in, and he was cradling one of his horribly twisted arms with the other.

“A- Alex! What the hell happened to you!?” Saki yelled. The blue haired man made a feeble exhaling sound, stumbling over to a wall and practically falling onto it. He made a whimper as he collided with the surface and seemed to be breathing in quick, shallow breaths. Alex whispered something that no one quite heard.

“What was that?”

“He… he found us…” Alex said, barely a breathy exhale. “I barely got away with my life. Christina…” Alex swallowed hard, taking a few deep breaths. “She’s dead.”

“Alex… Alex, your stand…” Jane said. “Your stand is gone.”

He spat out blood on the ground.

“You think I didn’t realize that?”

“Alex, let me just…” Saki summoned For Energy Infinite as blue cubes congealed around Alex’s hobbled form. When the subes faded away, he looked at his arms, and down at his body. He halfheartedly pushed away from the wall.

“Great. My body works again.” He summoned Blast Processing. “I feel like I want to kill people. You five had better leave my sight. Now.” Alex stalked off with his hands in his pockets.

“A- Alex… wait!” Roman ran after him, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t you want to get back at whoever did-”

Roman was cut short by Blast Processing picking him up and slamming him into the ground.

“No. I don’t. I don’t want to join you, I don’t want to help you in your quest to beat the bad guy. I want nothing to do with your goddamn friends who got my sister killed. If I ever see any of you sorry bastards again I’ll kill you without a second thought.” Blast Processing let go and vanished, leaving Roman to get up and stare as Alex walked farther and farther away.

“Roman, we shouldn’t follow him. He’s clearly not okay right now.” Jane said. “Besides, we have bigger problems to worry about. Because I just sensed a stand.”

“Seriously? I’m genuinely starting to believe we’re, like, characters in a video game. Like, how often can we possibly get attacked?” David groaned, pulling out Gun’s N’ Roses.

“I mean, stand users can not attack us, right? Maybe it’s a friend.” Saki suggested. At this, Jane, David, and Roman burst out into laughter.

“That was a good one Saki, you really had me there for a second. Ha! A friend.” Jane said.

“Any stand users are bad news at this point. Especially after what we heard about Alex, it could be red hair himself.” David chimed in.

“Yeah. Besides, haven’t you learned by now that at least one stand user per day gets in a fight with us?” Roman added, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.

“Roman, that’s just because you have a punchable face.” Rhonda said.

“So, people are trying to kill Jane because I have a punchable face?”


“That sounds about right to me.” Jane drily commented, right before she ran into someone head on. They both fell backwards to the ground. The person (Jane guessed it was a woman from her shocked yell) immediately started apologizing.

“Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! Are you okay?”

“Yep. I’m just peachy.”

“I- Here, let me help you up.” Jane felt a hand grab onto hers and help her to her feet again. “I can’t believe I did that, I’m really sorry-”

“Lady, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“Okay… sorry again. Bye.” Jane felt her stand presence leave her general vicinity-

Wait a minute.

Her… stand presence?

“You! You’re a stand user!” Jane called out in the woman’s probable direction. The rest of the group saw her stop in her tracks.

“Yes… I am… and might I assume that you are as well?”

“Who sent you?”

“No one sent me. I’m just someone who’s late for a business meeting.”

“Wait… you mean you aren’t here to try and kill and or dismember us?” David asked in confusion.

“No. Why would you think that?”

“Ha! I told you guys! It is  possible for a stand user to not be the enemy!” Saki triumphantly stated, grinning like an idiot. “Oh, uh, no offense.”

“If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be leaving.” The woman said, walking away. Then she paused.

“Is everything alright?” Roman inquired.

“My shoes… appear to be stuck in place.” The woman gracefully stepped across and behind her foot, before pivoting around to face them. “I think I might be affected by a stand right now.” She reached back and tied her black hair back in a ponytail. “Damn… I’m gonna miss the meeting with Janet… I don’t suppose any of you are familiar with-” She only made it that far before lunging forwards and kicking Roman right between the legs as hard as she could.

“GAH…” He made a noise briefly before crumpling to the ground like a tower of cards.

“Oh my goodness! I am so sorry, are you alright?!” The woman brought her hands to her face.

“You have… very strong legs.” He said quietly from the ground, taking a moment to catch his breath.

“I… my shoes seem to be acting of their own accord…” She took a step towards David, throwing a roundhouse kick, which he easily blocked. “Sorry!”

