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The Rock Humans (岩人間 Iwa-Ningen) are the main antagonists of Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Battle Tendency



Rock Humans are people from many centuries in the past, who contracted a mysterious disease that, essentially, turned them into living stones. The disease mainly attacked in parts of Europe, North America and Australia.

Their self-proclaimed leader, Dean Napalm, carved many masks out of rocks and hid them underground before his hibernation, one of the masks was found by an artisan, who took it and sold it at an arts and crafts fair in London, where Jonas Joestar bought it.


Rock Humans seem to only ever socialize with others of the same species, but they are able to get along with humans, every two year, Rock Humans hibernate in the form of a regular stone, with the vague form of a crouching human, until the end of the year.


Rock Humans are heavily linked to vampires, they tend to be pale with bright-coloured eyes, their skin is pure stone and can only be broken with tools and strong attacks.

Rock Humans can only reproduce by infecting other people with their blood, this can only be done by kissing a human and passing the "stone virus" onto their victim. The victim will then be painfully turned into a living statue and go into hibernation before waking up a year later.


Stone Physiology: Self-explanatory, as mentioned above, Rock Humans are made out of pure stone and are very hard to destroy.

Enhanced Strength, Intelligence and Durability: Rock Humans are much smarter than a normal human being, their stone physiology makes their regular punches do much more damage and also makes them very hard to break and, in turn, kill.

Stand: All Rock Humans are Stand users, no exceptions.

Known Rock Humans

Pietro Venozzo Louie Louie Heruzu & Beruzu Dean Napalm
Stand: Iron Butterfly Stand: Kingsmen Stands: Thunderstruck & TNT Stand: Pantera