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Joshua Jones
Japanese Name ジョッシュア・ジョーンズ
Romanized Name Josshua Jōnzu
English Name Joshua Jones
Birth Name Joshua James Jones
Namesake James Earl Jones (actor)

Joshua Johnson

Alias JoJo Jr. (Family)

3J (brother's friends)

Stand Movement
Age 18
Birthday March 25, 2000
Zodiac Sign Aries
Chinese Zodiac Dragon
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Nationality American
Race African
Hair Color
Eye Color
Relatives Jordan Jones (older brother)

Joshua Jones (ジョッシュア・ジョーンズ Josshua Jōnzu) is the main protagonist of Maniac's Legacy.

Finally finding a group who accepts him, Josh accompanies the Imaginary Friends Club across Florida to stop the "Seekers of the Golden Eye" from hunting down Leonardo Gatsby. He is a good friend of Dylan Pilgrim and Quentin Spade, having known them since 8th grade.

He possesses Movement, a Stand capable of vibration so potent it can manipulate matter. It has an air of mystery, as does Josh's past.


In Progress


As opposed to his previous universe counterpart, Joshua Jonas is far more humble but only slightly less abrasive. On the surface, Joshua appears collected at all times, but is actually deeply emotional. When he wants to cry, he does nothing but breath deeply.

In regards to his friends and his journey, Joshua is very no-nonsense. His words are few and far between, and he prefers to let his actions portray his character and intentions. However, he is in no way mean to any of his friends. He treats them with respect and kindness, but is quick to scold or discipline them if he feels they are getting off-track or doing something that could hurt the rest of the team in some way.


Main article: Movement

Joshua's Stand has been with him since he was young, and gives him the ability to vibrate matter down to the molecular and atomic level. Josh states several times that he thought his "Imaginary Friend" was soem sort of hallucination, until it helped him win a fistfight singlehandedly. Movement's incredible power and speed suits it for first defense in a fight.

Natural Leader

Joshua has a way with words, and his demeanor is so confident and composed that he can easily compel people to listen to and follow him. He first exemplifies this ability at the first Imaginary Friends Club meeting, in which he rallies the group together to use their abilities in order to help people.



Joshua was born in Tampa, Florida to father Troy and mother Minerva. While his father was very tough on him, Joshua attests to his dedication and care for his family, and his mother's intelligence and kindness. Joshua has a brother, Jordan, with whom he was very close. Jordan was part of a crew calling themselves Dreamland, and was best friends with its leader. Two years before the events of Maniac's Legacy, however, Jordan disappeared, and Joshua hasn't heard from Dreamland since.