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Maniac’s Legacy (狂人の遺産 Kyōjin no Isan) is a fan-made spinoff part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and is currently being written. It takes place in 2018, in the universe Emporio Alniño finds himself in at the end of Stone Ocean.


In January of 2018, Scarlett Inugashima moves from Morioh, Japan to Tampa, Florida. Feeling lonely and confused by the appearance of an “imaginary friend” one year ago, she starts a club called the Imaginary Friends Club, attracting the attention of several students, including Dylan Pilgrim, Quentin Spade, Leonardo Gatsby, and Joshua Jones. Soon after they discover that their imaginary friends are visible to each other, they name them and form a friendship. Suddenly, they are targeted by several other Stand Users, seemingly looking for Leonardo; the group sets out across Florida over the summer to find out why.


Character Name Stand Name Story Role
Joshua Jones Movement Main Protagonist
Leonardo Gatsby M A N I A Deuteragonist
Quentin Spade Sweet Nothing Ally
Dylan Pilgrim My Play Ally
Kane Shaw Cigarette Daydreams Ally
Ford Ferrari Daphne Blue Ally
Zero Down Happy Pills Ally
Simon Love Prom King Ally
Scarlett Inugashima Lovely Little Lonely Ally
Fora Dream Be Mean Enemy
Paper Alaska Teenagers Enemy
M. Knight Bad Child Enemy
Warm Isaac Wheezer Enemy
Wolfstreet Cash Cash Enemy
DJ Goodmorning Revolution Radio Enemy
Chappy Steam Powered Giraffe Enemy
Branch Drinkard Johnny Rebel Enemy
Father Boondock Heathens Primary Antagonist
Holly Wallflower Dear Maria Neutral
Roy Blade Dying in LA Neutral
Fantasia Strawberry Bubblegum Ally
Christmas Vacation The Wreck Neutral
Casablanca Mr. Brightside Neutral
Abba Genesis Minor Ally
Video Velvet AWOLNATION Enemy
Promise Love Stuff Enemy
Shining Jack American Author Enemy
Gift Shop Space Ghost Coast to Coast Enemy
Kubrick Stare Tangerine Enemy
Peninsula Domestic Bliss Enemy
Shutter Eye It's All So Incredibly Loud Enemy
Miami Moonlight Hot Sugar Enemy
Heather Heather Your Love Enemy
Wild Speed Tokyo Drifting Enemy
The Enemy Twins Melon and The Coconut Enemy
Fantastic Beast Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth Enemy
Home Movies Dreamland Secondary Antagonist