Red Baron
Japanese Name レッド・バラン
User TBA
Namesake Barón Rojo (Spanish heavy metal band)
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range B
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential C
Red Baron (レッド・バラン "Reddo Baran") is a Stand featured in the first part of Blossom's Bizarre Adventure


Red Baron is robotic, its face is striped, it has headlight eyes and a speaker for a mouth, it wears a red scarf and jacket. Red Baron has a golden belt, cammo pattern pants and combat boots, its left arm has a large machine gun in place of a normal forearm.


Red Baron is a long-range tracker Stand, thus, it acts on its own, its speaker usually lets out quotes from famous military leaders.


Gun Proficiency: Red Baron, as mentioned above, has an arm-mounted machine gun, naturally, its main form of attack is through the minigun.