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Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
Japanese Name スケリー・マンスターズ・アンド・ナイス・スプリッテス or ナイス・スプリッテス
User "Polpo" (BBA)
Namesake Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Song by Skrillex)
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range D
Durability A
Precision B
Developmental Potential D

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (スケリー・マンスターズ・アンド・ナイス・スプリッテス "Sukerii Mansutaazu ando Naisu Supurittesu") Almost always only refered to as Nice Sprites (ナイス・スプリッテス "Naisu Supurittesu") is the Stand of the villain "Polpo" in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure.


Nice Sprites is a humanoid Stand with bull-like legs, skinny arms and a round featureless face covered by a mask with one big eye on one side and three reptilian eyes on the other. On Nice Sprites' chest is a segmented V-shaped chestplate with repeating decimal numbers on each segment, from 0.1 to 0.3, it also wears a tie with a repeating 0.4 on it.


The best this Stand has for personality is the fact that it responds to its user's spoken commands rather than copying what the user does or taking mental commands.


Enhanced Abilities: Nice Sprites is a very strong Stand that can deliver very fast punches, though this is a common ability among protagonists and antagonists.

Repeating Decimal Transformation: This Stand's main ability is to split a living being or object into nine infinitely small versions of that object or being, at any point, Nice Sprites can unite all of the pieces back into one, doing serious damage to its target, usually killing if the target is alive.


  • It's stats may be another reference to repeating decimals, as three of them ( A B D) repeat and most likely would repeat again and again.