Queen of the Night
Japanese Name クィーン・オブ・ザー・ナイト
English Name Queen of the Night
User Zartmo Flaute
Namesake Queen of the Night Aria (Aria in an opera by Mozart)
Destructive Power  ??
Speed  ??
Range Infinite
Durability  ??
Precision  ??
Developmental Potential  ??
Queen of the Night is the stand of Zartmo Flaute in ReRevolution.


Queen of the Night is a humanoid stand with completely dark 'skin'. It has three spikes on top of its head, resembling some kind of crown and bright yellow eyes.


Conditional time acceleration: The stand has the ability to instantly accelerate time (or rotate the earth) until it is night. At this moment, its fighting power and speed rise.


  • This stand was never used in-game, due to the user simply never wanting to use it and getting it literally on one of the last moments of the story.