Midnight Oil
Japanese Name ミッドナイト・オイル
English Name Good Night Oil
Namesake Midnight Oil - Political rock band from Australia
Destructive Power E
Speed C
Range D
Durability C
Precision B
Developmental Potential C


Midnight Oil takes the form of a tall, slightly muscular male with blue skin and long flowing hair that is the same colour as his body. Around his head, waist, arms and legs are thick, striped, grey bands with varying lengths. Midnight Oil's eyes are large blank yellow circles, with his mouth being a zig-zag pattern. Across his body is a lighter blue Z pattern extending from his shoulder to his waist, with the same coloured bands being on his calves and knees. On his fists are the numbers 1, 2 and 3 written in brown, alluding to his abilities.

Personality wise, Midnight Oil is quite soft spoken and speaks with a thick sleepy Australian accent. The only time he talks is when he's alone with his user, going over battle strategies and how both of them can improve. He's a very responsible and dutiful Stand, even if he is prone to yawning during conversations.


Midnight Oil's abilities are quite simple. he has the ability to punch his opponent to sleep, but only in intervals of threes. In order to put an opponent to sleep, he needs to punch them thrice in the same overall area, preferably the face. This ability extends to other extremeties, causing an intense pins and needles feeling in the limb that has been punched three times. However, despite how reletively harmless the ability is, if Midnight Oil were to punch the area where the heart is, he could essentially cause the opponent's heart to 'sleep', as it were. 

When punched, the corresponding number will appear on the spot they were hit. Each number translates to ten minutes of sleep, so when the effect begins, the opponent will be out for 30 minutes. Because there is a three minute delay before the effect of Midnight Oil activates, it means that consecutive effects can be placed one on top of the other to extend the period an opponent is asleep. However, once the opponent falls asleep, Midnight Oil cannot use its abilities on that opponent untl they wake up, as he cannot put an unconscious opponent to sleep.

Once the opponent wakes up, he automatically forgets everything from when he was first punched, thanks to Midnight Oil's ability, 'Short Memory'.




  • Midnight Oil's name comes from the band of the same name, 'Midnight Oil'. Subsequently, his colouration is a reference to the song 'Blue Sky Mine', which featured in Midnight Oil's album, 'Blue Sky Mining.' The sleep ability and the use of threes as a motif comes from their song, 'Sleep', which has the lyric, 'we're counting in threes.' Consequently, Midnight Oil's other ability, 'Short Memory' is also a reference to Midnight Oil's song 'Short Memory.'
  • The thick accent of Midnight Oil is a reference to the nationality of the band itself, which is from Australia.