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Even a virus can't transcend timelines... You deserve worse than death. So that's what I'll give you.

—Jane Kujo

Random Access Memories is the evolved form of Cosmic Autumn Rebellion.

Random Access Memories
English Name Chaotically Browsed Reminiscences
User Jane Kujo
Namesake Random Access Memories (Daft Punk Album)
Destructive Power E-A
Speed E-A
Range E-A
Durability E-A
Precision E-A
Developmental Potential Infinite


Random Access Memories takes the form of a gender neutral humanoid wearing a black sequined suit. The left half of the suit is tinted gold, and the right half is silver tinted. It has a shiny black tie in the center of its chest. It wears a helmet that is divided in halt, the left half resembling a typical space helmet with a reflective black visor and a gold base. The right half has a small rectangular mouth and a visor over its eyes. The silver half is slightly more angular. It has a smooth black glove on its right hand and a segmented golden gauntlet on its left. The helmet can display up to four characters, two on the right and two on the left. It has the words Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds written in cursive on its tie. Different words will glow depending on which phase is being used. When it uses its abilities, glowing neon symbols appear on its gauntlet. Occasionally, its color scheme will change, but Gold & Silver is its true form. It has two small black circles where the ears would be on a human that display strange, alien symbols in different colors.


Random Access Memories displays its thoughts four letter at a time on its face, unless its ability is active. If it has no thoughts on its mind, it will instead display flashing colors. It is fully sentient, and can help Jane even if she doesn't tell it to. Unlike Cosmic Autumn Rebellion, Jane can see through its eyes in a sort of blurry, blue-gray static kind of way. RAM is completely silent at all times.


Fragments of Time

Random Access Memories has the ability to randomly generate four letter words and then create an effect, normally temporal, based upon the word created. It takes about four seconds for the word to fully form. Each word's effect lasts between 2-10 units. (A unit is whichever phase RAM is in, from Weeks to Seconds) An example of a few words that could be generated: Halt (Stop time), Omit (Skip time) or Undo (Rewind Time). This ability recharges in four units. (Note: According to the Scrabble Dictionary, there are 4030 officially recognized four letter words, minus a few for profanity and likewise. Of course, some words are objectively better than others, ie, Dive stops time for 10 units while Star only stops time for 2.) If Jane has a specific word in mind, that is the word that will be produced.

Time Phases


Random Access memories has the ability to shift between five phases, redistributing its power between its ability and its stats.

Weeks: RAMs ability can last for multiple weeks of time. All of its stats become E for the duration of this phase.

Days: RAMs ability can last for multiple days. All of its stats become D for the duration of this phase.

Hours: RAMs ability can last for a few hours. All of its stats become C for the duration of this phase.

Minutes: RAMs ability can last for only a few minutes. All of its stats become B for the duration of this phase.

Seconds: RAMs ability can last for mere seconds of time. All of its stats become A for the duration of this phase.


  • The Idea of using four letter words to warp time and reality comes from the game HOURS, in which players can control time using 'tempos', each of which have four letter names. Some tempos directly from the game are used by Jane in the final battle against Ordinary World. In addition, the concept of 'Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds' was inspired by the difficulty settings for HOURS.
  • This art is NOT MINE I found it on the internet and it fit perfectly.
  • The Helmet it wears is a very obvious Daft Punk reference.
  • A lot of it's word come from the names or abilities of other stands, both on the fanon and in the canon. The stands referenced will be listed once, y'know, I actually reference them.