Love King
Japanese Name ラブ・キング
User Monarch Blossom
Namesake Love King (Song by The-Dream)
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range D
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential E
Love King (ラブ・キング "Rabu Kingu") is the Stand used by Monarch Blossom in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure


Love King looks similar to King Nothing, it has a viking-like head with a crown with a heart shaped gemstone, it's horns have a pattern seen around Love King's body, jigsaw pieces with hearts in the center. Its eyes are vertical oval lenses and its crown extends downwards and ends over where Love King's nose should be with another heart.

Love King has very wide hips and it's left forearm and right lower leg have the jigsaw puzzle pattern. On its chest is the word love written across it and up its spine are more heart jigsaw pieces.


Enhanced Abilities: Love King is a very strong Stand, like many close range Stands, it's main method of attack is a barrage of punches, unlike most Stands, Love King is not that precise.

Jigsaw Transformation: Love King's main ability is to transform its user into jigsaw pieces, allowing him to travel faster via flying around, this also allows Monarch to reform into other objects or as other people.