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Sorry to ruin your good time, but it's time for me to have my fun! Oh, yes! It's showtime!

—Brook Happenstance, speaking through Metal Crusher

Metal Crusher
Metal Crusher v3.png
Japanese Name メタロクラッシャー
Metaro Kurasshā
English Name Crush.EXE
User Brook Happenstance
Namesake Metal Crusher (Musical arrangement by Toby Fox)
Destructive Power A
Speed D
Range C
Durability A
Precision E
Developmental Potential E

Metal Crusher is the Stand of Brook Happenstance, the protagonist of CASCADA - Brook Happenstance and a minor antagonist featured in the ninth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - The Duality of Stand.


Metal Crusher takes the form of a grey robotic humanoid with large pointed shoulder pads over slender, segmented arms that end in four-fingered hands. It has a narrow waist with a chain wrapped around it, held in place with a lock with a keyhole that likely has no key. It wears high-heeled boots that have a sharp heel and a slightly curled toe.

Its head and face resembles a thick television screen that normally displays static, but can also show images of its choosing as well as words. The font it uses appears to be 8bitoperator.

The face screen is able to increase or decrease in brightness at will, making it surprisingly effective for dealing with Stands that don't like light.

Yeah... so... every once in a while, I draw Stands. Usually, they turn out bad *cough cough* Thumbs *cough cough* and sometimes they turn out... uh... the way MEGA turned out. But you know what? I actually don't think this is completely terrible. It's not incredibly original, but at least it looks sorta good?


Metal Crusher displays something of a personality, but not nearly as much as some other sentient Stands. It seems to enjoy swaying back and forth rhythmically. Periodically, it emits mechanical noises such as whirring, buzzing and beeping. When creating a bomb, it displays an image of a cartoon bomb with a lit fuse, and periodically it emotes by displaying an exclamation mark, question mark, emoticons, or the like. It appears to like creating explosions, as sometimes after it blows someone up, it displays a message on the screen akin to "LOL", "LMAO", and other similar expressions of enjoyment.

At times it converses with its user, but doesn't contribute much aside from laughing at things she says or does or agreeing with her sentiments with simple phrases such as "YES". Larger words appear to need to be displayed in pieces, being too long otherwise. The longest thing it can display is four characters long, with the one exception being the word "BROOK". Brook is able to talk through her Stand, but since it cannot talk, she has it display messages instead. The things she can have it say this way are significantly more complex than it would be able to normally, even full sentences.

Metal Crusher appears to like people, especially Natasha Happenstance, and can sometimes be seen laughing along with and complimenting even those that Brook herself might not necessarily like, much to her annoyance. However, should someone threaten or attempt to antagonize Brook, all warmth will be gone as it moves to defend its user and her honour. Even if it's scared, its desire to protect Brook trumps that easily, as seen with its first interaction with AJ.

While the Stand can't be directly controlled by Brook, it instinctively knows what she wants it to do, and will generally act accordingly due to its desire to want to make her happy.

Abilities and Powers

Bomb Transmutation

The ability of Metal Crusher is to turn nearby objects into bombs. These bombs are shown to be incredibly powerful, but don't seem to cause much damage when moving at a slow speed. While not moving at all, charged objects explode with such little power that it's comparable to them simply falling apart. Any object turned into a bomb will begin to pursue the closest person to it at the time of its creation, and will detonate upon touching them, unless it comes into contact with someone else first, at which point it will explode on them instead. If Brook so decides, she is able to instead set herself as the designated target.

A bomb travels in straight lines at a constant speed, only changing direction when it hits an object, at which point it will rebound off in the direction the target was at the time of the collision. Each time a bomb bounces off of something, it will increase in speed. Objects that have been recently touched by the target have a higher base speed and power than others. As more and more bombs are created in succession, their base speeds increase. Bombs made from pieces of the Stand's body are faster and stronger than other bombs, and do not count toward the "one bomb at a time" limit. Bombs can be made to sped up by outside forces, such as being trapped by something and building up momentum. This change in speed becomes the new base.

Should the object that became a bomb be destroyed in some way, it will also detonate.

A bomb can be deactivated at any time by Brook, though if she doesn't allow it to explode, she then has to wait out a cooldown time to use the ability again, leaving her vulnerable to attack.


While not technically an ability, Metal Crusher's mechanical body is unaffected by damage that would likely put other Stands down for the count; it is able to continue to function and fight even if it loses limbs, and damage it takes does not appear to be reflected on Brook.

The Stand is able to regenerate from using its own body parts as bombs, but it takes a while.

Death Report

Spoiler warning, yo.

Main article: Death Report

Death Report is a form that Metal Crusher takes on when there is no more hope that Brook can succeed, triggered by it breaking the lock around its waist. As the evolved form of the Stand and the ultimate last-ditch effort, it's understandably incredibly powerful.


Some beta designs for Metal Crusher. Who needs arms with explosives like those?

  • The ability references the UNDERTALE character, Mettaton (whose theme is Metal Crusher), and his love for explosions.
    • A scene in the game has him reveal that a number of seemingly-ordinary (albeit out of place) objects, even his own dialogue, are actually bombs.
    • The erratic movement is something of a reference to the infamous Glass of Water Bomb, as is the fact that the first bomb created in The DUality of Stand was a glass of water.
  • I know, I know! This Stand is just Killer Queen and Sheer Heart Attack. Original much?
    • It's still gonna make for a cool fight.
  • Originally, the Stand was planned to have no arms, and then another beta version had the appearance of arms that had been ripped off. Because, well... obviously.
    • Why would it need arms with legs an ability like that?
  • The Stand was also originally supposed to be named "Death By Glamour"... but I didn't think I'd be able to design a user deserving of the name.