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I never wanted this. I never wanted to be the bad guy. But hey, sometimes, life deals you a hand of evil cards. And let me tell you, it's not a bad hand to be dealt.

—Leo Brando

I wouldn't even let him get near you. Just because he's rich and hot and has a cute accent he thinks he can walk all over people and have them be fine with it...

—Akiso Kigi

Leo Brando is a major antagonist turned ally features in The Last Stand. He wields the powerful transformation stand Witch Wolf Blood.



Leo is a very tall man with blonde hair that he keeps medium length (10 cm) and spiked stylishly up. He chooses to shave just enough so that he constantly has a layer of stubble on his chin. His eyes are a piercing ice blue. He is very muscular and well built. Unlike many other characters in JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, he changes his clothes from day to day, though it is always something very avant garde and fashionable. Even when he was "dressing casual", he was still wearing something dressy enough to make Akiso Kigi feel underdressed.

When in wolf form, he wears a white tank top, dark yellow exercise shorts, and no shoes.


Despite the absolute viciousness of his stand, Leo is a very kind and considerate person most of the time. He can frequently be found complimenting people and offering support or constructive criticism, and almost never resorts to insults unless defending a friend. However, if you do provoke his wrath, he typically retaliates with either, A) Get back at them with an acidic insult disguised as a backhanded compliment, or B) Murder.

Leo is a serial killer, though when confronted about this, he claimed that he never wanted to have that sort of life. His stand, if not forces to, urges him to kill about one person a month, in addition to anyone who has figured him out or been witness to his murderous alter ego. Despite this, he really isn't that bad of a person.

In addition to this, he is gay. Very gay. He finds most men attractive, and flirts with nearly all of them he meets. (However, he will back off once someone tells him they aren't interested.) He is incredibly charming and charismatic, even being able to break up with someone by cheating on them and remain friends with them. He especially has a thing for David Gardner, and flirts with him every time they encounter, often before saying hello.



Main Article: Witch Wolf Blood

Leo possesses the stand Witch Wolf Blood, which allows him to shift into a werewolf at night, as well as perform feats of magic and slow down time.


Leo is quite skilled at the art of seduction, and most people find him charming, even if they hate him.


  • Leo was originally planned to be the main villain of an AU part 4 with Roman as the protagonist.
  • His stand was originally called Raspberry Beret, and would be... you guessed it... a beret... that let him slow down time. This was scrapped in favor of the current design.
  • Since I have never actually listened to the song his stand is based off of, here's a list of musical references that, if you see in a chapter title or referenced in dialogue or something, are references to Leo:
    • Magick (Song by Ryan Adams And The Cardinals)
    • The Shocking Miss Emerald (Album By Caro Emerald) (Note: Specifically My Two Cents, The Maestro, Excuse My French, and Paris)
      • If you see these referenced in Inspiration's Hold, it's not Leo.
    • Bones (Song by Imagine Dragons)
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