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Josie Joyce

Josie joyce and her stand, antitaxi

English Name Josie Joyce
Alias JoJo (By her granmother & Siblings)
Stand Antitaxi
Age 15
Birthday Jan 4th
Date of Death ???
Gender Female
Height 5'3
Nationality American/French
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Student at Delta Ranch Highschool
Hobbies beating people up :D
Relatives Joseph Joestar (Great Grandfather)

Josie Joyce is the protagonist of JJBA: Forest Of Sea.

Josie is the great granddaughter of Joseph Joestar. Starting out as a normalish girl, she soon gets wrapped up in her towns odd happenings while trying to find more about her family.


Josie is a teenager of average height and a slimmer build with blue eyes, Brown Chin length, wavy (almost curly) hair. Her hair forms an ahoge at the top her head.

Her outfit consists of a lighter green turtle neck, with a heart shaped cut out on the front. On top she has a pair of overalls on with only on strap on. She has a bandiad on her left knee. She has a matching braclet with Rhiannon, hers being a faded blue colour. She has light purple converse on, and a purple belt with "JJ" on the buckle.

Like all other Joestars, she has a star shaped birthmark on her left shoulder.


Josie appears quite head-strong, and loud. She isnt known to back down from a challenge, which often leads to her getting into trouble. Shes also pretty playful, often playing tricks on her friends with her stand.

Her grandmother described her as a mini Joseph Joestar.



Middle school best friend of Rhiannan Gabriel, the two entered high school together.

She is one of the only Jojos to have siblings, Crylle and Kathreen.

Forest Of Sea

The protagonist of FOS, she is the bearer of the 'JoJo' title and is the 'Leader' of the friend group she forms.

She is later the girlfriend of Marina Rylyn

Page for the part can be found here

Abilities and Powers


See ^ for better explanation but movement control.


-Her High school is based off of my own :D

-Her older siblings, Cyrlle and Kathreen, are based off my own sibling.