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“ As it crumbled away, a horse, rider and clock emerged, a Stand even more fused with the Arrowhead. Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem. And a second round of sped up time began... ”

Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem (メイド・イン・ヘブン・アルティメット・レクイエム Meido in Hebun Arutimetto Rekuiemu) is a stand from the ligth novel: Jorge Joestar in the final chapter Beyond II, Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem is the enhanced version of Made In Heaven.

Being the final power up of Dio Brando and Kars (although in the jojo fandom Made in Heaven Ultimate was become in to final power up of Enrico Pucci) ,in final battle reset the universe until the second universe (Steel Ball Run) where DIO finally was defeat by the Joestar family.


Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem resembles Enrico Pucci's Made in Heaven but also retains the Asura resemblance that Whitesnake Ultimate and C-Moon Ultimate Requiem have, with its three heads. The number of limbs it has is unknown but the lower half of its body has three horse heads as well rather than one.

Like its predecessors, its middle head has the same face as the original Made in Heaven, its right head has skeletal teeth, and its left head has large protruding lips. Each head is elongated longer than the original Stand. The heads are black at the top with the remainder of its faces and body being white. The three heads are connected by a long vine.

Each humanoid head has a large speedometer in the center of their face, whereas each horse head has one on their foreheads and on the sides of their blinkers. Large feathers protrude out of its wide neck.