Nick Starbuck
English Name Nick Starbuck
Namesake Starbucks (Coffehouse chain)
Stand Violent N' Funky (RRVL)
Horse Sand King
Nationality American
Nick Starbuck is a main character in ReRevolution (Part 1) and a player character. His stand is Violent N' Funky.


Nick is a tall man with a normal build and long blond hair. He uses a hat with a blue stripe and and "OLD BUCKS" written in it. His 'Bronze Revolver' scar is localized in his neck.


He is a responsible, friendly and extremely guided by his emotions. He has a strong sense of justice, tries not to use violence at first and likes horses.



Nick Starbuck is the owner of a somewhat depressing pub in Big Springs called the "Ol' Bucks".

ReRevolution (1880)

The story begins when Nick is closing his bar at night and 'someone' appears instantly shooting everyone at the place. When he wakes up in the morning, he sees his stand, and gets knowledge of how to use from it. He gets out of the place and starts looking for other survivors.

Then, he finds Archie - and they both find Markus. Here starts their journey to stop Mayor Diogo.

He and Archie fight against Demarco and get on to Bad City, where they find Mariya, who joins the group. When they get to Diogo's office in Austin, Nick is mostly neutral during the whole fight, but tries some tricks such as transforming coffe powder into hallucinogenic gas and making a diamond sword.

After defeating Diogo, he started a new 'Ol' Bucks' coffe shop on a big city, wich eventually became a whole chain.


  • Nick is the first Starbuck in the game and his presence is mentioned up to part three, Witch Hunt.