Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: ReRevolution (Pronounced "Heh-Revolution") was a role-playing game based on the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, it had eight different parts driven by player interaction.

Part 1: ReRevolution


Set in 1880 on a little town in Texas called Big Springs, follows the story of Nick Starbuck and Archie Kirk to stop Mayor Diogo Armani from starting the 'second american revolution'. It was completely improvised (wich is why it has such bad stands) and it's the shortest part overall along with part 4 (Snowed In).

List of ReRevolution characters:

Character name Stand Role
Nick Starbuck Violent N' Funky Main character / Player
Archie Kirk The Ink Spots Main character / Player
Zartmo Flaute Queen of the Night Main ally / Player
Jacob Hernandéz Gipsy King Minor antagonist / Player
Mariya Fitzgerald Riders on the Storm Main ally / NPC
Markus Valle Letter to Hermione Main ally / NPC
Diogo Armani Don't Stop me Now Main antagonist / NPC
Peter Nobel Cherry Bomb Antagonist / Player / Ally
Demarco Ode to Viceroy Minor antagonist / NPC
Danny Boy Sea of Cloud Minor antagonist / NPC
John Sinatra All the Madmen Minor antagonist / NPC
Ferris Berry A Forest Minor antagonist / NPC
E. Collins The Doors Minor antagonist / NPC

Part 2: Breaking the Ice


Starts in 1912 with the sinking of the RMS Titanic with the awakening of the 'ghost people', as Montreal Butler uses the 'BRONZE REVOLVER' on his stand, Space Oddity.

List of Breaking the Ice characters:

Character name Stand Role
Drake Starbuck Rust in Peace Main character / Player
Harvey Harlow Status Quo Main character / Player
Peter Nobel Lonely Shepherd Main character / Player
Vavildi Floute Vestro Principi Divino Ally / Player
Montreal Butler --- Main character / NPC
Gideon Fitzgerald Riders in the Sky Ally / NPC
Rebel Rebel God of Hellfire Ally / NPC
Little Richard Guns of Brixton Ally / NPC
Marshall Bruce Matthers III Kickstart my Heart Ally / NPC
Tessa Parks Outkast Neutral / NPC
Joel Fiorelino Hallelujah Neutral / Player
Eros Eroclites Instant Crush Neutral / Player
Delta --- Antagonist / NPC
Barricade --- Antagonist / NPC
Buzzcocks --- Antagonist / NPC
Dead or Alive --- Antagonist / NPC
Space Oddity Requiem --- Main antagonist / NPC
Cherry Bomb Requiem --- Antagonist / NPC

Part 3: Witch Hunt

Follows the really exciting worrying days of students trying to identify a serial killer in the little town of Monroe, set in 1955.

Part 4: Snowed In

Set in a mansion somewhere in Russia during a snow storm, in 1958.

Part 5: Big Band Blues

Follows the story of the jazz band Yardbird Suite and their wacky stand adventures in 1972.

Part 6: Get a Grip

Set in 1986, it's the story of the patriotic street thug Don Val Moore and his gang against the mafia in Miami.

Part 7: Cannonball Run

Set in 1873, it is the story of Nick Starbuck and Vance Kirk on a world-wide race sponsored by Zartmo Flaute, founder of the Zartmo Foundation.

Part 8: Willow Farm

It's the story of the Willow family and the misteries of their farm.