The Hand: The World
Namesake The Hand (stand)

The World (also a stand)

Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range D
Durability C
Precision A
Developmental Potential E

The Hand: The World is a stand used by Okuyasu Nijimura. It is in PSQuasar's Void. seriously


The Hand: The World's only difference in appearance compared to the original The Hand is that it now wears a cheap crown that looks like it'd be from dollar tree.


The Hand: The World occasionally tries to say "Dojyaan!" as a reference to DIO, but Okuyasu is a dumbass, so he doesn't realize that it's referencing Funny Valentine instead of DIO.


Okuyasu discovered this ability when sparring with Jotaro Kujo during Part 5. Basically, the stand's right palm has two separate portals that each individually "delete" whatever they touch, sending it to an alternate dimension. Whenever Okuyasu attacks with his right hand, he tries to slap his enemy to get maximum surface area to be deleted. However, by accident, he found out that touching the portals on his hands with each other stops time for as long as the portals are touched. This works because both portals are "zeroes;" they try to convert anything it touches into itself, a zero. Likewise, when something is divided by zero, the equation is impossible, causing the object to cease existence. However, because both portals are already "ceasing" existence by being zeroes, touching the two together will result in a paradoxical loop, which breaks reality and freezes time.

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