“Hey, lady, are your shoes expensive?”

“I- Yes?” The woman replied in confusion, giving Jane a perplexed look as her shoes lifted into the air and threw her backwards on the ground.

“Sorry about this, but I’ll fix them later. Cosmic Autumn Rebellion!” Jane summoned her stand, having it punch the boots, in doing so transferring a great deal of temporal energy into them. In an instant the stylish black boots had withered away into scraps of cloth.

“My boots!”

“That doesn’t matter right now. So, we know this stand can control shoes, and I don’t sense anyone nearby, so it’s a ranged attack. There must be some kind of weakness… Hey, lady! What does your stand do?”

“Nothing too helpful… All it can really do is blow bubbles…”

“Great. Alright, you take cover. Everybody else, sorry about this.” A low hum reverberated around Jane as her stand clasped its hands together and its eye flared like a geyser of light. Everyone else’s shoes decayed into an unrecognizable form as Jane’s stand punched the ground, dispersing the temporal energy amongst the pavement like she was a temporal lightning rod.

“David, hold off on firing. We don’t want you wasting any bullets before we know who the user is.”

“I’ll do what I damn well please with Guns N’ Roses! Besides, if I just restrain enough passers by we’ll easily be able to find the user! We could just make you walk around them until your stand found them!”

“That’s a terrible idea! They could be in a building, or underground, or a thousand miles away!

“God, you can be such a dumbass sometimes!”

“Fine! You do your plan. But Saki isn’t healing you if you screw up and get killed.”

“Uh, actually, I will-” Saki meekly interjected before Jane barrelled right through his objections.

“Because Saki and Rhonda are on my side! We need to play defensive and wait for the user to make a mistake and reveal themselves.”

“Yeah? Well Roman and- What’s your name?” David paused to ask.

“Hannah.” The woman said.

“Roman and Hannah are on my side! We’ll get killed eventually if we just stand around under attack.”

“I agree. We should be proactive.” Roman chimed in, summoning Heart Shaped Hologram.

“Thank you, Roman. Nice to see someone here has an ounce of common sense.”

“How dare you! I have several ounces of common sense!” Jane retorted, stepping towards David and shaking a fist at him.

“Yeah? Well I’ve-”

“Here’s some common sense for both of you! The enemy hasn’t attacked again, meaning that they either gave up or have a reason not to right now.” Rhonda stepped between Jane and David, breaking up their fight. “We need to figure out what secret factor they have on their side before-” A stray red and white sneaker drove itself, apparently of its own accord, into Rhonda’s gut. She doubled over, clutching the sneaker before throwing it to the ground and stomping down on it hard. The shoe began doing a strange hopping in midair, as if someone invisible was in it right after having stubbed their toe particularly badly. Before its little dance routine had finished, however, Jane had turned it to rot.

“Okay, so… I stepped on it, and it acted hurt… maybe the user can link their shoes with those of another. But it’s a two way street! So if we can crush the shoes they send after us, they get their feet crushed just as badly as the shoes!”

“So, if any shoes come after us, step on them?” Hannah asked.

“Yeah, that.” She said, as Jane took a few steps away from the group, before crossing her left leg over her right and turning around. As she faced the group, they took a moment to realize she was… dancing? At a time like this?

“Jane, what are you doing?” Rhonda asked.

“Isn't it obvious?” Hannah said, reaching into her pocket to pull something out. No one in the group said anything, so she continued.

“She’s in the mood for a dance.” As she said this, she wound a string of lavender pearls around her neck, and the group watched as she transformed from the professionally dressed business woman to…


Oh no.

It was her.

Pumped Up Kicks Part One

“Hello, darlings!” Hannah- Or, Kiera, rather- Exploded in a cloud of pink glitter to reveal the form her stand transformed her into. The blond haired woman dressed in a pink blouse, light jeans, and jelly bracelets appeared from the shimmering fog. She was posing, with her left hand pointed diagonally towards the sky and her right over her chest, fingers positioned like she was dusting off the air in front of her. “It’s me again!” She touched Dancing Queen, and Jane immediately tripped and fell to the ground, landing hard on her right wrist.

“Not this psycho again…”

“Sorry, but… who is this supposed to be?” Rhonda asked.

