Sleepy Hollow
Japanese Name ヘドレス・ホースマン
English Name Sleepy Hollow
Headless Horseman
User Varies
Destructive Power A
Speed C
Range A
Durability B
Precision C
Developmental Potential B

Sleepy Hollow is Stand which haunts it user. For past 200 years, it has changed body each time its old body has died. It was created by Fairytale by Great-Grandfather of Dage Rikudo testing limits of the Fairytale's creation ability; Soul of criminal and Stand however fused together, forming most malicious stand among the Fairytale; Sleepy Hollow.


Sleepy Hollow is spitting image of Headless Horseman of myths, a headless knight riding a horse. It carries a flaming sword with it, and is able to easily cut half a car with it.

Sleepy Hollow enjoys Chaos and Massacre, and whenever it appears, people are sworn to get either killed or hurt. It could not care less about its owner, as it can easily change body to another.


  • Possession: Sleepy Hollow haunts target, and whenever this falls a sleep, it materializes somewhere, starting its hunt. When user wakes up, Sleepy Hollow vanishes as well. Often people don't even know they are possessed by Sleepy Hollow...
  • Pyrokinesis: Sleepy Hollow is able control flames of his sword.
  • Immortality: Sleepy Hollow's wounds heal almost instantly, but too much strain can kill his owner. This allows Sleepy Hollow to jump to other body, but then he would be unable to materialize for next couple of days. This ability has its limits. Sleepy Hollow cannot posses someone who already has a Stand ability, and new body has to be located within a kilometer where Sleepy Hollow is located should owner perish. 



Name is delivered from the story of Headless Horseman