Linkin park
Japanese Name リンキン・パック
User Fang Shinoda
Namesake Linkin Park (American hard rock band)
Destructive Power B
Speed C
Range A
Durability  ?
Precision  ?
Developmental Potential A
Linkin Park (リンキン・パック "Rinkin Pakku") is the Stand of Fang Shinoda is a later part of Blossom's Bizarre Adventure.


Linkin Park is an ability Stand, thus has no appearence, it also has no personality.


Arachnid Manipulation: Linkin Park allows it's user to control spiders and other arachnids around him. This allows the user to create webs, build barriers out of spiders and other things.


In BBA: Battle Royale, Fang appears as a playable character, Linkin park appears as a swarm of spiders that forms around Fang in a circle, they can then be used to build things with said spiders.