“Kiera Valentino. Sociopath with a luck stand that only works on dancing people. We beat her once, we can beat her again.” Roman briefed Rhonda, summoning Heart Shaped Hologram. “Alright, you’re either going to stop attacking right now or you’re going to get intimately familiar with my stand’s spikes.”

“Oh? Will I?” Kiera stood defiantly before the outstretched arm of Roman’s stand, as blue sparkles congregated on its fingertips.

“I warned y-” Roman began, before he was interrupted by a blur of movement punching him in the face. He spat blood onto the ground.

“Told you so!” Kiera said, in a mocking singsong voice. Meanwhile, the rotting scraps of Jane’s shoes seemed to have stopped being sentient. She hurriedly ripped them off her feet and leapt up to a standing position. Before she was struck by the same blow, having her legs swept out from under her, and falling back to the ground.

“Damn it!” She cried. “David, use the red ones!”

“On it.” He said, calmly aiming and firing two shots towards Kiera. Before they could make it, they were intercepted, being swatted to the ground by whatever annoying stand was moving that fast.  “Okay, that’s getting really annoying!”

“Done Then Gone!” Rhonda said. The blur slowed to a near halt, revealing a man dressed in rainbows wearing red sneakers. She walked up to him to punch him, but before she could he vanished in a flash of light. “Damn!”

Jane had gotten up by now, and was charging at Kiera with her stand’s fists at the ready. “You messed with us at the WRONG DAMN TIME!” Kiera simply tapped the necklace again, causing an unfortunately timed gust of wind to knock her off balance.

“The creative energy built up by your brief bout of dancing is still lingering around you! Which means I can still control it!”

“Yeah, but none of us are going to be dancing again any time soon!”

“You shouldn’t be so confident in that. See, when you killed my sister, I lost the most convenient way of making people around me dance. Just like that, Dancing Queen went from a formidable foe to nearly useless. But of course, I couldn’t just let that happen. I went out and found someone to help with that. You’ve already met him. Crazy Arrow, and his stand… Pumped Up Kicks!”

“That’s a pretty lame stand name.”

“But that’s not all. I got an upgrade.” Kiera said, with an expression like a school child who finally heard a good piece of gossip.

“Well congratulations to you. Are you ever going to shut up or can we fight now?”

“Fine, you wanna fight? Have at it! Dancing Queen!” Kiera shouted. A geyser of flame erupted from the ground before Jane, and she instinctively stumbled backwards after feeling the heat. “AH! WRONG!” Kiera yelled, having another flaming column burst from the ground behind her.

“Did you forget that I can just do this?” Jane inquired. “COSMIC AUTUMN REBELLION!” The flames flickered like a dying candle as Jane flooded them with temporal energy, but flared right back to life. They almost seemed to have gotten stronger.

“You really think a special effect would just die out like that?” Two more flame pillars to Jane’s left and right appeared. The heat was stifling, and she could feel her skin starting to burn…

Meanwhile, David, Rhonda, and Roman were glancing around nervously, waiting for the teleporting slash super speed slash shoe control stand user to appear again…

“Over there!” Someone called, and the three of them all turned in different directions, adrenaline and fear of a potentially powerful stand making them jumpy.

They each had a thought roughly amounting to “Wait, who said that?” before three gunshots went off.

“GAH!” David, Rhonda, and ROman cried in unison as they were each shot- Roman through his left palm, Rhonda in her shoulder, and David…

Oh, that was not good. That was the opposite of good.

That was bad.

David had been shot right in his abdomen- near or in his liver.

“Damn, my aim’s off today…” They all turned towards the man from before, now in the center of their triangle, wearing a horrifyingly colourful set of clashing clothes and bright yellow shoes. He was twirling a revolver in his hands, smirking confidently. “I meant to hit you all where I got him.” He casually flicked his hand towards David at that. “Nice to meet you all.”

“Sc- Screw you…” David growled.

“I mean, sure, once we’re done fighting. But right now…” He casually fired two more shots in David’s direction. “You’d better try to outrun my gun.”

“How about you work on escaping mine?” David drew Guns N’ Roses, firing several bullets. However, instead of aiming them at Crazy Arrow, he shot the ground directly below his feet. Several yellow flowering vines burst from the ground, but more importantly, some of the plant seeds that exploded from the bullet landed the gunshot wound, also growing quickly enough to staunch the bleeding.

