Jonas Judd-Ono
Japanese Name ジョナス


English Name Jonas Judd-Ono
Birth Name Jonas Judd-Ono
Namesake Jonas (Jonas Venture)

Judd (The Judd Family)

Ono (Yoko Ono)

Stand Robot Parade
Age 10
Birthday March 22nd 2012
Zodiac Sign Aries
Chinese Zodiac Dragon
Gender Male
Height 4 Ft 4 inches
Weight 24 Lbs
Blood Type B-
Nationality American
Race Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Student
Manga Debut JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: War is Hell Chapter 15
Anime Debut JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: War is Hell Episode 4

Jonas Judd-Ono is a major character from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: War is Hell. He is the son of Speedwagon Foundation scientist Dr. Leigh Judd-Ono and Tori Ono-Judd via a "sperm donation" from Josuke Higashikata from the Speedwagon Foundtaion's DNA samples from everyone in the Joestar bloodline. His Stand is Robot Parade.


A very sweet but naive 10 year old who is always willing to help out others. Very well educated from his mothers, a scientist and a teacher, who makes sure he is doing beyond his grade level.

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