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Joshua Jonani
Japanese Name ジョシュア・ジョナニ
Romanized Name Joshua Jonani
Namesake Joshua

Jo (JoJo) Nani (JP for What)

Stand Back to Life (Rising Dead)
Age 18
Birthday July 7th 2002
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Yang Water Horse
Gender Male
Height 1.97m
Weight 78.6kg
Nationality Japanese American
Race Human
Hair Color Silver-brown
Eye Color Mose green
Favorite Color White
Favorite Movie Sherlock Holmes
Affiliation Satsujin Investigation Team
Occupation Detective
Relatives Jota Kamijo (Half Brother)

Shizuka Joestar (Adopted Aunt) Josuke Higashikata (Farther) Zoe Jonani (Mother) Stephon Gregory (Step Father) Joseph Joestar (Grand Father)


is a


Joshua Jonani is a high racked detective that is the stand user of "Back to Life", his casual clothes are mostly black and white like one of those black and white detective movies.


Joshua is usually calm, but takes his job more serious then anything, but gets easily pissed off when Jota gets too confident and disobedient.



Ever since he was little, Joshua felt he never'd fitted in. That was when he went to high school and studied forensics, he was capable of solving homicides, genocides and suicides, with keen eyes like his, he was at the of his forensics class.

Two years later, he'd soon discovered that his mother Zoe Jonani was dating a man named Stefon Gregory who once taught wrestling to teenagers about Joshua's age. For months Stefon abused Joshua due to belief of Joshua being useless and needs to be more of a fighter.

Three days after his seventeenth birthday, Joshua was framed for the murder of one of his teachers. But before being put to custody, Joshua saw a skeletal figure taking the form of his teacher and said the true culprit's name "Stefon Gregory..." This was the manifestation of Joshua's own life force and fighting spirit, this was none other then his Stand "Back to Life".

When he told the police officer that he saw his teacher telling the culprit's identity, the police took Stefon into interrogation, he admitted he did murdered on of the teachers because he wanted to have a son of his instead of Joshua. After that day Joshua became a Detective so he cane brien proper justice.

Abilities and Powers



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