Markus Valle
English Name Markus Valle
Namesake Marcos Valle (Brazilian musician)
Stand Letter to Hermione (RRVL)
Age 31 (Part 1)

106 (Part 3)

Nationality American
Favorite Movie The Invisible Man
Occupation Policeman

Markus Valle is a main NPC character in ReRevolution (Part 1) and Witch Hunt (Part 3). His stand is Letter to Hermione.


ReRevolution (1880)

Markus' has the form of his stand - a single sheet of paper that writes itself.

Witch Hunt (1955)

As he gets control over his stand over the span of 75 years, he takes the form of a commonl-looking policeman and lives a normal life.


During Part 1 he is a bit depressed and tries to be helpful. After becoming a policeman, he becomes ironic and bossy, especially towards the main characters.



Before Diogo's massacre, he has a family man that worked on the postal service.

ReRevolution (1880)

He is 'collected' by Nick and Archie and goes along with them in their quest for justice/revenge. Markus becomes a friend for them and Mariya, often on the role of an advisor of sorts whenever possible.

Witch Hunt (1955)

During Witch Hunt, Markus assembles all the victims of the Serling school shooting and creates a sort of group to prevent these sorts of things from ever happening again. He then proceeds to investigate about the killings along with the main party, even fighting some stand users.


  • Markus lived the longest out of every ReRevolution character, being technically immortal as long as he can rebuild himself.