Japanese Name ナイトウィッシュ
User Misty Ivory
Namesake Nightwish (Finnish symphonic metal band)
Destructive Power (P1)C (P3)A
Speed D/A (In rain)
Range E
Durability (P1)C (P3)B
Precision A
Developmental Potential (P1)B (P3)E

Nightwish (ナイトウィッシュ "Naitowisshu") is the Stand of Misty Ivory in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure 


Nightwish is a tall female Stand with long black hair and a tiara with 3 gemstones in it, its eye has black sclera, a white iris and a black slit for a pupil, its right eye is a scarred X, it wears a white plumed colar that goes over Nightwish's shoulders, looking like small wings. Nightwish wears a dark grey-ish blue dress and pants, it's sleeves and legs end in the same type of white plumage as its collar. Nightwish has a grey and golden scabbard on it's right and large light grey wings.

Nightwish Requiem

When it's hit by the Arrow in Part 3, Nightwish loses one arm, both of it's eyes are now scarred and open and it's mouth is sewn and it's wings are falling apart


Nightwish is a rather obedient Stand, mostly following its user's movements (If Misty crosses her arms, Nightwish crosses its arms)


Since being stabbed with the Arrow killed its user, Nightwish Requiem acts on its own.


Sword Proficiency: Since it has a scabbard, it must have a sword, Nightwish is very weak unnarmed, but with it's blade, it is nearly unstoppable.

Weather Manipulation: Depending on it's user's desire, Nightwish can make it sunny or rainy, when it reappears in Part 3, it can manipulate the weather further, making several different things rain from the sky, creating fog, etc.


Day/Night Manipulation: Nightwish Requiem can change night into day and vice-versa.

Sleep Inducing: If someone tries to take the arrow from it, one of the things NWR can do is put the person to sleep.

Soul Switching: NWR can also switch the souls of 2 people around it if one of them tries to take its arrow.



  • Nightwish can be seen as Silver Chariot, with Weather Report's abilities.