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You think you're the hero here, huh. You're wrong. You're a nameless plot device who is insignificant to the protagonist. You were born exactly as special as a pile of ashes, and now you're going to die that way.

—Sarah Nullity

Sarah Nullity is a major antagonist featured in Under Lock & Key.

Sarah Nullity
English Name Sarah Nobody
Birth Name Unknown
Namesake Sarah (Anagram of some of the letters in Brook Happenstance)

Nullity (Synonym for Nobody, as a reference to Mettaton's Deltarune counterpart)

Stand Time Bomb Clock
Age 27
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Gender Female
Blood Type B-
Nationality Canadian?
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Movie Circle (2015)
Favorite Food Kebabs
Favorite Flower Buttercup
Affiliation DOMINION
Occupation Assassin For Hire, General Psychopath
Hobbies Manipulating People

Blowing Stuff Up Combining The Prior Two Hobbies



Sarah Nullity is a pale woman of above average height, with long black hair that is nearly always pulled back into a ponytail. She has purple eyes a similar hue to that of amethyst. She has ruby stud earrings.

She wears a very flamboyant and bizarre outfit. She wears a charcoal dress shirt with silver cuff links, all under a sequined suit vest coloured bright magenta with black buttons. Sarah has a black belt with an oddly shaped buckle, in the shape of a capital E that curves inwards near the bottom, with the back fading into the third prong and ending in a spade shaped tail of sorts. She also wears sequined dress pants of a slightly darker and more purple colour. On her head, she wears a magenta fedora with a purple band around the base of the hat. Her shoes are black lace up leather boots, with a slight heel and a silver buckle near the tops.


Sarah is a violently manipulative monster with absolutely no human remorse, guilt, or empathy. She will take every opportunity available to hurt, kill, or torture people, even just random strangers. Her favorite thing to do is to turn people against each other and make them betray their closest friends.

When talking with people, she frequently uses terms of endearment such as 'sweetie', 'honey', 'darling', or 'gorgeous'. Her speaking style typically makes people feel very unnerved, given the way that she alternates between talking to people like close friends and as though they were subhuman unintelligent beings.

She believes herself to be completely unkillable and unbeatable, despite the fact that every time she uses her stand the odds are higher that she will die than not. Even in the case of obvious defeat, she will still fight and claw and scream until her last breath.

No one is her friend. To her, every human being is either an enemy that needs to be eliminated or someone who can be manipulated to her benefit. On that note, Sarah is one of the most manipulative people alive. Given the pressure her stand puts people under, her skill in deception and lying, and her overall experience in turning people into killers makes her truly brilliant at making her enemies take each other out, especially when used in conjunction with her stand.



Main Article: Time Bomb Clock

Sarah possesses the stand Time Bomb Clock, which allows her to trap people in a game of sorts in which everyone has a certain number of extra lives and one person at a time is given a time limit to kill someone before exploding. The game ends when there is only one survivor.


  • Sarah is named after a rearrangement of some of the letters in Brook Happenstance, her alternate universe counterpart. Her last name is a synonym for Nobody, the Deltarune counterpart of Mettaton.
  • Sarah's outfit is designed to be the exact opposite of Brook's unnoticeable grey suit.
  • Her favorite movie has a similar plot to her what her stand does.