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Why am I helping you...? I dunno... I guess it's just what I do.

—Snake Pies

Snake Pies
Japanese Name スネクパイズ
Romanized Name Sunekupaizu
Namesake Pocket Rumble AI
Stand Subject 11
Age 22 (As of Lights, They Blind Me)
Birthday 01/06/1992
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Blood Type B-
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Green
Favorite Food Seafood
Favorite Animal Monkey
Hobbies Helping people
Playing practical jokes

Snake Pies is an old and dear friend of Electra's, and is a major ally in Lights, They Blind Me.


Snake Pies is a handsome and well-kept man with a slim build and tall stature, with dark eyes and short purple hair slicked neatly to the side. He wears a black necktie with a white button-up collared shirt tucked into purple dress pants, and black rectangular glasses. Sometimes he wears brown leather sandals, but he prefers to just go barefoot whenever possible.

When his ability is active, his hair loses all neatness and floats upward as if in water, also seeming to somewhat grow in length. He also tends to take off his glasses, lest something bad happen to them.

He is reportedly very attractive, resulting in many characters who meet him developing a crush on him.


Snake Pies is a friendly and kind man who enjoys helping others for no reason other than the fact that he wishes someone was there for him when he needed it most, and doesn't want other people to be left alone when they are suffering or otherwise need aid.

He is nice, but at the same time isn't opposed to playing practical jokes on people he likes, and has a number of strange quirks, such as disliking wearing shoes, unbuttoning the cuffs of his shirt and letting them hang loose, and spontaneously deciding to swap the direction his hair is combed, sometimes even mid-conversation.

In a combat scenario, he can be very formidable, throwing away all of his niceties in order to defend friends or loved ones, and is evidently somewhat unhinged despite his best efforts to hide it, as evidenced by his violent nature that periodically bubbles up when he's in a fight.

He tries to solve problems in ways that are as non-violent as possible due to a fear of his short temper.

He doesn't like modes of instant communication such as telephones, emails, or texting, preferring to communicate via handwritten letters. He's not being paranoid, he just doesn't trust the security of digital communication methods. What do you mean "that's paranoia"? He's not paranoid, you're paranoid.



Main Article: Subject 11

Snake Pies possesses the Stand Subject 11, giving him control over a swirling mass of energy around him that he can form into hands.




  • He is named after Snake Pies, the CPU that controls the yellow Subject 11 opponent in the Career game mode of the game Pocket Rumble.
  • His appearance is based on Subject 11. See above.
  • His portraits were made in Picrew originally, then edited fairly heavily by me
    • The first one was made using this Picrew.
    • The second one's base was made with this one. With how long this took, I'm actually really proud of how well it turned out.