Space Oddity
Japanese Name スペイス・アッダッティー
User Trixie Lulamoon
Namesake Space Oddity (Song by David Bowie)
Destructive Power D
Speed A
Range E
Durability B
Precision A
Developmental Potential D
Space Oddity (スペイス・アッダッティー "Supeisu Addattii") is the second Stand used by the character Trixie Lulamoon in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure: Play to Kill, it is the evolved form of Dark Side of the Moon.


Space Oddity is an astronaut, it has tubes connecting its helmet to oxygen tanks on its back, much like The World. On Space Oddity's chest are the words "Maj. Tom" written across it, it's helmet's screen is an opaque dark gold color, its gloves have spiked wrists. Space oddity has a generally more feminine appearence compared to it's previous form.


Enhanced Speed: Space oddity is a very fast Stand, which is necessary for its main ability.

Pressure Point Targeting: Space oddity is able to hit multiple pressure points in an opponents body to take them down peacefully and quickly.



  • The "Maj. Tom" on its chest is a reference to Major Tom, the character in the song Space Oddity.
  • Space Oddity's debut arc is called "The Mare Who Sold the World" a reference to "The Man Who Sold the World" another famous David Bowie song.