“Ooh, fun trick! I’ve got some of those too!” Crazy Arrow said, disproportionately happy and gregarious for the situation. “Check this out!” His shoes began to be overtaken by lime green colours, making his outfit even clashier and tackier. He lunged forward, gaining speed and momentum almost instantly. Roman and Rhonda might have been seeing things, but they could have both sworn his feet never touched the ground after he first jumped.

He crashed hard into David, knocking them both over from the velocity. His hands collided with David’s throat hard enough to bruise badly, and as they were knocked to the ground David found himself involuntarily coughing out what little air was left in his lungs, forced to because of the blow to his neck.

“Such a cool trick, right? Don’t you think so?” Arrow leaned all of his body weight into the choke.

Damn… this guy’s strong for such a skinny nerd. I… I can’t breathe at all. The deranged man hadn’t once stopped smiling save for when he was talking. A few drops of spit dripped onto David’s face, making him shift uncomfortably in disgust, and screw his left eye shut.

“Why the hell aren’t you answering me? I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!? WHAT ARE YOU, DEAF!?” Crazy Arrow started shouting at David, lifting his head up and smashing it back into the ground on every syllable. David was seeing stars, a new array of dazzling lights coating his vision with each blow.

And then Arrow stopped. He didn’t know why, and honestly didn’t care. Maybe it was the acid on the flowers. Yeah, that seemed plausible. He just inhaled some of that wonderful oxygen in relief.

He wasn’t going to get up for a while… maybe he could just sit here and wait for his brain to stop banging against his skull… watch the pretty lights for a bit… yeah, that sounded good.

Just a moment…

Jane heard a crackling sound as some of her hair was burnt. She was properly burning by now,  Cosmic Autumn Rebellion was unable to put out the fire, and Kiera’s sick laughter pervaded the whole space.

“Dancing Queen was already powerful, but now that Carrie gave me an upgrade, I’m absolutely unstoppable!” The maniacal woman laughed at that. Jane wasn’t really listening, instead punching the ground with Cosmic Autumn Rebellion to disperse the accumulated backwards time energy from trying to extinguish the fires.

Wait, Carrie? Who’s Carrie?

“Is Carrie your girlfriend or something?” Jane snapped, desperately trying to buy some time to put out the fires.

“C- Carrie? How do you know that- Oh… Oh no… I said it didn’t I! NO NO NO PLEASE DON’T PLEASE DON’T!” Kiera shrieked. Jane saw the blurry outline of Kiera’s stand aura clutch her head, collapsing to the ground in pain. “STOP, MAKE IT STOP PLEASE!” Her voice devolved into something between a sob, a whimper, and incoherent babbling. The relentless burning of the fiery pillars ceased as Kiera appeared to have a total breakdown.

“Uh… huh…” Jane commented, not knowing what else to say. “Is Carrie the one who’s-”

“DON’T SAY HER NAME! SHUT UP!” Kiera lifted one of her violently trembling arms and a large number of sparks flew out. Jane had figured she would do something like that, and they were all snuffed out by Cosmic Autumn Rebellion.

“Look, it’s pretty clear that you’re not okay right now. I have a friend who can help you with… whatever this is. Just stop trying to kill us, okay?”

“I- I can’t…. You should… run… GAHH! SOMEONE HELP!” She fell back down and returned to babbling.

“Does this have anything to do with those little black squares we keep finding?” Jane asked, calmly, like she was talking to a scared animal.


“Is Carrie the one who does that?”

“I thought I told you…” Kiera paused to pant a little. “NOT TO SAY HER NAME! DANCING QUEEN!”

A leaf from a nearby tree, the scraggly kind that grow in little squares of dirt in the sidewalk, fluttered in the wind before falling off.

The little red leaf drifted down on the air currents, slowly meandering its way through the wind, before approaching the unsuspecting Jane Kujo.

As the leaf twisted and twirled through the air, it wove towards her left hand, and made contact with her index finger.

“Ow! Hey, you gave me a paper cut!” Jane exclaimed. Kiera merely responded by growling.

“Arrow! Get up off the ground and help me kill her!”

“That’s not what we were supposed to do!”


“Fine. You want me to kill her?” Arrow leveled his gun at Jane from where he was standing, near David’s body and dodging all of Roman and Rhonda’s attacks. He aimed, pulled the trigger, and fired.

And a bullet was put on trajectory to spray Jane Kujo’s brains all over the street.

Pumped Up Kicks Part 2