Japanese Name ピースウォーカー
English Name Peacewalker
User Praz Furi
Namesake Peacewalker (Song), Peacewalker (Video Game)
Manga Debut TBA
Anime Debut TBA
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range D
Durability C
Precision E
Developmental Potential B




Hush: Peacewalker's ability is activated when it is able to land a special blow on it's target, which must be a living organism. Upon using this special blow, the stand becomes invisible to normal sight. Peacewalker must approach it's target and press two fingers to the target's mouth or lips, thereby landing the 'blow'. As soon as this happens, the subject becomes comatose. The length of the coma depends on the strength of the stand user. Praz theorizes that it is unlikely a normal human without a stand would ever wake up from one of her comas. Another example is that Red Clancy was comatose for only 74 seconds, however that may have to do with his space/physics altering stand Slipknot. Clancy describes the experience as "...a room of nothing, a void, and [Peacewalker] approaches singing softly. Just before it ran into me, I blacked out completely."

Peacewalker also possesses a high development rating, as explained by Praz that she believes with training she could learn to put people to sleep instead of comas, or simply inflict a feeling of drowsiness. Red Clancy later agrees with this statement.

Peacewalker possesses a physical form and may attempt physical attacks aside from it's main ability, but the ease in which it was defeated by Cry Wolf (And Stone Sour in a flashback) in melee combat clearly outline it's actual effectiveness and durability at close range.

Peacewalker is very fast, having the same speed rating as Slipknot despite actually being quite slower than the other stand.



  • Peacewalker chants 'Shushhu' in succession during it's (rare) attack rush. This can be considered it's stand cry. In addition, the final attack of said rush is punctuated with 'Urusei!' which is japanese for 'Shut up!'. Praz seems to echo that final cry along with her stand.
  • Peacewalker's song while using it's 'Hush' ability, as described by Red Clancy, is a reference to the Reptile Pod from the game side of its namesake, 'Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker'.