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"My Heart and Actions are Utterly Unclouded. They are All Those of Justice."

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As Pope.. I declare the Kujo family unholy, and to be expurgated from existence itself!

—Enrico Pucci, Acting as Pope


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Concrete Jungle (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険:コンクリートジャングル Jojonokimyōnabōken: Konkurītojanguru) is a fanmade part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, set within the Jojo's Oscillated Odyssey Universe. It takes place after the events of Silver Breeze and is before the events of Wicked Race.

After the events of Silver Breeze has taken place, we return focus to the main Joestar cast. In Port St Luice, Florida, lies a prison. A prison where The Kujo family has been wrongly imprisoned due to the plans of Enrico Pucci. However, a mysterious man, known only as K.R.S, comes to free the Kujo family, alongside Domenico Pucci. They are then released by The Speedwagon Foundation's efforts. However, a member of the Brando family, Ezio Pucci-Brando, who acts as the current governor of Florida, turns the Kujo Family into enemy number one. Enrico Pucci, who has worked his way up the 'holy hierarchy' has now become the Pope, and is now travelling towards the Vatican. The Kujo family then give chase, with the Speedwagon Foundation, and their previous allies following not to far behind. However, Ezio-Pucci-Brando persuades the National Guard to give chase to the Kujo family. Now, it's a story of who shall reach the Vatican, and destroy the Heavenly location, in order to stop Enrico, and Ezio from achieving heaven.


Character Name Stand Name Relation In the Story Other Abilities (If Present)
Jotaro Kujo Star Platinum: The World Is Yours Secondary Protagonist N/A
Jolyne Kujoh Stone Free Main Protagonist N/A
Shizuka Joestar (JOO) Achtung Baby (JOO) Tertiary Protagonist Hamon
Padavona Brando Child Of the Sea - COTS Requiem Ally Yosohai
Kilton Robert Speedwagon Knowledge Reigns Supreme Ally Hamon
Koichi Hirose Echoes Act 4 Ally N/A
Josaku Joliff-Kujo The Whispers Ally N/A