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You say it's important, but you aren't even willing to show me your Stand. I'm not buying it...

—Roman Kishibe

Roman Kishibe is a major ally featured in The Last Stand, as well as making a few cameos in The Duality of Stand. (For his alternate universe counterpart, see Roman K. Fitzgerald)

Roman Kishibe
Romanized Name Yes
Namesake Rohan Kishibe (Part 4 Character)
Stand Blueberry Eyes
Age 21
Birthday February 12, 2000
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Gender Male
Blood Type O+
Hair Color Blue (Natural Color Black)
Eye Color Blue (Natural Color Brown)
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Movie Birdbox
Favorite Food Anything Blue
Favorite Animal Blue Morpho Butterfly
Favorite Flower Blue Orchid
Favorite Musician Blue Oyster Cult
Occupation Software Designer
Hobbies Pestering Josephine about Sweet Six Shooter
Relatives Rory Kishibe, Ruby Kishibe, Rhonda Kishibe


He always wears a bright blue hoodie and dark blue jeans, as well as blue aviator sunglasses. He enjoys hard candy flavored like blue raspberry, particularly lollipops. On his ears, he wears sapphire earrings (Studs, not the dangly kind) and his shoes are sneakers with a gradient of cyan to dark blue. And, of course, his hair is dyed bright blue and held up with a blue headband similar to Rohan Kishibe (His alternate universe counterpart) And, his eyes are a striking color of blue, but it is later revealed that these are colored contacts and his eyes are brown, which he hates.


He is almost always poking at his phone. He has a kind but inquisitive personality, and he stalks stand users so he can photograph them with Blueberry Eyes, which often gets him attacked. And, if someone is unwilling to show them their stand, he will usually attempt to get leverage over them (And quite often fails). He resents his brother for constantly teasing him about his 'Weak Stand', 'Poor Taste in color', and 'Half Kishibe-ness.'



Main Article: Blueberry Eyes

Roman possesses the app stand Blueberry Eyes, which allows him to photograph other stands to buy one time use version of their abilities. He also gained another stand from a certain person near the end of TDOS, which starts being used around halfway through TLS.

Operating Speed

Roman can operate his phone at a much faster speed than most people, and was shown being able to buy a Foolish Line and use it in the time it takes to fall five stories.


  • Roman Kishibe is an alternate universe Rohan Kishibe
  • He is the only member of his family to be 'half Kishibe', as he was the result of an affair.
    • But ZZ, who was the affair with?
    • That information is redacted.
  • The image was made with a Picrew, although it isn't entirely accurate.
  • Roman is currently the most hated non villain character in all of TDOS & TLS, having the entirety of his family, Dalia, AJ, Downcast Days, Mirai Mirror, Jotaro Kujo, and most notably Josephine Joestar all being more than willing to attack him relatively on sight
  • According to him, his family net worth is in the multimillions.
  • He drives a blue corvette. You can figure out the rest of that reference.
  • He is left handed.