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|japname =ロボットパレード

Robottoparēdo |user =Jonas Judd-Ono |namesake =Robot Parade

Song by They Might Be Giants |gender = |mangadebut =JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: War is Hell Chapter 15 |animedebut =JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: War is Hell Episode 4 |seiyuu = |destpower =C |speed =B |range =A |durability =C |precision =B |potential =A |engname = Robot Party}} Robot Parade is the stand of Jonas Judd-Ono from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: War is Hell


Robotic versions of Jonas


Abilities continue to grow as Jonas ages:

Shoot laser beams out of their eyes

Spying and Storing information

Dismantling objects rapidly

Can lift 1 Ton

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