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P-L-E-A-S-E... for the love of God... mind your language.


Oh yes... Modern Land and I... we get along just swimmingly.

—Strawberry Fields Forever

Ratatata... ta!

—Modern Land

Modern Land
Japanese Name モダンランド
Modan Rando
English Name Contemporary Art
User E.N.I.G.M.A.
Namesake Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land (Song and album by MARINA)
Destructive Power E
Speed D
Range A
Durability B
Precision E
Developmental Potential E
Modern Land stats.png

Modern Land is the Stand of E.N.I.G.M.A., a minor character featured in the ninth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - The Duality of Stand.


Modern Land takes the form of a short, slim humanoid with a constantly shifting pattern of rainbow stripes across its entire body, moving from the top of its head to the bottoms of its feet. It has large hoop earrings on pointed ears, and on its wrists are large bracelets that rattle against each other as it walks and that, for some reason, do not fall off. Its striped eyes are a light turquoise in colour and have dark blue pupils that are ordinarily unfocused, drifting off to look in random directions independent of one another, though this is not the case when it is being controlled by Strawberry Fields Forever.

Its trap don't look exactly like any species of leaf known to exist, but somewhat resemble a maple leaf with many hair-like barbs around the rim.


As an automatic Stand, Modern Land doesn't display very much personality. It mindlessly approaches its target while also staying a certain distance away, while constantly attacking with its ability. None of this is applicable while being controlled.

When it begins its pursuit of a target, it emits an audible Ratatata... ta! in a whisper-like tone out of its leaf trap.

Abilities and Powers

Trap Setting

Modern Land at first takes no form, but causes a leaf to manifest somewhere where the user has recently been. This leaf is a trap of sorts, causing the full version of the Stand to be summoned when someone within 5 metres of it says a swear word, at which point it will begin to pursue the offender.

Nature Takeover

As Modern Land gets closer and closer to the target, nature begins to bloom and spring to life around them, gently at first, simply creating grass, flowers, and the like, but it quickly starts to get more violent, causing rapidly-growing trees that destroy streets and buildings, creeper vines that constrict people, and even animals, including ones as large as deer.

After a while, touching these creations becomes dangerous, as it causes the nature to spread to you and begin growing out of your skin, draining your energy from your body, leaving you in a weakened and fatigued state.