Sweet Six Shooter

That may have been a mistake. Because I've been waiting for this day, too. Sweet Six Shooter!!!

—Josephine Joestar

Sweet Six Shooter
Sweet Six Shooter.png
Japanese Name スイート6シューター
Suīto 6 shūtā
English Name Sweet-Seeking Missile
User Josephine Joestar (TDOS)
Namesake Six Shooter (Song by Coyote Kisses)
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range B
Durability C
Precision A
Developmental Potential C

Sweet Six Shooter is the Stand of Josephine Joestar, the main character, and bearer of the moniker of JoJo, of the ninth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - The Duality of Stand.

Debut: Chapter 1 - I'm Howling At The Moon


For the evolved form of the Stand, see Sweet Six Shooter: Stay With You


Sweet Six Shooter takes the form of a relatively nondescript, dark grey feminine humanoid, with gold robotic eyes, knuckles and fingers, and feet, as well as two five-pointed stars - one on its back and the other on the middle of its chest - of the same colour. The top of its head is somewhat crown-shaped, with six triangular points jutting upward from all around it.

Its most striking feature is a ring of six coloured triangles on its chest, all pointing toward the aforementioned star - one red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue and one purple.

Each of its Shots resemble simplistic robotic birds with a metallic sheen. All of them are completely identical in appearance, except for their colour, which matches the triangle they emerge from on Sweet Six Shooter's chest.


Sweet Six Shooter rarely displays any personality of its own, always acting according to Josephine's will. The only exception to this is the large smile that it dons when performing a punch rush on a near-defeated enemy, similarly to Star Platinum, while shouting its Stand Cry, CHUMIMI~IN... ORA ORA ORA...!

It seems to represent Josephine's angry and violent side (or, let's be honest, self), and likes to punch people that it deems as threatening to its user. It can be a little bit difficult to control due to this reason, as it requires a fair amount of mental precision to tame its temper and prevent it from just punching randomly in the general direction of a target. This is something of a non-issue, however, as Josephine has had a great deal of time to figure this out and now barely notices it at all due to practise.

Abilities and Powers

Immense Strength & Speed

As a close-range power-type Stand, Sweet Six Shooter boasts remarkable speed, as well as physical power, allowing it to do things such as deflect bolts of lightning and smash through walls, or even break Torn's thought-to-be invincible body.

Its main ability, however, is known as Six Shots.

Six Shots

Jospehine is able to fire projectiles known as Shots from her Stand.

The Shots reside within Sweet Six Shooter's body, appearing as a triangle-shaped mark on its chest while not being used. Upon being called upon, the desired mark will shrink and then then be ejected as its corresponding Shot from the star in SSS's back, at which point it will hover near it until it is fired.

Shots can be aimed beforehand, but the trajectory cannot be altered once it has been fired. Josephine has been shown to be very proficient with her aim.

Once a Shot has been fired, it will quickly break down and come back to SSS in the form of what resembles a fine powder. Until the entirety of the Shot has returned to SSS, it cannot be fired again.

  • Shot No. 1
    • Red
    • The most destructive Shot and Josephine's favourite. Upon making contact with something, it will erupt into a large fiery explosion.
    • Recharge time: Slow - since it explodes, its powder form gets scattered and takes almost a minute and a half to return to SSS entirely.
  • Shot No. 2
    • Orange
    • The fastest Shot in terms of speed, and has notably sharp wings. This is the Shot Josephine uses most.
    • Recharge Time: Fast
  • Shot No. 3
    • Yellow
    • Bounces off of solid surfaces until it hits someone.
    • Recharge Time: Medium
  • Shot No. 4
    • Green
    • Shortest in range and slowest in speed of all the Shots, and has much higher weight. As soon as it gets launched, it begins to rotate incredibly quickly and fly slower and slower until it becomes a hovering, bludgeoning object.
    • Totally impervious to all incoming attacks, though this is actually because the Spin redirects damage coming into it. While it's not spinning, it's comparable in durability to Shot No. 5
    • Recharge Time: Medium
  • Shot No. 5
    • Blue
    • The most fragile of all Shots - hitting even a flower causes it to shatter like glass. It flies in large, erratic circular patterns, whipping up strong winds capable of knocking around smaller objects and even potentially making people lose their balance. In this wind, the other Shots are slightly faster and more precise. It is very impractical to use since it needs a lot of open space, so it's used even less than No. 1.
    • Recharge Time: Slow
  • Shot No. 6
    • Purple
    • Creates a cloud of purple smoke upon striking something. The smoke remains until a set period of time passes, unless dispelled by wind caused by Shot No. 5. Very weak in terms of power.
    • Recharge Time: Medium

If Josephine's blood were to touch a Shot, it would turn into another Shot No. 1 for a single use.


Sweet Six Shooter Ora Ora.gif
Josephine when she sees Roman
  • The name comes from the song, Six Shooter, but also the lyric of the song, "Yeah she's a sweet six shooter, she knows how to get down"
    • Sweet Six Shooter has a much nicer ring to it, no?
  • The ability to make more of Shot No. 1 comes from the lyric "Loaded the bullets, with my blood in the round"
  • The original name for the Stand was going to be "Bubblegum Bitch", with an ability involving bubbles
    • Obviously, the ability was scrapped because there are already plenty of bubble Stands... not very original
    • Also, I didn't really like the idea of having a Stand with "Bitch" in its name, and then when I tried to change it (to Bubblegum Chick or just Bubblegum), it didn't really sound good, so I found something else
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