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Bitch, I will tie you to a fucking cactus if you don’t shut the fuck up right fucking now!!

—Josephine Joestar

Josephine Joestar is the protagonist of the ninth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - The Duality of Stand.

She is the brother of Jacob Joestar and though she can be very cold to him, she truly does care very deeply for him.


Josephine is a woman of above-average height and a slightly muscular build with blue eyes, mid-length slightly wavy hair of a light blue colour with pink streaks, some of which is tied up in two buns (one on either side of her head), and pink lips.

She wears a faded pink, somewhat loose-fitting crop top with a yellow star pattern, and dark blue skinny jeans with a hole in the right knee. She has a pair of black wedge boots with pink heels around 2" in height.

She has two birthmarks, one on her left shoulder, resembling a star, like all Joestars, and the other on her face resembling an irregular hexagon of sorts. That second one isn't super relevant... just a fun little bonus detail... props to you if you figure out what it is...

After her encounter with Cherry Gum, she begins (badly) cutting her own hair, so it becomes notably shorter, around shoulder length, with hastily done, uneven cuts at a variety of angles.


Josephine Joestar is a woman who can be mainly described with a single trait - determined. She will continue fighting until she's literally incapable, even if she has a hole torn through her leg or witnesses what she believes to be the gruesome death of her brother.

She doesn't so much care about doing what is explicitly "right", so much as she wants to protect her brother and evade the capture of Thaddeus Benton. She is initially very cold to anyone she doesn't trust, but is actually quite capable of being friendly. After... you know... a lot of effort. You know what, scratch that. She's not a people person.

Originally presented as being condescending and rude to her brother, constantly belittling him and his Stand, Ace of Hearts, this was eventually revealed to merely be a tactic she used to make him not want to follow her into dangerous situations.

She seems to have a notable dislike for most people, getting along quite poorly with those that aren’t her brother and her girlfriend, Electra. This is most notable with Dalia, for whom she appears to have an extreme, irrational (yet apparently completely justified) hatred, frequently calling her things like "stupid, crazy bitch", "fucking unreasonable bitch", and the like, even when the only provocation is her telling her off for falling asleep at work. Though she puts on a detached façade, the truth is revealed as she becomes incredibly unhinged and violent when someone she cares about is in danger. Anyone who isn't Jacob or Electra that call her "Josie" will pay dearly for doing so. She isn't incredibly comfortable receiving affection, and blushes whenever Electra teases her.

She is constantly presented as being incredibly hotheaded and having a short temper, punching objects when angry, storming off when losing an argument, and being quick to blame and/or attack people with little evidence or provocation. When particularly angry, she quickly devolves her fighting style into punching wildly, hitting whatever she can as fast as she can, not even bothering to aim or see if she's actually close enough to land blows (though part of this is due to her Stand's difficult-to-control nature). When particularly agitated or distraught, she tends to forget entirely about her Stand and uses her own fists, so her knuckles are seen bleeding somewhat regularly. In reality, she hates and even fears her temper and its capabilities.

She is very vocal about her love for sleep, but due to the combination of working a job and being constantly pursued by enemy Stand users, she rarely gets enough, or, at least, an amount she deems enough.

Her sense of humour can be rather morbid at times, evidenced by the fact that she laughed while correcting herself when she said that she could “live with that”, talking about how she’d be willing to be killed if it meant Jacob would no longer be in danger, but then realized that, technically speaking, couldn’t live with it.

When particularly annoyed by someone and finding their appearance to be especially over-the-top or ridiculous, she enjoys referring to them by another name, comparing them to a character from popular media, such as when she called Stephen Cass “Cruella DeVil” or E.N.I.G.M.A. “Sephiroth”.

She has a particular liking for swear words and will not hesitate to use them whenever possible.

She has a perfectly rational hatred for Roman Kishibe due to a valid reason that she doesn't feel like detailing right now.

Being a user of Dark Determination, she can become incredibly violent and emotionless at times, being able to completely ignore even very serious injuries.

She has difficulty processing and displaying complex emotions such as love or sadness, expressing that "emotions and... all that stuff can be really hard". She doesn't really get sad very often, fearing powerful emotions that make her feel weak. Whenever she feels like she wants to cry, she usually resorts to punching things or just going out and fighting people for no reason.

According to The Mayor, she sleeps with a teddy bear named "Candy".



Main Article: Sweet Six Shooter

Josephine Joestar possesses the powerful and versatile Stand Sweet Six Shooter, possessing great strength and speed, but also being able to fire a number of different projectiles, ideal for various situations.


Josephine is the great-granddaughter of Johnny Joestar. His son, George Joestar II, had an affair with a woman who later changed her name and moved away so as to avoid the stigma of having gotten pregnant before marriage, taking the name Joestar due to still holding out hopes that he'd come back to find her (this is why Josephine and Jacob are not seen on the family tree in part 8).

Both of her parents died of an illness when she was 19, so now the only family she has is her brother, Jacob. She works as a producer for the popular news station, It's Not So Black and White, run by celebrity duo Mr. Black and Mr. White. It's not a job that she likes very much, but it was available, and it pays decently well.

One day, she sees a Stand, Discord, attacking people, and rushes out into the streets to defeat it, unknowingly exposing herself to Thaddeus Benton as a Stand user of interest.

Throughout the entirety of the part, she goes to numerous measures, fighting many Stand users in the attempt to evade the clutches of Thaddeus Benton, all the while attempting to understand the mysterious power known as Stand Synergy.


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