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Stitching The Universe: Unraveling is a non-canon unofficial part written by VaporKay. Its about our protagonist Travis Brice on an adventure to figure out the mysteries of his town. BEWARE OF MILD SPOILERS BELOW


Travis Brice is an average high-schooler who goes to Silver Oak High School in Oakley, Texas. He excels in all of his classes and nothing could be better. Until one day, he turns on the news and sees that 4 of his classmates were missing and they were later found dead. After the news report, he notices the teachers acting strange and random kids getting detention. One day, he gets called to detention, but when he's on his way, he gets pulled into the bathroom by a mysterious figure.


Protagonists - (The Gang)

  • Travis Brice, The Main Character
    • Stand: Walk This Way
    • Ability: Inversion of Movement
    • Completely reverses the movement of the nervous system, wanting to move left makes the inflicted move right
    • Stand Cry: "Mendō!"
  • Rusty Gohun, The Main Ally
    • Stand: Kefuma
    • Ability: Total Control of Smoke
    • Can summon and control any and all type of smoke, being able to solidify them and form them into objects
    • Stand Cry: "Vete a La Mierda!"
  • Carter Smith, The Secondary Ally
    • Stand: Breaking Through
    • Ability: Elemental Gas Control
    • Can shoot out and mix any type of the gases on the periodic table, able to create things like water, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen fluoride and etc.
    • Stand Cry: Unknown
    • Deceased
  • Hugh Strife, Travis' Dad
    • Stand: New Moon
    • Ability: Frostbite
    • Can freeze anything at any intensity from cooling an arm down to 30 degrees to freezing a baseball bat to the point of shattering

Antagonists - (The Immortalized and The Faculty)

  • Trevor Kennedy, Minor Antagonist, The Immortalized
    • Stand: Paper Planes
    • Ability: Paper Plane Warfare
    • Can change any Paper Plane to be a working model of any plane or jet which is able to fire real weaponry. He can turn a paper plane into a functioning F-22
  • Samuel Richards, Major Antagonist, The Immortalized
    • Stand: Sober
    • Ability: Inebriation Control
    • Can control the alcohol levels in a person's body by pushing alcohol in, or pulling it out from its proboscis that sticks into the targets blood vessels.
  • Matthew Moore, Major Antagonist, The Immortalized
    • Stand: Hit The Road
    • Ability: Concrete Swimming
    • Can swim and move through concrete like its regular water and can bring people into said concrete, however they will soon suffocate.
  • Tyrell Hardy, Minor Antagonist, Assassin hired by The Immortalized
    • Stand: Electric Avenue
    • Ability: Physical Electricity Manipulation
    • Can freely mold any nearby electricity into anything. From coating himself with it like armor to making multiple different weapons.
  • Mr. Kennedy, Minor Antagonist, The Faculty
    • Stand: One More Time
    • Ability: Resetting Time
    • Can reset time back one hour in a loop. Things that aren't present in the original loop will stay in all loops at the point they were created.
    • Deceased
  • Kevin McCain, Minor Antagonist, Unaffiliated
    • Stand: Cowboys From Hell
    • Ability: Unknown
    • Knocked out by Rusty before a full explanation could be given.
  • Benjamin Warren, Major Antagonist, The Immortalized
    • Stand: Angel's Fall
    • Ability: Increased Abilities/Healing
    • Can increase its strength and durability when used but cannot heal at the same time.
  • Jason D'Arby, Minor Antagonist, The Immortalized/Unaffiliated
    • Stand: Wastin' Bullets
    • Ability: Projectile Storage
    • Can absorb any oncoming projectile into its gun to be fired out later

Volumes/Chapter Summary

Volume 1: A Serious Problem

Travis Brice meets Rusty Gohun and awakens his stand. He begins to learn about other stand users and how to effectively use his stand.

Chapter 1: Early Morning

Travis wakes up from a deep sleep and gets ready for the school day. His younger sister, Mia, wakes up with him and they spend the morning discussing new topics at school before she has to go to school. Travis's older brother, Tobias, wakes up after Mia leaves and talks to Travis about his recent adoption into the family.

Chapter 2: An Interesting Discovery

Travis heads off to school and while on the school bus, encounters the bully named Trevor Kennedy who started bullying a freshman. Travis stands up for the freshman and almost begins a fight with Trevor. However the school bus arrives and they go to class. Halfway through class Trevor gets called up to the principal's office. When he returns Travis notices something wrong with Trevor's shirt.

Chapter 3: Paper Planes Flies By!

