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What did your ass just say about my friend?

— Joshua Cujoh, after someone insulted his friend

Joshua Cujoh
Japanese Name 空条ジョシュア
Romanized Name Kūjō Joshua
Birth Name Joshua
Namesake none
Stand Road Jack
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Favorite Musician Ray Charles

Joshua Cujoh (空条ジョシュア Kūjō Joshua) is a college freshman. He usually doesn't do to well at school, but he excels in physics, due to the nature of his stand.


Joshua has a small sideways pompadour, and always wears some sort of lumberjack shirt. He also likes to wear baggy pants.


Joshua is friendly to almost everyone he meets, being a little bit naïve. He has tried to befriend almost everyone he has had a class with, with much succes. He does have a few friends, and he's very protective of them. He's also very extra, striking some sort of pose on any opportunity he sees.



Road Jack

Road Jack (ロードジャック Rōdo Jakku) is a close-distance power stand. It has the ability to change gravity in to particular spots in space, linking them together and creating a small wormhole. Everything than partually enters one end is completely sucked through and leaves from the other end. This doesn't change their velocity or direction of movement, just their point in space.


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