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RaRa's Bizzare Adventure is an alternate universe to JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, where each protagonist has the syllable "Ra" in their first and last names instead of "Jo". Like the original, it consists of parts with their own storyline, the use of Stands, and other aspects in the franchise. However, in this universe, the Hamon (Or Ripple) technique does not exist, and people have always used Stands to fight. The bloodline passed down through each part holds the name of the Rabacross family. Each member has a cross-shaped birthmark on their left arm. In their family tradition, it is revered as the symbol of one who will save others, and stand for justice.


Part 1: Sapphire Warrior

Set in the late 1800's, a young American sailor by the name of Ragnar Rabacross who wields the Stand called Neptune Sapphire. His father, Rainer Rabacross, mysteriously dies on a voyage. Determined to avenge his father, Ragnar gathers a crew and sets out at sea to find the cause of his father's death. There, he discovers an aggressive Orca that has gained a Stand from mysterious circumstances while being pursued by whale hunters. Ragnar believes in his heart that this Orca, referred to as Pluto Malice, is the cause of his father's death, and journeys the sea hunting the creature.


Radcliffe Rabacross

Rainer Rabacross

Rachael Rabacross

Henry (Tolenka) Piroshkov

Pluto Malice


Neptune Sapphire

Jupiter Bolt

Pluto Malice


Sabbath Stone


  • No, it's not based on Ra Ra Rasputin.
  • Indigo Warrior draws inspiration from the the novel, "Moby Dick", where Captain Ahab hunts a sperm whale that took his leg.