Travis endures more bullying from Trevor until they arrive to school. In the middle of first period, Travis gets called up to the office and on his way there, a mysterious figure comes out from the bathroom and pulls Travis in. The figure is revealed to be Rusty Gohun, a kid who has been missing for a few weeks. Rusty explains that if he goes to the office, he will die. They step out of the bathroom to take Travis back to class when they're stopped by Trevor. He throws a paper plane and disappears. Suddenly, holes begin appearing in the floor around Travis and Rusty. Travis yells in pain as he grabs his neck, feeling blood. Trevor reveals his stand, Paper Planes, and its powers. Rusty tries to fight him off with his own stand, the smoke-controlling, Kefuma, however he's too slow. Trevor begins flying at Travis but is knocked out of the sky before he can. Smoke clears and shows a dark red figure standing in front of Travis. This is revealed to be his stand, the movement reversing Walk This Way. Rusty and Travis work together and defeat Trevor, leading with Trevor being permanently retired. They remark on their fight and become friends, saying they'll talk later. Travis goes back to class and Rusty goes back to hiding.

Chapter 4: Deja Vu

Travis meets Rusty in front of school and they begin talking about a plan to stop the enemy stand users and save the kids in the school. The bell rings and Travis heads to class. In class, he notices a few things and gets yelled at by the teacher, Mr. Kennedy, for not paying attention in class. The bell rings for class ends and Mr. Kennedy asks Travis to stay back. He reveals to Travis that he is the father of Trevor Kennedy and knows what he and Rusty did to his son. He then kills Travis by using his stand, One More Time, to punch straight through him. As Travis is dying, Mr. Kennedy whispers to him that this isn't over. Suddenly, Travis appears in the hallway with no memory of what happened other than a stomach ache. The same repeats with Travis ending up dead and back in the hallway. Travis is hit with a wave of Deja Vu but shakes it off. The same thing happens again with Travis dead. However, this time, before Travis died, he realized he's felt this exact pain before. He then found himself back in the hallway. He sat back down in class and started noticing the small details repeating. He writes a small note and sticks it under his desk, hoping to prove his hypothesis. At the end of class, Mr. Kennedy tries to kill Travis, however Travis cuts him off and officially challenges him. However, Travis is unable to bring out his stand before Mr. Kennedy can and dies again. Back in the hallway, Travis rushes into the classroom and finds the note under his desk. He rushes and attacks Mr. Kennedy. Travis ends up defeating Mr. Kennedy, but realizes he's more resilient than Trevor was, so Travis kills him instead of giving him a chance to recover and come back after him. Travis reports back to Rusty and the day ends. Elsewhere, 2 unidentified voices debate over how to deal with the two children.

Chapter 5: Reflections

Travis has a bath and reflects on recent situations.

Chapter 6: Death By Drunkness, Part 1

Travis is peer pressured into drinking at a high school party and weird things begin to happen.

Chapter 7: Death By Drunkness, Part 2

Travis goes to another party and cracks in his friendship with Rusty begin appear

Chapter 8: Death By Drunkness, Part 3

The final nail in the coffin is hammered in, but not for Travis and Rusty's friendship

Chapter 9: Different Battles

Travis and Rusty go head to head in an all out sparing match

Chapter 10: Hit The Road, Part 1

Rusty finds something that could ruin the gang's plans

Chapter 11: Hit The Road, Part 2

Travis and Rusty encounter an enemy and have a few close calls

Chapter 12: Hit The Road, Part 2

With the end of the volume, Travis delivers swift justice.

Volume 2: Wasted Worries

Travis and Rusty encounter a new, mysterious ally and red herrings begin to show up everywhere

Chapter 13: Don't Lose Your Head

The start of the second volume begins to create more problems than it solved.

Chapter 14: Unfortunate Travels, Part 1

Travis and Rusty escape school, only to be followed shortly after

Chapter 15: Unfortunate Travels, Part 2

Travis and Rusty get arrested, as their pursuer begins to catch up

Chapter 16: Unfortunate Travels, Part 3

Travis and Rusty meet their pursuer and a new book is opened

Chapter 17: Mistake Number One, Part 1

Travis begins spending time with a new member of the crew

Chapter 18: The Lights Go Out

Rusty goes off to discover the caller of a mysterious voicemail

Chapter 19: Chin-Deep in Mud

Travis, Rusty and Carter go to find more information about the kids that bullied Rusty

Chapter 20: Mistake Number One, Part 2

Travis and Carter, enraged, go after one of the kids that bullied Rusty

Chapter 21: The Truth is Out There

The gang go to Travis' dad for advice and learn something new

Chapter 22: I'm Sure You'll Regret This

An unexpected gift concludes Volume 2 with a bang

Volume 3: All That Matters is The End Results

Chapter 23: Gone Away

As the funeral for Carter commences, a new face appears in town

Chapter 24: A Way to Cope

KG works with Travis and Rusty to find who killed Carter

Chapter 25: Limitlessly Liminal

KG fights a mysterious opponent as Travis looks for clues

Chapter 26: Come Forth

KG deals with an enemy stand user, but receives help from an unexpected source

Chapter 27: The Backrooms

After somehow escaping a monster, Travis looks for a way out