Mariya Fitzgerald
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English Name Mariya Fitzgerald
Namesake Mariya Takeuchi (Singer and songwriter)

Ella Fitzgerald (American jazz singer)

Stand Riders on the Storm (RRVL)
Horse Mississippi Queen
Age 17
Date of Death 1880
Nationality American
Mariya is a main NPC character in ReRevolution (Part 1). Her stand is Riders on the Storm.


Mariya is 17-year old, tall, skinny girl with black hair. She wears a simple blue summer dress.


Mariya starts lost and confused and gets colder and straight-to-the-point as the story progresses. Her behavior against Danny Boy shows a rather vengeful way of thinking. She isn't very educated either, growing up in Bad City.



She grew up on a little town full of criminals called the Bad City. She also has an unnamed boyfriend that died during Diogo's massacre.

ReRevolution (1880)

When Nick and Archie get to Bad City, they find that the whole town has been killed by the 'Bronze Revolver', except by Mariya, who joins the group having nowhere to go. When the Big Springs locomotive stops in a cornfield, she notices Danny Boy, one of Diogo's assassins and starts a fight with him, claiming she wanted revenge. The fight ends after some time. Zartmo joins the group. Right after this, Mariya and Nick fight Jacob after he kills both Sand King and Bizet (Nick and Archie's horses).

When they get to Austin, Mariya gets stabbed in the necks by Diogo's throwing knives, tries to survive but gets attacked again and dies.


  • She is the first female character in the game, and the only one in Part 1.

Mariya Takeuchi - Sweetest Music