Made in Heaven Requiem (Meido In Hebun Rekuiemu) is the Requiem Stand of Enrico Pucci.

It is the evolved form of Made in Heaven and was formed after it was pierced by the Requiem Arrow.


Time Acceleration

It can still use it's base form's time acceleration, but it's way more powerful. He can now speed up and slow down time at will, being able to be even faster than Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum: The World and able to move in stopped time.

Universal Time Acceleration

Pucci can still use his time acceleration throughout the whole universe, causing time to go so fast that the universe starts imploding in a matter of minutes, with a new bing bang happening a few seconds later. Then everything will happen all over again, unless Pucci is killed before he activates the acceleration of time, or if someone with a more powerful stand stops or reverses the effect. He can speed up time for everything, making time go thousands of times faster, or he can slow down time for himself, making himself go thousands of times faster, making himself able to "stop time" or move in stopped time.

Localized Time acceleration.

Pucci can speed up or slow down a specific area or person at will. He can make people grow old in a minute, or can make it so they live a hundred years before they even feel older. Pucci is the only one that can undo the actions of his localized time acceleration, but cannot make anyone younger than they were before he used his ability.

Previous Stands

Because Enrico Pucci has had 2 different stands before, Made in Heaven Requiem has more powerful versions of their abilities too, which grant him the ability to use multiple stand abilities at the same time to create new ones. Thanks to his previous ability to control his stand from a distance, Pucci doesn't need to be close to his stand to fully control it.


Because Whitesnake is a long range stand, Made In Heaven Requiem has several abilities that can be used anywhere.

Made in Heaven Requiem also gained Whitesnake's acid ability? Because of Made in Heaven's time acceleration, he can produce the acid faster.

He can also still use the basic version of discs.


Made in Heaven Requiem can use C-Moon's prime ability to change gravity. He can make anyone he wants the center of reverse gravity. He can also make anyone he wants the center of gravity, but it has a smaller radius. Thanks to his ability to control gravity for himself freely, Made in Heaven Requiem can make Pucci levitate or fly, and make Pucci able to walk on any surface.

It also has the ability of surface inversion, making Pucci able to modify the gravitational force of anything he touches.

Environmental Control

Made in Heaven can control the environment of the planet and it’s satellites in orbit, for example it changed the moons orbit to a solar eclipse to help Dracula survive the daytime.

Inter Dimensional Travel

Made in Heaven Requiem can travel to other dimensions by creating rifts in space time that Requiem and it’s user to travel to other worlds as this is required to reset the entirety of the multiverse.

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