Japanese Name ピックニック
User TBA
Namesake Piknik (Russian prog. rock band)
Destructive Power E
Speed C
Range A
Durability B
Precision B
Developmental Potential D
Piknik (ピックニック "Pikkunikku") Is a Stand in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure, it appears along and works with Electron Blue.


Piknik is a set of small alien-like critters, they have large spikes at the bottom, sorrounded by legs with circular flat feet with holes at the bottom of them. they have rounded spikes around an eye at the top of their body, around the middle there is an undone belt, a pattern seen around Piknik's body(ies) is the alternating triangles, blue and red. Around Piknik's body are several small mouths that actually open and function independently.


As Piknik tracks its targets, it produces quiet mechanical buzzing sounds, and it can communicate through its mouths, although it speaks very primitively, almost like a child.


Tracking: Piknik uses its properties as a colony Stand to track down specific targets, this Stand is very weak on its own, thus it is usually acompanied by another person/Stand, but its not defenseless.

Lasers: Piknik is able to fire beams of light out of its bottom spike, these lasers severely burn anything it hits



  • Piknik's design could be seen as similar to the Jojolion Stand, Fun Fun Fun.