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Simon Love
Japanese Name サイモン・ラブ
Romanized Name Saimon Rabu
English Name Simon D'amour
Birth Name Simon Love
Namesake Love, Simon (romantic comedy-drama film)
Alias Loverboy (popular friends)
Stand Prom King
Age 18
Birthday April 3, 2000
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Dragon
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Nationality American
Hair Color
Corn Silk
Eye Color
Jazzberry Jam
Affiliation Imaginary Friends Club

Simon Love (サイモン・ラブ Saimon Rabu) is an ally appearing in Maniac's Legacy.

While one of the most popular students in school, Simon holds deep insecurities that he cannot share with his popular friends. He joins the Imaginary Friends Club to try and find understanding people, and he does. To show his gratitude, he decides to help Leonardo Gatsby.

He uses his Stand, Prom King, as a deflective shield for his allies and a stealth attack for his enemies.


Simon is a tall, athletic teenager with pale-blonde hair and soft, grayish-purple eyes. In Progress.


Simon is from a very rich family, and as such was taught good manners and self-respect. He is polite to everyone but can sometimes come off as patronizing without meaning to. He is on the cross-country team and has a determined and persistent personality to match.

Being from a rich and privileged family has caused Simon to develop a slight edge of self-indulgence and can act spoiled at times. Some social cues are lost on him, particularly when interacting with those of the working class. Because of this, his unintentional patronization comes out en force in these situations. When these mistakes are pointed out, he feels very guilty and is hard to console for a while.


Main article: Prom King

Simon's Stand is extremely versatile, functioning as a defensive, offensive, and evasive tactic. Is reflective abilities can ward off ranged attacks, and its control over reflective shards can shred close encounters.

Cross-Country Star

Simon's time with the cross-country team has granted him increased stamina, allowing him to control his breathing and engage in tiresome activity longer than most. He can also move very quickly for short distances, and has particularly strong legs.



Simon comes from old money in Tampa, his family claiming to be descended from Henry B. Plant himself. His parents, Harmon and Maggie, raised Simon in a very lavish mansion on Bayshore Boulevard, with servants attending to him at all times. As such, he became quite spoiled, though the kindness he was taught by his parents instead makes him very nice but naïve, which lead to many people think that he is two-faced, resulting in very few friends outside of his fellow children of wealthy families.