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River Styx
Japanese Name リバー・スティックス
User TBA
Namesake River Styx (River from Greek mythology)

Styx (American rock band)

Destructive Power D
Speed E
Range A
Durability E
Precision E
Developmental Potential D

River Styx (リバー・スティックス "Ribā Sutikkusu") or just Styx (スティックス "Sutikkusu") is a Stand in a later part of BBA.


River Styx is a small stream of water that starts at an unknown location and ends nowhere, the closest thing it has to an end is if it accomplishes it's objective. Styx' water is cold but a strange mist emanates from it.


As it is just a water stream, it has no personality, but the voices of deceased friends and family members will echo in it's target's ears as they are chased by Styx.


Suicide inducing: If someone wanders across Styx, that person is now Styx' target, nobody else will ever cross paths with this Stand nor will they hear anything, no matter how far the target runs, Styx will chase after them, tormenting them. Eventually, the target will probably just kill themselves, then Styx just dissapears and finds a new target.