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The name is Strawberry Fields Forever. It's ever so nice to finally meet you, darlings.

—Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever
Japanese Name ストロベリー・フィールズ・フォーエバー
Sutoroberī Fīruzu Fōebā
English Name The Lady in Black
User ???
Namesake Uuuuh... read the trivia section
Destructive Power C
Speed C
Range ?
Durability C
Precision C
Developmental Potential ?

SFF Stats.png

Strawberry Fields Forever, also known by some as Berry for short, is a character featured in The Duality of Stand. She may be a Stand, but if she is, it is unknown as to who her user is. If not, she possesses a Stand of an unknown name.

She is either the sister of E.N.I.G.M.A., or the stand of his sister.

She is a member of the Speedwagon Foundation, and, according to her, is in charge of surveying Stand users of notable interest. Over the course of The Duality of Stand, she is stationed in CASCADA, observing them in order to gain information on those who work there, as well as targets of note, such as Josephine Joestar and the Stand thief that is running rampant.


Strawberry Fields Forever takes the appearance of a fair-skinned woman of slightly above average height and slender build, with long, wavy, light auburn hair. She wears a form-fitting black dress that goes down to mid-shin level with a pair of black high heels on her feet (that resemble these). She has red painted lips and fingernails. On her head she wears a black, wide-brimmed hat pulled down to cover her eyes, but she still has the ability to see unimpeded despite this. While her outfit consists of no visible pockets, she still somehow is able to store objects in her dress.

It is also possible that this is merely the appearance of the user, and the Stand has no appearance of its own, manifesting solely as an ability that its user uses.

The image is the thumbnail for the YouTube video for this "song". The video is no longer available to watch, but the link is I really wanted to draw this one, I had a bunch of cool ideas for how this should look... but the thing is, after ultimately deciding I wanted this character's identity to be ambiguous, I realized that it needed to look like a person... and... I can't draw those (not to imply that I can draw anything else, but when I'm designing my own Stand, it doesn't have to look good or even like anything).


Strawberry Fields Forever displays full sentience and fleshed-out personality (though if she is human, this detail isn't particularly noteworthy).

She is incredibly enigmatic regarding her identity and seems to greatly enjoy the confusion she bestows upon people in that regard. Often speaking and acting with an air of superiority, she can be frustrating and unpleasant to be around at times, but can also be affectionate and kind in other situations, calling people terms of endearment such as "dear" and "darling". She always wants to see things for herself, and displays little caution in attempting to obtain what she wants. Josephine Joestar is one of her favourite people due to how much she reacts to everything she does.

However, she can show a serious side when necessary, revealing that her playful side is mostly just something that she puts on for fun, and that she isn't someone who should be messed with, especially not when she has access to her brother's Stand.

She appears to have connections everywhere, working for both the Speedwagon Foundation and, temporarily, CASCADA and knowing seemingly everyone on a friendly basis, including Electra, Snake Pies, Leo Brando, and Mr. Black, due to how much she travels around and interacts with people. She speaks 11 languages and seems to be very universally well-liked (With a few exceptions) despite how enigmatic she is. She is sometimes hired to take on jobs that would require exceptionally powerful Stands, such as testing the escapability of Mr. Saxobeat's Play With Me ability.

People have many different theories as to what she is. Some believe her to be the long-distant Stand of a user who prefers to remain anonymous and interact with the outside world exclusively through her Stand, while others believe her to be a human with an ability Stand, while still others think that there are two of her - a Stand and a user - which look the same and pretend to be one person.

Abilities and Powers

It is debatable as to whether Strawberry Fields Forever is a Stand or merely a user with a phenomenon-type Stand. Regardless, she notably has abilities either way.


Strawberry Fields Forever appears to be completely invisible and intangible to non-Stand users. It is unknown as to whether this is an ability the Stand grants its user, or if she merely is a Stand herself and would therefore have this property normally.

It is unknown exactly how consistent this “ability” is, as she seems to have varying levels of corporeality. Some people theorize that there are two of them, a Stand and a user, that look the same and that switch places.

Power Refocusing

If a Stand's ability comes into contact with Strawberry Fields Forever's body, it gets absorbed into her without affecting her, and then can be sent back out as she pleases in any way she pleases, with either similar or much lower or higher degrees of focus in this regard.

When she touches a Stand, she appears to be able to use its ability herself to a certain degree using this same ability.

While abilities do not affect her, she is still very much vulnerable to physical attacks from Stands, such as punching. She also displays a vulnerability to the Spin.

Infinite Clothing

A considerably more minor ability this Stand provides is that Strawberry Fields Forever's outfit appears to multiply in order to always be on her. If her hat gets knocked off her head or she takes off her dress, there will always be another one beneath it. The clothes that get removed quickly fade out of existence once she moves out of range of them.


  • The inspiration for this Stand/character is really frickin' weird.
    • On May 30, 2021 at like 10PM EST, MARINA released a whole bunch of videos titled after other, already existing songs, with comments turned off, which were promptly made unlisted after a few hours.
      • The five I saw were called "Amazing Grace", "瞑想音楽", "JUST LIKE YOU", "命の声", and "Strawberry Fields Forever".
    • When played, there was no video, only an image (the imagesake for the Stand) on a red background. They weren't really songs so much as gentle instrumental tracks played in the background of nature sounds such as birds and crickets.
    • I wanted to make this into a really weird character with a lot of information never explicitly divulged, similarly to Mikitaka Hazekura, just because of how much this whole thing confused the hell out of me.
    • UPDATE: It happened again!! This time with a different image, but it's definitely the same thing. So far I've seen "Off My Face", "ZOOM", "Old Town Road", "Yummy", and "RAPSTAR". If you wanna see this crazy shit, the link is right here, for Off My Face. I dunno... I'm confused as hell.
  • The stats were originally planned to all be "?", but then I realized that it would really play into the confusing identity of the character if she had mostly Cs, which are stated to be "comparable to human".
  • If Strawberry Fields Forever is a human, she is the first human in the series to be given Stand Parameters.
  • Her ability was originally planned to be to simply control other Stands via contact with a rope she carried around, rather than to simply absorb and redirect abilities. This original idea was repurposed for her Stand Synergy ability, minus the rope.